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We must expose injustice. We must name and shame it. And we must stay angry because angry women are free women. Remember: fuck being nice and polite. These are not nice or polite times. Be angry. Be loud. And be free! #FuckFascism #FuckThePatriarchy
The hardest and the most important revolution always has been and will continue to be in the months ahead, the revolution of the self, the revolution of the mind, and the revolution of the heart.…
Cherish these words from Toni Cade Bambara’s 1969 essay “On the Issue of Roles.” They are touchstones that help me feel at home anywhere and everywhere because they remind me that the revolution is within me, no matter where I am. Text: Revolution begins wit...
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This essay, this letter of love, first appeared in the anthology Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times (2017), edited by @caroderobertis…
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Make your heart too rebellious for the patriarchy’s attempts to plant itself within you.

Make your mind too free for fascism to chain your imagination. 

#FuckFascsim #FuckThePatriarchy
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I am fucking raging, RAGING, raging. All praise and power to my perimenopause.

And so I’m delighted that I’ve had two tweets about women saying FUCK THE PATRIARCHY go viral in the space of a week.

That’s where I am. Fuck. The. Patriarchy.

Don’t even *try* to look at me.
All praise and power to my perimenopause that has unleashed a torrent of fire where I thought my rage once was.


We’re just starting, fuckers.
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I want to be free.
- I don’t want to be liked
- I don’t want to be “equal”
- Fuck civility
- Fuck unity
- Fuck the patriarchy
I want to be free
- I’m not doing those 2009/2019 things
- I don’t care about where I was
- I care about where I am
- I care about where I want to go
- Fuck the patriarchy
I want to be free
- Defy
- Disobey
- Disrupt
- Fuck the patriarchy
That’s my #2020 Vision
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Is #Australia awake? By @rerutled count, this is the 11th article in The Murdoch-owned newspaper The Australian to mention me since the #qanda that has since been banned. I’m flattered, kittens
“Comrade Mona” remembers Greg Henderson from 1st #qanda I was on in 2011 when I embarrassed him by reminding him that George W. Bush said God told him to invade Iraq. The next day, The Australian wrote an article about viewers complaining about me saying “fuck.” Nothing changes
I should charge The Australian every time they mention me. Seriously, kittens. I’m flattered. #fuckthepatriarchy #7NecessarySins
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This is exactly what the #Saudi regime says too. So interesting that right wing, misogynist, white supremacists have so much in common with the Saudi regime. Fascists everywhere are misogynists.
The #Saudi regime considers feminism a form of “extremism.” Saudi Arabia calls feminism 'extremism' in video, deletes it amid anger…
I suppose I should be flattered that after 2.5 weeks of the Australian misogynist lizards whining in gibberish in mentions, they’ve got their “thinkers” writing about me now. Keep whining kittens. Stay scared. #fuckthepatriarchy
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And when I ask on #Australia TV “How many rapists must we kill before men stop raping us?” - an imaginary scenario of violence - the network censors the show, investigates, a minister issued a statement, and apparently there will be a parliamentary inquiry
Thank you @thesailorsgirl for the h/t ☝🏽And again: “The legal system is designed to protect men from the superior power of the state but not to protect women or children from the superior power of men,” Judith Herman. #fuckthepatriarchy
I have been accused of “inciting violence” because I talk about justifiable violence against men’s unjustifiable violence (to quote @ma_franks). “Violence begets violence,” men keep telling me. Well, what does this daily violence that men subject us to beget? What?
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I’m about to board to start my journey home. #Australia it has been an intense and wonderful week of seeing good friends, making new ones, speaking at @UNSWCentreIdeas #unswideas, @wheelercentre #broadside2019, and appearing on #qanda. I stand by everything I said.
It is fucking ridiculous that the ABC has pulled the show from repeat views & that the government is involved via a ministerial statement & parliament inquiry. Such censorship & govt interference are dangerous & sinister esp in light of raids against the media in #Australia.
It is instructive that outrage over daily and actual violence against women and gender diverse people does not warrant such swift investigations or govt action. Instead, asking “How many rapists must we kill until men stop raping us?” terrifies white men into action.
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It is instructive that the two times I’ve been on newspaper front pages have been because I offended and upset patriarchy: today in this Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper in #Australia and in 2017 in a pro-regime paper in #Egypt
I’m on a front page in #Australia because I said “fuck” on Monday’s episode of TV show Q & A and drew an imaginary scenario of violence against men that upset some viewers more than the actual violence men subject women to daily. #qanda
And in 2017, I was on that front page in an #Egyptian paper - which called me a “sex activist” - because I called Trump the American Sisi (in a column I wrote for the New York Times.)
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- It’s my birthday.
- I’m a Leo
- I’m loud and don’t give a fuck.
📷 @rerutled
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1. Toxic masculinity killed 25 people
2. State negligence and refusal to invest in the train system continues to kill #Egyptians
Clearly, the long-running neglect by successive #Egyptian regimes of the rail network has claimed too many lives. And re yesterday’s tragedy, the long-running refusal to confront patriarchy & toxic masculinity - on state and street level - will also continue to claim lives.
A fight between 2 men killed 25 people. When I write or talk about feminism and the need to dismantle patriarchy, I hear “This isn’t the time!” When is the time? Men who benefit from patriarchy don’t care about its toll on others. It took a toll on 25 people yesterday. #Egypt
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“I was 8 the first time a grown man treated me to the sight of his penis.”
“I am sorry to hear that. I was 4.”
“Can't remember if I was 6 or 8. But that sounds about on par.”
- A woman in Australia
- A woman in Egypt
- A woman in the US
#FuckThePatriarchy across all time zones and all universes.
- “I was 8 the first time a grown man treated me to the sight of his penis.” (#Australia)
- “I am sorry to hear that. I was 4.” (#Egypt)
- “Can't remember if I was 6 or 8. But that sounds about on par.” (#USA)
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The takeaway from sexual harassment & abuse discussions must not be that fame allowed those men to harass & abuse. It must be that patriarchy - an institutionalized enabler of those men and ALL men - made it possible for those men and the men we all know to harass & abuse.
Our takeaway from sexual harassment and abuse discussions must be that ALL men have benefited from patriarchy - from the very harassment & abuse we’re exposing, even if they’ve never themselves abused. Because that harassment & abuse have made life hell for ALL women.
Men who say “I’ve never done that” must understand that, as many women across world have told me, “When I leave my house for work/school/etc, I am entering a war zone.” And that home - where men we know, abuse women - is a war zone. Patriarchy attacks women everywhere.
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