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'Very scary': European agriculture hit hard by climate change and drought

⚠️It is *really*, absolutely scary. Please pay attention to this & get it on the radar if your broader community-

This is happening way too soon & only gets worse.

The climate crisis is *already* impacting food supplies in wealthy countries- & look at what is being ignored in Somalia:

'Crops are failing while millions of livestock die, as the drought cripples the main source of income for 80% of the population...'…
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This seems timely.

Some context for anyone reporting on or concerned about droughts in #Europe, the #USA or elsewhere.

#media #ClimateCrisis
'Corn isn’t the only US crop suffering under hot and dry conditions in the Great Plains. Sorghum and millet, which are grown in areas currently hit by drought, look set to be hurt as well.'

#ClimateCrisis #foodporn #yum #yummy #tasty #food #eating…
'The drought pressing Texas’ agriculture industry pushing farmers and ranchers to the brink. The state’s 247,000 farms & ranches covering 127 million acres haven’t had a whole year of rain since 2017'

#Texas #water #food #farming…
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Amidst all these discussions, our humble Maharashtrian, healthy food hardly gets any recognition.
Throwing some light on the traditional Marathi dishes that never make it to the top & are probably unknown to the rest of India...

#FoodPorn coming your way!
Masale bhaat/Tendli bhaat/Vaangi bhaat - Differently flavored rices made on different occasions. Masale bhaat has earned a place in the naivedya platter as an offering after a pooja in Marathi households. It's served with grated coconut as a topping.
I wonder what we would do without Puran poli & toop(ghee). Savored lovingly especially during Holi where ghee is used to balance out the dryness that may be caused by the Chanaa flour.
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We're going to market!

This week's microgreens:
Green Pea
Triple Kale
Happy Family
One-Two Punch
Countryside Delight
Rainbow Radish

#organic #eatlocal #farmtotable #shoplocal #foodie
Find us around #SWFL @
Surfside Sunshine Farmers' Market, Cape
Tues. 11-6PM
Riverside District Fort Myers Farmer's Market
Thurs. 9-1PM
Miromar Outlets Farmers' Market
Fri. 9-1PM
Downtown Cape Coral Farmers' Market
Sat. 8-1PM
South Collier Farmers' Market, Naples
Sun. 9-2PM
Don't see what you're looking for? We grow #microgreens to order! Give us a call or go to our shop.
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Nice sourdough starter. Raise you... Home made salted caramels. #foodporn
Help, my girlfriend is an awesome cook.

Also help, she is American and I am English and therefore she says 'caramel' weird.
Halloween for when you can't go trick or treating.
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[Kisah nyata kami, penghuni kos angker di kawasan hutan kota]

@bacahorror #bacahorror
Assalamualaikum. Sebelumnya, aku mau berterimakasih ke teman teman kosan A15 sudah mau berbagi paranormal experience yg pernah kita alami selama ngekos. Untuk kenyamanan bersama, nama dan lokasi akan disamarkan. Buat yg uda tau lokasi cerita ini, tolong jangan disebutin ya.
Perkenalkan, namaku itak. Tahun 2013 aku mulai kuliah di salah satu universitas negeri di kota Malang. Karena nggak punya kerabat yang tinggal dekat kampus jadi aku memutuskan ngekos. Kosan pertamaku ada di kawasan padat penduduk.
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KFC ni kalau family memang suka berbanding brand lain, sebab dia rasa lagi dekat dengan keluarga. Ada banyak rahsia KFC dan info yang mungkin korang tak pernah dengar. Ada tips yang korang tak cuba lagi. Korang dah tahu ke pasal ni? JOM DISCOVER!
1. Kebiasaan setiap branch manager KFC akan dapat kupon diskaun untuk diedarkan kepada pelanggan atau pekerjanya. Berbuat baiklah dengan manager kemungkinan ada dapat kupon free untuk makan dekat KFC.

(Aku pernah dapat dari akak kawan, dia cakap dapat kupon setiap bulan )
Customer is always right. Korang boleh tukar dekat kaunter kalau makanan yang korang dapat kurang berkualiti. Manager KFC pernah tukarkan ayam yang aku dah makan sebab aku complaint ayam lama dia pakai, yg tulang warna macam kebiruan. Overall servis KFC memang mantap!
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Caro ministro @luigidimaio dedico a lei e al #GovernoDelCambiamento queste mie riflessioni sulla #povertà.
Questa parola, magica come #dignità , tanto cara a lei e ai Vs. sostenitori.
Che avete deciso di propagandare attraverso lanci #social, balconate e che secondo
Voi con un #decreto - i cui effetti sul mercato del #lavoro saranno dirompenti ma in senso negativo - potevate eliminarla.
Mi spiace darle questa brutta notizia, ma né lei né nessun altro politico in questa terra, potrà abolire o eliminare la povertà.
Perché purtroppo la smania
protagonismo e l’ignoranza in materia economica vi porta a fare scelte irrazionali.
La povertà non è solo un problema economico, tutt’altro, è principalmente un problema culturale.
Un paese ignorante è un paese tendenzialmente povero - che poi fa comodo a chi lo governa - perché
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