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Latest N.Ireland Life&Times #NILTSurvey results are out!📊

NI’s leading social attitudes survey.
Randomised sampling.
Individual interviewing.
1,397 respondents.

All results here:

Here's 6 findings on political attitudes to pique your interest -
1/8 Image
First up, everyone’s talking about the Belfast/Good Fri Agmt these days. What does NI really think about it?

2/3 see it as still the best basis for governing NI

Most want further implementation (Bill of Rts, Civic Forum)

Most want some reform too e.g. Petition of Concern
2/8 Image
Now then what about that other international agreement of some consequence for N.Ireland?

Knowledge of the #Protocol rose from 47% in 2020 to 65% in 2021.

Support for it rose too.

In 2021 people became more opinionated about the Protocol. Read our @ARK_info report for more
3/8 Chart showing 1/3 think Pro...
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👀 Visiting U.S. @RepRichardNeal says political concerns about the NI Protocol have been “manufactured” - claiming only 7% of voters in #ae22 cast their ballot based on that issue.

@simoncoveney adds that Johnson’s government *proposed* this arrangement… @VirginMediaNews
@RepRichardNeal @simoncoveney @VirginMediaNews Coveney also adds that the idea of cross-community consent (as cited by the UK and the DUP) under the GFA applies to devolved matters, not to issues controlled by Westminster. Points out that a majority of MLAs are pro-protocol, and there was no cross-community support for Brexit
VIDEO: Richie Neal says concerns about the Northern Ireland Protocol seem "manufactured"…

💬 "I think now it's up to London to help us all find a solution."

@VirginMediaNews (1/3)
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❓ In #LordsQs from 2.35pm:

@mritchiesd presses government on negotiations with the European Commission regarding the #NorthernIrelandProtocol #NIProtocol following the Northern Ireland Assembly elections #AE22.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…

1/4 🔽 Lords questions, question 1: Northern Ireland Protocol by Ba
Next @danielmgmoylan quizzes government on the economic situation in Sri Lanka and support for the country in #LordsQs from around 2.45pm.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…

2/4 🔽 Lords questions, question 2: the economic situation in Sri L
Then Lord Wallace of Saltaire questions government on the new model history curriculum as #LordsQs continues from around 2.55pm.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…

3/4 🔽 Question 3: new model history curriculum by Lord Wallace of
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🔴 BREAKING | @10DowningStreet says: 'Let's fix the protocol and not scrap it' - Writing in tomorrow's @BelTel @BorisJohnson calls on the DUP to restore devolution and on the #NIProtocol, he says it should be fixed and not scrapped.

Read his message:…
@10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson 🔴 BREAKING | Sam McBride on @BorisJohnson message ahead of his visit to Belfast: PM indicates to unionists #NIProtocol will not be scrapped but must be fundamentally altered, regardless of whether the EU agrees…
What Boris Johnson says about @moneillsf:

“I think it is testimony to the path that Sinn Fein have taken from 1998 that Michelle O’Neill is now awarded the position of First Minister. I have no doubt we will work together well.”…
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Boris Johnson tells Taoiseach that the Protocol is not sustainable in its current form and that the “balance” of the Good Friday Agreement “is being undermined”.

Two leaders spoke this morning to discuss the #ae22 results. @VirginMediaNews
Of note: “the UK Government would take action to protect peace and political stability in Northern Ireland if solutions could not be found”
In reply the Taoiseach urged Johnson "to engage in intensified EU-UK discussions to address issues relating to the implementation of the Protocol" and said anything unilateral would destabilise Northern Ireland
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While we wait for #AE22 #NI22 results, here's a quick run-down of Northern Ireland Protocol-related things, that might be of use in the weeks to come

First up, there are only a limited number of options open to UK govt to change/remove the NIP, under international law or the Protocol itself

One of those options is our old friend, Art.16 NIP on safeguards

Short-term, ltd suspension to have talks, nothing more

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Thank you to each and every one of you who went to the polls today and voted only for pro-life candidates.

Tonight you can sleep safe in the knowledge, that you are on the right side of history, and you were a voice for the most vulnerable in our society,the Image
voiceless unborn children of N.Ireland.
Thank you to our dedicated Precious Life volunteers, who so willingly gave up their time to distribute nearly 200,000 vote pro-life election infornation leaflets in towns, cities and Parishes province wide.
The votes have now been cast and will be counted.

No matter the results, Precious Life's work will continue again tomorrow in full force and renewed hope!

But we need your help to build on the momentum gained in our 'Restore Personhood Campaign' which has
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Predicting the outcome of the Assembly #Election in N.Ireland is straightforward enough if you know how.

There are a handful of key factors to bear in mind.

Nail all of these & you’ll be way ahead of the game come results day 🤓
#AE22 🏖️

#1: the Issues 📝
What concerns are raised on the door steps? On the airwaves? Social media? Street demos?

What real life problems are addressed in the manifestos?
What policies are dissected in political debate?

Find the common thread across these & ... oh 😶

Moving on💨
#2: the Parties🥳

What do the polls say [& do they tally]?
How trusted are their leaders, & how secure are they?
How did they perform in the last mandate?
Have they made major blunders?
Are they running too many or too few candidates?
How transfer-friendly are they, to whom?
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1. I think these past few weeks have been a massive learning process for Fiona and myself;in the legal side, campaign and our personal lives.I think people forget that aside from the campaign we are 2 ordinary woman, sisters, mothers, friends just trying to survive all that life
2. is throwing at us regardless of the monumental battle we face every day for Noah💙. Noah's fight for justice is something we are so completely invested in as he was our beloved boy, Fionas only beautiful baby & we will never stop until we get justice.
3. Persistent threats from UNDESIRABLES & the lack of support from those looking for votes for the #AE22 has reinforced our resolve to fight the system and all those complicit in covering up Noahs murder. The lack of action from our Assembly Electioneers has been a truly
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🧵🪡By Fr. Patrick McCafferty @Fr_Paddy

'Very early,in my priestly ministry, the scandal of “Fr” Brendan Smyth became public and the havoc he wrought in children’s lives.
I began to speak out and challenge the Catholic Church on its treatment, outreach
and response, to victims of clerical sexual abuse.

