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The 23rd day of the #IranRevolution
Anti-regime demonstrations tonight in #Fardis -#Karaj.
The youth have blocked the road and prevented the repressive forces from entering the region.
@FancyFeme @DawnGippygip The 23rd day of the #IranRevolution.
Direct shooting with a shotgun at the protesters in #Tehran by one of the criminal security forces.
@FriedasMom7 @tuzlukayfe
@thebuuck @qualann @PrinciplDriven1 @GrandmaCheryl6 @nulasuchet @Imogene08
@FancyFeme @DawnGippygip @FriedasMom7 @tuzlukayfe @thebuuck @qualann @PrinciplDriven1 @GrandmaCheryl6 @nulasuchet @Imogene08 #IranRevolution: Day #23
Did this cry reach the @WhiteHouse from Tehran?
"Death to Dictator"
👉Recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves & stand up for freedom against tyranny.
@manoukliar @GartersGunsNGod @PasReport
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Now in #Iran, protesters in 175 cities across 31 provinces are on the streets calling 4the end of the mullahs' rule.
400+ have been killed by regime security forces & 20,000+ arrested, via sources affiliated to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@DennisG_ol @midnightriderV2 @JessicaVdV @jk_rowling @TimothyBuss @Texansfan46 @RickyMo23120624 @BowerDA222 @RealAndyLeeShow @NadiaaFaour On the 23rd day of the #IranRevolution
Oct 8—Tehran, #Iran
As seen from footage from Ferdows Square, the #IRGC and military units dispatched to quell today's protest have been seen.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@DennisG_ol @midnightriderV2 @JessicaVdV @jk_rowling @TimothyBuss @Texansfan46 @RickyMo23120624 @BowerDA222 @RealAndyLeeShow @NadiaaFaour ⚡Sensitive scene warning
The 23rd day of the #IranRevolution
The criminal regime of #Iran's mullahs increased its brutality in response 2the Iranian people's demand for freedom
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@sd_yaiza @Diggy_Do4 @LisaGlacken @or_villan
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On the 23rd day of the #IranRevolution, be the Iranian people's voice and support their right to defend themselves against religious dictatorship and stand up for freedom.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@GartersGunsNGod @trapperjohn37 @scumidt @Imogene08 @RealDante12 Image
@GartersGunsNGod @trapperjohn37 @scumidt @Imogene08 @RealDante12 @jmbenson1491 @rdrhwke @EricaRN4USA @dottis_mom @FoundngAttitude @NicoleGun09 @catahouligan_ @sungmanitu88 @Marisayescas @TheGOATsEcho #IranRevolution: Day #23
The people of the city of #Sanandaj(#سنندج) in the west of Iran have almost taken control of the city and are chanting against Khamenei:
"Death to the dictator"
#Bravo to these two young lionesses👌✌👏
@sLsM @TinocoGRogelio
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🔸#IranRevolution: Day #23
Martyrs: 400+
Injured: 10,000s
Detained: 20,000+
Protests continue in 172+ cities across #Iran
🔸Recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves & rise against the dictatorship.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@StateDept @JosepBorrellF @GermanyDiplo @DutchMFA @BelgiumMFA @francediplo_EN @AlbanianDiplo @CanadaFP @ItalyMFA @NorwayMFA The 23rd day of the #IranRevolution
Now-The city of #Sanandaj, W #Iran.
Young people and students block the main road and protest against the dictatorial regime.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@RealSaltySlim @andItoldyaso @Emma_niDhulaing @AlexPKetinLives @stilton54
@StateDept @JosepBorrellF @GermanyDiplo @DutchMFA @BelgiumMFA @francediplo_EN @AlbanianDiplo @CanadaFP @ItalyMFA @NorwayMFA @RealSaltySlim @andItoldyaso @Emma_niDhulaing @AlexPKetinLives @stilton54 The 23rd day of the #IranRevolution
Now-The city of #Sanandaj, W #Iran.
