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I’ve had a bit of a bee in my bonnet since Friday, I’m ecstatic at the #NorthShropshire election. However I need to say this…. It wasn’t just about protest votes and lending votes. If we had fielded a crap candidate, or an outsider the swing wouldn’t have been as good……
We had a candidate in place who knows the people of #NorthShropshire who worked hard before the by election. There was a genuine like for @helenhalcrow and all she believes in. That she would be a full time MP!!!! So please don’t underestimate her. She will make a fine MP….
She will work hard for the people because she has a lot to prove, like @cajardineMP @LaylaMoran @libdemdaisy they are real people with real life experience. Who do the job to make life better for others #SundayThoughts #helenmorgan
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We are all from Shropshire now.

Oh my goodness. 🎉
#NorthShropshire #ThePartyIsOver #ToriesOut
Now imagine what could happen if Labour and the Lib Dems built a proper strategic partnership across the country (unlike last night). The Tories would be out for a generation, probably more. #NorthShropshire #ThePartyIsOver
I mean, this was proper, solid right wing Tory Brexit country just two years ago. None of this mess is irreversible. None of it. #ToryBrexitDisaster #ToryShambles #ThePartyIsOver
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Politico’s Playbook on #NorthShropshire

“Tories downbeat: The conclusion that the Lib Dems are now favorites is shared by Tory MPs who have visited the seat. One told Playbook they expect to lose.”
Lib Dems sniff an upset as Tories win apathy vote.…
The North Shropshire by-election on Thursday is shaping up to be the closest battle in the Tory stronghold in living memory, as weeks of scandal in Westminster show signs of angering the party faithful and eroding support for Boris Johnson.…
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On @TimesRadio, @nadhimzahawi just told @tnewtondunn that if the Tories lose the North Shropshire by-election on Thursday, it would be because it was
"a protest vote" to "send a message" to the Govt.

He just wrote the new @LibDems leaflet.
"Protest away, voters!" "Want to send us a message about No10 parties? Vote against us in North Shropshire!"
Must admit it's a novel approach for a Cabinet minister to deploy the "this is a protest vote" line *before* a by-election, rather than after it.
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'The upcoming North Shropshire by-election is now said to be too close to call' between local @LibDems Helen Morgan & Johnson's candidate from Birmingham who has failed to condemn the lying and the rule breaking at 10 Downing Street.…
'Local Conservative sources... said they now expected a close race, which could go either by as few as 500 votes'
If #NorthShropshire Labour & Green inclined voters back local @LibDems Helen Morgan she's likely to beat Johnson's candidate from Birmingham.…
'one bookmaker making LibDems favourites to take the seat'
'No other party seen as a likely challenger to the seat'
Bookies, journalists & #NorthShropshire residents all agree only local @LibDems Helen Morgan can beat Johnson's candidate from Birmingham.…
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Festive hustings here at st Johns Methodist church in #Whitchurch. #libdems @helenhalcrow up first with introduction. Time for #NorthShropshire to stop being taken for granted, support farmers & invest in rail & buses.
Next @DuncanKer . Talks about his experience in local govt as a social workerchief exec. Moved to #NorthShropshire in 2012, made a rundown chapel into an arts & community centre. Elected first #green on #oswestry town & then @ShropCouncil . Lists some campaigns, agst fracking,
Agst NHS cuts,& trying to save the ambulance station. In May 2021 @TheGreenParty was the only one to win seats in #NorthShropshire . Now 12 of 18 seats on #oswestry town council. #Greens can win elections & when they do people vote for more.
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Two Tory councillors - including the local Tory party leader - have defected days before the North Shropshire by-election, citing lack of faith in the Tory candidate & in the party as a whole. Here's what they had to say 👇(1/4)

#NorthShropshire @MatthewGreen02 @helenhalcrow
"The Conservative candidate is from a city – he knows nothing about farming or anything Shropshire. I'm faced with no choice – how can I possibly back a candidate from Birmingham who has zero knowledge of North Shropshire and the challenges our community faces." (2/4)
"Like so many others, I’m getting more and more frustrated day by day with the continual cuts to public services such as the cuts to the ambulance service, cuts that are beginning to put lives at risk and can't be allowed to continue." (3/4)
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Live tweeting from the North Shropshire Climate Hustings on Oswestry tonight. Hold on to your seats.
First up is @duncanker who argues the time for action is now and that people should vote for what they believe.
Then @helenhalcrow for the Lib Dems, claims the Tories don't get climate change or farming, people should vote to send a message to Boris Johnson.
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Ready to start here in #oswestry #NorthShropshire . Just the four main candidates. Being live streamed on
Chair @joolspayne introduces the event @ShropCEEbill
#ClimateCrisis is a top concern for people in UK. Reminds us of #ZeroHour bill in parliament @CarolineLucas
@DuncanKer speaks first. @TheGreenParty will act on #climatecrisis & has local track record. #green town council in #Oswestry is making life better. Vote for what you believe in. Want green #votegreen.
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So #NorthShropshire

How should I vote?
It depends largely on what you think is happening to the Conservative vote.

1. Low turnout - which in theory brings Labour into play who were 2nd last time
2. Tories Switching to LibDems

But the question you need to answer is..
“Is the low turnout of Tory voters big enough to bring Labour in?”

Other people may disagree but my view is - no it isn’t here.

To take the seat you need to get actual “vote switching” and in North Shropshire that’s far easier for LibDems to achieve.

So next question is..
If plenty of Tories switch to LibDems can Labour vote tactically too?

This is why LibDems sacrificed a strong presence in Old Bexley - to get support from Labour to see is this cooperation can work.

In other words theres more riding on North Shropshire than just a by-election…
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'Labour has decided not to campaign heavily in the Shropshire North by-election ... allowing the Lib Dems to be the focus for anti-Tory protest.'
In #NorthShropshire many voters are now backing local @LibDems Helen Morgan to defeat the Tory from Birmingham…
'Labour strategists have said the rural Shropshire seat ... is inhospitable terrain for the party and not worth spending scarce resources on.'
Many Labour inclined voters say they'll vote for local @LibDems Helen Morgan to beat the Tory from Birmingham.…
Labour strategist: “We can see the Lib Dems have focused on Shropshire North ... it makes sense for them to concentrate their resources there"
That focus is paying off as voters swing behind local @LibDems Helen Morgan rather than the Tory from Birmingham…
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On the 16th December, the #NorthShropshire by election takes place.

The Tories are fielding a doctor:

And the most current poll I can find - looks like the weight should go to the Lib Dems.

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Citizens of #NorthShropshire. What can you do to deprive Tories of power?
1. Pressure oppo parties to co-operate. To make cross-party plan based on local voting behaviour & needs #ProgressiveAlliance.
2. Campaign for tactical voting. Ideally combined with 1.
Local people can come together to:
1. Encourage @NShropshire_CLP @DemsNorth @NShropsGreens to co-operate. (P.S. don't be put off by @UKLabour saying their party rules don't let them. Time for excuses is over).
2. Encourage people to vote tactically.
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