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In yesterday’s #Bundestag debate on 🇩🇪 #tanks (MBTs & IFVs) to 🇺🇦, @OlafScholz defended the indefensible. If he & his party #SPD spent more energy on supporting 🇺🇦 than on finding excuses, the war would look better for 🇺🇦.Let’s parse the excuses 🧵 1/7…
‘WW3 looming’: it should by now be abundantly clear that #Putin doesn’t need Leopard MBT & Marder IFV deliveries to 🇺🇦 to escalate the war. And, honestly, if we adapt our behaviour after every nuclear threat from the #Kremlin, we should get the white flag ready ASAP. 2/7
‘Coordination w allies; 🇺🇸 also don’t deliver tanks’: 🇺🇸 repeatedly clarified 🇩🇪 should do more & nothing wrong w 🇩🇪 tanks to 🇺🇦. 🇪🇸 wanted to deliver #Leopard2 & was prevented by 🇩🇪. I could imagine no better proof of 🇩🇪 leadership than this project: 3/7…
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We fought and died alongside the French in WWI.

We fought and died alongside the French in WWII.

The French cut off supplies of Exocet Missiles to Argentina after they invaded the Falkland Islands. Against their interests.

France guarded our waters after the Tories scrapped our only Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

We fought and defeated Gaddafi alongside the French.

We mourned with France after Charlie Hebdo.

France mourned with us after Manchester.

France has sworn to defend us against attack by a sovereign state.

French interests are largely British interests and vice versa.

They are our neighbours and friends, whatever our differences.

Macron never deployed a chemical weapon on British soil.

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🔴 #LIVE: Results, analysis and reactions... Follow France 24's live coverage of the French presidential election as results roll in ⤵️

#1erTour #electionpresidentielle2022…
The 1st round abstention rate is estimated at 26.5%, a number that has been on the rise over the past 20 years in France.

@DheepthiParis has more on the upward trend ⤵️

#Presidentielle2022 @1erTour
@DheepthiParis @1ertour 🔴The #Presidentielle traditionally attracts the most French voters, but pollsters have warned of a low voter turnout this year.

🇫🇷🗳️ @mperelman asked journalist @RachelDonadio why voters are less interested in this election compared to previous ones ⤵️

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Configuration Of Combat Forces And Expected Landing Near #Odessa: Twentieth Day Of #MilitaryOperations In #Ukraine | Mar 16
- Russia was rotating units,
- #Kyiv continued to withdraw its units from the #Donbass region towards Zaporizhya, Dnipro and Kiev,
⬆️#Ukrainian journalist: '- if we are called #nazis we should not be ashamed of that.'
When the German #Greens were founded in 1980, there were former #NationalSocialists involved. The sun, the Swastika, was a symbol of renewable energy in 1940s Germany.
The first logo for the Green Party, the #sunflower, was designed by #Nazi Joseph #Beuys…
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Festive hustings here at st Johns Methodist church in #Whitchurch. #libdems @helenhalcrow up first with introduction. Time for #NorthShropshire to stop being taken for granted, support farmers & invest in rail & buses.
Next @DuncanKer . Talks about his experience in local govt as a social workerchief exec. Moved to #NorthShropshire in 2012, made a rundown chapel into an arts & community centre. Elected first #green on #oswestry town & then @ShropCouncil . Lists some campaigns, agst fracking,
Agst NHS cuts,& trying to save the ambulance station. In May 2021 @TheGreenParty was the only one to win seats in #NorthShropshire . Now 12 of 18 seats on #oswestry town council. #Greens can win elections & when they do people vote for more.
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Extraordinary scenes in Seanad on deeply flawed Horticultural #Peat Bill. On top of exemption from #planning , the bill stayed enforcement action & disregarded unlawful extraction & more putting us clearly in breach of EU law - key parts of their #PeatBill NOT highlighted🤔& 👇
- #Peatbill didn't even bother to provide properly for allocation of all the assessments required by EU law. Talk about giving #falsehope to those impacted by the successive failures! U simply can't stick ur head in the bog when it comes to EU law - at least u shouldn't but 😱👇
What @reginadoherty described as "a foolish legal action" added insult to injury to our National Courts who rightly upheld the challenge . The #PeatBill added further insult and disregard to the EU Court of Justice's rulings.
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@MatiasTurkkila DDR/natsitaustaiset #Vihreät eivät ymmärrä huumoria.
Kukaan ei ole nähnyt PPP: tä eduskunnassa piiitkään aikaan.
Pirkka-Pekka Petelius: "Pimpparauta" | 16.12.2012
@MatiasTurkkila Vihreäliike kehitettiin DDR:ssä länsimaiden tuhoksi. | 15.1.2013
- Suomessa vihreän tuhon soturina on yksi ylitse muiden. @satuhassi. Hän on ollut nainen paikallaan.…
@MatiasTurkkila @satuhassi Valokuva, jonka #vihreät haluaisivat hävittää | Mikko Paunio | 3.8.2018
- Saksan Die Grune Partei (Vihreät) perustettiin Offenbachissa v. 1979. Sen perustivat kaksi poliittista ryhmää:
1) marxismiin pettyneet äärivasemmistolaiset ja
2) vanhat natsit.…
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Service thread with some observations on the draft election platform of #Germany|s #Green Party @Die_Gruenen (published 19 March)…
#Greens call for a more active #German foreign policy & above all for a strengthening of the #EU. Franco-German cooperation 🇫🇷🇩🇪 referenced along mside a #transatlantic approach. Issue of systemic rivalry with authoritarians highlighted.
#Greens describe the #transatlantic partnership as pillar of 🇩🇪 foreign policy, with #climate as core element. Recognition that #US will be less focused on European #security & that @Europe will need to do more. Good to see specific mention of security of
#Poland & 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹
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ஓரளவிற்கு சமச்சீர் உணவு
Greens/Spinach🌿🍃 (கீரை)
Avocado 🥑🥑
Egg 🥚🍳
Green Onion
Bell pepper
Cheese 🧀