The main square of the city was captured by protesters. The dictatorship has no choice but to surrender or massacre people.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
FYI: @dorjecat
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🔸#IranRevolution: Day #23
Martyrs: 400+
Injured: 10,000s
Detained: 20,000+
Protests continue in 172+ cities across #Iran
🔸Recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves and rise against the dictatorship.
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@StateDept @eu_eeas @paulett20997141 @CatherineB201 @JacquiTrue @IndiaLynnehenry @RUSH3RCR @Ed_Hale @halterjuerg @nylerobin @KChildress65 @etr55 The 23rd day of the #IranRevolution
Now - #Gohardasht(#گوهردشت) west of Tehran.
A gathering of part of the students chanting: "The students are ready to die but do not tolerate humiliation."
#IranRegimeChange #ایران_قیام_آزادی
@ThomasP3120 @CanuckCognizant @nappyheadblkgrl
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🔸#SarinaEsmailzadeh(#سارینا_اسماعیل_زاده), 16, killed under a vicious beating by Iranian Police.
🔸Why didn't Khamenei tolerate the light of her life & turned it off?
#ایران_قیام_آزادی #IranRegimeChange
@LarsonElaineM @KatiSchneeberg1 @CMY1952
@LarsonElaineM @KatiSchneeberg1 @CMY1952 @1talianG1rly #IranRevolution
🔸#SarinaEsmailzadeh(#سارینا_اسماعیل_زاده), a 16-year-old girl who was brutally beaten by Iranian security forces & was killed on Sep 23 after being hit by baton blows.
#ایران_قیام_آزادی #IranRegimeChange
@BLIKOPENER333 @Big4USA @Sephiath @texasbaldhead ImageImage
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#Iran’s ruling mullahs are the enemies of all Abrahamic religions and all denominations of Islam- conference marking the advent of the Holy month of #Ramadan (Islam, Religion of Mercy, Fraternity, and Equality; Solidarity of All Faiths against Extremism)…
I salute all Muslims around the world at the start of #Ramadan. I particularly salute my sisters and brothers in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, and Afghanistan who are victims of the mullahs’ religious fascism.
And of course, I salute my sisters and brothers in #Iran who adhere to various faiths and religions. #Ramadan…
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Interim session of the National Council of Resistance of #Iran- Iranian society is in circumstances of a revolution; the sole democratic alternative glows- Auver-Sur-Oise
The beginning of the Persian Year 1400 marks 40 years of NCRI’s steadfast struggle against the mullahs’ religious fascism, representing the greatest and longest organized resistance in #Iran’s history. #IranRegimeChange #آری_به_جمهوری_دمکراتیک
The Iranian society is a powder keg ready to go off against the mullahs’ oppression.The objective conditions for the regime’s overthrow are in place. There is a serious conflict between the people & the tyrants, while the latter is weak, decrepit, &has no solutions. #IranProtests
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Terrorist Iranian Regime in Germany
Did my friends in Germany know that:
On 21 August 2020 Germany’s Department for the Protection of the Constitution, Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), presented the “Situation Report of the Protection of the Constitution 2019“
Claude Monequet: For the first time in years we have real evidence of the involvement of the Iranian regime in terror operation in Europe
#ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists #IranRegimeChange #Iran
@theJusticeDept @BMJV_Bund @BfV_Bund @BMI_Bund
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1⃣ #ObviousLie
#Iran's interior minister downsizes the massacre of November 2019 #IranUprising.
Mullah's dictatorship massacred 1,500 protesters. Now, with more than 48,200 on #Coronavirus, they disappointedly try to prevent from future #IranProtests.
2️⃣We neither forgive nor forget
Mrs. #MaryamRajavi: World must condemn horrific #CrimeAgainstHumanity, take action to stop it & free all prisoners; inaction is inexcusable & the regime will construe it as a green light to continue its crimes.
3️⃣What the Iranian ppl demand of western govs!

The Iranian people have started a new era, their resistance expects the intl community to respect their struggle 4 liberating Iran from the evil & mischief of the mullahs’ regime.
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Do not compare the situation in Iran with the strategy of the regime in the Corona disaster with other countries.

