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It’s time for a thread about #ZAO, the new Chinese app which blew up since Friday. The app is accessible only to Chinese people for the moment but I managed to get an account ;)

This "AI facial" app allows you to add your face on predefined clip.

Let’s start by the beginning, as far as I can see, #ZAO is NOT uploading your camera roll to their servers.

Yes, they upload the photo you use to create the deep fake to their server (which makes sense)

As said this morning and during the #FaceApp episode, for privacy reasons, don’t upload your face to a random app.

Yes, this is cool but once your face is uploaded you lose your rights on it. They can do whatever they want

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Hi @faceapp_ai 👋

Once you applied the filters, #FaceApp is storing insecurely your modified photo in the sdcard. As a consequence any app with the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission can get your FaceApp photos without your consent and know when you took the photos.

To be fair with #FaceApp, this is a very common error in the #Android world. For example, @WhatsApp and @WeChat store the attachments on the sdcard too.
The POC to show the problem is available on @Github, have fun!…
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You are worried about #facebook and #FaceApp, but use #Microsoft #Office every day? Time to be concerned! Did you know that Microsoft is processing lots of data about you without telling you about it? 1/n #GDPR #ePrivacy
Through its software and operating system, #Microsoft collects and stores personal data about user behavior, so-called #diagnostic data, on a large scale. Microsoft collects this data in various ways: 2/n
via system-generated logs of events on its servers and via the telemetry client in Windows 10, in Office 365 ProPlus, and in the mobile Office apps. These telemetry clients collect diagnostic data on your device and send this information to Microsoft's servers in the US. 3/n
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Queridos amigos, es sábado, sabadete así que toca hilo de #privacidad y #protecciondedatos. Hoy la protagogonista es una aplicación femenina llamada MyDays, o su nombre largo, My Days - Ovulation Calendar & Period Tracker ™. ¡Empezamos el hilo!
Esta aplicación femenina sirve para controlar el ciclo menstrual y la ovulación. La idea es saber qué días de tu calendario menstrual eres fértil, y así saber cuándo puedes quedarte embarazada, o cuándo evitarlo. Descargas: más de 5 millones de personas.
Muchas mujeres que quieren quedarse embarazadas entran en un círculo obsesivo, desgastante y, en muchas ocasiones, tóxico para ellas, que son quiénes lo sufren realmente. ¿Qué ocurre con estas aplicaciones? Pues que juegan con este hecho, lo incentivan, creando dependencia total
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*remet une pièce ds la machine*
Je fais moi aussi parti des signataires de la tribune #nofakescience. Une tribune dont le but est d’alerter sur le traitement médiatique des sciences, trop souvent léger et parfois même en opposition avec les savoirs établis.

L’ensemble des considérations suivantes ne représente que mon point de vue personnel et n’engage que moi.

Je n'ai aucun lien d'intérêt, d'aucune manière et sous aucune forme, avec Monsanto, l'agrobusiness, les laboratoires pharmaceutiques, etc....
Signataire d'une tribune "scientiste"...

Pour autant, étant issu d’une formation en épistémo/histoire des sciences, je ne me fais pas d’illusions sur l’objectivité scientifique. Un chercheur, une discipline est forcément influencé par les savoirs et les débats de son temps.
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This is why you must not ever install #FaceApp. I have tried to perform an autopsy of the long and boring terms of usage and the creepy privacy policy. Please read the entire thread if you care about your privacy
Faceapp not only tracks you, but the also allows the advertisers to track your content, which includes pretty much everything from your device including messages, photos, videos, list of other apps, billing information with your play store account
You also give faceapp irrevocable access for using, modifying, publishing and selling your 'content' once you install faceapp. Which means once you install the app, developers own pretty much everything on your phone.
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There’s been a lot of backlash over #FaceApp—which uses AI to turn people’s faces old and gray—being run by a Russian company that sends user pics to its servers. Some of those concerns are warranted.