இவைகளை வைத்து ஒருவகை காய்கறி ஆம்லெட் போன்ற ஒன்றை கடந்த சில வருடங்களாக செய்து வருகிறேன். ஒரு நாளைக்கு ஒருமுறை உண்பதே போதுமானதாய் உள்ளது. பசித்தால் மட்டும் சாப்பிடவும்😁
நான்கு அல்லது தேவையான முட்டைகளை oven ல் வைக்கக்கூடிய ஒரு பாத்திரத்தில், சிறிது எண்ணெய் தடவி (I use olive oil) அப்படியே உடைத்து ஊற்றி , bake செய்யவும்.

Oven ல் அது புல்பாயில் (ஆம்லட்) ஆயிடும்
முட்டை புல்பாயில் ஆகி oven ல் வெந்தவுடன் , தனியாக அதை வைத்துவிடவும். Let it cool
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An all time low for an Irish Government has been hit. By pure chance this afternoon I noticed what appeared to be a Government motion to ratify the deeply controversial EU Canada Trade Deal #CETA next Tuesday 15 Dec. Yes the one with the dreaded #ICS #ISDS clauses. Yes its true -
#CETA which so many #Greens had expressed opposition to... the one which leaves us massively exposed to claims from foreign investors .. the one we fear will create a regulatory chill making the Government even more reluctant to take effective #ClimateActions the one ..
Mairead McGuinness said could damage #Irishfarming and which we'd need to have a safeguard clause and consider a compo package for .. the day AFTER she voted for it in the EU Parliament…
.. a nice killer blow now on top of the #Brexit
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Last night’s #budget2020 did not include a single cent of funding towards the establishment of a Federal anti-corruption commission, despite the Morrison government promising to establish one since December 2018 #AusPol
Just over a year ago the #Greens Federal ICAC passed the @AuSenate with only the Morrison government voting against it. If there was any desire to establish a Federal #ICAC from the Morrison government they would have brought our bill on for a vote, but they still haven’t #AusPol
In February of this year, the @AuSenate again voted to compekl the Morrison government to bring on our #ICAC bill for a vote in the House of Reps. Again, nothing happened #AusPol
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I am seeing murmurings on social media about a possible Greens/ALP coalition.

If the #ALP and the #Greens could overcome their mutual antipathy (and it is indeed on both sides), they could become unassailable.

Thread 👇
#Auspol 1/5
Australia is so used to having a big centre-left/progressive party that can govern in its own right, but that is clearly becoming increasingly unlikely as party membership declines and as the ALP's base shifts and fragments.

The left needs to stop assuming that the ALP is sufficient on its own to get the numbers to govern and gnashing its teeth when it fails to get over the line.

