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* Oracles
* We have developed a script that runs at any frequency to associate a Datum to an address
* We have found some restrictions: A Datum can write only integer information, but prices are floating. A conversion formula is needed.
* Exploration of MLabs libraries for contract testing. This will help us for a type of internal audit.

* Rebalancing current portfolio of Cardano Index
* AGIX valuation increased considerably
* Selling half to get profits and rebalance with other tokens
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Hi everybody🎙️

Welcome to ADA Digest - a mega thread where every day I deliver news from the #Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

In case you missed something I am bringing highlights of the day (wknd today actually)🧵👇🏼

#CryptoNews #CardanoADA
1/ @TeddySwap confirmed they will have yield farming since day one. Although some are saying Cardano doesn't have room for another DEX this one is doing everything right

2/ You definitely remember @MutantNFTs had problems a few weeks ago and it was because franked address attack. They fixed the problem, but we get something good from it - learning about it from @ElRaulito_cnft

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1/4 Hey @IOHK_Charles good Sunday! In the #CardanoCommunity we have amazing developers, and also many professionals from different careers and with diverse skills.
2/4 For example Dr Michael Liesenfelt @DrLiesenfelt is a PhD, Nuclear Engineering and has calculated the k-effective which is the “average resulting decentralization” or "effective decentralization" taking into account groups or entities of stake pools.
3/4 One group could be running multiple stake pools, which lowers the realistic, effective decentralization.

Have you read Dr Michael Liesenfelt's CIP-50?
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Hi everybody🎙️

Welcome to ADA Digest - a mega thread where every day I deliver news from the #Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

In case you missed something I am bringing highlights of the day 🧵👇🏼

#CryptoNews #Crypto
1/ The biggest news of the day - is @liqwidfinance launched. Lending and borrowing are now available on #Cardano which makes us #DeFi complete

2/ The best thing about it? @liqwidfinance staking validators are delegated to 16 SSPOs. This is what helps small pools. Can others think about doing the same?

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Hi everybody📢

Welcome to ADA Digest - a mega thread where every day I deliver news from the #Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

In case you missed something I am bringing highlights of the day 🧵👇🏼

#CryptoNews #Crypto
1/ @DjedStablecoin had an amazing launch yesterday, but today there were some hiccups - the site went offline but now everything is working

#Djed #StableCoin
2/ I haven't read much about @COTInetwork, but it seems like they have a lot of development plans up their sleeves. I will look closely into this

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Did you know decentralized wireless, also known as DeWi, is revolutionizing the way we connect to the internet?

Here are 8 reasons why #DeWi is the future of telecommunications 👇
1. Increased security 🔒

With no central point of control, there are fewer attack vectors for hackers to exploit. This means your data is much safer on a decentralized network.
2. Greater resilience 💪

If a node in a decentralized network goes offline, the network continues to function as the data is stored and distributed among other nodes.
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Why most of your tech startup investments are bad and won't make it through the bear market.

- Thread Time 🧵-

#axotrade #cardano #cardanocommunity #ada $ada #defi
1/ Intro

A core tenet of traditional financial education is that when you invest, it should be done in businesses that can support their own existence. This has changed in recent decades.

Now, it's about numbers going up at ever higher rates instead of sound fundamentals...
2/ Tech Boom

The problem stems from the 90s tech bubble. All of a sudden you had hyper scalable tech, and it was difficult to value, as the same infrastructure could service a million or a billion users.

Growth, not profitability, became the prime focus.
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Exposing @FluidTokens and why #CardanoCommunity should be careful day 1:

As you know there are many borrowers who put NFTs as collateral on the DApp, offering them in case they don't payback the loan+interest

User can borrow ADA or iUSD and even create bundles of NFTs to ask for liquidity 2/n
The platform provide data about holders, volume and floor price in this way lenders can check if it's a valuable collateral but always DYOR

You can even see how many loans the borrower has paid back, isn't it crazy? it's monitoring the history of the borrowers
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Cardano's Reward Sharing Scheme and CIP 50

Staking is the bedrock of #Cardano.

We are one of the most decentralized chain with 3000+ pools and 25+ MAV.

How do we improve decentralization and security? What's CIP - 50?

Let's dive into it


Rewards Sharing Scheme:

Cardano rewards stakeholders for securing the protocol.

You can 'pool' resources, which a staking pool operator runs.

The rewards-sharing scheme aims to bring a state where the stake is decentralized and distributed to favorable honest actors.

The current RSS puts a cap on max reward for a pool for decentralization and incentivizes operators (SPOs) to pledge their Ada.

As higher Pledged SPOs are more aligned with the system's welfare, pledge is preferable.

