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What is type conversion in Python?

▪ Type conversion refers to the conversion of one data type into another.

int() – converts any data type into integer type

float() – converts any data type into float type

ord() – converts characters into integer

hex() – converts integers to hexadecimal

oct() – converts integer to octal

tuple() – This function is used to convert to a tuple.

set() – This function returns the type after converting to set.

list() – This function is used to convert any data type to a list type.

dict() – This function is used to convert a tuple of order (key,value) into a dictionary.

str() – Used to convert integer into a string.

complex(real,imag) – This functionconverts real numbers to complex(real,imag) number.

#Python #Type #conversion #tutorial #100DaysOfCode
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Ever wondered how to define your own Data Validation rules with Editor Utility Blueprints? Here's an example to validate that material asset names are prefixed with "M_".

@UnrealEngine #UE4 #GameDev #Tutorial
1. Enable the Data Validation plugin and restart the editor.
2. Add bAllowBlueprintValidators=true to DefaultEditor.ini

(And optionally enable validate on save and cook by setting to true)
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Making molds - #30secondtutorial #dnd #nerdcrafts

NEED: Silicone Caulking/gun, big bowl w/ dishsoap & water, thing to mold in an appropriately sized container, gloves (if you use them, I always end up taking them off)

Nice to have some goo-gone on hand, to get rid of stickies!
-Prep item to mold. I'm making dice, so I glued it in at the angle I wanted. Once the mold is done, the bottom will be the top of the mold, and where the die touches the bottom will be the opening.
-Get your gloves on! (I put soap on my hands instead of using gloves)
-Put water in the big bowl, with dish soap. About 1 part soap to 10 parts water.
-Put caulking in water mixture, work with hands for 3-5 minutes, until it's a big less-sticky blob
-Squish silicone in the little cup with item to mold, make sure it's filled in around item.
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Using Global Shader Variables to swap between two textures based on World Position #gamedev #unity3d #tutorial
Code in first reply!

More shaders >>
Shader Code:

C# Script (Super Simple)

The gif has a version that uses transparency instead of a second texture, I'll share that later :)
Have fun!
Bigger version of the effect :)
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High level #python #tutorial thread:
Python is a high level language that runs bytecode in its virtual machine.
Everything is an object.
It supports OOP up to multiple inheritance and functional programming.
Typing is polymorphic - duck typing is preferred
A Python script is a file with a name like - we indent at four spaces (it matters), comments (after #) don't execute - and is typically written like:

def main(): # function
print("Hello world")

if __name__ == '__main__': # then entry point
A module is a reusable script:

"""this is a docstring at the top of the module - gives help on the module"""

import this # do imports at the top

def main(): # main at top or bottom
"""functions get docstrings too"""

if __name__... always at the bottom, assumed from now on
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