If we are talking about the Chinese or European and American model, going astray.
#coronavirus #iran #IranRegimeChange #COVID19
On March 4, Khamenei explicitly stated that he intended to create blessings and opportunities from the calamity and threat of #COVID19.
He intends to use #coronavirus against D overthrow of Velayat-e-Faqih regime with great human losses to preserve this regime
"Sending to work" of workers&employees is a continuation of D same strategy Like 8Y war& #1988massacre in #CoronavirusPandemic time.
  If every death is a blessing 4mullahs, Mullahs' time is over.
We call 4 trials of Mullah's regime of Iran
Its a crime against humanity
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The main purpose of the regime's sham elections is to try to delay the burning rage against the illegitimate rule of the mullahs. The main purpose of this show is to conceal suppression, murder and plunder.@Maryam_Rajavi

@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo
We march in lockstep, we are one, we are partners,we sing from the same song sheet; Ready to sacrifice, we will rise up, and we will be triumphant.@Maryam_Rajavi

#MyvotRegimeChange #FreeIran2020
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost @nytimes
@Maryam_Rajavi @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost @nytimes Yet, despite all its efforts, the regime failed to portray a stable and powerful image of itself and cover up the critical state that it’s going through.
#MyvotRegimeChange #BoycottIranShamElections

@GermanyDiplo @BelgiumMFA @francediplo_EN @CanadaFP @NorwayMFA @StateDept
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Who is Alam Al-Hoda?
He is one of the reliable mercenaries of Khamenei Because of the killing of protesting youth in the last 40 years.
#IranRegimeChange #MEK #IranProtests
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @StateDept @USAdarFarsi @OANN @Reuters @FoxNews @NBCNews @nytimes @AP
He says we must execution who do not cross D flag of #USA.Officially demanded D #UK Ambassador @HMATehran-Rob Macaire must be chopped into pieces
If this filthy element had been captured by forces loyal to #Soleimani,his ear would have been D largest remaining part of his body.
Alam al-Hoda was in 1980, and played a direct role in the suppression, execution and murder of a large number of young people and dissidents also played a major role in the suppression of the January 2018 and November 2019 uprisings in Mashhad.
#MEK #IranProtests #FreeIran2020
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Thread: Why nationwide #IranProtests will erupt again, more radicalized
1.There have been major nationwide protests around every decade in #Iran, each one more radicalized than the last. The Iranian regime has always had enemies from among the people due to its theocratic nature.
2. As a result, during the 1980’s, known as the dark era in terms of the blatant suppression of dissent, at least 30,000 political opponents of the clerical regime were executed in prisons across #Iran.The regime never announced the number of executed political prisoners.
3. Eleven years later, in 1999, a Tehran University student uprising was violently suppressed by security forces. More than 4 students were killed while hundreds were injured. In the aftermath of these incidents, more than 70 students disappeared. #IranProtests
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Evident in @NCRIUS press conference 2Day: The protests showed extreme vulnerability of the regime, its isolation among own people. #IranProtests also showed that the Iranian people are capable to bring down this regime & willing to pay the price for it. The gains are irreversible
@NCRIUS As new information comes in, more details are available; we identified 154 of at least 450 killed during #IranProtests in 176 cities. Despite the killings, the uprising continues...
@NCRIUS The protests were very targeted focusing on the symbols of suppression and corruption, during #IranProtests.
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#Iran reg. is committing #CrimeAgainstHumanity,it's the International Communities task 2intervene.Let's b the voice of #IranProtests.A call on all Freedom-loving ppl,ask your Gov.2do everything 2provide #Internet4Iran.
#IranProtests will continue.#FreeIran
#Iranian regime is the main source of spreading violence& terrorism in MiddleEast &world over. The solution to this is #IranRegimeChange by the #Iranian ppl.
The best way to help #IranProtesters is true Governments providing #Internet4Iran.
Here is how #Iran's criminal regime is trying to silence #IranProtests. Let's ask Governments that have the capability to provide #Internet4Iran.