Initially, I did not identify myself as a victim of this evil; but I was a victim and I was suffering terribly since childhood.

I was abused by a babysitter when I was four, five years old. Later, I was
abused by “Fr” James Donaghy when I was a young adult seminarian.

I,along with other of his victims, took Donaghy to court, in November 2011. He was found guilty on December 14th and sentenced to 10 years in prison on February 10th, 2012.
My point is that I
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Late last year, I wondered whether UK was moving to a less-antagonistic approach to its EU relations, given failure of its previous high-stress model

Does this still hold?

I'd argued that going all Violet Elizabeth Bott [GIYF] wasn't sustainable in long-term, so shifting to language of trying to work things out together (even if that didn't produce results) both parked it and avoiding final commitment to WA/TCA

You could see Truss's attendance at Council over Ukraine as an example of pragmatic cooperation, even as problems with Northern Ireland remained in play

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🧵🪡 By @Fr_Paddy Mc Cafferty

'This is SDLP MLA,Sinead McLaughlin, saying that pro life people need to “get a life”. Her contempt for the electorate is evident and is by no means confined to her.

This is the attitude that prevails among much of the SDLP as
currently constituted. As McLaughlin boasts, the SDLP Youth is strongly pro abortion-“choice”.

There needs to be a very definite rejection, by the entire pro life constituency, on May 5th, of the likes of Sinead McLaughlin, also of the SDLP and other pro-
abortion parties. I am appealing, as a priest, to voters who are faithful Catholics, to reject the SDLP and Sinn Fein at the ballot box on account of their avowed pro abortion stance.

I am singling out the SDLP in particular because members of that party are
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Last night Jeffrey Donaldson was interviewed on @ViewFrmStormont by @PaulClark_UTV
Here’s a look at some body language I noted during the interview.
Firstly is the stance he starts with, you’ll notice both hands clasped together & a slight rub of the visible thumb…..

The clasped hands is a sign of nervousness or stress & the thumb rub is a subconscious body leak of trying to comfort himself. You’ll also notice the slight head lean that shows engagement with the interviewer.
As he states “he wants to see unionism win the election because it’s good for NI.” You’ll see him perform an eye block which suggests he’s trying to block out the interviewer & suggests he is worried or attempting to block out how the interviewer will react to what he’s saying
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For the first time since 2018 #sdlp22
.@SDLPlive conference set up #sdlp22
Applause for @columeastwood and @NicholaMallon entering the conference hall #sdlp22
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Are Northern Ireland's environmental policies sustainable or a load of rubbish? This week we explore the gap between our #climate goals and the reality while looking at ideas for the future 🌍

Environment In Focus 👇


Viewpoint: Kicking off a week-long series focusing on the climate crisis and how it affects Northern Ireland. #climateni #greenweek…
Invasion will be an environmental disaster for both Ukraine and rest of world, writes John Breslin…
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A reminder that for the 'hate crime' of sharing photos sent to us of Women = Adult Human Female protest stickers in Belfast, @SDLPlive Councillor @seamasbelfast defamed us as a hate account. @columeastwood do you think it's hateful to defend sex-based rights & language? #AE22
@SDLPlive @SeamasBelfast @columeastwood UUP's @BeattieDoug thought so too at first, 'til women from the network we belong to (& @DreyfusJames!) told him why #peacefulprotest like stickering is the ONLY way for many women to protest the erosion of our rights, spaces & language, thanks to the #chillingeffect created
Here's Seamas's defamatory tweet, trying to stifle debate on women's rights, calling our followers bots. When they replied #notabot, he blocked them! #seamasblockswomen What will you do about this, @columeastwood? Voters are angry & want to know. #AE22
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@duponline along with @J_Donaldson_MP will choose to ignore what I say but say it I will. In 1998 as an APNI councillor I believed the GFA would be a new start for NI, that the constitutional position was settled! I was wrong and today disappointment resides in my heart.
2/ Nearly 24 years have been squandered, years when the differences in our communities should have been softened by the commonality of one community seeking good education, good health services and an economy building on the talent of our people for the benefit of all. But no!
3/ We are still today held back by narrow minded bigots who see no further than the supremacy of a flag and a hankering after an empire that fell into its death rows after the Great War! We are caught in some mythical time warp and ensnared today in a mythical border war.
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@StephenNolan @BBCNolan @bbcradioulster @BBCSounds Women’s health - ie issues around our biological sex - doesn’t get enough funding or research (see @CCriadoPerez); erasing “women”, “female”, “girl” worsens the situation. No-one is sex non-binary, and encouraging kids to dissociate from their sexed bodies is harmful.
@StephenNolan @BBCNolan @bbcradioulster @BBCSounds @CCriadoPerez There is NO scientific evidence of a “gender identity”; it is a subjective claim. You can’t “feel like” something you aren’t; everything a man feels he feels it “like a man”, because he IS a man; opposite is true for women.
@StephenNolan @BBCNolan @bbcradioulster @BBCSounds @CCriadoPerez I’ve connected a large number of people in NI worried and angry about the harm of gender identity ideology and most of them say they just will not vote for parties/politicians who won’t stand up for women, kids + reality. #ae22
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