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I wish we'd stop debating OOP vs FP, and started debating individual paradigms. Immutability, encapsulation, global state, single assignment, actor model, pure functions, IO in the type system, inheritance, composition... all of these are perfectly possible in either OOP or FP.
Some are better, some are worse, some are highly dependent on context, let's figure that out instead of religuously bashing umbrella terms like OOP and FP. And there may be many more paradigms to discover.
Take encapsulation: in #Haskell, you can choose for a module not to export your type constructors, and only export smart constructors and functions operating on your data structures. Sounds close enough to encapsulation to me.
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✨🧠 The ecosystem that has grown up around @TensorFlow in the last few years blows my mind. There's just so much functionality, compared to some of the other, newer frameworks.

👉Consider this an ever-expanding thread for me to take notes + wrap my brain around products. Ready?
1) @TensorFlow Extended (TFX)

It's no secret that I 💕 #TFX and all of its tooling for deploying machine learning models into production. If you care about keeping your models up-to-date and monitoring them, you should check out the product + its paper.
2) @TensorFlow Hub

If you want to train your model on a small data set, or improve generalization, you'll need to use something called transfer learning. #TFHub modules make it easy—and are available in an #OSS marketplace:

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Some early observations about #Haskell (vs #Scala, my weapon of choice), after 24 hours of building an app with it 🙂 (thread) ...
1/10 The build tools have evolved a lot, “stack” works well. I like SBT much more, but this is only a superficial impression. The concept of a LTS release for the ecosystem is neat, as it guarantees compatibility within that set, something we should do in Scala too...
2/10 The IDE and editors are more immature, but workable. I’m using Emacs with Intero, there are also 2 IntelliJ plugins, not commercial grade though. They should take the plunge and follow the lead of the Cursive IDE (commercial Clojure plug-in)...
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Today I'm going to #rant about #haskell libraries. I'm a Haskell supporter, I think it's a great language, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have problems. Some of them are surprising and I want to talk about them.
At the end of the rant I will have tips for developers using Haskell and for libraries developers (in any language, some rules are universal) so bear with me. It's a long rant but there is a good ending ;).
A preamble first: one of the reasons why I decided to study haskell is because haskell had a good way to deal with errors and invalid inputs/states.
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Продолжая традицию @alphyna, это тред занимательных фактов про математику. От профессионала, понятно, по-русски, местами смешно. Поскольку \
@alphyna это математика, количество фактов = двоичному логарифму от числа ретвитов. По идее, я жду двух ретвитов, но мне сказали, что ждут. Поехали!
1. Старая русская школа считает, что математика — это искусство решения задач. Бурбаки считает целью — создать максимально широкую теорию.
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