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[TradFi Tales Ep 13] 💱

The Original Sh💩t Coin - How relying on poop built and then tore down an entire economy that didn't diversify.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity #CardanoVasil #ADA $ADA

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1/ Intro

Diversification is an effective & widely used risk management technique. Still, many people and even entire countries make the mistake of overexposing themselves to a single asset - as 19th century Peru found out.

This is a story of how a poop market ruined the 1800s. Image
2/ Laying The Scene

In 1802, Europe officially discovered something Native Peruvians had used for millennia - guano - which is actually just bird poo, but it was 40x more nutrient dense than fertilizer (regular manure) at the time. When Europe found out it started a poop rush. Image
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The IOG & @CardanoStiftung teams – plus the whole dev and SPO community – continue to work hard preparing for the #Vasil upgrade, bringing multiple enhancements to #Cardano.

Here’s a quick recap of where we’re at and what you can expect…👇

A new node version - 1.35.3 - has been released for use on the Vasil dev net and the new pre-production environment. As long as we do not encounter any significant new issues, this will be the version with which we’ll trigger the #Vasil upgrade on mainnet.
This new pre-production environment has been set up to provide a ‘clean’ and more agile environment to test against 1.35.3 for exchanges and SPOs. We invite SPOs, developers #BuildingOnCardano, and exchanges to commence their final testing and integration processes.
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[TradFi Tales Ep 12] 💱

Protecting Your Castle - How Taiwan's economic moats created a business empire, cornered global production, and caused a geopolitical security threat.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

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1/ Intro

The TSMC company is largely responsible for Taiwan producing 2/3rds of the world's semi-conductors & an estimated 90% of the most sophisticated computer chips, which power almost every technology on the planet - from iPhones to F35 fighter jets.…
2/ Ultimate Advantage

TSMC maintains global dominance through 'economic moats', a term coined by Warren Buffet, that refers to an advantage that separates a company from its competition - like a moat that protects a castle - & gives them a disproportionate share of the market.
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Data availability has been an exciting and new topic for discussion among the #CardanoCommunity recently

But it's also an abstract and complex topic

So here's a thread that simplifies "Data availability"(DA)

And how a DA-Layer would function on #Ethereum 2.0
Data availability is the guarantee that the block proposer published all transaction data for a block

And that the transaction data is available to other network participants

Why is it important?

For this, one must understand how trustlessness work in public blockchains
• Block:

Each block has two major parts:

• The block header:

This contains general information (metadata) about the block

Such as the timestamp, block hash, block number, etc.

• The block body:

This contains the actual transactions processed as part of the block
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[TradFi Tales Ep 11] 💱

Silver Mines Go Brr - How 16th century Spain ruined Europe's economy (and China's) by stealing too much silver.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

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1/ Intro

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Europe entered a 150 year period of extreme inflation.

This is a story of how greed, the exploitation of two continents, unrestricted spending, and money minting (printing) caused one of the biggest financial disasters in history.
2/ Empire

Spain conquered most of the Americas pillaging and enslaving the indigenous populations.

A 16th, 17th & 18th century Spaniard’s goal was taking whatever was valuable from the people and places they invaded to fund more conquests and excess back in Europe.
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[TradFi Tales Ep 10] 💱

Trading From Orbit - How satellites became the new (legal) insider traders.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

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1/ Intro

In the first #TradFiTales we covered how some traders predict & profit from electricity grid malfunctions, using satellite data that they don't share with electricity companies.

Now, welcome to the real world of satellite surveillance trading.

2/ The Spy Biz

As the commercialization of space accelerates, so too does the technology that we send up.

Data collected from space is sold to governments, industry & increasingly to traders - the market is projected to be worth $16.7 Billion by 2026!…
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[TradFi Tales Ep 9] 💱

Monopoly Men - The sticky business of owning the means of production and distribution.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

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1/ Intro

Whether now or thousands of years ago, when a free market transforms into a monopoly, a new king is crowned. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In this episode, we bring you the story of two individuals who became kings through oil monopolies.
2/ In the Beginning

Thales of Miletus lived over 2500 years ago - he was primarily a philosopher but made several major advancements in mathematics, meteorology, and other scientific fields.

