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The #LabourFile reveal the astonishing depth of dirty tricks, hatred and racism by Labour staff who removed Corbyn as leader.

These operatives secretly took over the Labour Party, installed #Starmer as leader in place of Corbyn and purged the party of members they didn't like
The #LabourFiles show how left-wing Labour members were stalked, watched and threated.

Particularly targeted were minority members of the party, the media fed this poisonousness atmosphere which meant #Corbyn had little time for them - something they also used against him.
Corbyn devoted his life to anti-racism but when he becomes leader the media combined to claim he is a racist. It disabled him as a potential PM but these claims were based on lies and distortions.

Starmer, Corbyn's successor, benefited from these allegation.

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#JeremyCorbyn “Meghan is a very interesting,very clear thinking woman. I’ve got a lot of time for her. I don’t know why the media wanted to build her up into a negative figure which she’s not. She’s an intelligent, thoughtful woman”_ Jeremy Corbyn on #MeghanMarkle @jeremycorbyn ImageImage
MEGAHIT! Queen Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex podcast is here and in less than 24hours, has already won the listeners heart.…
The Queen in retro Chic style . Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex was at a Charity Polo game hosted by her and her husband, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex in support of local charities.…
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“Meghan is a very interesting, very clear thinking woman. I’ve got a lot of time for her…I don’t know why [the media] just wanted to build her up into a negative figure which she’s not. She’s an intelligent, thoughtful woman…I absolutely think there’s a racial component to it.”
#JeremyCorbyn talks about his discussions with #HarryAndMeghan on mental health & how knowledgeable they were about the stressors & necessary support. Corbyn shares his own views on the lack of resources for military personnel. Link to full interview.

In 2020, Corbyn & his wife Laura Alvarez “privately offered sympathy for the duchess’s treatment at the hands of the tabloid press” and gave #HarryAndMeghan a book of verse by 17th century Mexican poet Juana Inés de la Cruz. The Sussexes responded with a personal note of thanks.
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I am the generation who witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union, the transformation of many ex-Soviet countries into liberal democracies.
Now I witness the Western left deaf and mute to #UkraineCrisis; even defending Russia. 1/
Here is Britain’s #JeremyCorbyn openly blaming #NATO; not Russia for #UkraineCrisis.
The same dude who rant against Israel aggression, didn’t voice any support for the people of #Ukraine.
It is, as if the Russian bullying of Ukraine is halal. 2/
Here is Spain’s ruling party openly singing the previous national anthem of the Soviet Union, while #Putin threatening European frontiers.
How pathetic is that?

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1/ The tide turning against #johnson over #DowningStParty is odd. Yes, it was terrible behaviour but we've come to expect it & his gov. has done much worse without the same scrutiny. So, why now and why over this? #DowningStreetChristmasParty
2/ #Johnson the populist was a useful means of defeating #JeremyCorbyn in 2019. A more obviously "respectable" establishment figure would have struggled* (*see Theresa May). But as Ken Clarke explained in 2019, Johnson is not the establishment's ideal PM…
3/ This isn't because he is unusually venal & corrupt* (*see, for example, most British Govs.) but he doesn't participate in the parliamentary theatre in the correct way: a way that would disguise the fundamental corruption of Britain's ruling class...
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but don’t troll me just because you can’t ‘win’ an argument with me.

I don’t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, that’s the point of debating. So please don’t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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1/ This article is everything wrong with @BBCNews and shows why much of its output is propaganda, not journalism. Awful. Going to use this thread to pick it apart piece by piece. It will take a while, so sorry for the gap between posts… #JeremyCorbyn.
2/ The article - as is usual for the BBC - centres entirely around opinion in the "Westminster village", assuming what a small circle of MPs think is representative of the party and country as a whole. It's the world according to whoever @bbclaurak chose to have coffee with.
3/ This statement goes uncontested: "We're now getting to a position where on the polls we're about even, so that's a step in the right direction." This is false. In the past months, Labour had at points been level with the Tories but it is now consistently 3-4pts behind
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Typical characteristic of neoliberalism and identity politics is coming out with a daft remark, then belittling someone else for the same thing. E.g. @Keir_Starmer 'Reopen the schools asap!'...then when it goes tits up: "Boris should not have done that". 1
Showing no insight for their own irresponsible nature. Just acting though nothing had happened and demonstrating in turn their contempt for the public, believing they will be instantly excused..

