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Jan 4, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. and #IvankaTrump Fire Back After Being Subpoenaed by NY Attorney General…
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Did Ivanka Trump accidentally on purpose commit perjury?

It sure looks like it!

#Ivanka spent five hours giving sworn deposition to lawyers from the DC DA’s office. Now, her testimony has been released and it sure looks like she lied under oath.

During her deposition, Ivanka was asked about Allen #Weisselberg, her father’s longtime colleague who she has known literally her entire life and who Melania Trump‘s former BFF/senior advisor says was deeply involved in the Presidential Inauguration Committee.

The “Gosh, I really don’t know him…” line is one Donald Trump frequently uses whenever he’s asked about a member from his inner circle after they’ve become ensnared in controversy–from Paul Manafort to Prince Andrew to Vladimir Putin.

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Ivanka Trump Is Now Under Criminal Investigation In New York

#Ivanka was already under suspicion for potential tax crimes related to her role in the jacking up of hotel prices at the Trump Hotel in DC for Trump’s inauguration.

#Ivanka #DonJr #EricTrump are all under criminal investigation as the state of New York is investigating the entire #TrumpOrganization

The NY AG’s office said Tuesday that it is pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization, in addition to the ongoing civil probe
Trump himself is being investigated for bank and tax fraud in Manhattan.
The state investigation is looking at the criminal activity of the entire Trump Organization, which includes Trump and his adult children, who all are officers or work for the Trump Organization.

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#Kushner wasn't "successful" til he got a WH job. He & #Ivanka owed $1.4 BILLION on their #mortgage til foreign investors prepaid nearly a century in rent. They got a self-serving taxcut into law & raked in $90 mil from undisclosed overseas sources, most Saudi Arabian. >thread
By the time #Jared & #Ivanka became White House Senior Advisers, they were a little late on their #mortgage. The Washington Post reported that by March 1, 2018, they owed $1.4 billion on 666 5th Avenue.

That's a B. >2…
2 months after WashPost reported #Kushner owed $1.4 billion, a company "swooped in & agreed to take a 99-year lease on the building, paying a near-century’s worth of rent upfront." The #Qatar Investment Authority was a leading investor in the company. >3…
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It's pouring on now:
"#Trump's Taxes Show He's a National Security Threat
What trade-offs would a president with this level of indebtedness be willing to make to save face?"
(His financial needs mean he will sell out the nation motif)
"It was the moment when Donald #Trump's 'Art of the Deal' fabulism, billionaire tycoon bluster and populist standard-bearing for forgotten Americans was revealed to be what it always looked like: a sham."
(Emperor has no clothes motif) MORE…
"But the eyes that really matter are the federal and state tax authorities charged with reviewing whether or not Trump and the Trump Organization broke tax laws.
And whether the President could possibly go to prison."
(The lock-him-up motif)
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"I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you."
--#LeonardCohen, #Hallelujah

Read the lyrics. There's only ONE reason Trump wanted it played it after his speech tonight: it repeats the word word hallelujah 32 times. Give THAT some thought.…
Playing #LeonardCohen is even worse than illegally using the @WhiteHouse (which belongs to ALL Americans) for a campaign event where the President & Princess #Ivanka acted like they were welcoming guests to their palace.

It's Cohen's VOICE they hijacked. They're HIS words.
Trump thinks everything's HIS. It's "his" White House. (It's ours.) They're "his" generals. (They're ours.) Tonight he framed shots with his NAME across the WH & exploded fireworks with his NAME over the WH.

Show up & #vote.
Show up & #vote.
Show up & #vote.
Show up & #vote.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4456: Melania's reaction to Ivanka just after Ivanka's speech at RNC — — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Ivanka #Melania
2/ Earlier tonight, just after Ivanka finished her RNC speech, and just prior to Donald Trump taking the stage, Ivanka walked past Melania and Donald. What follows is a body language analysis of this crucial moment.
3/ Initially, Melania 'smiles' at Ivanka. This is not a sincere smile, but it's a fairly good 'social smile'.
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§ 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
"An employee shall not use his or her public office for his or her own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives..."…

§ 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the...
...employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations.
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Trump Ordered Review of U.S. Sanctions on Turkey’s Halkbank

“Treasury didn't deny Trump asked Mnuchin to intervene in Halkbank case.” #TurkeyGate

Giuliani asked 2 Ukrainian Oligarchs to Help Dig Up Dirt: Dmitry Firtash & Ihor Kolomoisky.

McGahn must testify.

Firtash & Kolomoisky have close ties to the Kremlin & face legal troubles.

Giuliani: “Where do you think you get info about crime?”

Rudy Giuliani Sought Role in Ukraine Bank Case While He Dug for Dirt

Subpoenas sent Parnas’s biz that paid Rudy Giuliani.

EG:”Trump and Mnuchin are trying to keep RU and Iranian Mob money laundering going while pretending to seek war against Iran.

Ukraine’s last adm nationalized Privatbank bank in 2016 & accused Kolomoisky & his co-founder of making away with billions of dollars.
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This photo from a @xeni thread gives me chills.

Ivanka is **9 years old** - one month before her 10th birthday.

Look at how Trump’s gripping her left shoulder (the thumb) to hold her in place.

