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Saw a few others doing cloud shaders last week, so I might as well join in! Really happy with how this turned out. ☁️🌥️☁️ (See thread for #shadergraph + info) #unity3D #madewithunity #shaders
This is actually a fairly simple effect - It's a few Noise nodes with different scales & time offsets stacked onto each other, which are used to offset the Y vertex position of a plane. Also has a depth effect so it fades based on scene objects. Here's the #shadergraph
Note that there are some issues with this in the current LWRP version. In order to fix these I had to edit the code generated by the Master node - (right click the Master node and Show Generated Code. Then copy the file from the Temp folder into your Assets)
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Lately I've been messing with reverse engineering #panzerdragoonsaga file formats to get at the textures & models for a challenge. Texture (CGB) format wasn't too hard, after reading up some tech docs on saturn development it was fairly basic, except they had no meta data at all!
So while most image file formats contain data on width/height/bpp these were just pure texture data, not even a number of textures in the files nor any barriers. Just 4 bit per pixel indexed colour textures usually with 16 bit per colour (5bit per channel) palettes at the end.
CGB texture files for models usually are accompanied by an MCB file which I assumed was the mesh data... but I couldn't figure that out yet, no easy way of telling what relates to the textures in it without first knowing some textures to find. Catch 22!
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I've been asked about how some of the effects in A Short Hike were achieved, and I thought I'd share some resources in this thread! It is #unitytips day after all :)
Firstly, I wouldn't have been able to make the terrain without triplanar mapping. It uses the normal of the terrain to decide which texture gets shown. Super useful for automatically texturing these cliffs! Here's an example of how to implement it:…
I modified the terrain shader to only show the splatmap channel with the highest value. That lets me get super sharp edges with the normal unity terrain tools. #gamedev #unity3d
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A little thread on generating and rendering a procedural trajectory mesh! #madewithunity #unity3d
Trajectories under constant linear acceleration, gravity in our case, has a simple equation

p = p₀ + v₀t + ½gt²

p = Position
p₀ = Initial position
v₀ = Initial velocity
t = Time
g = Gravity
To get the velocity v at any given point, we derive the formula to get

v = v₀ + gt

Quite usefully, this vector is tangent to the curve! When normalized, it represents the direction of motion at any given time. In our 2D case, we can also get the normal by rotating it 90°
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When #DaggerfallUnity reaches feature parity with classic #Daggerfall later this year, it will be a huge personal milestone. Not everyone knows this, but I've been building Daggerfall tools and pulling apart the game's assets since around 2001. Crazy right? /1
Some of you might remember me from the old (and I mean OLD) Bethesda forums as Interkarma, and some of you may not have even been born back then. If you're interested in the journey leading to Daggerfall Unity, here's a short version of how things went from then to now. /2
I was fascinated by #gamedev in my teens and tried to learn everything I could by picking apart their data formats (this is pre-www and gamedev information was harder to find back then). I was still hacking file formats when Daggerfall came out in 1996. /3
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Dynamic ice & snow shader ❄️
Process breakdown in this thread! #madewithunity #unity3d
Snow buildup areas can be found by generating tangents in the mesh, where tangent.x will help us find the slope

−1 • Horizontal ceiling
±0 • Vertical
+1 • Horizontal ground

The range 0 to 1 is our snowiness! Here it is visualized, the full tangent and its x coordinate
We can then modulate this with various textures to make it look more snowy and natural! Giving it a snowy border in the front, as well as running a track through the center where the player will slide
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I've been using flow maps a lot recently to get some cool vfx. In this thread, I'll talk about some things you can do with few math and some textures #unity #vfx #shader
Let's start with simple flow map shader. You can use this (not mine) as starting point… We can set a vector directly to drive the flow. So, flowDir = float2(1,0) set the flow to the right. I created this texture with "difference clouds" filter in gimp.
If we expose that vector as a property we can control the flow direction. We can also expose properties to control the lerp speed and flow speed.
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Using Global Shader Variables to swap between two textures based on World Position #gamedev #unity3d #tutorial
Code in first reply!

More shaders >>
Shader Code:

C# Script (Super Simple)

The gif has a version that uses transparency instead of a second texture, I'll share that later :)
Have fun!
Bigger version of the effect :)
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