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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4658: Ivanka Trump and Jean Schmidt — The Tight Lip Curl combined with a Palm Down Gesture

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #JeanSchmidt #IvankaTrump #BehaviorAnalysis #EmotionalIntelligence
2/ Note this image of Ivanka Trump at the 2020 CPAC. Her mouth and specifically her lips are in a tightened, ovalish configuration with the lips flared outward
3/ This is similar outward flaring of the lips as described by a classic 'Lip Curl' — only here, the is mouth forming a significantly tighter, 'pulled in', smaller opening (although not a 'Lip Purse').
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Today's #January6thHearings are about the Big Lie, including how the Trump campaign knew the election was valid, and the ways in which lies about the 2020 election and voter fraud were exploited to try to overturn the will of the voters. Thread here.
Here is testimony I was asked to submit to the #January6thCommittee on the lies that drove the insurrection and attempt to overturn the 2020 election, their ongoing damage to our electoral system, and why legislation is needed to prevent future attacks:…
And here is an overview of that testimony by my @brennancenter colleague Lauren Miller and me.…
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#DonaldTrump news:

- Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr and daughter, #IvankaTrump are scheduled to testify in New York’s civil probe into alleged fraud at their family business from 15 July.

Follow for updates.…
- Meanwhile, a former GOP insider tells The Independent that #DonaldTrump will “lose his mind” when he watches the January 6 committee hearings on the Capitol riot on Thursday evening and realises no one is there to interject on his behalf.…
-The House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection will hold 6 public hearings.

- The panel’s first hearing will feature a filmmaker who captured footage of a meeting between Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and Oath Keepers founder.…
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This is a long thread - my first so here goes:
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump should never have worked in the White House. Anti-nepotism rules exist so unqualified relatives of the president are not given jobs requiring decision making that can have dire consequences.1/8
One asks why the Department of Justice dismissed its anti-nepotism guidelines and decades of precedent to let them work. Jared and Ivanka said they divested from conflicts of interest but analysis of their financials show the couple made $640 million in income while in the WH 2/8
Kushner failed to disclose ( he lied) his ownership of a investment startup called #Cadre. Eventually it was learned he had a major ownership stake worth between $5 and $25 million. Cadre benefits from the "opportunity zones" program championed by none other than Ivanka Trump3/8
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Jan 4, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. and #IvankaTrump Fire Back After Being Subpoenaed by NY Attorney General…
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#BREAKING:DC Attorney General told #Maddow that on a particular day, #Trump Hotel in DC charged a non-profit $5,000 for a large ballroom, but then billed Trump #inaugural A WHOPPING $175,000 for the same ballroom. WOW!!

#TheResistance #IvankaTrump #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty Image
Importantly, DC AG SLAMMED this👇tweet by #IvankaTrump referencing a Dec 14 email, saying #Ivanka conveniently leaves out emails sent to her by Stephanie Wolkoff AFTER Dec 14, raising red flags about over-pricing. Hmm

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts
Bottom line folks, NO reasonable person can ever conclude that a hotel charging a non-profit $5,000 for a ballroom,and then turning around and charging $Trump's inaugural $175,000 for the SAME ballroom, on the SAME DAY, is applying "market rates"
#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts
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Le président Donald Trump envisage d’accorder des grâces présidentielles anticipées à trois de ses enfants, son avocat Rudy Giuliani ainsi que son beau-fils Jared Kushner.
De quoi pourraient-ils être accusés ?
Déroulez ce thread pour un état des lieux 🔽
#DonaldTrumpJr Le fils aîné de Trump a été mis en cause lors de l’investigation de Robert Mueller. Il avait rencontré en 2016 deux lobbyistes russes qui avaient offert des informations compromettantes sur la campagne présidentielle d’Hillary Clinton. Il n’a jamais été condamné.
La Trump Organization dont elle est la vice-présidente fait l’objet d’une enquête approfondie. En cause : des réductions fiscales illégales justifiées par des “frais d’expertise”. On parle de plusieurs millions de dollars. Ivanka aurait reçu une partie de la somme.
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Is Ivanka Trump The New Face Of Privilege And Global Suffering, In Places Like The U.S. And India?…

#IvankaTrump #Trump* #India #UnitedStates #World

"This is not the first time Ivanka Trump has used “cheap stunts” to improve her image and brand. ..
.. She recently pledged to bring justice for #NativeAmerican families afflicted by higher rates of violence, homicide, and human trafficking by opening the nation’s first Indian Affairs task force office dedicated to solving cold cases of missing and murdered American Indians...
... and #Alaska Natives. #NativeAmerican women and tribal leaders however remain skeptical towards her commitment to resolving the root causes of violence against #Indigenous women and providing adequate federal resources. (2) They point to a lack of concern during the last...
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#BREAKING:#Melania's former pal #stephaniewolkoff now says that the story about her Co. getting paid $26 million using #Trump's inaugural funds was pushed by @IvankaTrump to make her and Melania look bad. OH BOY!!

#TheResistance #mondaythoughts #FBRParty…
#StephanieWolkoff also says @StephGrisham45, who is #Melania's current Chief of Staff and Spox, is essentially #IvankaTrump's "MINION" who was put on the job to "KEEP AN EYE ON" Melania.

#TheResistance #StephanieGrisham #mondaythoughts #FBRParty
#Wolkoff also SLAMMED @maggieNYT for "SLOPPY" and "INACCURATE" stories about her and #Melania. Hmm--wonder if good ol' #MaggieHaberman is yet another #Ivanka's "MINION"?

#TheResistance #StephanieWolkoff #mondaythoughts #FBRParty
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#BREAKING:Turns out #KanyeWest, who's mounting a presidential run just to PEEL OFF Black voters from #Biden, RECENTLY met with #Kushner and @IvankaTrump. Folks, can this scheme be any more OBVIOUS?

