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The WHO Pandemic Treaty, if Instituted, Is the End of Democracy and Republics For All WHO Member Countries and the Beginning of a One World Government by an Unelected Body.
Christine Anderson submitted a question to the EU- Commission to find out what ....
...would be done to preserve democracy and political responsibility of elected representatives to the people and the answer was NOTHING.…
THE COUNTER SIGNAL — Bill Gates has announced the creation of a pandemic “GERM” team that will monitor sovereign nations and decide when they need to suspend people’s civil liberties, force them to wear masks, and close borders.…
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Why weren’t there any flu cases in 2020?
Why wasn’t the global death count higher in 2020?
Why weren’t homeless people wiped out?
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Hot day outside and came in a little earlier than usual to get back on a Bunnytrail where I fell into la madriguera of dormant accounts with a lot of alpha-numeric monikers.

Saw affinity with a 'rather massive entity' based in Denmark, which, when drilled, led me to a LatinX guy Image
That bunch of dormant accounts - many 'scrubbed' - affinities include Venezuela, Hackers, WikiLeaks, Anonymous's's, 'El Dólar', Trump, South America in general, 'en Español', #YadaYadaYada...

...and nobody I know Follows, 'Rodrigo'. Image
'Rodrigo', online since 2010, with a grand total of 50 Followers.

I think Rod could have a couple hundred thousand Followers if he had the 'emotional need' for validation. Or, simply, 'emotions'.

I think Rodrigo prefers the status quo👤
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Good morning @MayorWu ! You see the @bostonherald 😂
Wu it’s a #TrollCall kinda morning in #Roslindale. Come on @MayorWu get out of those footy pajamas and face the voters of #Boston
The #DefeatTheMandates #NoVaccinePassports moms got message!!! A++ on the signage. What did the judge say to Wu? #NO
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Y ya qué cada vez aparecen cosas mas raras (y sin evidencia) en las recetas vs COVID-19... Llegó el momento de hacer un torneo

#WTF #EsoReceto

Aquí ponga lo más loco, ilógico, más charlatán, sin sentido, etc... Qué le han recetado a su comadre, a su pariente, a su paciente...
Los 8 "remedios" con más likes pasan a la semifinal...
Empiezo con algunos

¿Ustedes que han visto?
Dióxido de cloro
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Hello 🐫 day!

Oil ↗️

Yields ↗️

Equities ⬆️⬇️

#VIXperation on tap

Let's dig into the 🧮!
Asian equities ↘️🐫

$NIKK 27467 -2.8%
$SSEC 3558 -0.35%
$TWII 18227 -0.8%
$HSI 24128 +0.05%
$KOSPI 2842 -0.75%
$IDX 6592 -0.35%

Australia ↘️🐫
$ASX 73332 -1.05%

India ↘️🐫
$BSE 60139 -1.0%
European bourses open ↔️

$DAX 15751 -0.15%
$FTSE 7562 unch
$CAC 7160 +0.35%
$AEX 769 -0.05%
$IBEX 8801 +0.2%
$MIB 27274 -0.8%
$SMI 12520 -0.05%
$MOEX 3442 +3.4% ⬅️🪆

$VSTOXX 21.96 🔺
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That's not "a PR ploy", it's one of the most severe and serious crimes possible.
I don't know who "Marshall Cohen" is, but using the phrase "PR ploy" here in this context is fatal to my ability to ever assign him credibility on any topic whatsoever.
Full rejection of this guy. ⤵️
Seriously. If he is saying this in an official capacity on behalf of CNN--this is extremely bad for CNN. Toxic levels of baaaaaad.
Dear @MarshallCohen,
Please explain yourself. Apparently you follow me on Twitter. I would really appreciate some clarification on why you chose that phrasing.
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真正的 discord 频道-bot-commands 已经可以查自己能领多少个币了

这玩意 #WTF 总量 17亿个
2亿 单币质押挖矿奖励
4亿 LP 挖矿奖励
4亿 项目金库保留
交易收 10% 税,给质押奖励

0.1 ETH 费 ~60 个
1 ETH 费用 ~650个
10 ETH 费 ~3.4k 个
76 ETH 费 ~13.4k 个
单价 $3

Gas 应该比 OpenSea 的用户受众更广,#SOS 目前 FDV 350m, $WTF 算 500m (sos 流通量占 40%,wft 也差不多 41%) 这东西也没有什么团队锁仓

同类比的话,单价就是 $3 左右
考虑前期炒作 + 项目自己发 + 这两天市场回暖
瞎猜最高能到个 $6-$10
最终回归 <$3
哈哈哈对不起我算错了 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♂️
不是 3 是 0.3

听 是梦想破碎的声音

那就重新假设,fdv 5b 就好了!
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You act like we don't know.

