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When @TruthCuresLyme met with @US_FDA investigators in Oct 2021, it was a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting conducted on their premises and with their virtual meeting platform. Our attorney and a well-known clinician participated virtually.
We were on premises for 3 hours with 2 investigators & an administrative employee. We were told of only one other FDA employee participating virtually. However, something very telling happened prior to the meeting.
The virtual meeting invitation they sent was rescinded and replaced, causing confusion for our remote representatives. The new invitation included only their names. The old one contained the names of about 10 other FDA employees.
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Let's talk about #H5N1 ! What is the risk for us humans and should we be worried?

Also at virology blog. 1/…
Recent news headlines have been highlighting the global spread of #H5N1, the strain of influenza virus that is typically associated with “bird flu.” 2/
This outbreak is the largest in recorded history, involving at least 50 million dead birds and countless non-human mammals, including sea lions, otters, mink, foxes, cats, dogs, and skunks. But what does this mean for us? 3/
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🧵#Bioinformatics and its impact on #healthcare, a THREAD🧵🧵:
#Bioinformatics is the application of #computational techniques to the analysis of #biological data, such as #DNA sequences and #protein #structures.
In #healthcare, #bioinformatics is used to gain insights into the #genetic basis of diseases, and to develop new #diagnostic tests and #treatments.
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[#violencessexuelles & #troublesalimentaires]
🔶 En janvier 2022, des chercheurs français ont établi un lien entre les désordres du comportement alimentaire et les violences sexuelles ayant eu lieu dans l’enfance
#tca #trauma #traumatisme #viol #MeTooInceste #inceste #medecine
[#violencessexuelles & #troublesalimentaires]
🔶 @KarasMalet, Delphine Bernard et Eric Bertin ont analysé 12600 témoignages de personnes agressées sexuellement, recueillis par @Violsfemmesinfo. 4,3% des victimes évoquaient des troubles alimentaires.
#nutrition #neurosciences
[#violencessexuelles & #troublesalimentaires]
🔶 Les victimes avaient souvent :
- subi des violences sexuelles très jeunes (13 ans en moyenne)
- été agressées par une personne du cercle familial (inceste)
- accumulé des troubles supplémentaires : anxiété, TOC, dépression, TS..
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1/ #COVID-19 et #diabete : une contamination #SARScov2 peut-elle être un élément déclencheur ?

Très long (vraiment très long) #thread 🧵 ⤵️
2/ La plupart des personnes qui vivent avec une maladie chronique sont conscientes d’être plus à risque en cas de contamination #COVID. Celles qui vivent avec un #diabete #DT1 #DT2 ou autre, savent aussi qu’une infection, quelle qu'elle soit, peut provoquer une certaine
3/ résistance à l’insuline qui augmente la glycémie, accroit les besoins en #insuline, et peut parfois engendrer une complication potentiellement fatale, le coma acidocétosique. C’est particulièrement vrai en cas de contamination par le #COVID19.
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Every socio-economic, political, legal, natural disaster, man-made disaster, or another process, which leads to a negative outcome must be recorded and taxonomized as an incident having material or near-miss risk characteristics, in the right category box in the risk register.
Modern #ERM & Traditional Risk Management are getting more and divided.
ERM is not just about Operational Loss Management and Materiality Assessment based on Assurance and Risk Review drove Internal Controls and Testing, but, it goes beyond that!
@IASassociation @TheIIA @BIS_org
More and more #Analytics is being used in both Auditing and Risk management, to understand the organizational dynamics of commercial strategy and the vulnerabilities associated thereof.
Especially the design, inserting and removal of Internal Controls is an analytical exercise.
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This is a very late #WeekendLecture
but you can review it anytime you want😉
🧠#Aneurysm & #Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Unruptured intracranial aneurysms are pathologic dilations at major branching brain arteries
~3% of adult population…… Image
#Aneurysms & #SAH
The most common presentation of intracranial aneurysm is rupture leading to #SAH
The risk of rupture depends on patient and aneurysm related factor, ie: age/gender/location/size/growth, etc
🧠… Image
#Aneurysms & #SAH
It is well known that endovascular or neurosurgical management of #unruptured intracranial aneurysm is not free of procedural #complications
This study investigates risk factors for this complications @JAMANeuro
👇… ImageImage
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The Webinar on "Monoclonal gammopathy and its significance for kidneys" is about to begin!
There is still time to test your knowledge by solving the @ISNeducation quiz ➡️
Starting now!
Webinar: "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance - Clinical Perspective" with
@arzuvelix and Serhan Tuglular
Welcome Dr @arzuvelix and Dr Serhan Tuglular
Webinar: "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance -Clinical Perspective" with

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1ère partie
du 46ème #point #presse #sanitaire #Genève

- ⚠️Bcp moins de #tests (+ d'#autotests?)
- #âge médian de 60 ans pr les hospis
- Turn-over entrée/sortie importante pr les #hospitalisations
- Durée de séjour moins longue
#Vaccination #Genève

Livraison #Moderna n'est pas arrivée avec pr csq la fermeture de #Palexpo lundi/mardi.