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What Explains Latest #BBC's Anti-#MEK Tirade in the Service of #Iran Mullahs…
#FakeNews #BlackListMOIS
#BBC has published an utterly bogus report on the Mujahedin-e Khalq (#MEK).In its entirety,it has rehashed the #Iranian regime’s threadbare,baseless &false allegations through the voices of 2notorious functionaries of #Iran's Ministry of Intelligence(#MOIS)#FakeNews
So outrageous is the scope of lies and distortion in this report that it raises an obvious question: What kind of a deal has the #Iranian regime offered to the #BBC to secure such an inexplicable and vulgar hit-piece? #FakeNews…
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Why Iranian diaspora say shame on @NBCNews,for its recent article bashing #MEK?
Because it’s giving lipService 2the most criminal regime of our time(#Iran's dictatorship)in publishing a hit-piece against Iran's main opposition repeating Iran's Intelligence lies&claims against MEK Image
Mayor @RudyGiuliani represents the awakened consciousness of the #American public in their support of a #FreeIran.Bashing Mayor of #America for his brave support of #IranRegimeChange is a shameful disgrace for #NBC,& all those who’ve penned or helped spread this article. Image
If supporting the cry of the #Iranian people 4freedom i.e #IranRegimeChange is a crime as #NBC has alleged, then we shout loudly: shame on NBC #FakeNew for supporting the murderers of the #Iranian ppl &raise our hat for @RudyGiuliani 4his outstanding support of a #FreeIran Image
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Rebuttal to @NBCNews Hit Piece Against #MEK and Its Popular Support in #Iran…
#FakeNews #NBC #IranRegimeChange #WeSupportMEK
#NBC's article is the latest in a series of pieces that have rehashed stale &universally debunked allegations against the main Iranian opposition #MEK. Any fair-minded person can effortlessly discover that the main source of these allegations is the religious fascism ruling #Iran
After FR, GER &Belg agencies foiled a terror plot by #Iranian regm’s terrorists(including a senior diplomat), 2bomb #MEK #FreeIran gathering in Paris,parroting the regm FM Zarif, #NBC reported,this may have been a false flag operation &regime may not have been involved.#FakeNews
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1. @iran_policy respects freedoms of all #Iranian national minorities as stated in its finding constitution. #NCRI is built upon solidarity, therefore it does not hold the least interest of hurting this foundation.
#IranConferenceNYC opened this topic:
2. Ali Bahrami of Iranian Kurdistan Party (Khebat) at #IranConferenceNYC
He said, D only solution 4a #FreeIran is #IranRegimeChange
Khebat crosses out negotiations with religious dictatorship, believes unity is key among all Kurdish parties.
3. Farzin Hashemi, #NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee says thru sheer repression & terror mullahs try2 prevent flare-up of popular uprising in #Iran to stop spreads of explosive rage by compatriots in Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Baluchistan...

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Message to the demonstration by Iranian-Americans in protest to the presence of the representative of Iran’s ruling religious fascism at the United Nations #IranRegimeChange #FreeIran #UNGA #No2Rouhani…
Your gathering in New York is a resounding “No!” to the policy of appeasement, to the policy of buying chances for a moribund regime, and to the policy of inaction toward a regime that preserves its power through warmongering, terrorism and suppression #IranRegimeChange #FreeIran
Your gathering says “No” to the continuation of the rule of a bunch of occupiers and criminals in Iran. And, it says “Yes” to the overthrow of this regime by the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance #IranRegimeChange #FreeIran #No2Rouhani…
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These days International community talk about Max-Pressure on Iran, but for this impasse, which has prevented world peace progress, Iranians have a viable solution, summarized in #NCRI in d following options⤵️
Characteristics of d Alternative, we provide to make d world Safe & Secure
Sound organizational structure &proven sustainable organizational capabilities, inside #Iran &abroad, enabling it 2 act as d engine 4 change
@VP @francediplo_EN
2. Viable leadership
A sophisticated leadership capable of dealing with the ruling theocracy, while both appealing and able to unify the public. Laser-focused on #IranRegimeChange
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