The system is stable and is out-performing its peers

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1/10 It will never be my intention to create FUD or FOMO, neither in our #CardanoCommunity or any other.
I always seek the truth, with constructive criticism to evolve.
The polite does not take away the brave.
2/10 I believe the protocol of Djed #Cardano stablecoin is one of the most robust, if not the most robust in the crypto industry, of the ones I have researched, but I have these doubts about Djed's release:
3/10 —1. COTI will be the only platform to launch $Djed, which was handpicked by IOHK. Would anyone else be able to run the stablecoin protocol? Yes, but 👇

—2. They state that the protocol is open source but I have not seen it published on GitHub (or any other repository).
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1) The AI-DSL project has completed Phase 2 of development, and is preparing to launch Phase 3!

Read about the milestones and achievements achieved by the team so far:…

#AI #DecentralizedAI #AGI #Blockchain #CardanoCommunity #catalyst
2) The AI-DSL project is creating a revolutionary, intelligent interconnectivity layer to augment the utility of every service on the SNET Marketplace.

The protocol will allow AIs to be linked like legos & assembled into complex workflows by anyone, even non-technical users.
3) Phase 2 was funded by #Cardano Catalyst Fund7, with enthusiastic support for the #CardanoCommunity and this project, along with @Hypercycle_AI, will massively augment Cardano as the blockchain of AI
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#Cardano $ADA has seen an impressive 30% increase in price over the past week - here are 4 possible reasons for this rally #CardanoCommunity

🧵A thread by @esatoshiclub Image
1. Cardano's #TVL has skyrocketed by 40% since the start of 2023! At the moment, it stands at around $67.29 million and @MinswapDEX holds the majority of it. Image
2. #DeFi trading volume is skyrocketing! In the past 7 days alone, total transactional volume on #Cardano-based #DeFi protocols increased by 57%, with #Minswap alone seeing a 76% increase.
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2022 was a landmark year for the #Cardano ecosystem, and it was all because of you, the community. A global movement of developers, entrepreneurs & artists built new solutions, businesses, and experiences on rock-solid foundations.
From the earliest beginnings, you the community ensured the continued growth and success of #Cardano. So, IOG wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2022 and look forward to the age of #Voltaire.
The year began with a drive towards the #Vasil upgrade named after Vasil St. Dabov, one of #Cardano's ambassadors. #Vasil brought an increase to #Cardano's performance and scalability, giving a boost to the capabilities of the entire network.
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We APPlaud your efforts. 👏

Context: Before we onboard the first B2C paying customers in #Zanzibar (B2B is already complete), we will launch the supporting mobile app.

The app is now in final closed beta ahead of this month's launch!

#WorldMobile $WMT #CardanoCommunity ImageImage
The mobile app will allow B2C customers to purchase data bundles directly with mobile money, or through the purchase of airtime vouchers in local stores. Image
In addition, the app will allow network users to manage their data bundles and credit balance.

The credits you see as 'WUCTZ' are 'World Mobile Utility Credits Tanzania'. Image
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What is Proof of stake and what are the benefits of the implementation of the Cardano implementation? Here a short thread :

#Cardano #CardanoCommunity $ADA
The Cardano blockchain is the first third-generation blockchain to implement a proof of stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. PoS is a consensus mechanism used to validate transactions on a blockchain. #Cardano #ProofOfStake
PoS is an alternative to the more commonly used proof of work (PoW) consensus algorithm used by Bitcoin. Unlike PoW, PoS does not require large amounts of energy to run, and it is much more efficient and secure. #Cardano #ProofOfStake
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1/n In collaboration with @0xD9E0, Token Stake Pool is launching a collection of non-fungible tokens based on #Cardano, inspired by Conway’s Game of Life and electronics.

🔲 16x16 pixel art with 16-frame Aseprite animation
⛓️ on-chain minting using only ~25% of metadata space
2/n Our website is a simulator of the cellular automaton with keyboard controls and vending machine address to mint one of the 2048 non-fungible tokens. #CardanoCommunity #CardanoNFT

🤖 1984 animated tokens
🦠 64 special Game of Life boards by @0xD9E0
3/n Each non-fungible token can be staked to receive 16,000 $TOKEN every epoch on:

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There is a ridiculous project on #Cardano with a worthless token,

that is doing more for your network than you can even imagine.

Wondering how?

Here's a story on how a meme coin is decentralizing the networking layer #Cardano🧵👇 Image
Yes, it's #Hosky

the infamous meme coin of #Cardano

I am sure you have heard the name #Hosky, but do you know anything more about it?

