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L'industrie de la viande a transformé l'appel à l'alimentation végétale en #MuteNews dans le rapport du #GIEC @IPCC_CH.…

L'art du "strike a positive tone", comme l'exige aussi Google dans les articles scientifiques en IA.…
Sachant toute l'industrie de la désinformation scientifique par BigTobacco, BigOil ou BigSugar, il serait irrationnel de ne pas imaginer que la recherche sur les dangers des réseaux sociaux et des IA n'est pas aussi biaisée pro-rassurisme par BigTech.…
Dans mon domaine d'expertise, l'influence de BigTech est catastrophique, comme je l'ai documenté dans cette vidéo.…

Je ne vois pas pourquoi il en serait autrement ailleurs, où certains chercheurs tiennent des discours étonnamment rassuristes.
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1. #TwitterFiles & #FacebookFiles A deep dive into how Twitter & Facebook became willing partners with The Deep State

Should Facebook & Twitter hiring practices, along with their close ties to FBI, CISA & other Government Agencies be a focus in @Jim_Jordan investigation?

2. At a September 5, 2018 Senate hearing, @Jack stated, “We’ve really strengthened our PARTNERSHIP with Government Agencies since 2016.”

Jack requests regular meetings with “Twitter’s Law Enforcement partnerships” & asks for a “single point of contact” with the Government
3. Twitter was not pressured at all. @jack went to Congress requesting more help expanding their already existing "partnerships" with Law Enforcement & Government.
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Thread: Millions outside Twitter are unaware of the #TwitterFiles - I want to change that so I created a single thread with EVERY drop to share with family & friends. Infographic by @EpochTimes shows players. 🙏 @elonmusk #TruthEmpowers Image
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Thread 🧵 on the #FacebookFiles:

1) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (@cdcgov) played a direct role in policing permissible speech on social media throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.…
2) Confidential emails obtained by Reason show that Facebook moderators were in constant contact with the CDC, and routinely asked government health officials to vet claims relating to the virus, mitigation efforts such as masks, and vaccines.
3) For a broader analysis of the federal government's pandemic-era efforts to suppress free speech see @robbysoave’s March 2023 cover story on the ramifications of these emails. This article provides screenshots of the emails themselves.…
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❗️India must take official notice of the #FacebookFiles immediately❗️

IFF has asked the Standing Committee on IT to initiate an inquiry into the @FrancesHaugen & @szhang_ds revelations and invite them & #FacebookIndia reps for official testimony 👇🏽 🧵 1/9…
Stay with us as we break down the myth vs. reality of #Facebook, according to the company's own documentation!

First up: Political #misinformation and violent extremism. Can Facebook stand up to the challenge? According to reports, the answer is a NO. 2/9
Does #Facebook mislead the public about proactive hate-speech removal? The answer is YES — Facebook removes only 5% of the hate on its platforms!

Not just that, but the #FacebookFiles reveal that their platforms are literally primed for virality that promotes #hatespeech. 3/9
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It is going to be one busy week!

Join us here as we keep up with the latest revelations about #Facebook.

An ongoing🧵on all the latest news on whistleblower testimonies and the leaked Facebook Files. All in one place.


@CNN has now released some of the leaked Facebook documents

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POLITICO was one of several news organizations w/ access to internal @Facebook docs that outlined the tech giant’s role in everything from Jan 6 riots to fomenting violence worldwide. We’ve just published our first set of stories.

A thread <<cracks knuckles>>
@Facebook .@JohnHendel delved into how Facebookers weren’t happy w/ how the company had handled things over the years. “We really need to get over our reluctance to stand on the side of truth and reality,” one said in late 2020.
@Facebook @JohnHendel .@Ali_Lev looked at how FB was caught wrong-footed when rioters attacked Capitol Hill. The company was not ready to tackle harmful content that didn’t technically break FB’s rules
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A mind-boggling case in Montana of how disinformation is a new playbook at local level. The thinned down local newspaper is no match for a barrage of nonsense on the Internet…
The recession in local journalism, the growth of campaigning Facebook groups; any wedge issue can turn an electorate if swaddled in enough untruths
The Great Falls Tribune, once had 45 journalists now it has eight
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@CounteringCrime filed a new chapter of our complaint against @Facebook to @SEC_Enforcement early this morning. 1 🧵 Image
Some media is reporting our filing is saying the firm puts profit over safety -- actually, we filed that ages ago, and we have been saying this openly in our reports for years. #oldnews. 2…
Whats NEW in today's filing is that #FB execs have known for years they can't remove the wide range and scale of toxic and illegal content on their platforms and REMAIN PROFITABLE -- and we have that from multiple #FB security team members. 3
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THREAD 🧵 Our 6️⃣th public evidence session has started ⬇️

First up, impacts on freedom of expression w/

🗣️ @RichardAWilson7 @UConnLaw
🗣️ @SilkieCarlo @BigBrotherWatch
🗣️ @MatthewdAncona @tortoise
🗣️ Barbora Bukovska @article19org