#eddiemarsan is a guy with a lot of hatred for #JeremyCorbyn. It is obsessive 2
According to Mr Marsan, Corbyn is apparently responsible for his older brother and his shady attributes ! Because you know family relationships are just so simple*.. now let's imagine that a person out of fear, abides the hatred of
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It is deeply disappointing that @UKLabour (my party) has allowed this racist & utterly regressive #Tory government to present itself as the protector of women's rights & children's safety. The current #Labour stance is wrong in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin. /1
Firstly we must be clear that for the Tories this is a risk-free & cynical act of political expediency that fits with their petty nationalist narrative that presents the left as an aloof "metropolitan elite". The same Tories have impoverished & marginalised women over the... /2
...past decade of austerity and they have failed to act upon the growing tide of male violence & sexual exploitation faced by women & girls. Anyone drawing the conclusion that a vote for the Tories is a vote for women is sadly mistaken. /3
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At the exuberant 2017 @UKLabour conference I was privileged to attend a meeting addressed by @ruthserwotka & @cwknews discussing proposed changes to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act that would effectively erase women's & girl's limited & hard-won legal protections. /1
The mood of the meeting was in contrast to the rest of conference: the venue had to be kept secret until the last minute as other recent events where women had the temerity to meet with other women to discuss their political, legal & social rights had been harassed & attacked. /2
Not only that but this reactionary proposal from the Tory government, paralysed by the insurgent & radicalising #LabourParty under #JeremyCorbyn's leadership, was tacitly supported by large sections of the labour movement & many other public institutions. /3
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Today at 5pm is the deadline for evidence to the Forde Inquiry into the #LabourLeaks. But the mainstream media didn't want us, the voters, to know what was being done to nobble the one chance that we had of defeating the #Tories. Why? Because so many of them had that objective.
That thread shows that if @guardian's journalists had been doing their job, they could have discovered & told us what @JoeRRyle & others had found: "Not only did they not want Labour to win under Corbyn, they seemed to be actively trying to lose."…
How do we know for a fact that so many MSM journalists didn't want #JeremyCorbyn to succeed, or at best were merely 'doing the job' their employers had told them to do? @lborouniversity has the numbers for #GE2019:…
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Who dominates the debate about #Brexit 🇪🇺 in the #UK 🇬🇧? 📢 In this new article in #PRX (@ecpr's new #OpenAccess journal) @hoennige, @dominic_nyhuis, @PhiMeyer, @SusumuShikano & I analyse visibility bias and mentions of MPs in reporting on #Brexit |… 1/7
Using automated text analysis of 58,247 newspaper articles published July 2017-March 2019, we find
1) #ConservativeParty MPs were strongly overrepresented in ALL (!) newspapers - irrespective of left/right or pro/anti-#Brexit position (71% of all MP mentions vs 48% of seats) 2/7
2) #ConservativeParty backbenchers who were part of pro-#Brexit pressure groups #LeaveMeansLeave or #EuropeanResearchGroup were overrepresented among Con backbenchers, yet the same was not true for backbench members of the anti-Brexit #PeoplesVote campaign 3/7
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So far I've not commented publicly on the @PeoplesMomentum #NCGvote. both @ForwardMmtm & @Mom_Renewal have good people on their slates but both groups *collectively* have failed to make a strong political case for their slate. Neither has publicly stood against the false... /1
...accusations of anti-Semitism that divided the Labour left and undermined the only genuinely pro-working class, anti-racist & internationalist leader our party has ever had: #JeremyCorbyn. This is critical because part of the left capitulated to the smears, sealing our fate. /2
Anyone on the left who believes that if we keep our mouths shut about atrocities perpetrated by #ApartheidIsrael, if we quietly back away from #BDS & #Palestine solidarity, if we silent while those falsely accused of anti-Semitism are silenced & expelled is DELUSIONAL. /3
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The right-wing of @UKLabour, led by @Keir_Starmer & cheered-on by the anti-Labour press are very publicly sticking the knife into the #Labour left by sacking #RebeccaLongBailey. What do the sectarian left do? Silent: @workersliberty, the @Clarion_Mag, @MomentumInt_. /1
Some of their supporters give the game away, dishonestly claiming that #MaxinePeake (and by association @RLong_Bailey) peddled an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. No surprise as the #Islamophobic @workersliberty have been giving left cover to false claims of AS all along. /2
This organisation and their assorted fronts are not part of the left. They act solely in the interest of their own organisation and as a result not only aided the downfall of #JeremyCorbyn but also scandalously British imperialism's military intervention in Syria & beyond. /3
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So the talented & principled @MPeakeOfficial has got the #Labour right, centrists & the anti-Labour right in a strop because she told some uncomfortable truths:
1. Those who abandoned/attacked #JeremyCorbyn & Labour in 2019 are responsible for the deadly & racist mess we... /1
...are currently suffering under Johnson & Cummings. Your mess, you own it - end of.
2. That the apartheid Israeli state has been providing training in extremely violent militarised policing tactics not only to US police forces but also, for example, to the @metpoliceuk's... /2
