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Last night after speaking re feminists in Arab Gulf states use online spaces, why I started #MosqueMeToo, and beginning as always with “fuck the patriarchy,” a man who claimed he stumbled into my talk by chance was 1st at mic to ask “Don’t you think your language is assault?”
I told him that was one of the most ridiculous questions I’d been asked and that I wouldn’t dignify his “When you say ‘fuck’ you assault us” nonsense. And I moved onto the next question. Zero fucking patience with fools and misogynists.
I had a white woman urge me as I signed her book in NYC not to “otherize” white women-told her to go talk with other white women. A white woman in Manchester who asked @helloiammariam at our event about “unity.” Mariam shut her down and I told her to leave.
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Speaking here tomorrow: What does #MeToo look like beyond the boundaries of Europe & North America? This roundtable brings together feminist scholars and activists to discuss the different iterations of #MeToo in South Asia, East Asia, and the Arab world.…
Participants: Zineb Belmkadem (#Masaktach, Morocco),Mona Eltahawy (#MosqueMeToo),Tejaswini Niranjana (Lingnan University, Hong Kong),Kyla Pasha & Sarah Suhail (The Feminist Collective, Pakistan). Moderated by Fawzia Afzal-Khan (Montclair State University) & Gayatri Gopinath (NYU)
This event is free & open to the public. Venue is wheelchair-accessible.

For more information about this event, contact the NYU Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality at or 212-992-9540.
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15yo; 50yo. In hijab; in a tank top. Sexually assaulted; sexually assaulted. I froze & burst into tears; I beat the fuck out of my assaulter...Moral of the story: touch me w/out my consent, I will break your fucking hand.

A year ago, I launched #MosqueMeToo and #IBeatMyAssaulter
👆🏽FEMINIST GIANT Rants has launched!
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“When he grabbed my ass, that is violence. When I punched him, that is self defense.”

Last February, I started #MosqueMeToo & #IBeatMyAssaulter in same week. Here’s excerpt of a video I made for @washingtonpost explaining the reasons. Grateful to women who shared their stories.
You can watch the whole video here: If you grope me, I'll break your hand #MosqueMeToo #IBeatMyAssaulter
Starting this month, my goal is to record short videos - like first clip 👆🏽- that will be called FEMINIST GIANT Rants - lots of things coming up soon!
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A yr ago, @sabicakhan95 shared her story of being sexually assaulted in Makkah, #Islam’s holiest site in #Saudi Arabia. It was familiar bec I’d often shared my own story of being sexually assaulted there. To show solidarity w/her & inspired by @TaranaBurke, I started #MosqueMeToo
Here’s the thread where I started #MosqueMeToo - that includes an article about @sabicakhan95. Thank you to all the Muslim women who so bravely shared their stories of being sexually assaulted while on Hajj/at sacred sites and who continue to do so
Thank you to all the women who shared their #MosqueMeToo story knowing they would be attacked and called a liar. Those of us who can speak, must speak for our own sake and to give strength to those who - for now - are unable to. Love and solidarity ❤️✊🏽💜
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Glad #Saudi troll farms & their connection to Saudi regime have been studied. I’ve experienced plenty attacks for my writing on women’s issues in #Saudi & my opposition to #Yemen war: 1 of most coordinated came after #Jamalkhashoggi shared 1 of my articles…
In February, #JamalKhashoggi kindly shared the Arabic version of an oped I wrote for Washington Post about #MosqueMeToo which I started for Muslim women to talk about sexual harassment and assault in Sacred spaces, including Hajj in Makkah, #Saudi Arabia
Immediately after Jamal shared my column, i was inundated with one of the worst and most coordinated attacks by #Saudi regime trolls I have ever experienced. For days. It was a window into how much shit he and other Saudis who are critical got and continue to get.
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Also, fyi, Neelofa and Vivy Yusof are not muslimah icons for empowerment. Successful and smart business women, yes, symbol of empowerment or muslimah icon, no. Lemme show u a list of muslim women who have inspired me and I think are actual icons of empowerment.
1. Fatima Mernissi (Sept '40-Nov 2015), muslim feminist and sociologist who questioned the role of muslim women in Islam, the lack of democracy in the succession of Islam, separating the structures of Islamic governments from what Islam actually teaches. Defo my feminist idol.
2. Zainah Anwar, one bold Muslim woman who basically asked, why are syariah courts in Malaysia treating women like crap? What kind of Islam are they practicing? Also the woman boss enough to wave her hand to prove a point to Nazri Aziz in front of photographers.
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