Despite his success, he chose to live a modest life and was mocked for being poor.
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Recently, #Algorand has become a hot topic among the #CardanoCommunity

The curiosity peaked, especially after @JohnAlanWoods left @InputOutputHK

To become the new CTO of @AlgoFoundation

So, here is a thread on #Algorand & its Pure Proof of Stake(PPoS) algorithm🧵👇 Image
@JohnAlanWoods @InputOutputHK @AlgoFoundation The purpose of this thread is to focus on👇

• Nodes & Network

• Accounting model

• The team behind #Algorand

• Launch & Initial token distribution

• Consensus & Pure proof of stake(PPoS) sybil protection

To provide a basic understanding of #Algorand
@JohnAlanWoods @InputOutputHK @AlgoFoundation Team👇

Algorand is a L1 Blockchain

Founded in June 2019 by computer scientist & MIT professor Silvio Micali

Who co-invented many breakthroughs at the heart of modern cryptography

such as VRFs & zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs)

& won the 2012 Turing Award for his contributions Image
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[TradFi Tales Ep 8] 💱

When Crime Pays Dividends - How the Yakuza became the unofficial biggest private equity firm in Japan.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

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1/ Intro

In the 80s, organized crime in Japan (the world's 3rd largest economy) stumbled upon an extremely lucrative new way to make money: legitimate business.
2/ The Yakuza

'Yakuza' is a broad term that encompasses the transnational crime syndicates originating from Japan.

They are known for being extremely well organized and successful. It's estimated some Yakuza earn a yearly net revenue of $80 billion!…
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Finally something I can pin to my profile… A (mega)thread 🧵 I’ve always wanted to make for #CryptoNewbs!

Courtesy of all I’ve learned from the #CardanoCommunity. Some tweets are mine, most are from others!

Have fun! I wrote this first one for you 🥰
2/ Simply the most elegant metaphor I’ve ever seen about multi-layer protocols in blockchain (i.e. L1, L2, L3, etc.)

@RichardMcCrackn deserves an award for this.

#BirdLoves101s #CryptoNewbs
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1/ USE CRYPTO IN A SENTENCE (a 101 newb-friendly megathread I wish I had 🥹🧵):

Going in the 101 folder.

Let’s go verrrry, very slow up the learning curve ⤴️, simple to complex.

You’ll be “DYOR” and “HODLing” at your next team happy hour before you know it. Cheers to joy. 😎
2/ The Basics:

In any society or social situation, you have things of “value” (i.e. goods & services). Give something valuable, receive something valuable in return.

$30 cash 🤝 $30 gas

Highest bid 🤝 nice painting

Good credit 🤝 car loan

X of my chickens 🤝 Y of your goats
In a robust system (an “economy”), every time something of value is exchanged (a “transaction”), the exchange is recorded (stored to some kind of “record.”)

Imagine a giant book full of these recorded transactions. We’ll call it a “ledger.”
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞 🟡 - 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 Ⅰ 🧵

Here's everything you need to know about the @TheCurseNFT first Collection, minting on 13/07 👇

#Cardano #CardanoCommunity #CardanoNFT #CNFT #NFT #NFTartist
♦️ What is the @TheCurseNFT?

The Curse is an original fantasy Art Collection created by @exedebNFT consisting of handmade Dioramas, Original Soundtracks & Short Stories.

The story is set in the fantasy World of Nyx (more about this later..)
♦️ Dioramas?

A physical model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures adapted to the setting, which is hand-built and painted.

No post-production, this is a photographed sequence of the physical piece.

-Albedo, King Mael's Sorrow-
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[TradFi Tales Ep 7] 💱

ChadFi - Some people think finance is boring, these chads prove them wrong.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

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1/ Intro

How people make their money and what they do with it is often more interesting than how much money they made.

We present a couple of short stories of the biggest chad moves in finance, and a bonus DeFi chad story.
2/ Chad 1: BC BlackRock

Crassus was a General and statesman of Rome. He'd ultimately meet his end with molten gold poured down his throat but not before pulling off one of the most morally questionable and lucrative real estate plays in history.…
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We’re happy to report that today at 20:20 UTC the IOG team has successfully hard forked the #Cardano Testnet. This is an important next step in the journey towards the Vasil upgrade on mainnet. 🧵

We're now inviting SPOs, developers #BuildingOnCardano and exchanges to commence their final testing and integration processes.

#Vasil is a complex program of work. Projects will need to check backward compatibility and SPOs will need to make some scripting adjustments.

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Governance is a crucial component of #Decentralization

This is something that #Bitcoin & #Ethreum conveniently ignore

But, #Cardano is built based on 1st principles & governance is a key focus of development

Here is a thread on Governance, Voltair era & Project Catalyst🧵👇
Like the way, democracy unshackled regular citizens to grab power from the feudal lords

#Bitcoin was the 1st movement

Enabling regular citizens to grab power from the flawed financial institutions

To create a fair, transparent & inclusive financial system

To bank the unbanked
But #Bitcoin has a fundamental flaw, which #Ethereum inherited

"Lack of Governance"

This lack of governance resulted in major community splits

Ethereum & Ethereum Classic as a result of a hack in 2016

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash over the debate of the network's scalability in 2017
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[TradFi Tales Ep 6] 💱

When Cash Isn't King - How 1.3 billion people's banknotes became worthless in less than 4 hours.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

- Thread Time 🧵-
1/ Intro

This is a story of why you can't always trust cash, or more specifically, the institutions who issue it.

