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Reminder: Some uncomfortable truths by @MaajidNawaz (Aug 2017)

#groominggangs #COVID2019 #KeirStarmer

“drugged & passed around like meat” - powerful stuff by @MaajidNawaz

This is a wake up call for all liberals, progressives from all religious backgrounds!

#groominggangs #forthemany

Cuts through to the facts as always @MaajidNawaz (LBC)

Penny dropped once I heard this!

There is a problem; it may not be to do with Islam; it may be to do with some cultural practices alien to UK liberal culture!

#groominggangs #Islamicsupremacists

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Here are the seats where Labour lost by less than 1000 votes and the other Remain parties won thousands of votes, up significantly in every seat from 2017: Bury North. Kensington. Bolton North East. Bury South. High Peak. Heywood and Middleton. Stoke-on-Trent Central. (Continues)
Gedling. Blyth Valley. Delyn. 10 seats in total with majorities of <1000, mostly majority Leave seats, where Labour Remainers switching helped put the Tories in. But that’s not all. In the next 12 seats, the Tories won by 1000-2000 votes & other Remain party voters exceeded this:
North West Durham. Bridgend. Chipping Barnet. Clywd South. Chingford & Woodford Green and Burnley (the only two with a tighter squeeze in 2019 - both still with massive LD votes). Dewsbury. West Bromwich East. Birmingham Northfield. Wolverhampton South West. Vale of Clywd (contd)
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Remember, 0 votes have been counted. #GeneralElection2019
Still 0 votes.
Newcastle Central: Labour Holds

1 seat safe 649 more to go!

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Sad to hear @GarySambrook89 say he thinks it's "fantasy politics" for children to have free nutritious school meals. As @RichardBurdenMP says, it's a moral policy. Gary squarely in tradition of Thatcher who began onslaught on nutritional standards of school meals in late 70s.
@GarySambrook89 @RichardBurdenMP Consensus at #NorthfieldHustings about importance of international aid apart from Keith Rowe BXP who doesn't accept moral responsibility to support aid & development. Absence of compassion and, as LibDem candidate points out, there's also international security argument for aid.
@GarySambrook89 @RichardBurdenMP Odd intervention from @GarySambrook89 now in which he seems to vehemently disagree with his own govt's housing policies which have created a housing and homelessness crisis in Birmingham. Right to buy started in 1980s & councils didn't get receipts to build new homes.
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ok people it’s the last day you can register to vote so here’s a thread i’m tentatively titling: Why Don’t You Care About Disabled People? (Or, Why We Really Need To Get the Tories Out)

ok? ok, let’s go.
I know loads of us are disillusioned with politics in general. We’ve had election after referendum after election, too many new Prime Ministers and leadership contests to keep track of, and so many scandals that the word has lost all meaning.
All of this to say that if you’re fed up and planning on not voting because you just can’t stand the whole thing: I get it. I really do. But please, please get out and vote, because as a disabled person, this election is crucial for me and people like me.
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For decades we've been offered a choice between frying pan and fire.

Not anymore.

Our manifesto is the most radical plan for Britain since 1945.

We have over 200 policies.

Over the next three weeks, we're getting through all of them.

Welcome to the Labour Policy Megathread.
Over the next three weeks (on the days that I'm not working), I'll be producing another part of the thread, and I'll let you all know.

I've had fun researching this.

Our policies are fantastic and I'm proud to be able to promote them.

Let's get to it. Policies 1-25 #ForTheMany
1. Abolish Tuition Fees

I campaigned against tuition fees back when I first started campaigning.

I remember how the Lib Dems sold students down the river.

And I'll remember how we abolished them entirely when we right that wrong.…
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@davidschneider David #Antisemitism is on the rise & people who use tropes are disgusting, but have you even approached this woman & as for Gnasherjew he is a vile troll that has targeted leftwing Jews. Do you not understand what it is you are doing as we are living in such dangerous times?
@davidschneider 2. I have not once seen you come out in support or even shared the opinions/letters of left wing Jews & you won't even consider that there are several accounts of clear weaponisation of #Antisemitism yes not everyone, but many many. I'm going to send you a series of article &
@davidschneider 3. Implore you to read them. Because if we lose this election PEOPLE DIE & the far right take over, how does that help the fight against antisemitism & other EQUALLY abhorrent forms of xenophobia, which keep being overlooked.…
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Time for some serious talk: Have you noticed how many smears the establishment press has against Jeremy Corbyn because he think poor people need basic rights?
Well, imagine someone who believed that poor people needed to rule the world and that the rich should stop exploiting them?
Now, imagine that person actually successfully creating a country where the peasants who could barely read took over and started to lead the world?
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The withering fire on the Tories from Labour supporters on this website is a remarkable - and uplifting - thing to see.