Source (because @Twitter doesn’t direct link)
More hard grip. See how sexualized she’s dressed. It reminds me of JonBenét Ramsey

‘Donald and Ivanka Trump during Maybelline Presents 1991 Look of the Year in New York City, on Sept. 3, 1991.’…
It also reminds me that Trump was friends with Epstein (NY ‘society’) and how pedophiles groom children.

Here #Ivanka is reportedly 15 (1996). TRUMP WAS 50 in 1996.…
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💰💦Trump Tower Projects

Bailed Out By Russia 1987-2014

Trump’s efforts to establish a hotel in Moscow go back at least to 1987, when, according to his book The Art of the Deal, he discussed the possibility with the Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin.…
💰Trump Soho - Bayrock Group

Trump SoHo broke ground in 2007, typifies how the Trump Organization benefited from financing coming out of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Much of the project’s financing came from the Bayrock Group.…
📌Investigators are looking at whether Trump associates laundered financial payoffs from Russian officials by channeling them through offshore accounts.…
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Cohen told Congress that Sekulow encouraged him to give false info to Congress re #Ivanka

judge denied Trump’s bid to quash DEMs’ subpoena for years of his financial recs from his acct’g firm, & declined Trump’s request to stay his order pending their appeal.

Cohen testified publicly in January before the HOC that Sekulow was among Trump's personal lawyers who reviewed & edited his statement to Congress

Mehta's decision is a sweeping repudiation of Trump's claim to be largely immune from congressional investigation.

The Judge’s argument emphasizes lawmakers have the authority to investigate any of Trump's conduct --even from before he takes office.

After review of 6k accts, Danske Bank admits Estonian branch was the gateway for the largest 💰💦 case in history. $230B
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📌Mueller report will be released in the afternoon, lightly redacted, revealing detailed look at O of J probe.

📌Barr & Rosenstein will give a press conf & deliver the partisan Barr Report 2.0 at 9:30am edt

📌Mueller not invited.

DOJ will present MR w/out certain redactions available to certain members of Congress/staff "in an appropriate setting."

Barr briefed & had numerous convos w/ WH re MR so they had time to strategize & prep a rebuttal while withholding it from American public.

The delay was necessary so Trump’s lawyers could strategize & prepare the rebuttal & control the narrative ahead of public release.

Nadler is deeply troubled to hear the WH was briefed abt the MR b/4 congress or the American people.
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I realized late last night that a dominant narrative we are hearing about the #MuellerInvestigation from media is flat-out wrong. #Mueller did NOT have a very narrow mandate. His mandate was extremely broad. Let's look at it piece by piece. /1
@BarbMcQuade's excellent article in @thedailybeast made it clear that we are so deeply mired in 'analysis' (& spin) that the obvious easily evades us. If the President cannot be indicted then what was the PURPOSE of the #MuellerInvestigation? /2…
I went back to #Rosenstein's original letter appointing #Mueller. A simple reading makes it obvious that Mueller's mandate was the farthest thing from restrictive (as we have constantly been told.) It was actually remarkably BROAD. /3…
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Reza Zarrab's Iranian partner:

Billionaire [Babak Zanjani] To Be Hanged After Government Collects Its Money…
This piece speculates that Reza Zarrab opted to come to Miami to be arrested, rather than continue to "try his luck" with Turkey and Iran:…
As noted by @JamesFourM Reza Zarrab is a "Turkey-based businessman. He has quadruple Iranian, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Macedonian citizenship."

It's Wiki, yet there is a lot of detail here. For ex: Erdogan tried to swap him for Brunson, etc:…
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💥 There is a direct connection between the #Solntsevskaya Mafia and @IvankaTrump. Dasha #ZHUKOVA's father Alexander #ZHUKOV is KEY. 💥

The lede has been buried by way of incomplete reporting.

Let's connect the dots. #MOB
Ivanka Trump is a longtime friend of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's ex-wife Dasha Zhukova. Dasha is friends with Josh and Jared Kushner as well.
Supposedly, their introduction was made by the #spy for foreign intelligence Wendi Deng Murdoch.
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Collusion is worse than a crime.
To debate whether Trump acted criminally is to miss the greater point: He’s a national security threat

“It’s a crime for a US presidential campaign knowingly to receive or even solicit anything of value from any foreign entity.”

“It’s a crime for anyone, camp’n or not, to knowingly receive stolen data.”

“receiving stolen data triggers a complex nexus of crimes, both state & fed.”

DonJr, Kush, Manafort & other top 45 aides met with Veselnitskaya RIS spy offering damaging info re HRC.


“CrossfireHurricane began with SIGINT supplied by NSA & allied intelligence services. This happened BEFORE any drunken boasting was tipped off to FBI. Some of this intelligence included suspicious money movements into US political campaigns...”
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At 3:55 PM (EEST), #USA - #France - #UK start their tripple aggression on #Syria|n Arab Republic by launching 103 missiles from sea & air, most of them (71 missiles) were shot down by #Syria|n Arab Air Defense units. (14 April 2018)
One building of 1st official target (map) was hit & damaged by hostile missiles from Triple Aggressors (#USA - #UK - #France).

#Syria|n Arab Air Defense units successfully jammed away hostile missiles from rest of official targets in #Homs countryside. (14 April 2018)
There is no truth to enemy media that claim #Syria|n Republican Guard base (104th or 105th Brigade) on Mt #Qasioun was hit by hostile missiles from Tripple Aggressors (#UK - #USA - #France).

Greetings from #SRG soldiers that confirm everything is fine at that base. #DAMASCUS
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