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Two years ago today, I was at an intersection in Charlottesville, with other antifascists and anti-racists, when a white supremacist rammed his car into the crowd.

The whole world sent thoughts and prayers.

But two years later, the US seems more fascist and racist than ever.
The first thing I heard, coming from the uphill side of the crowd, was a low death roar. I knew something terrible was happening.

I looked over and saw a grey minivan knocking into people. This was one of two cars that the white supremacist had hit, which stood mid-crowd.
The next moments were a blur.

I dashed without hesitation to the minivan, and realized that it had just been rear-ended.

Blood and injured people were everywhere. I joined a team helping a woman who was severely bloodied. It turned out all four of her limbs were broken or hurt.
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I’m in #Charlottesville where many have come to pay their respects to Heather Heyer.
the city has blocked off the block where she died to cars
rest in power #HeatherHeyer
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Why am I angry abt the failure of leaders to address the threat of white supremacy? When #HeatherHeyer was killed I gave a comprehensive analysis of the rise of violent white supremacy under Trump on @MSNBC w/@JoyAnnReid.2 yrs ago. Listen… #Charlottesville
I raised #RichardBest, killed by a white supremacist in Portland, #RichardCollins, killed in MD, the bombing if a mosque in Minnesota - all in the months before #Charlottesville. The decorous effort to avoid confronting this danger honestly has only resulted in more violence.
I spoke about the President’s “coterie” - Bannon, Gorka, Miller. His AG, Jeff Sessions. A who’s who of white supremacists. It has been plain from the beginning who the President is & that he is unwilling to stand against this threat. Indeed he has stoked it w/rhetoric & policies.
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Two years ago in Charlottesville an avowed neo Nazi committed a terrorist act droving through a crowd of protesters, killing #HeatherHeyer. Trump called the Nazis and those protesting with them "fine people" but we know the truth. Heather may be gone but her memory will never die
Nazis marched through the streets of Charlottesville, they killed Heather Heyer in the open, unrepentantly and Trump equivocated their actions on camera to the world and the nation. Instead of reassuring a rattled nation he emboldened their hate. These are not "fine people"
If your are brown, or black, or gay, or Jewish two years ago you were frightened. Because we have seen this kind of hate before. We knew what it was from the moment of the collared shirts, tiki torches and chants of "Jews will not replace us!" that these were not "fine people."
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'They killed my child to try to shut her up. Well, guess what? You just magnified her.'
Susan Bro, mother of #HeatherHeyer (May 29, 1985 - August 12, 2017) murdered by a white supremacist two years ago today in #Charlottesville
Heather was working as a waitress whilst putting herself through law school when, on Aug 11 2017, hundreds of white supremacists led by Richard Spencer descended on a campus in #Charlottesville.
Heather watched footage of
neo-Nazis marching with torches, giving fascist salutes
Friends say they were all scared, and although they wanted to go to the counter-protest the next day, decided not to because the situation looked so dangerous. But later on the Friday night, Heather texted saying 'I feel compelled to go, to
show solidarity.'
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By law, vehicles are deadly weapons. #Charlottesville and #Virginia officials were lax with traffic mgmt. Vehicular manslaughter victim #HeatherHeyer died on 4th St, called 'alley' by locals, narrow, only 31.5 ft between buildings. Road also has a steep downward sloping grade.
Pedestrians further endangered by presence of parked cars, including two, obscured by crowd, blocking passage. #NeoNazi #JamesFields recklessly entered the roadway heading downhill, #HeatherFields struck, and ejected from hood upon impact with 2 double parked cars. Many injured.
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A federal court just sentenced James Alex Fields Jr. to serve 2 consecutive life sentences and 27 concurrent life sentences on 29 counts of federal hate crimes. He will be sentenced in state court on July 15.…
Fields drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of anti-racist counterprotestors during the white nationalist Unite the Right rally in #Charlottesville in August 2017. He killed 32-year-old #HeatherHeyer and injured 28 others during the attack.
#HeatherHeyer worried that “someone might do something stupid and someone might die,” according to the sentencing memo. She attended the anti-racist counter-protest anyway. A few hours later she was dead, murdered by Fields.…
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1/ Thread

Only 3% of Americans have Jewish, Sikh or Muslimic faith.

There is a lot of hate and fearmongering against these religious minorities.

Trump administration increased the existent threat severely.

😘 Greetings from Germany
2/ Political rhetoric matters.

Terror attacks affects the minority.
It does not matter in what country the crime happened.

The article below illustrates this very well.

😘 Greetings from Germany… via @voxdotcom
@voxdotcom 3/ Trump never called white supremacist terrorism as such - but even relativated it.

Again Trump punts on white supremacy after New Zealand attacks

😘Greetings from Germany…
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Sheriff Knezovich: " [Shea's] document is not an academic study .. It is a ‘how to’ manual consistent with the ideology & operating philosophy of the Christian Identity/Aryan Nations movement & Redoubt movement of the 1990s.

I gave it straight to the FBI"
Vanilla ISIS.

“Biblical Basis for War": Washington state legislator @RepMattShea's manifesto suggests supporters of abortion and gay marriage be killed…
Veteran featured in GOP Rep @SteveKnight25's ad posted dozens of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rants and violent threats on Facebook, including promoting the murder of journalists #CA25…
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Here’s the thing. We need to vote. Not vote party. Vote your conscience. Vote like life itself was on the line. Why? Because it is.

We are hurtling into a fascist regime at the speed of light.

He claimed proudly to be a Nationalist. His base cheered.
He has a Supreme Court judge confirmed. Even after claims of sexual improprieties. And then mocks the victims.

He is attempting to erase trans individuals (pssst trans friends and strangers...#Youarenotinvisible #YouCanNotBeErased)
He’s pathological in his hate of POC. He uses pro45 POC to gaslight other POC. He’s aligned w/ White Nationalists. the fine people of Charlottesville?

Her name was #HeatherHeyer

He’s supported by white supremacy/nationalist hate groups worldwide.
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Cars have no agency, @npr
#HeatherHeyer died because James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his car into a street full of people.
Despite the evidence - still photos, video, witnesses, his damaged car - he pled not guilty last month…‘unite-right’
“...the amount of digital evidence collected in this case had surpassed that from the investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013...”
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.@BlacKkKlansman was a feature-length subtweet to Donald Trump, #MAGA, the 53%, Laura Ingraham, David Duke’s insecure self, and white supremacy.

And by subtweet, I mean all out callout.

You could hear a pin drop at the movie’s end.

And that’s all I’m emotionally ready to say.
Thank you, Uncle Spike.

A protestor.
Here are the more subtle themes in @BlacKkKlansman I’m sitting with. Thoughts just starting to form (no spoilers):
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So, in case you were wondering (or not) about my personal feelings on the RNC in’s a no for me dawg. Lemme explain

🚨[Thread Alert] 🚨
I’m a convert on this issue. I think calls for even-handedness are fair. And under virtually any other “normal” circumstance, I’d be game. I’m also not a partisan, so that part doesn’t bother me.
But no matter what your political stripes, you cannot pass off the current state of politics in the US as “normal”. This is why saying, “it’s only fair, since we hosted the DNC in 2012” is a false equivalency. It lacks a TON of nuance.
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I'm the woman who challenged @SeanSpicer in an Apple Store, earlier this year.

Yup. That was me.👇🏾…
I'm fighting American Nazis and creeping American fascism. It'd be great if I didn't have to talk about @SeanSpicer ever-the-fuck-again.
Nazis murdered #HeatherHeyer--and they've been emboldened by Trump.

Now they're planning more violence--
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