We listened AND we responded and your dumb ass ignored us. You gotdam sure ignored and ignore me you coward.

What would you have us do if not help distribute at mass scale your protocol.

Tell us #WTF were we supposed to do that you blame us for
Jeezus fucking Kreist Pierre do you not see how offensive and harmful your judgments are on 111M innocent fucking Americans.

You're killing people at an alarming rate with your stupidity.

You aren't ignorant of the facts, I've shared them, you're just not willing to help.
600,000 willing recruits in one month alone.

You stumble all over yourself giddy to brag about that and yet you don't have the first fucking clue how to exploit and capitalize on that. I do.

I do.

And you shun me.

#GFY pal.

Stop lecturing us.

You've made getting #IVM worse
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Y'all, I saw a post that said every hood girl has used a baby sock when they don't have a tampon. Clearly posted and shared by men. A THREAD
#makeitmakesense #periods #wtf #jokes #redflags #relatable
Baby socks aren't even big enough to stop a flow. Unless you're spotting, in which case you don't NEED a tampon, you just WANT one
If you have baby socks, it's reasonable to assume you have baby diapers which makes more sense to use than the kid's foot cover
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Er... #WTF @Andrewwood17 One of Rahman's supporters tried to get me to run with this junk and I told him where to go. I am amazed you have fallen for it and by reproducing it given it credibility when it deserves none. Had any meetings with Lutfur recently? Or his team? 1/N
Do you not realise you are being used by Rahman to split the @TH_Labour vote? It is that simple but you do not realise it. I have been hearing rumours about you & Lutfur for months but have ignored them as being too crazy. How wrong I was 2/N
You are great at the detail Andrew but not at the big picture. You are just being used. And your only claim to history could be as the man who let Lutfur Rahman back into power by the back door. 3/N
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In 2019, the UK data protection authority found that surveillance advertising is illegal at scale & millions are affected by GDPR violations myriads of companies commit every day. Now the regulator 'reinforces the need to address the concerns'. I mean #wtf…
The 2019 report was very good, and today's 'opinion' once again contains a sharp analysis of massive non-compliance, which the ICO 'continues to see evidence of', including 'invalid consent', 'unlawful' data processing, and it's not even clear by whom.

But NOTHING happens!
"The Commissioner called for industry to make changes, but also recognised the need for a measured and considered approach due to… a commercially sensitive ecosystem"

Bullshit. The ICO undermines compliance, destroys trust into the GDPR and into information technology at large.
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La série live #CowboyBebopNetflix est sortie sur Netflix et après les trailers, bandes-annonces et extrait sortis, que peut-on sortir de cette adaptation ... à part du sel (#Thread garanti sans spoil)
C'est une adaptation, d'une série animée de 1998.

#NoSpoil #CowboyBebop
Créé par Shin'ichirō Watanabe, l'#anime est reconnu comme une référence du genre pour son animation fluide, sa #musique omniprésente (par Yoko Kano), son rythme basé sur la musique, son #univers et ses #personnages au background profond qui laisse place à l'humour finement dosé.
La série animée est disponible sur @NetflixFR, tout comme l'adaptation live.
Petit #comparatif sans spoil : Les épisodes sont organisés sur une même trame que l'animé c.-à-d. une tranche de vie des héros par épisode.

#cowboybebop #noSpoil #anime #CowboyBebopNetflix #histoire
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Ok so after a few days actively trading #nfts on @CNFT_IO here are some takeaways from it and #Cardano and compare it some to #Eth

1-Cardano is fast. Obvi the network isn't as busy but if I understand the tech right that won't matter much

2-Cardano is inexpensive to use.
My 40 or so NFTS were like 60usd in gas. Cmon.

3-The network is a dream to use in some ways. Failed transaction? You get refunded everything automatically. If the contract doesn't get executed, you get refunded automatically.

So if somehow..
There was a "gas war" your failed transaction gets refunded, including your gas.

I had a failed transaction that was refunded easily. Another contract was refunded after non execution.

