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#Germany #Iran #USA #murrder #terrorist #QassemSoleimani @Qasam_Soleimani

In January, Iranian General Soleimani was killed by using a US drone. For the campaign, data flows are said to have flowed through a US base in Germany. Politicians on the left then file criminal charges.
But the federal prosecutor sees no reason for an investigation.
Left-wing MPs have criticized the prosecutor's decision not to launch an investigation into a US drone's killing of Iranian general Qassam Soleimani in #Iraq.
The prosecution is "hiding behind a convenient and shortened legal perspective and thus protecting the responsible members of the federal government," it said in a joint statement.
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As the death toll from #covid19 passed 2000 in Iran, embattled Pres. Rouhani is under fire for his lukewarm response to the rapidly spreading pandemic.
What are the key factors behind his administration's slow response to the viral outbreak.

Here is my explanation.

1/ On March 10 days after Iran officially announced its first cases of #covid19, the IRGC affiliated Fars News Agency in an article titled “lethargic days of Rouhani (presidency)”…
2/ criticized the poor performance of Rouhani administration in dealing with the #coronavirus outbreak including its slow response and lack of a coherent, nationwide strategy.
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Good news: An Iraqi committee has been formed to oversee the implementation of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from #Iraq, including the US forces. The US, UK, France, and tens of countries involved are informed of the procedure. #QassemSoleimani
I have to bow to the request to offer further explanation here:
I have to bow to the request to offer a further explanation here:e: The Iraqi government and all Iraqi forces agreed to allow the US and other forces to leave within 3 months.+
If Foreign forces refuse to complete the withdrawal, these will be considered occupation forces and therefore legitimate targets.

This is why I said the other day that no Iraqi anti-US group was responsible for rocket launching against the US embassy.+
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#Iran lies about everything. i.e.portraying #QassemSoleimani as a"hero",while the reality of #Iranian people's feeling about the child-killer, war criminal,#Soleimani could well be seen in the next few footages during the recent #IranProtests

@USAdarFarsi This is what the people really think about #IRGC & Basiji thugs who have murdered tens of thousands of #MEK supporters &anyone standing to the mullahs for a #FreeIran. #QassemSoleimani was the chieftain of #IRGCTerrorists
#IranProtestSupport @USAdarFarsi
@USAdarFarsi And here are more "love" for the child-killer #QassemSoleimani. Make sure you will also see minute 1:34. Brave!
Source: #MEK Network inside #Iran
#FreeIran #IranProtests
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For those who still question the legality of taking out Soleimani with a drone strike.

Please read and share with any friends or family who question this under the Just War Theory or other moral or conscientious reasoning.

#IranProtests #IranAttacks #IranvsUSA #QassemSoleimani
Zach also links to the legal reasoning behind UBL. And the often overlooked fact that Jeh Johnson was the DoD General Counsel as well.
Note in the DoD Statement, they mention that the Quds Force was a Foreign Terrorist Organization, that Soleimani had orchestrated MULTIPLE attacks on coalition bases over the last few months, and approved the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.
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@VP is not spreading #Conspiracytheories
Yes #Iran helped with the 9/11 attacks.
The “9/11 Commission published their report on July 22, 2004.
The commission found that
Senior managers in al-Qaeda maintained contacts with Iran and the Iranian-supported terrorist organization
Also spelled Hizbullah
Al-Qaeda members received advice and training from Hizbullah.”
A large percentage of the 14 Saudi “muscle” operatives “traveled into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001.
The 9/11 never did a full investigation into #Iran involvement, which is why the report said we have found no evidence Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the 9/11 attacks.

Then stated a further investigation would be necessary.
It was never done.…
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@BarackObama did not take out
#Qasem #Soleimani a US listed terrorist because he was in negotiations with #QasemSoleimani with the #Iran #NuclearDeal


2015 Article
Under @BarackObama intelligence was actually passed to #iran's terrorist faction #Hezbollah ,
Warning them of a pending attack.
US weapons were ending up in their hands.
#JohnKerry has been helping Iran avoid sanctions, negotiated with IRGC #Solemani…
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#Soleimani and others had plans to attack #Americans using Russia's K-Club missile system, which appears like an everyday shipping container.

The K-club is remote activated using satellite.