#TheResistance #IvankaTrump #wednesdaythoughts #FBRParty…
According to the piece, @KimKardashian, who's playing the "I'm not involved in this" role, was also in Colorado, but didn't meet #Kushner/#Ivanka. Come on folks, let's face it. Kim's IN ON IT!!

#TheResistance #IvankaTrump #KimKardashian #wednesdaythoughts #FBRParty
So let's get this straight--#Trump's Advisors #Ivanka & Kushner, and #Trump's lawyer, are all working hard to get #KanyeWest on the ballot, but Trump has nothing to do with it? Hmm

#TheResistance #IvankaTrump #KimKardashian #wednesdaythoughts #FBRParty
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§ 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
"An employee shall not use his or her public office for his or her own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives..."…

§ 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the...
...employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations.
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#Anonimus publicó un documento de 91 páginas titulado "El Pequeño Libro Negro de Jeffrey #Epstein", en donde se revelan los nombres de todas las personalidades relacionadas con el ya fallecido empresario y su red de #tráfico de menores.
Descrito en una declaración jurada del F.B.I. en 2009, es «un pequeño libro encuadernado» que contiene los nombres de las personas que pueden haber conocido a Epstein socialmente.
#EpsteinDidntKillHimself Image
Virginia Giuffre, reveló que cuando era menor de edad tuvo relaciones sexuales con el príncipe Andrés, el tercer hijo de la reina Isabel II. La acusación ha sido negada en reiteradas ocasiones por el Palacio de Buckingham.
#stopchildabuse Image
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4386: Donald Trump & Ivanka Trump in Churchill's War Room • #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #ChurchillWarRooms #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #DonaldTrump #IvankaTrump
(this is a repost, as the original post appears to have been hacked)
1/ This image was captured on 4 June 2019, during President Trump's recent visit to the United Kingdom.
2/ Here, Donald Trump is seen with his daughter, Ivanka, and others, while touring Winston Churchill's sleeping quarters (a part of the Churchill War Room Museum) located beneath the Treasury building in the Whitehall area of Westminster.
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4386: Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump in Churchill's War Room • #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #ChurchillWarRooms #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #DonaldTrump #IvankaTrump
1/ This image was captured on 4 June 2019, during President Trump's recent visit to the United Kingdom.
2/ Here, Donald Trump is seen with his daughter, Ivanka, and others, while touring Winston Churchill's sleeping quarters (a part of the Churchill War Room Museum) located beneath the Treasury building in the Whitehall area of Westminster.
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#ImpeachTrump #Corruption

Trump cheered Kraft’s team to Super Bowl victory with founder of spa where he was busted:…
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4375: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Security Clearances • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #IvankaTrump #JaredKushner #SecurityClearance #DonaldTrump
1/ President Trump reportedly pressured John Kelly (then, his Chief of Staff) as well as Don McGahn (then, White House Counsel) to issue Top Secret security clearances to both his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, ...
2/ ... despite Kelly's and McGahn's recommendations against it. After the White House Personnel Security Office raised concerns - and both Kelly's and McGahn's refusals - Trump overruled them, granting clearances to his daughter and son-in-law himself.
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1/ On Wednesday, 28 November 2018, an interview with Ivanka Trump aired on Good Morning America. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of a crucial portion of that interview.
2/ DEBORAH ROBERTS (continuing at 2:30): "How concerned are you about the Mueller investigation?"

IVANKA TRUMP: "I'm not."

DEBORAH ROBERTS: "You're not?"
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BREAKING: Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send hundreds of emails about government business last year.
Gee, what an enormous surprise! #MondayMotivation #BlueWave2020…
2/"Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules, according to people familiar with a White House examination of her correspondence.
3/"White House ethics officials learned of Trump’s repeated use of personal email when reviewing emails gathered last fall by five Cabinet agencies to respond to a public records lawsuit. That review revealed that throughout much of 2017, she often discussed or relayed official
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4333: Ivanka Trump's response to Robert Mueller and Trump Tower Meeting • #Nonverbal & #EmotionalIntelligence #IvankaTrump #DonaldTrump #TrumpTowerMeeting #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #DonaldTrumpJr #VadimirPutin
1/ Yesterday, Axios' Mike Allen interviewed the eldest first daughter and presidential advisor, Ivanka Trump. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of a key portion of Ms. Trump's reaction to Robert Mueller and the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.
2/ MIKE ALLEN: Last question and then we're gonna, ah, have Jonathan Swan - have you talked to Robert Mueller or his team? And did you - know Ω about the Trump Tower meeting in June twenty Ω sixteen before it happened? Or did you see any of those visitors?
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4219: Ivanka Trump's Reaction to Question regarding Donald Trump's Sexual Assault Accusers - #Nonverbal & #EmotionalIntelligence#IvankaTrump #DonaldTrump #SexualAssault #TrumpsAccusers #bodylanguage
1/ Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to President Donald Trump, was interviewed today in South Korea. What follows is a partial nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of a crucial portion of that exchange (video above).
2/ PETER ALEXANDER (beginning at 1:45): "Do you believe your father's accusers?"

IVANKA TRUMP: [deep inhalation, Ω ] "I think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter - [deep inhalation] - if she believes [deep inhalation] Ahummm -- the accusers of her father ..."
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#IvankaTrump: We worked so hard on #TaxCuts & #TaxReform. The President was very specific about what he wanted to accomplish. It was so core to him to support hardworking, middle-income families and the Child Tax Credit is key to doing that

#TaxCutsandJobsAct #Jobs #MAGA #Trump
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