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Epic Games lance le premier jeu blockchain AAA, sur la boutique de jeux Epic et ses 62 millions de joueurs.

Les détails👇
Grit est un jeu multijoueur Triple-A #freetoplay #playtoearn développé par Gala Games et construit sur Unreal Engine. Situé dans l'Ouest sauvage, les joueurs s'affrontent dans un jeu de battle royale en tant que cow-boys et gagnent des points en fonction de leurs compétences.
Le jeu utilise des #NFT (ERC721) basés sur la blockchain #Ethereum sous forme d'avatars et de chevaux générés dans le jeu, qui permettent de débloquer un potentiel de gains plus important. À l'heure actuelle, Gala Games vend 10 000 #NFTs sur son site officiel.
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Summary 🧵 of a crackling chat between @Joubinmir & @PhilipLacor . Get inside the mind of a startup CRO for how he prepares for public events, feedback loops, hiring, grit & more #startups #Hiring #grit…
1/n You can choose to do things or not. Life happens, but seeing the world as your oyster is a choice. As a CRO, how does Philip prep for a public speaking event at a sales kick-off or a big event? Takes 1 page, & draws lines to make it a grid. Those are his 15 to 20 slides.
2/n 1 word in every cell & that's the key message. You now have 1 page with the entire message & that becomes the storyline… add details & metaphors from there. Customer chats are different. Those are asking the right questions with a high amount of listening & no slides.
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✨Purpose Matters✨

A short story from @angelaw's book on #Grit:

Three bricklayers are asked: “What are you doing?”
➡️ The first says, “I am laying bricks.”
➡️ The second says, “I am building a wall.”
➡️ And the third says, “I am building the house of God.”

#product #diaries
The first bricklayer has a job. The second has a career. The third has a calling.

In product, laying the bricks is the "HOW", building a wall is the "WHAT", and building a house of God is the "WHY".

Architects/Builders/Engineers want purpose, a WHY to operate with conviction.
As product managers, it's important to:

➡️ Take the time to come up with a clear, declarative ultimate concern (aka Northstar)

➡️ Communicate it clearly with all stakeholders
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🎯 Pyramid of Goals & The Ultimate Concern in Product 🎯

Recently I came across the Pyramid of Goals while reading @angeladuckw's book on #Grit.

It basically breaks down goals to Low-level, Mid-level,and Ultimate concern.

#product #productmanagement #diaries #goals
The idea is simple, the "Ultimate Concern (UC)" is your WHY, it doesn't change often, this is your beacon💡

The mid-level goal, is your WHAT. The anatomy of your Ultimate Concern.

The low-level is your HOW. The mechanics of the WHAT.

Visualized, it would look like this 👇 Image
While thinking about this, I was reminded of @shreyas's tweet on getting better clarity and purpose in times of uncertainty.

He explained how asking the right questions can help guide you. In this case, it was: “Will it make the boat go faster?”

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Last year we launched Carousel Ads - today, we’re launching Multi-Destination Carousels, which lets advertisers customize individual headlines and drive people to different destinations. A win-win for businesses and people alike! 🚀
So proud of this team and their #GRIT 🙏
We are just getting started!
We see our Performance advertising products as discovery tools. They should be able to help our partners bring people to the relevant goods and services that are important to them. If Twitter is to become a place for commerce, discovery will need to be effective and accessible.
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👋 everyone! Today we shared some of the awesome work from Twitter’s Ads Product team over the last year or so, and I’m excited to share a lil 🧵 of it with you now! First, read this 👇…
There are millions of businesses, professionals, non-profits, publishers and creators on Twitter. As @iamjameelg says, we need to make it easy for them to onboard, and we also need to make sure they can promote their Tweets in a quick and frictionless way 🏪
That’s why we rebuilt Quick Promote, our most popular self-serve ad tool. This is live in the US and will be available globally later this year 🌍
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“Bold & Daring Soldiers never Die, they only Fade Away”

On the demise of Colonel Narinder Kumar popularly known to us as Bull Kumar, General Bipin Rawat #CDS conveys #condolences to the bereaved family. (1/4) Image
A soldier whose #grit, #determination and yearning to scale the high mountain peaks led to discoveries that have helped the Army reach out to and occupy locations that have helped us in strengthening our defensive posture. (2/4)
Our strong posturing on the #SaltoroRidge & in other areas of Ladakh is a part of his adventurous travels. His name will forever remain etched in the rich history of our Army. (3/4)
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Here's my 3 day journey into @RoamResearch so far and why I like it + how to get started. As a 10+ year evernote user, if you are curious like I was it only takes < 5 min to get started and get a feel for the core functionality. Definitely worth a try. THREAD TIME (no emoji):
1/ Roam has often been described as a garden where your thoughts can germinate and grow, vs Evernote as a library and Notion as architecture. This is definitely accurate and we'll be using this analogy
2/ The 3 words that come to mind after using it extensively this past week are: simplicity, trust, anticipation. The core functionality is dead simple, I trust that I can easily access everything, and I now anticipate new ideas forming. There's not really any magic or hyperbole
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[Undangan Diskusi] Bagi Anda yang tertarik, silahkan bergabung dalam diskusi ini:

"Menambang Bencana: Ekstraktivisme, Krisis Ekologi, dan Pandemi".

Mohon registrasi terlebih dahulu di…

#HATAM2020 Image
Bagi rekan-rekan Jurnalis dan Media, sebelum Diskusi Publik digelar, paginya akan ada Konferensi Pers terkait 14 Tahun Kejahatan Lapindo dan HATAM.

#HATAM2020 Image
Malam harinya, akan ada nobar #Grit, trailer-nya tonton di

Silahkan registrasi melalui

#HATAM2020 Image
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@jmert_58 @fedagentmark @chiefaudiotech @dbongino We'll have moments of despair. That's a natural, IMPORTANT part of the cycle. Those trying 2 defeat us, 2 demoralize us COUNT on us giving up right then & there, 2 end it, too weak 2 KEEP MOVING FORWARD, too weak 2 #PUSHBACKHARD. They count on us FEEDING that defeated moment.
@jmert_58 @fedagentmark @chiefaudiotech @dbongino Yet, it's only a moment. That's what it is. A moment in the Continuum of the unfolding event... yes continuing to unfold

If we only maintain our focus UPWARD, these desolate, demoralizing feelings can and do serve to REMIND us of what we CAN and WILL accomplish. #COURAGE #GRIT
@jmert_58 @fedagentmark @chiefaudiotech @dbongino These difficult moments are NOTHING in the big scheme of our DESTINATION.
We may not know where we're going, but we know who we R= We may not know who we R, but we know where we're headed
And they both apply.
There IS #evil in this world & it seems 2 B trained right upon us.
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Pemutaran film #Grit baru saja di mulai di @VisinemaID. Bagi yang masih di jalan, dipercepat, yak 🙂

Di sini juga telah hadir 3 narasumber, serta 3 warga dr Mojokerto yang berjalan kaki ke Jakarta selama 8 hari, menuntut penutupan tambang di desanya. Image
[Sesi Diskusi] Harwati, Warga Porong, Sidoarjo bercerita soal situasi awal² kejadian semburan lumpur Lapindo. Juga, perlakuan pemerintah yang abai dg kerusakan yang terus terjadi, berikut dampaknya bagi kesehatan warga. Image
Bahkan, menurut Harwati, di saat dampak buruk itu terus terjadi, dan tak kunjung mendapat perhatian dari pemerintah, hak politik warga pun hilang, akibat desa² yang tenggelam oleh semburan lumpur. Image
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I recently gave the commencement address @RCHMelbourne.

Here is it is if you missed it...
"My name is Andrew Tagg. I'm 47 years old and I'm a failure"

And I'm okay with that.
I have failed at high school and in medical school. I have failed as a junior doctor and as a consultant. I have failed academically and professionally.

And that is okay.
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Apa itu HATAM? Mengapa penting dirayakan dan menjadi agenda kolektif bagi masyarakat korban tambang di seluruh Indonesia?

Simak videonya, lalu baca Seruan Aksi berikut

Secara nasional, #HATAM2019 akan dilakukan di Jakarta, Banyuwangi, dan Sidoarjo.

Di Banyuwangi, rangkaian #HATAM akan digelar Lomba Menggambar bagi Siswa/I SD.

#HATAM2019 Image
Sementara di Jakarta, salah satu kegiatan dlm rangkaian #HATAM2019 adalah diskusi dan screening film #SexyKillers di Universitas Binus pada 24 Mei mendatang.

@watchdoc_ID Image
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1/ I spent the past couple months trying to understand how and why #edtech companies are trying to measure, monitor, and mold students' feelings, mindsets, and ways of thinking. You know what that means...thread incoming.
2/ First, let's look at some of the companies & researchers doing this work.…
3/ Like @AlgebraNationFL. A team of academics, funded by an $8.9m @IESResearch grant, have used the online platform to anonymously collect the clicks and keystrokes of 200,000 Fla. students. The goal: teach the software to pinpoint when kids feel happy, bored, or engaged.
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