So, before we get into the details!

Let me tell you the story of #Hosky!
When the #Cardano L1 enabled the native tokens, way before it had smart contracts

There was a rush of 100s of different tokens

But one thing was missing

Yes, a low qualitys**t coin meme token

That's why #Hosky was launched
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Continuing live on stage, and here on the livestream, IOG's @khstandrews presents more on P2P #Decentralized networking and creating a fully decentralized and self-organized network.

Join us in the livestream!

#IOScotFest #Cardano #CardanoCommunity Image
@khstandrews Fun fact: Cardano turned five this year! Did you miss our blog celebrating the innovations happening across the ecosystem? Check it out here:…
@khstandrews For more technical updates, join us on our technical community Discord channel
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Πως φτιάχνω & σετάρω το #Cardano πορτοφόλι μου; Ένα thread για τους απανταχού #ADA lovers ή/και hodlers. ​👇

#cardano #CardanoSummit2022 #CardanoADA #CardanoCommunity

1// To wallet που προσωπικά χρησιμοποιώ και οδηγός θα αφορά ειναι το @eternlwallet. Φυσικά, υπάρχουν και άλλες επιλογές όπως το @YoroiWallet αλλά, αυτό που οι περισσότεροι προτιμούν και δικαίως είναι το eternl.
2// To Eternl είναι non-custodial wallet aka δεν κρατάει αντίγραφο ούτε του κωδικού που θα χρειαστείτε ούτε το seed phrase. Πρέπει να φυλάξετε/αποθηκεύσετε/κρατήσετε εσείς τους κωδικούς σας και ΔΕΝ υπάρχει τρόπος να ανακτήσετε πρόσβαση στο πορτοφόλι σας χωρίς αυτούς.
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Without Decentralization, Cardano Will Die.


- Thread Time 🧵-

#axotrade #cardano #cardanocommunity #ada $ada #defi Image
1/ Decentralization

The philosophy underpinning blockchain is that no person could or should be in power, as this leads to the abuses and oligarchies that we see in our everyday lives.

Instead, every user is given the ability to decide the best course of action for themselves. Image
2/ The Basics

Cardano is a decentralized network run by computers called "stake pools" that process the transactions. Users can support these stake pools by delegating ADA, and in turn they receive a reward for keeping the network operational. This action is called "staking". Image
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As we approach the #CardanoSummit2022, the annual gathering of the community, lets take a look of what #EMURGO will be presenting. Click here to find out: ➡️…
#CardanoSummit2022 is the biggest conference every year for the #CardanoCommunity organized by @Cardano_CF with support from @InputOutputHK and #EMURGO. #Cardano $ADA
#CardanoSummit2022 will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland ok November 19-21, 2022 with also virtual attendance available for those unable to attend. To register for virtual attendance, go here:
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Hey #CardanoCommunity!

Under the banner of our new weekly series of threads called #ThisWeekInCardano

we will have a #FeaturedProject section,

deep-diving into one project within the #Cardano ecosystem.

This week's #FeaturedProject is @liqwidfinance 👇🔥
@liqwidfinance is a decentralized lending & borrowing platform on #Cardano

Users participate in the protocol as lenders or borrowers

Lenders supply liquidity to the Market to earn interest on deposits.

Borrowers are able to open perpetual loans in an overcollateralized manner
@liqwidfinance If you wanna know more about DeFi Lending/Borrowing check out this thread:
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How to buy the dip, and not get wrecked.

- Thread Time 🧵-

#axotrade #cardano #cardanocommunity #ada #defi $ada Image

This thread will necessarily talk in vague terms and avoid giving concrete examples, as the goal is to teach financial principles - not to give you an excuse to YOLO your life savings away.

Only ever invest money you can afford to lose. Every trade carries risk. Image
1/ Intro

A phrase that is often repeated in the crypto world is to "buy the dip". The idea is that if you buy when prices are low, you'll be able to sell high. This is not always the case, you need a strategy to approach buying assets - don't just blindly throw money around. Image
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So here's the first edition of #ThisWeekInCardano

This will be the first in a series of threads that will be published every Sunday

Giving you a summary of the major events in the #Cardano ecosystem

This thread will also feature a project from the ecosystem

Let's dig in🧵👇 Image
#CNFTs are on fire!

NFT trading volume on #Cardano is now the third highest in the entire #blockchain landscape.…
Flint Wallet has released a new version (1.23.0)

Flint Wallet on iOS can now support NFTs.

It also now supports animated NFTs.

Very positive news for the UX and user adoption

This feature comes now as apple has removed the restrictions regarding the involvement fo NFTs!
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