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You come across a video in a language you don't understand. Annoying. 😠

Wouldn't it be great if you could watch that video with English subtitles? 😍

You can! With a little help from AI!
#OSINT #tutorial 👇1/...

(got the idea from @matt0177 🙏) Image
@matt0177 First thing you have to do is install Whisper (this is software from #OpenAI, same guys from #ChatGPT).

It's FREE, but not so easy to install. I used this tutorial:

All info on Whisper here: 2/...
@matt0177 If you installed Whisper correctly, you download the video on your PC and go to the folder where the video is.

Now you type "cmd", to open command-line-interface. 3/... Image
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@Suojelupoliisi @vpkivimaki @RSF_en
"Tällä hetkellä ei ole viitteitä siitä, että #Venäjä olisi kohdistamassa Suomen tuleviin vaaleihin tavoitteellista vaikuttamista."

- Ei tarvitse mennä Venäjälle, etsimään
"tavoitteellista vaikuttamista👇"
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya ovat lähempänä
@Suojelupoliisi @vpkivimaki @RSF_en @JoukoJokinen @merjaya #Vaalit | Sekaantuvatko vihamieliset tahot (esim. @YleUutiset_pol) Suomen vaaleihin?👆
@oikeusmin vaalijohtaja (#Jääskeläinen) pitää todennäköisenä, että vaaleja yritetään häiritä esimerkiksi kyberhyökkäyksillä. Supo ei usko, että Venäjä sotkeutuu asiaan
@Suojelupoliisi @RSF_en @JoukoJokinen @merjaya @YleUutiset_pol @oikeusmin #Eduskuntavaalit2023 #Vaalit Äänestyskopissa kannattaa valokuvata #äänestyslippu, ennen sen (tuhka)uurnaan pudottamista.
- Äänestysliput ovat julkisia asiakrjoja vaalien jälkeen. Kuvakirjasto voi toimia massavalvontana ja todisteina oikeudenkäynneissä.
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bookmark this 🧵:
5 of my favorite vids under 5 mins explaining AI/machine learning at a beginner level!

#1: What Is Artificial Intelligence?

#ai #tutorial #beginners #nocode #chatgpt
#2: DALL-E Explained by @openai

This video is under three minutes and is made by the developers of DALL-E! It explains how DALL-E was trained and how it works to create cool images.
#3: From Duke University, AI explained in under 2 minutes!

A little light on details but good if you're in a rush.

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Wowwwwww today is a day to celebrate! My blog is finally live and the first post is CRAZY nice 😱🔥



#javascript #nodejs #learning #blogpost #tutorial #websockets #socketio #diy #100daysofcode Image
I've been creating videos on my youtube channel that you rarely will see in another place on the internet 🤩

You'll find there subjects like Recreating @nodejs from scratch, Web APIs and recreating web protocols such as the Web Socket using JS with no frameworks, etc

And others, which are amazing experiments, such as recreating a code coverage tool from scratch and how to process terabytes of data using JavaScript

If you search about those subjects you'd reach out to my videos but why not have them as blog posts as well?

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Sabia que é possível usar JavaScript para interpretar variáveis do bash direto do terminal? 🤯🔥


#javascript #nodejs #js #bash #devtips #100daysofcode #node #childprocess #tutorial Image
Estava produzindo uma super aula do meu curso de Node.js Streams (em inglês), ensinando sobre como paralelizar o processamento de arquivos usando Node.js

A ideia é subir um processo para cada arquivo, e cada processo filtra os usuários que possuem o email em dominio gmail

Só que eu automatizei a validação para verificar que todos os itens foram processados e enviados para um arquivo de saida

Então primeiro fui lá e usei o `grep` para filtrar o texto do arquivo e o `wc -l`, para obter a quantidade de linhas.

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This tutorial is being sponsored by MY PRECIOUS TIME.
I want to keep creating free stuff, so I'm not using paywalls, but if you'd like to support me - LIKE, SHARE, SPREAD THE WORD & SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

on to the tutorial...…

Storyboarding is hard.

Really, really, REALLY hard.

Twenty-Five years ago I went in for a job interview at Klasky Csupo for a character design gig and met with Mitch Watson - a producer for their new show, “The Wild Thornberrys”.

cont. Image
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How to consume any Database as a Stream for heavy data processing using JavaScript 🤯🔥


#javascript #nodejs #streams #sql #nosql #tutorial #dataprocessing #database #business #data #strategy #pipeline @nodejs
The secret for processing anything using JavaScript is to handle data on demand.