Watch live here 📺…
There is a problem with online abuse and law enforcement. But with Clause 11 in the Bill, this is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation for freedom of speech, says witness @SilkieCarlo @BigBrotherWatch…
With apologies to those following us, the live stream has just gone down... we'll be back up as soon as possible!
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I'm going to take a crack at live tweeting @yaleisp's panel 2 on academic perspective of the #FacebookFiles. If you want to tune in, register at…

We're joined by @jackbalkin @persily @davidakaye @ZephyrTeachout, moderated by @nikenberger
@yaleisp @jackbalkin @persily @davidakaye @ZephyrTeachout @nikenberger @ZephyrTeachout raising the point that concentration of power in platforms is antithetical to ideals of a democracy. "We've never had gatekeepers at this scale." Complete vertical integration...
When asked if @Facebook has "gone off the rails", @davidakaye replies, "there have been no 'legal' rails!"

Since ~2016, it became apparent platforms have a dramatic effect on democracy. They are driven by a desire for growth & this is often in conflict w/ democratic goals.
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Here is a quick primer for external folks who are seeking to make sense of FB's internal research leaks. There is a lot of context that's critical to grasp.🧵...
First recognize that researchers at FB are literally the best in the world at understanding complex issues at the interface of society and technology. They are of the highest character and typically have the most rigorous training. And they are in this to help, not for the $.
Given that integrity teams are organizationally siloed away from the rest of their product orgs, integrity researchers will focus on harms and not give the full picture of a platform's effects because that is literally their job-- and a critical role to play!
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New #FacebookFiles: Cultivating under 13 over-sharers is seen internally as a pivotal strategy to sustain long-term social media market dominance.
Here’s #FacebookFiles revealing Zuckerberg’s flimsy empire. It takes some imagination to resist the company’s gaslighting that Facebook is and must forever be the world’s “social infrastructure” aka “Life Coach for Adulting”…
More insights from #FacebookFiles on how the company feels the need to counteract wisdom about privacy bestowed from older siblings and ultimately undermine parental sovereignty as the final obstruction to a more sustainable market penetration.…
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#Facebook is in the crosshairs from multiple angles right now, starting with a lawsuit in Delaware charging #Zuck, #Sandberg and board members w insider trading and "epic corporate governance breakdown." 🧵 1/
@CounteringCrime has been documenting #FB's "epic corporate governance breakdown" for years now -- including repeated cover-ups like this one that have harmed investors. We warned y'all back in 2020 to pull your money out of #FB. It's a HOT MESS. 2/…
Moreover, @counteringcrime has documented how the firm has always prioritized profit over public safety and privacy both in our timeline, available here: 3/…
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1/ After a week of exposés about Facebook by the @WSJ, #FacebookFiles, one of which around Instagram being toxic for teen girls, Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) Head of Instagram, defended the company (Recode Media podcast, @pkafka) by saying: Image
2/ This #ResponseTemplate is used for any possible issue. After the Capitol attack on January 6, @mosseri told @reckless (@verge, Decoder podcast): Image
3/ Back in 2019, during an interview with TIME magazine (@katysteinmetz) on the subject of online bullying, @mosseri said: Image
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Friday’s installment of #FacebookFiles based on leaked internal docs reveals how despite Facebook’s unconditional optimism, it has failed to prevent a few people from succeeding wildly at systematically pumping anti-vax content into post comments.…
Some highlights for the paywalled from today’s #FacebookFiles on its mega fail fighting anti-vax…. Via @JeffHorwitz and co
Despite virtually unlimited resources, the company finds itself unable to solve fundamental patterns of malfunction and social harm with seemingly obvious solutions: ban the bad actors and take the political fallout on the chin. #FacebookFiles
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Just published: The latest installment of WSJ’s #FacebookFiles series

Company documents show antivaccine activists undermined Zuckerberg’s ambition to support vaccination by flooding the site and using Facebook’s own tools to sow doubt and misinformation.…
One internal memo said initial testing concluded that roughly 41% of comments on English-language vaccine-related posts risked discouraging vaccinations.

Even authoritative sources of vaccine information were becoming “cesspools of anti-vaccine comments.”…
The vaccine documents are part of a collection of internal communications reviewed by @WSJ that offer an unparalleled picture of how Facebook is acutely aware that the products and systems central to its business success routinely fail and cause harm.…
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My legal scholarship rarely coincides with a news cycle. So working on my latest revision of Platform-Enabled Crimes as the #FacebookFiles dropped has been surreal:… @jeffhorowitz @amnestytech @keachhagey @lpolgreen Buckle up for a long thread (1/24)
Platform-Enabled Crimes: “Each day, across the globe, the corporations that run these platforms execute policies and practices that serve their profit model, typically by sustaining user engagement.”(2/24)
“Sometimes, these seemingly banal business activities enable principal perpetrators to commit crimes; yet online intermediaries are almost never held to account for their complicity in the resulting harms.” (3/24) @julie17usc @nicsuzor @Barrie_Sander @Nanjala1 @nattyray11
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