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Today @SoniaFurstenau called on Minister of Health @AdrianDix to release the Medical Services Commission's report on Telus Health’s private, fee-based #healthcare programs.

Which are accused of allowing queue-jumping, and contributing to a two-tier healthcare system. 1/ #bcpoli
Almost a million British Columbians go without a #familydoctor and the numbers increase as family doctors close their practices and move to for-profit healthcare providers who lock their services behind a paywall. 2/ #bcpoli #healthcare
We must protect our public #healthcare system from the encroachment of for-profit interests.

When @AdrianDix and the @bcndp were in opposition, they advocated fiercely for this position.

But in gov't we have not seen that same conviction in action. 3/ #bcpoli #familydoctor
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As we travel BC for part of our summer healthcare tour, we are talking to #healthcare professionals and gathering knowledge about the challenges facing them. 1/ #MentalHealth #bcpoli
This week, we will be sharing some of their stories to raise awareness of the magnitude of the issues within our system and share the solutions we need to combat this #healthcare crisis. 2/ #bcpoli
The solutions to our #healthcare crisis are in front of us, the doctors, nurses and staff who care for us each day know what needs to be done and we need a gov't willing to listen to them. 3/ #bcpoli
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Today I asked @AdrianDix about the #familydoctor crisis in BC.

900,000 British Columbians are without primary care, and those with it are finding their access increasingly cut back.

And 40% of BCers are afraid of losing their doctor. 1/ #bcpoli #healthcare #health
The @bcndp have opened 27 Urgent and Primary Care Centres as a “solution” to the crisis.

They are quick to open them, but without funding plans or adequate staffing. They’re open limited hours, they fill up quickly, & they gatekeep those who can use them. 2/ #bcpoli #health
There have been 1 million visits to UPCCs, but how many of those 1 million visits were to access primary care? How many people were turned away? How many became attached to a doctor after their visit? 3/ #bcpoli #health
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In #FamilyMedicine we care across the lifespan. We have long-term relationships with our patients. We're in a unique position to advocate for our patients and for changes in our healthcare system. Here's my clinic's journey and why I worry (1/5) #onpoli #MedTwitter #primarycare Image
When I finished training to become a #FamilyDoctor, I wanted to create a space for everyone to feel safe and supported. I converted a little brick house into a clinic and opened CommonGroundGlebe (2/5). #MedTwitter #DoctorsDay #onpoli Image
We do #perinatal care, #Pediatrics, #geriatrics, #psychotherapy. We care for multiple generations. We do #palliative care home visits. I’ve cried at the bedside when patients gave birth, and also when they died. This is in jeopardy (3/5). #MedTwitter #onpoli #DoctorsDay #COVID19 Image
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It’s a sunny Saturday. I’m in clinic.

I’m on the phone. Sure, virtual care is great for some conditions. But not for all.

The 73 year old with shingles. The 2 year old with a pulled elbow. The 66 year old with heart failure. The 56 year old who keeps mixing up her words.
I love being a doctor. I am fiercely protective of my #patients.

There is a lot I do as a #familydoctor. But sometimes my patients need more specialized care.

Healthcare for my patients has been delayed by #Covid19. They are in limbo.

I worry about that.
Waiting has a cost. While some people are okay, some patients deteriorate on #waitlists. They get sicker. Some of them die.

Our healthcare system was already working at 100% capacity before the #coronaviruspandemic. We cannot afford to lose even one family doctor or specialist.
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We are on the cusp of another #familydoctor crisis.

The work is hard and complex. It is under-appreciated by many, including other healthcare providers. You are made to feel like you are replaceable by mid-level providers or worse, Dr. Google.…
There is less and less interest in pursuing a career in family medicine. I’ve seen it over the ten years I’ve been practicing.

This, even though research and reality both show: family doctors are the foundation of a healthy population and a good healthcare system.
I love being a #familydoctor.

I get to follow a patient’s story from start to finish. My day is full of variety as I deal with prenatal care, palliative care, chronic disease management, pediatrics, geriatrics, minor procedures and everything in between.
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1/ It’s been a week.

It’s well into Friday evening & I just got off the phone with a patient who had urgent radiology results. This was after spending > 40 min on the phone w another patient discussing the same this afternoon.

(18 more to come; stick with me.)
2/ I only got 2 items on today’s long “to do” list done — but that’s on me. I was finally able to sit down for a couple hours uninterrupted and dig deep into a few patient cases from the week.

(And I “don’t work” on Fridays.)
3/ As I hung up the phone, I reflected on how #directprimarycare has enabled me to get to the heart of medicine & the doctor-patient relationship.

During that call, my patient’s spouse broke down and — through sobs — simply said: “Thanks for being so kind.”
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Another true #DPC for the win story... Friday morning I saw a @MMMedCare patient at a school event. “I’m so glad to see you as I need to talk to you about my 5yo. For a month he has been complaining of increased thirst, so I checked his blood sugar an hour ago & it was 289!” 1/?
Child has no history of #diabetes & generally is in good health. Only other sxs -increased hunger & bed wetting. No vomiting, no confusion. Mom had checked own BS & a siblings & both were normal so it was unlikely machine error. Normally new, random BS of 289 =trip to ER
#DPC 2/?
We were at school to watch our children in a performance & her son appeared well. Still with a blood sugar of 289 after fasting all night, I knew he needed immediate follow-up so I said I should see him right after. As we left school his only complaint was “I’m hungry” #DPC 3/?
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