-Tous les RVs envoyés sont confirmés.
-Aucune annulation de RV.
-Tous ceux qui ont eu 1ère dose auront leur 2ème dose.
-RV envoyé qd on est sûr d'avoir les doses
Nouveaux "centres" de vaccination vont ouvrir:
- Un centre à #Cologny
- et un nouveau #modèle (avec des #RV pris en direct auprès de sa pharmacie de quartier)
uniquement auprès des Pharmacie Populaire
(20 #officines ds le #canton)
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1/I want to take some time to share findings from our semi-recent PETACS study. This was a wonderful collaboration between @COpedsID faculty, survey designers, and #microbiologists across the US.
@JClinMicro @ASMicrobiology #ASMClinMicro…
2/ First, I want to emphasize that this project highlights many of the reasons I chose to pursue a #PhD in clinical & translational science. As a long-time microbiologist, I can say that the clinical lab doesn't often have a seat at the clinical effectiveness / research table.
3/ This project focuses on the tracheal aspirate culture- a diagnostic process that is greatly limited by contamination with normal respiratory flora, and which lacks consensus or standardization across labs and hospitals. @ASCLS @ASMicrobiology @ASCP_Chicago
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$ARKG Tweet series
This series of tweets is my opinion only. Cathie Wood has created a group of ETFs that target the disruptive innovation that is both happening and accelerating. These funds have had stellar performance based upon innovation trends and economic theory.
1/ Image
The $ARKG fund description is a good place to start. This has changed recently to a #CRISPR theme but started more with the sequencing cost declines which would drive diagnostics adoption and precision medicine
2/ Image
The economic driver of the Genomic Revolution is a multiplier. Not only sequencing cost declines but the impact of moving from #ZFN to #TALENs to #CRISPR is key. As the editing cost has dropped CRISPR is seeing a dominant increase in publications.
3/ Image
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Thoughts on upcoming #COVID19 #serology tests:
This is actually quite a challenge! (#Diagnostics often involve a lot of complexities). There is a lot of pressure to roll these tests out, but they need to perform well, or we do more harm than good. #MicroRounds (A thread)
WHY we need these soon:
1. Contact tracing.
2. Can be used to test if a vaccine is working during a clinical trial (70 of them ongoing right now, I believe)
3. Inform public policy makers about rate of asymptomatic cases + previous infections/exposures =informed decision making
How is developing a #PCR different than developing a #serology test?
1. #PCR tests detect viral RNA/DNA (in this case RNA) and can be pretty straight-forward in terms of development
2. #Serology relies on knowing about the #SARSCoV2 structure and how the human body responds.
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La dizione #Asintomatico compare più spesso in pubblicazioni scientifiche con (o senza ma con evidente riferimento a) varia ulteriore #specificazione e rivolto a soggetti #affetti (es. infezioni: #asintomatici #infetti, pazienti infetti asintomatici, casi asintomatici, ecc.) 1/14
ma #senza #manifestazioni cliniche (sintomi e segni). Tuttavia pare che il termine #asintomatico abbia anche un significato più ampio, cioè di soggetto #senza #manifestazioni cliniche il cui esatto #stato di #salute, di #affetto o meno, sia #determinabile solo con un #test. 2/14
Almeno così potrebbe sembrare dalle letture di un profano come me che ha fatto alcune ricerche. Ad es. su #PubMed sono molteplici le pubblicazioni che esplicitano che gli #asintomatici possano essere anche #non #infetti e #negativi alla diagnostica. 3/14
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(1/5) The molecular #diagnostic industry (MolDx) historically has been highly commoditized with limited differentiation between providers. We think next-gen #sequencing (NGS) and machine learning have forced a new, competitive paradigm on the MolDx space.

(Short Thread)
(2/5) NGS-powered diagnostics have complex workflows with numerous inefficiencies involved in upstream sample prep and downstream #bioinformatics. We believe MolDx providers can mitigate these inefficiencies through R&D spend.
(3/5) Within the MolDx space, we consider R&D to be an asset instead of just an operating expense. R&D dollars may produce novel products, patents on intellectual property, and cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) reductions.

(See Chart Below)
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Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting. Image
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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You are worried about #facebook and #FaceApp, but use #Microsoft #Office every day? Time to be concerned! Did you know that Microsoft is processing lots of data about you without telling you about it? 1/n #GDPR #ePrivacy
Through its software and operating system, #Microsoft collects and stores personal data about user behavior, so-called #diagnostic data, on a large scale. Microsoft collects this data in various ways: 2/n
via system-generated logs of events on its servers and via the telemetry client in Windows 10, in Office 365 ProPlus, and in the mobile Office apps. These telemetry clients collect diagnostic data on your device and send this information to Microsoft's servers in the US. 3/n
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