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#Greens will amend the Omnibus bill in #SpringSt today, so police, PSOs, security guards are not given power to decide who gets detained under health emergency powers. Currently health officials decide and police enforce. Too much power for one police/PSO to be judge and jailer.
People from communities with a poor experience of policing won't want to increase their risk of contact with the police, so this could mean fewer will get tested. Let's not mess with the current health-led response. #SpringSt
The bill doesn't create new powers, but gives police, potentially PSOs or security guards, power to preemptively decide someone is unlikely to comply with isolation orders and must be detained. Recent episodes show this is too much power and responsibility for one police officer.
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The #PAEC inquiry is now being livestreamed by Vic Parliament #SpringSt. Andrews grilled at Vic virus inquiry…
You can watch the Premier, Health Minister, CHO and others respond to questions today from Victorian MPs. It's a bit like a prolonged question time with no interjections. All online of course.… #SpringSt #COVID19Vic #PAEC
Between the Dorothy Dixers (how is the ADF helping us Premier?) and the accusatory (will you apologise?) interesting information does emerge. The real importance of #PAEC is that Govt knows that a hard question MAY be asked. Oversight leads to better government. #SpringSt
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'Tactical voting' in the Scottish Parliament election. #SNP #Greens #Holyrood #TacticalVoting #AMS #DHondt…
“The brutal but honest truth: anyone who still persists in their beliefs about ‘tactical voting’, in the face of all the algorithmic evidence to the contrary, is as impervious to the facts as any Brexiter or anti-vaxxer.” #TacticalVoting #DHondt #AMS #Indyref2 #Yes2
"The single most important aspect of the discussion witnessed over the last week, is that it has once again highlighted just how widespread is the failure to understand the practical operation of the Additional Member allocation process”
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If you're under 20, you haven't had much of career. Nor will you, if people like Murray & the other #Greens have their way. You won't own a car, be able to fly, or eat meat. The power supply will be intermittent and very expensive....
You will be forcibly #vaccinated, chipped like a dog & constantly monitored in the confines of your '#smartcity'. Your #UniversalBasicIncome will be delivered as a #cryptocurrency with steep rates of inbuilt decay and will effect both #carbon rationing and...
...the imposition of #NewNormal social rules. These will see instant fines levied if you say or write anything against the #GreatReset's stifling Marxist orthodoxy. You will be summoned to communal displays of #wokeness every evening at 6pm: compliance will be mandatory and ...
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Uncomfortable truths from @TaniaMaxwell14's motion in the Vic Legislative Council: Victoria's prison population booming, reoffending very high: 43% return to prison within 2 yrs. So corrections system failing to correct. Govt admits changed bail laws contribute. #springst
So it's high time we reformed bail laws to correct this. Prisons are bursting at seams with unsentenced prisoners. Accused should get bail unless unacceptable risk to public safety. Govt knows this, so let's not delay bail reform. #SpringSt #Greens
Enver Ergodgan for Andrews Govt is justifying their big build of prisons, with the jobs it will create! Celebrating job creation is not how we should respond to the growing numbers of Victorians behind bars. You could maybe, I dunno, think about human rights. #SpringSt #Greens
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I'm about to speak against this bill to lift the ban on gas drilling in Victoria. Looks like I'll be the only one. Six LNP, one ind and six Labor speakers are speaking in support. #SpringSt #ClimateEmergency #VicGasBan #Greens
Andrews Govt and LNP speakers trotting out the same arguments:
1. Gas is a transition fuel.
No it's not. Fugitive emissions remove any advantage it had over CO2. This gas is methane, 84 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas over 20 years.
2. Gas drilling in Vic will lower gas prices.
No it won't. There's not a large enough quantity there. If there was, Australia's cartel of gas producers and the link to overseas oil prices wouldn't allow the price to fall. #springst #VicGasBan
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How did Rudd's emissions trading scheme unravel? #Greens have been a useful scapegoat for a decade, but maybe it's time to retire this argument and retire coal.… #4Corners
Fortunately Labor and Greens agreed a year later to introduce a price on pollution in the Gillard government, which led to Australia's emissions actually falling. This was a successful collaboration. #4Corners
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Prisons, like cruise ships, squeeze many into a small space. Victoria has more prisoners than ever, many share a cell. Perfect conditions to spread virus. Victoria must release low risk prisoners now, as in NSW, to avoid amplifying COVID-19 epidemic. #SpringSt
No hand sanitiser allowed in Victoria's prisons, just soap. They're doing the best they can, but with 8000+prisoners, and seven prisons containing >500, it's hard. Lockdown in prison is punitive. #SpringSt
So #Greens support call by lawyers and academics for low risk prisoners and those nearing end of sentence to be released early, giving Corrections a chance to reduce COVID-19 transmission. We can legislate like NSW just did. #SpringSt
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Government just denied leave for #Greens motion to have Vic state parliament debate how to increase action on climate change today. #SpringSt
Yesterday Victoria's parliament spent most of the day hearing 38 MPs support a bushfire condolence motion. Only a few MPs raised #climate change. Most of our state parliament seems to want to look the other way. #SpringSt #australiafires #extinctionrebellion
While the fires still smoulder, our state still burns over a million tonnes of brown #coal each week, logs native forest and builds motorways. We must address urgent climate action.
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I have a proposal. The #Crossbench, the #ALP & the #Greens in both the Reps & the Senate should join together & announce that they will pass no government legislation till the Coalition government enacts laws for an independent commission against corruption. #AuspolSoCorrupt 1/3
And that is a commission that is truly independent, that can take referrals from the general public, that has the subpoena powers of a royal commission, that has retrospective powers & can make binding declarations of corruption. 2/3
Nothing less is acceptable if we want to save Australian politics from the most reckless and feckless government in living memory. Corruption is now the norm and we cannot let it continue. 3/3
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It's here! Our new report on what the various manifestos have to say about Brexit #GeneralElection2019, #GeneralElection, #Election2019, #Brexit, #ConservativeManifesto, #LabourManifesto, #LibDems, #SNP, #PlaidCymru, #Greens, #BrexitParty 1/25
It tells you everything you need to know about the party positions on the Brexit process, the future relationship and much more. We hope this report sets out in a clear and straightforward way what they’re all pledging to do. 2/25
First, let me thank all of those who have contributed: @CSBarnard24, @matt_bevington, @CharlieBEU, @hayward_katy, @McEwen_Nicola, @jdportes, @jillongovt, @DanielWinc, @DrAlanWager, @salterjp 3/25
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