In 2016, Indian Prime Minister Modi told the people of India that criminals and terrorists were hoarding hidden wealth in cash piles and he was going to stop them.
2/ Cash Rules

In India, as with most developing countries, cash runs everything

In 2016, 86% of Indians were paid in cash and only 53% had a bank account. To this day, cash accounts for 50% of all transactions according to the Royal Bank of India (RBI)…
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We’re delighted to report that in the last few minutes we have submitted an update proposal to hard fork the #Cardano Testnet, and commence the countdown for the #Vasil mainnet upgrade. 🧵

With over 75% of testnet blocks being created by the new Vasil node (1.35.0) we now have a good chain density to proceed safely.

Thanks to all the #Cardano SPOs who continue to support the testnet, and their coordinated effort to ready the network for the Vasil HFC event.

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[TradFi Tales Ep 5] 💱

Wen Onion Futures? - The volatile world of onion prices and how to corner a market.
#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

- Thread Time 🧵-
1/ Intro

In the US onions are the only commodity that you can't trade futures contracts on - by law.

The history of why is an exploration into how, even to this day, you can corner a market, make lots of money, and ruin thousands of lives.
2/ What's a Future

A future is a contract to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price on a specific date. A guaranteed price can be an effective hedge in volatile markets.

But contracts can also be traded (before their end-date) & where there's trading there's opportunity.
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I have to make a public statement about the recent video from @IOHK_Charles and @Bitboy_Crypto.
Im not going to post the link to that video because i feel like we shouldnt give such fraudster even a bigger platform.

#Cardano #CardanoCommunity $ADA
I am a Cardano ambassador since 2020 and i was really honored and proud when i got asked to join that program. Every ambassador will give you a different answer if you ask them "what do you do as an ambassador".
For myself im mostly helping to moderate different channels like Telegram or our Cardano forum ( But the even more important part of my "job" is beeing critical and to question everything critically.
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[TradFi Tales Ep 4] 💱

How to Wipeout a Trillion Dollars in Minutes - The rise of the not-so-rare black swan.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

- Thread Time 🧵-
1/ Intro

No matter the predictive statistical models or data we have access to, there will always be something that catches us by surprise.

They're called black swan events. When they occur the market reacts - often badly - and they're happening with increasing frequency.
2/ What is a Black Swan?

Black Swan events have three qualities

1. Unexpected
2. Negatively impact the market in a pronounced way
3. Widespread belief that the event was predictable in hindsight

COVID is an example of a black swan event that saw financial markets crash in 2020
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[TradFi Tales Ep 3] 💱

Above the Law - The secret societies and self-regulators that keep Wall Street’s biggest banks out of court.

#TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

- Thread Time 🧵-
1/ Intro - Do Bankers Ever Go to Jail?

The prosecution of white-collar crime in the US has dropped > 50% in 20 years. Wall Street banks have consistently fought to keep loopholes open that allow them to commit crimes with no or limited liability.…
2/ Businessmen doing Business

For big banks 'getting caught' is seemingly just a cost of doing business - it's an industry that, in the last 20 years, saw $8.2 trillion in bailouts compared to $200 billion in fines.

Still, they want to keep costs down.…
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@birdabioma Saw your thread. Thanks for putting together such a fair-minded summary. Respect

GoKey is an early stage project working to help solve a big, complex problem. We are fortunate to be building in a permissionless ecosystem, where we can disregard much of the status quo
2/ as it relates to strategy, fundraising, gatekeepers, etc. We're not building to seek approval from Shark Tank. Most people aren't willing to take the risk of supporting such an early project with a less detailed business plan. That's perfectly understandable and totally ok!
3/ We've shared our vision with the #CardanoCommunity in good faith, and have met many amazing partners, projects, advisors and friends in the process. We'll continue to do so. Startups are funded at this stage everyday by VCs and angel groups everyday with the understanding that
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Tonight on #CardanoComebacks, we have a look at some of the best comments made by our favorite #CardanoCommunity

An ongoing thread 🧵👇
Put up this tweet just over two hours ago, got ratioed pretty bad.

Let’s see what the #CardanoCommunity had to say…
Let’s start off with a good old @inversebrah

Ser, you’re in the tightest bubble there is… Image
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[TradFi Tales Ep 2] 💱

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) - The war between man and machine that extracts 💵 billions from the market. #TradFiTales #CardanoCommunity

- Thread Time 🧵- Image
1/ Intro

HFT uses custom-built machines to buy or sell the assets you want before you can - then sell you those same assets for a profit.

They are the potentially unnecessary middle-man charging a hidden tax by beating humans to the market in TradFi.
2/ What's HFT?

HFT is a subset of algorithmic trading that specializes in scale and speed.

HFT can potentially execute 1000s of trades in the time it takes a human trader to blink. The fastest firms can reach speeds of sub-16 microseconds (16 millionths of a second) per trade.
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