Imagine data you wanna migrate data from a SQL database to a NoSQL DB. You would need to apply some business rules, clean up fields, filter data and then output them to the final output.

You might know that you can block the Node.js (and the data source you're consuming) if you handle too much data at once in memory

The best practice then is to limit results, send individual data to a stream pipeline, and then ask for more data until you've consumed it all.

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🗜️ @antimatterdefi Public Testnet Phase 🗜️

Antimatter B2 is built to facilitate the financial infrastructure of the #Antimatter ecosystem.

Let's see how we can complete the Testing Phase and interact with dApps ✨

Don't forget to 🖤 & RT for more #Testnet tutorials 👇

1/🧵 Image
1⃣ How to start?

▫️ Download MM:
▫️ Add Antimatter B2 Testnet Network (Tuto step 5)
▫️ Claim some $MATTER test tokens:

2/8 Image
2⃣ Antimatter B2 Swap:


1. Swap multiple time & all tokens
2. Provide liquidity
3. Remove some liquidity

3/8 Image
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Some L1 protocols, such as #Bitcoin, rely on Proof-of-work (PoW) mining for network operation and security.

The creator of a PoW token can set a pre-mine. This means they can create a number of tokens immediately before PoW mining starts.

#tutorial #tokenomics #powmining
Back in the day, this was a standard procedure to ensure the creators could cash in at a later time when their token gained some traction.
If a pre-mine is too large compared to the total supply of the token, this was a strong indicator not to invest in the project.

The creators could dump large amounts of tokens on the market and the price would tank.
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E hoje é dia de exterminar mais uma confusão frequente: Você é back ou frontend? Eu sou Dev JavaScript 🤯🤩


#nodejs #javascript #webinar #tutorial #devlife #100daysofcode #frontend #html Image
Hoje, dia 22/11 às 19hrs vou fazer uma super live lá no canal para contar sobre lições importantes do @nodejs que você pode também usar no navegador (ou em qualquer outro lugar que roda JS)

Eu recebo frequentemente dúvidas sobre alguns conteúdos do meu canal e treinamentos, algo como "ah, mas sou frontend, seu conteúdo de @nodejs é para backend"

A verdade, é a JS é uma só, tudo que tem na JS do navegador, tem no JavaScript do Node.js, #Bun e @deno_land

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What is #emission?

Emission is when new tokens are minted in a digital economy in the form of cryptocurrencies, adding to the supply.

#tokenomics #tutorial #web3 Image
In most digital economies, token emissions happen on a predetermined basis over a set period of time.
For example, @dYdX’s potential 2% annual inflation starting 5 years after launch.

Token holders can continuously decide whether to add this 2% inflation or not but it is capped at max. 2%.

Check out our 101 article about dYdX:… Image
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👨‍🚀 @ParaSpace_NFT Testnet Tutorial 🧙

The decentralized lending protocol is live on Goerli.
Let's see how to perform the #Testnet by claiming #NFTs on @Galxe 🪄

Don't forget to 🖤 & RT for more #airdrop tutorials 👇

1⃣ What do you need?

▫️ Download MM:
▫️ Claim #ETH on Goerli:
▫️ Get some test tokens:

2⃣ The @Galxe Campaigns 👨‍🚀

You have 3 registration campaigns to complete:

1. The Traveler:…
2. The Explorer:…
3. The Settler:…

⏰: Nov 28th

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4 years ago, we made a series of VFX breakdowns to share with our fellow indie game devs. While we’re working on new ones, here’s a little recap’ of the tutorials we’ve made so far:

#unitytips #madewithunity #tutorial #Unity3D #shader #indiegame #gamedev #gameart
Retrowave Image Effect Shader 🕹
Electric Arc Effect⚡
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If I had one word of advice for fellow webcomic artists: do some zines. Doing zines has like, quintupled my income. It's ridiculous. I'm finally earning something resembling a living wage.
I love long-form comics, but they are hard to monetize. Printing them is a pain in the ass. Short, catchy comics in PDF form have been so much faster and easier for me to produce, at consistently high quality, and they can be priced affordably for a wide audience.
One of the reasons I love doing fanzines is that the audience already knows the characters and general story. You can dive right in to something more complex without spending tons of time worldbuilding or setting things up. They're also a lot easier to market with tags.
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1/ Everybody told me they liked the last thread about simple effects in Pinni, so why not another one?

Customizable transition shaders in less than 4 lines 🧵:
#gamedev #tutorial #shader #hlsl #madewithunity
2/ Once again starting from a basic fragment shader. This will work in ANY engine, but we're using GLSL for simplicity.