But trust us, there are bigger apps to worry about 1/
Contrary to a viral tweet, FaceApp doesn't upload ALL your photos to the cloud. It does upload the photo you give it—which it says it usually deletes within 48 hours. That's hard to prove, but if this unnerves you, let us introduce you to Facebook 2/
Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users to FaceApp’s 80 million. It, too, applies facial recognition to photos that users upload to its servers. Unlike FaceApp, it was just fined $5 billion by the FTC for privacy violations 3/
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Hola, amigos. Voy a adelantar a hoy el hilo semanal sobre #privacidad y #eticadelosdatos porque el fin de semana, que es cuando suelo publicarlo, me será muy difícil conectarme. ¿Adivinan de qué app voy a hablar? Sí, de #FaceApp aunque me resulte un poco cansino, he de admitir
Algunos datos de #FaceApp antes de entrar a examinarla:
Política de privacidad: 1.822 palabras. Última actualización 20 de enero de 2017
Condiciones de uso: 4,360 palabras. Última actualización 8 de marzo de 2017
Rastreadores (Trackers): 6
Permisos: 10 (3 Peligrosos)
¿Qué nos dice esta info? Varias cosas. La primera, que tanto su política de privacidad como sus términos de uso son anteriores al RGPD. O lo que es lo mismo, que les importa tres pitos la #privacidad, y que saben lo complejo que es que les caiga un puro legal.
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NEW: Late in 2018, #FaceApp moved to the Skolkovo Innovation Center run by the Russian government.
FBI in 2014 on the Skolkovo foundation (managed by Oligarch Vekselberg): "The Foundation may be a means for the Russian government to access our nation’s sensitive or classified research, development facilities and dual-use technologies with military and commercial applications."
#FaceApp is now in the same building as Skolkovo Ventures - a Russian government investment company into IT and tech. It appears that FaceApp is a Russian government funded operation to harvest data.
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Remember Cambridge Analytica? Not long ago right?
So I wonder why my friends are enthusiastically sharing aged/gender swapped pictures of themselves on an app called #FaceApp
The creator is a Russian tech firm we don't know much about, Wireless Lab. 1/…
While you are enthusiastically aging yourself it's important to note that the technology behind this is a deep neural network which learns from the data it gets. Think of AlphaGo, AlphaZero, and how scarily good AlphaGo got just by training itself on amateur games. 2/
AlphaGo was able to defeat the world Go champion. Note that before the use of these neural networks, computers weren't able to beat a good amateur. But by training themselves they can defeat the world champion, see here… (also cool Netflix docu) 3/
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If you use #FaceApp you are giving them a license to use your photos, your name, your username, and your likeness for any purpose including commercial purposes (like on a billboard or internet ad) -- see their Terms:
Their address per their Terms is: Wireless Lab OOO
16 Avtovskaya 401
Saint-Petersburg, 198096, Russia
Their Privacy Policy is not remotely GDPR compliant. It says that your data can be transferred to any location where they have a facility ... which means Russia.
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Asi que estas usando #FaceApp? Depinga! Revisaste los terminos y condiciones? No lees ingles? Te los dejo por aca, traducidos (La parte relevante)

#faceappchallenge Abro micro hilito :)
Le otorgas a #FaceApp de forma perpetuos, irrevocables, sin exclusividad, libre de royalties, en el mundo entero, completamente paga
permisos transferibles para sub-licenciar la licencia de uso, reproduccion, modificacion, adaptacion, publicacion, traduccion y creacion de trabajos derivados, la distribucion, para ser utilizados y para actuaciones en publico de tu Data (User Content) y cualquier nombre, alias
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#FaceApp o lo que es la resaca del 10YearsChallenge
A eso llega andar regalando datos y entrenando algoritmos IA para cálculo de envejecimiento.
Hay muchas cosas que me sorprende más que a la gente le sorprenda, que la sorpresa misma que causa el tema en cuestión. Por ejemplo este rollo de la FaceApp.
Envejecimiento es el menor de los temas que maneja esa app, esos algoritmos.

Pueden alterar rostros como se les pegue la gana.
¿Todavía queda duda de donde salen la imagenes de perfil de tanto puppet?
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