4-cnft is currently like eBay in the sense on the seller needs to manually send the nft..
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Petit #thread (fatigué) sur les avis de la @CNIL :
1. en 1978, le Parlement adoptait la loi informatique et libertés portant création de la CNIL, dont les avis faisaient autorité, et devaient être suivis ("avis conformes") par le gouvernement.
2. en 2004, le Parlement transposait une Directive européenne et adoptait une refonte de ladite loi informatique et libertés, particulièrement originale : s’il ne la respecte pas, l’Etat ne risque pratiquement rien.…
3. Par exemple, s’il veut créer de nouveaux fichiers régaliens policiers ou de santé, le gouvernement devait toujours, certes, demander son avis à la Cnil.
Mais il n'était plus obligé d’en tenir compte...
Depuis 2004, les avis de la @CNIL ne sont plus que "consultatifs". #FAIL
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Le service de contre-espionnage militaire français s'est considérablement modernisé.
Au prix de quelques menues gaffes, plus ou moins anecdotiques, à commencer par un certificat de formation au « secret défense » accessible à l'encan.
Sur @nextinpact /1… Image
Son site web comporte aussi quelques fautes de frappe. Rien que de très grave, sinon qu'elles n'ont pas été corrigées deux ans et demi après son lancement.
À sa décharge, la DRSD ne propose pas d'adresse e-mail pour la contacter... /2 Image
Sa « charte d'utilisation des cookies », un .doc (non renseigné) fourni par la Délégation des sys. d’information d’administration et de gestion (DéSiag) du Sec. gal pour l'adm. du MinArm, était un copié/collé de celle de... @inmacwstorefr /3
#wtf #sic cf… Image
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From 1983-2019 #MSM regularly referred to Oct 1983 US Marine barracks explosion in Beirut as "the largest NON-NUCLEAR explosion ever." A year ago MSM & so-called "alternative media" #SCAM hijacked that phrase for the Aug 2020 Beirut blast. But #WTF does it mean?
1/ ImageImage
A year ago so-called “fact checkers” WITHIN HOURS had definitively concluded the Aug 2020 Beirut blast was NOT nuclear rather caused by 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. #MSM outlets promptly proclaimed “one of the largest NON-NUCLEAR blasts in history"
2/… ImageImage
After being repeated ad nauseam over the past year, on the one-year anniversary yesterday practically every #MSM & #SCAM outlet treated the idea that the Aug 2020 Beirut blast was "one of the largest NON-NUCLEAR blasts in history" as a TRUISM, albeit one that NEEDED repeating
3/ ImageImageImageImage
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It's my first user group talk for 2021 later today and would love for you to learn @MSPowerAutomate tips & tricks from me 😄 Check out the thread below ⬇️ of what you'll learn from this #WTF expert 🤓 Register today at See you there! #LetsAutomate 5 Tips & Tricks with Power Automate Cloud Flows by Elaiza Be
1. Naming your connection references
2. Create HTML Action #Hack for inserting a space in your Header value 👀
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Mittlerweile berichten auch sämtliche europäische Medien über die Ausschreitungen in Tiflis wegen @TbilisiPride #solidaritywithTbilisiPride
Mehr Presse:… //… //… // Und #wtf Russia Today streamt live von Anti-LGBTIQA*-Party in den Straßen Tbilisi (sie nennen es "counter protest"): #TbilisiPride21
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Sejm. @Adbodnar otrzymał 5 minut na informację RPO za 2020 rok.
5 minut.
"Tak ustaliliśmy"
Teraz ten czas marszałkini Sejmu przedłużyła.
Sprawozdanie komisji sprawiedliwości: Komisja zapoznała się z informacją. Dziękuję.
Krzysztof Lipiec: najważniejsze, że to koniec kadencji tego RPO.

Marszałkini: panie pośle, pan sam sobie wystawia laurkę.

To nie do Lipca, to do opozycji.
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They need to check under this guy's house. After they admit him in psych.

Folks we have a huge problem in America, well, a lot of them.
Radicalized religious beliefs #ChristianNationalism
#QAnonCult garbage
#FauxNews who I guarantee this deranged, very very ill person watches./1
"Make babies. Who likes making babies? That feels good, doesn't it? Procreate... You haven't masturbated? Don't answer that question... God already knows." /2
"You were not following - not my rules - gods rules right now. You better take a Bible." /3
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