...assassination squad who murdered Brazilian carpenter Jean Charles de Menezes - essentially for being black & running away terrified from unidentified men chasing him waving guns.
And no this is NOT anti-Semitic, it is simply the truth.
#BlackLivesMatter #IStandWithMaxine /3
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Thread. Corbyn gave hope to 1000s of young people, who joined Labour & became politically active. They have written him a thank you letter.
This is the hate & abuse they face on Twitter from anonymous hatefilled trolls. #JeremyCorbyn #Labour #antisemitism 1/6
All of these tweets have been directed to London Young Labour because they wrote a thank you letter to #JeremyCorbyn the man who inspired them. We can see with our own eyes who the real haters are. 2/6
More hate from anonymous troll accounts directed to London Young Labour for writing a thank you letter to #JeremyCorbyn 3/6
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#JeremyCorbyn will be missed by his people....>> ImageImageImageImage
The racist dunce army...>> ImageImageImageImage
With their Nazi inspired conspiracies...>> ImageImageImageImage
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#BernieSanders is now the front-runner to be the US #Democratic challenger to #Trump. He is popular because, like #JeremyCorbyn, he is serious about social democratic reforms #ForTheMany at the expense of the billionaire class... /1
...serious action to address the #ClimateEmergency & reigning-in US military adventures. For the same reasons the US ruling class are out to destroy him politically, either in favour of one of his #Democrat rivals or, if that fails, if favour of #Trump. /2
Like the campaign against #Corbyn they are using every smear & dirty trick available to them. However #Sanders has shown he has learned from Corbyn's mistakes in capitulating to his dishonest critics:
"His campaign has also been rather sure-footed in the..." /3
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One day after #GE2019, @guardian let Kenneth Stern (who drafted the #IHRA definition of Antisemitism) say if "[Jared] Kushner or I had been born into a Palestinian family displaced in 1948, we might have a different view of Zionism, & that need not be because we vilify Jews."
Kenneth Stern wrote in @guardian with readers in the #US in mind. He explained that @ZOA_National sees the #IHRA definition as stopping @NationalSJP from calling for ‘#intifada’. But he says @NationalSJP has the right to make “calls” he doesn't like. "That’s called free speech."
Here @BoardofDeputies has told candidates in the #LabourLeader elections to apply the #IHRA definition "with all its examples & clauses", "without qualification". But, as @JVoiceLabour explains, they don't require the #IHRA definition of others. Why not?…
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1) brief thread about @jessphillips who wants people to trust her ! You lied about, smeared & constantly undermined #JeremyCorbyn horribly, victimised #MarcWadsworth with fake accusations of antisemitism knowing it was false but sided with a bunch of liars. #jessphillips
2) at every opportunity you back-stabbed @jeremycorbyn while he was facing the most dirty mendacious campaign any politician has faced in the UK, not once did you have the conscience or integrity to defend a very decent man. Instead you sided with vindictive MP’s #jessphillips
3) Corbyn was so popular with many, was a man for peace & social justice & he was willing to respect the Brexit referendum but you lot stopped him knowing well Brexiteers would turn against him. You flirted with Tories, defectors, basically anyone anti Corbyn
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Last night after an incident in London in which members of the public were killed #FrancesBarber took the opportunity to link #JeremyCorbyn to the act of terror! In her eagerness to smear #Corbyn with the charge of #Antisemitism she herself made antisemitic comments
You may perhaps think that this is just a one off Jibe but it is not.
#Antisemitism & #Racism needs to be rooted out wherever it raises its head. Unfortunately #FrancesBarber is not really concerned about #Antisemitism rather she likes to focus her hate on #JC4PM Corbyn's actions would suggest not! @threadreaderapp "Unroll"
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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Am late to the #CarolineLucas summer plan for all white remain govt devoted to stopping democracy ... but the race issue is not my chief sadness.
Lucas had 3 chances to support:
-a Remain voting
-Prime Minister who sought to compromise...Lucas decided to play politics1/
If #JeremyCorbyn is elected our Prine Minister in a general election he is my #PrimeMinister ... even though I consider him a totally flawed individual, who loves our enemies and does not support our allies, with a Marxist for a Chancellor ... that is how democracy works 2/
I would have more respect for Lucas if she made it clear that her votes in @HouseofCommons seek to block #Brexit purely for personal / political reasons. She does not accept a democratic decision of the people ... it’s that simple. End of. 3/
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@MatherWallace @bernardsmernard #Corbynwill
Reform #BBC
Reform the #Lords
Implement Leveson 2
Instigate Investigation into #Iraq war
Re nationalise Rail Services
Re nationalise Utilities
Re nationalise Royal Mail
Abolish Tuition Fees
Policies that help many, are popular with many, but disliked by a few!
@MatherWallace @bernardsmernard When the few with invested interests feel threatened because of change or scrutiny they can only smear! it is difficult for them to debate and criticise popular ideas and policies. So what do the few with money and influence do?
@MatherWallace @bernardsmernard They accuse the advocate for change of being!
#weak Dangerous
A spy
Terrorist Sympathiser
How strange the voices of the few over the many years the advocate was a back bench MP remained silent or just muttered. But now their voices have reached a crescendo
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