Coruscating volleys laced with humour. Beautiful.

People will (correctly) argue that #GE2019 won't be won on Twitter. But they'll miss the point.
Being part of the Labour digital effort is a big morale-booster. That will seep out into other places.

Seeing it, as a Tory supporter, will be a depressing experience, however they bravely try to shrug it off. That too will seep out into other places.
We saw the impact of 'vote suppression' through demoralisation via the destruction of awful Hillary's prospects by the Trump campaign. And the same for soft pro-Europeans in the 2016 referendum.

This online action really matters. Labour will smash this, online.
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Seriously, if anyone wants to organise a Twitterstorm to support those striking NHS workers in Bradford, get in touch here.

I believe that their battle is THAT important. We need to back them up. Who's with me?

#Bradford #ForTheMany #SaveOurNHS #JC4PM
If all the people who like this tweet back me up on this, we can potentially make it happen.

More than happy to receive support from bigger accounts than mine if they agree with me here.

If we can support those workers, we have to. They're fighting for all of us.
So impressed with the response comrades. I was away yesterday so I missed this.

If you want to support the Twitterstorm then check this out!

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"But Labour have no policies."

I've heard this statement recently on more than one occasion.

It's time to set the record straight. Welcome to the Labour Party policy megathread.
Before I get started, I want to quickly mention my reasons for writing up this thread. I can only speak for myself, but I've felt that my activism has been too reactionary recently. Responding to whatever story we're being hit with by the media and being distracted because of it.
I've started to consider the effects of this, and I've come to believe that we've lost sight of what a Labour government, under Corbyn, would truly mean for the United Kingdom.

We know getting rid of the Tories is good. But why is replacing them with Corbyn better?
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A Thread on Jo Swinson 1/x

Libdem MP who previously propped up the Tories during the 2010-15 coalition, and who has repeatedly voted alongside the Conservative Party in favour of tuition fees and devastating cuts to public services and also supported Fracking.

2010: Jo Swinson voted in favour of raising tution fees to £9,000 a year which was 100% against their manifesto promise and is leading to massive debt for the future

It's 100% unsustainable.

Look what happened in the USA - £1.5 TRILLION DEBT…

Jo Swinson repeatedly side with Tories voted to cut payments to the sick and disabled that have led to the catastrophe of early deaths.…
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I have done little else over the past 2+years but try to talk to Brexiters and make them realise the damage they are doing to us all.
Some of them listen, but many don't believe me.
It took me a while to understand why, because
a) I have facts
b) No seriously, I have facts #MyUK
I've watched the unfolding horror of BrexitReality in #MyUK & shared by #BrexitConcerns, but they can't see it.
Look, I say, Brexit was supposed to help our NHS, & make things better but all the NHS unions say it will make things worse #NHSvBrexit
"Unions are paid by the EU" 🤦‍♀️
"Look, here's Channel 4 exposing how our data was manipulated to target people with misleading propaganda to make them vote against their best interests. Here's proof the people who want to leave are cheats & liars."
"Channel 4 are paid by the EU" they say, brandishing "proof"
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#poll If there was a Snap General Election, who would you vote for?

(For other parties, please vote them in comments)

Please RT once Voted! 😃
1997: Blair 13.5mn votes
1997-2015: Blairites/ Others lost 180 seats & 5mn voters
2017: Corbyn 12.8mn votes/ Gained 32


add first time voters (75% of those who vote, vote for Labour)

Subtract 2% of the population, 80% of whom vote Tories!

Labour Landslide on the cards!
Lab’s share of vote could be 14.5+mn

Once we take into account first time voters- 16 or under at 2017

first time voters -never voted before, disenchanted by Blair years whilst

removing Tory support -loss of voters due to old age

=> Lab will gain 100+ seats from Tories alone
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