Here's our base texture:
3/ What's the goal of this shader?

1. We want to black out the screen up to a certain point
2. That point should depend on the progress of the transition

Let's map the path of the transition in black and white. We can get a value based on each UV's distance from the center.
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1/ Have been asked about the Pinni distortion effect quite a few times, so thought I'd explain how it works.

One of my fave effects, displacement maps 🧵:
#gamedev #tutorial #shader #hlsl
2/ Going to start with a basic texture from Pinni to demonstrate each step.

The shader can work in any game engine; in Pinni we use Unity's awful shaders language, but for readability I'll be using HLSL. ImageImage
3/ Distorting an image from a fragment shader basically means taking each UV coordinate and moving it.

We want to move in the opposite direction of the origin, which we can get from the normalized (direction-only) result of our UV coordinate minus the center. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting


By John Fountain

CHAPTER 8 - Post Mortem

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried to give you all of the practical information I have based on my experience on how to pitch a cartoon.

Not as easy as you thought, huh?

Everything I know came from trial-and-error on my part.

You will try.

You will error. Image
Don’t let it eat you up.

One of the major, emotional milestones I wish I had gotten over sooner is that - as corny as this sounds - life IS, in fact, all about the journey - not the destination. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

CHAPTER 7 - “We’d like to see MORE!”

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
NOTE: All illustrations are from pitch documents I've created over the years. All materials copyright/trademark John Fountain 2022 all rights reserved - none of the following material may be copied or reproduced except for purposes of review without permission of the author. Image
I’ve spent a lot of time preparing you for disappointment.

And rightfully so. The odds are undeniably stacked against you.

But - let’s say you pitched your show, everything went great, and a couple of weeks later, you get the call everyone hopes for:

“We’re interested.” Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #directing #Filmmaking #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

CHAPTER 6 - Follow up

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

So... you’ve pitched your cartoon!
Congrats! Image
In many cases, you’ll have a pretty good idea what your chances look like within the first 120 seconds of your pitch.

By the time you speak the title of the show and first paragraph of your pitch, you’ll probably be able to see it on their faces. Image
Anything other than a “I love this idea!” and you’re looking at a “maybe” at best. “Interesting” is often code for “no.”

But, as I stated previously, you’re not just pitching a cartoon, you’re pitching yourself… so you need to maintain your composure no matter what. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

CHAPTER 4: Anatomy of a Pitch Document Image
First, allow me to say what should go without saying:
Everything here is copyrighted and trademarked by John Fountain 2022 - all rights are reserved. None of this may be copied, distributed or reproduced SAVE FOR PURPOSE OF REVIEW without permission from the author!
I have an absolutely BEASTLIKE attorney in Los Angeles who would love the chance to go after someone - I’m putting this stuff up for educational benefit - DO NOT F*CK WITH IT!

And if you see someone f*ck with it, please let me know.

On with the lesson… Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

CHAPTER 3: NOW what?! Image
Good lord - after ALL THAT you’re still here?!

You’re a glutton for punishment, huh? Well… good… because if you’re going to pitch your cartoon ideas, you’ve gotta love getting punched in the gut.

And get punched in the gut you most certainly WILL! Image
Unless you’re one of those assholes who just comes up with something exceedingly brilliant and gets a fantastic development deal your first time around. In which case, the rest of us will sit here smiling and trying to make our “congratulations” seem sincere.

But I digress. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboards #directing #Filmmaking #tutorial #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

"How to convince the world that they’re wrong and you’re brilliant!" Image
You can’t.

Whomp whomp.

NEXT INSTALLMENT - How to deal with disappointment! Image
Okay, okay… just kidding. Except… well… not really.

No matter how great your cartoon idea is, sometimes it’s simply “Not the right time” or “not the right fit” for whatever entity you’re pitching to. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

One of the things about animation that a lot of people find frustrating is that it often becomes a “nexus” where CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION and COMMERCE are uncomfortably merged. Image
This phenomenon can create a lot of challenges and struggles. Obviously, as with all things, sometimes the stars align just perfectly and it all happens with flawless precision, but those instances are VERY few and VERY far between. Image
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Document Studio helps you automate work with the help of Google Sheets and Google Forms.…
The first version of Document Studio launched in 2017 and we've since added tons of new features and integrations. It took us more than 18 months of coding+testing to get here.… Image
The source code of the Google add-on has been audited by a Google-appointed security assessment vendor and it is 100% compliant with Google API policies Image
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