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#Iran lies about everything. i.e.portraying #QassemSoleimani as a"hero",while the reality of #Iranian people's feeling about the child-killer, war criminal,#Soleimani could well be seen in the next few footages during the recent #IranProtests

@USAdarFarsi This is what the people really think about #IRGC & Basiji thugs who have murdered tens of thousands of #MEK supporters &anyone standing to the mullahs for a #FreeIran. #QassemSoleimani was the chieftain of #IRGCTerrorists
#IranProtestSupport @USAdarFarsi
@USAdarFarsi And here are more "love" for the child-killer #QassemSoleimani. Make sure you will also see minute 1:34. Brave!
Source: #MEK Network inside #Iran
#FreeIran #IranProtests
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Ppl & activists in #Iran continue 2 provide a variety of reports about Nov. uprising that swept to at least 191 cities throughout #Iran. Over 1500 ppl were killed in #Iranprotests in Nov by Iranian regime & here are names of several athletes & academics!👇👇
Amir Hisein Sadeghi
He got 2 straight shot by security forces and died in Iran Protests. #iranprotests #Internet4Iran #StopIranBloodshed #FreeIran
Saeed Rezai
4 Times provincial champion from Kermanshah
He got shot to his head during November Nationwide Protests in Dolatabad Quarter, Kermanshah #iranprotests #Internet4Iran #StopIranBloodshed #freeiran
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Evident in @NCRIUS press conference 2Day: The protests showed extreme vulnerability of the regime, its isolation among own people. #IranProtests also showed that the Iranian people are capable to bring down this regime & willing to pay the price for it. The gains are irreversible
@NCRIUS As new information comes in, more details are available; we identified 154 of at least 450 killed during #IranProtests in 176 cities. Despite the killings, the uprising continues...
@NCRIUS The protests were very targeted focusing on the symbols of suppression and corruption, during #IranProtests.
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OUTRAGEOUS. Beyond shameful. Over 300 Iranians savagely killed by IRGC/Bassij thugs during #IranProtests; over 4,000 wounded, mostly by gunshot; dead bodies snatched from hospitals, overflow of wounded in ERs... And this is the #Iran story @nytopinion has 4 its readers. @NYTimes
@nytopinion @nytimes Since the onset of the #IranProtests on November 15, the @nytopinion has "ZERO" editorial on Khamenei/Rouhani's henchmen barbaric crackdown on protesters even though last Tuesday @Amnesty confirmed AT LEAST 106 were killed by the regime. So far 300 killed.
@nytopinion @nytimes @amnesty The @nytopinion OP-Ed columnists (16 of them), put together, have had "ZERO" columns about the #Iranprotests in 160 cities, and the regime's brutal suppression of protesters with over 300 killed, 4k wounded. of protesters & #Internet4Iran cut off. @NYTimes
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Thread: A wonderful passage from a report by the reformist newspaper Mardom Salari that captures the frustration with the ongoing Internet shutdown in #Iran: "Internet is a living space for people & a part of their experiences are virtual. Like it or not,..." 1/7 #IranProtests
"...Internet is part of the daily shared experiences of citizens & access to it is not only a right, but an essential necessity of living in a modern world. Internet is a place of work & generating income; a place for entertainment; a place for receiving & publishing news..." 2/7
"...a place of communication; & a place for production & showcasing art. There is nothing in our real human lives that does not have a trace on the Internet. So, many people consider restrictions on access to the Internet as restrictions on their personal & social lives..." 3/7
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حدود یک سالی میشه که تونستیم با عده ای از دوستان داخل ایران یه کسب و کار کوچیک بین المللی راه بنداریم. سختی های زیادی رو به جون خریدیم؛ سخت ترینش قانع کردن مشتری از اینکه کار در ایران انجام میشه. تلاش هامون نتیجه داد...حدودا برای ۵ ۶ نفر کار ایجاد شد.
کار خارجی در ایران یعنی غرور ملی، اعتماد به نفس بالا و حس خوب... یعنی
ارزآوری برای مملکت، ایجاد شغل برا یه عده جوون و تشویق کردنشون به مهاجرت نکردن... همه این تلاش ها داره با تصمیم ابلهانه و ظالمانه این حکومت به باد میره... /۲
داشتم خیز برمیداشتم که کم کم بیخیال شغلم بشم و کارآفرینی رو تمام وقت پیگیری کنم. همیشه نگران بودم که نکنه یه روزی اینترنت قطع بشه اما هیچوقت فکرش رو نمی کردم که این اتفاق بیفته. از روزی که مهاجرت کردم همیشه دلم به بازگشت به ایران و بهبود وضعیتش خوش بود.../۳
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#Iran reg. is committing #CrimeAgainstHumanity,it's the International Communities task 2intervene.Let's b the voice of #IranProtests.A call on all Freedom-loving ppl,ask your Gov.2do everything 2provide #Internet4Iran.
#IranProtests will continue.#FreeIran
#Iranian regime is the main source of spreading violence& terrorism in MiddleEast &world over. The solution to this is #IranRegimeChange by the #Iranian ppl.
The best way to help #IranProtesters is true Governments providing #Internet4Iran.
Here is how #Iran's criminal regime is trying to silence #IranProtests. Let's ask Governments that have the capability to provide #Internet4Iran.
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"The internet blockade comes as the regime prepares itself for a brutal crackdown on the protests."
#Internet4Iran is literally needed to save lives.…
This is one of the very few videos received from Mariwan, western #Iran, where the regime has resorted to a heavy crackdown following the internet shutdown.

#Internet4Iran is a dire necessity to prevent an all-out massacre in Iran.
Iranian opposition sources are reporting more than 200 protesters have been killed by the regime's forces in #Iran.

#Internet4Iran is needed to support #IranProtests and save the lives of innocent people.
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In the days that social life is more in the digital realm than physical, Do we forget about those who are offline? Those that are not covered by the news?

A country's internet is shut down, 82 million people's access to the outside world is denied, their work, their families, all separated.

I browsed the news on @AppleNews, 54 hours after the shutdown has started:

Spoiler alert: "No coverage of #IranianProtests".
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Regime atrocities over the past 3 days are undoubtedly a manifest case of crime against humanity. Those responsible have in the past 4 decades perpetrated crimes against humanity, including 120,000 political executions, and the massacre of 30,000 prisoners in 1988. #1988Massacre
This regime must be banished from the international community and Khamenei, Rouhani, and other regime leaders must face justice for committing crime against humanity. #NoImpunity4Mullahs #IranProtests #Iran
Hail to the martyrs of the uprising. Such unjust shedding of blood only adds to the resolve of the Iranian people to continue their rightful resistance to overthrow the mullahs’ regime. #IranProtests #Iran
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