@BarackObama allowed a 35 yr lease on Florida's, Port Canaveral by shipping Co. Gulftainer. A company owned the brother of Saddam Hussein's rouge Nuclear Scientist, and declared enemy of America.
Gulftainer is partners with Russias weapon CO that makes the K-club
#QAnon #Trump
#Gulftainer was caught shipping weapons to terrorists.
They are in direct business with
#Iran, #Iraq, #Russia, #UAE
#QassemSoleimani was in charge of ops in #iran and #Iraq

@POTUS is well aware of their plan. To counter the attack @realDonaldTrump has ⤵
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1. Trump has 2001 #AUMF to authorize him to conduct warfare against groups that attacked in 2001 including Al-Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliates. It doesn't include Iran. @StateDept can list persons as members of designated #FTO but that does not authorize their assassination.
2. @POTUS had no AUMF for #QassemSoleimani so he needed to make a Presidential "Finding" that authorizes the operation and he must transmit it to Congress within 48 hours. But there was a problem. EO 12,333 prohibited political assassinations.
3. Presuming that we have probable cause, we could try to arrest QS for terrorism but extraditing him could result in a claim immunity. Under Bush we engaged in renditions that have been criticized as unlawful. But the act of being listed does not in of itself authorize
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General Hajizadeh, commander of IRGC’s Aerospace Force: “During the missile attack against the US military sites in the Ain Al-Asad airbase, we initiated a cyber attack that deactivated their jet fighters’ and drones’ aviation systems.”
IRGC commander, General Hajizade: “We were expecting the US to retaliate and we were ready to fight back. And naturally our next moves were going to be harsher.”
IRGC commander, General Hajizadeh: ‘We hit the US airbase with 13 missiles but we had 100’s of missiles ready to shoot.’
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Consider this:

During the invasion of Iraq, Saddam fired scores of SCUD missiles at Coalition Forces.

Many of them were successfully intercepted by our missile defense.

Yet not one interceptor missile was fired during the #IranAttacks.


It’s pretty obvious.

How could Iran claim their response was “proportional”, if their missiles were shot down?

It’s likely that Iran notified Iraq of its intent to attack #AlAsad as a measured response, and US officials (most certainly notified by Iraq), let it happen.
Once again, our forces have been placed in harms way—and used as pawns—to correct Trump’s diplomatic incompetence.

But make no mistake— the threat is nowhere near over.

This was just theater of an official nature. The Iranian military was never our concern.

It’s their proxies.
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#Iran launches 'more than a dozen ballistic missiles' at #US targets in #Iraq, Pentagon confirms
I#Iran #USA
ran’s foreign minister has said the strikes have concluded and characterised them as self-defence within the boundaries of international law – not the first shots in a war.

Trump, in his first comments after the strikes, also sought to play them down.
#Iran #USA
The attacks appear to have been carefully calibrated to avoid US casualties. #US bases in #Iraq were already on high alert.

This is a first step Iran is initiating to give the go to further attacks by Iran and its allies to exhaust US forces in the Middle East.
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Thread. #Iran last night attacked with rockets some US bases in #Iraq to react to #QassemSoleimani killing. Apparently, and luckily, there are no reported casualties. On January 3rd commenting the #Soleimani’s killing on @MiddleEastEye… I wrote: (1)
“In the following days, we will see violent protests and rockets launched at American targets, but the real Iranian reaction may take different forms and timelines from those dictated by western media and political needs.” I also added (2)
”It is plausible that Iran will initially target America's allies, punishing them for their alignment with the US, before turning its attention back to "the great Satan" only after seeing who Trump’s challenger will be in the November presidential election.” Now #IRGC is (4)
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Pro-Iran media is reporting that Iran has fired ballistic missile into US bases inside Iraq.

Simultaneously, a senior US military source in Iraq tells Fox News they’re “under missile attack from Iran, “cruise missiles or short range ballistic missiles”, “All over the country”!
Hizbollah says “vengeance begins”

Social media videos purportedly of missiles in the sky fired from Iran.
These reports of rocket attacks are coming in at the same time, from the Iranians and a senior official speaking to Fox News from Iraq.

Let’s wait and see what the US and Iraqis officially say.
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1. Anyone know what kind of passport #QassemSoleimani traveled under? Presume he wasn't considered a diplomat but just want to check. I never really wanted to be an international law expert so can anyone tell me if @POTUS can legally deny @JZarif the ability to appear at UNSC?
2. Presume he can with a declaration of war but can he do it without one? I can't find any authority for it in the UN Charter. It says all members are in the General Assembly and the Security Counsel can expel a GA member. And the idea that we will advance peace by preventing an
3. emissary of an adversary appearing in the UNSC is ludicrous. Trump should grow a spine. Of course Trump has all the best people so I'm sure he's not worried about the wife of his big money contributor screwing it all up. 🙄@StateDept
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1. In the late summer of 2014, I begged the Obama administration to provide cover & JPADS drops to save the few hundred #Kurdish YPG YPJ left surrounded by #Daesh in #Kobane. And he did it. I have reported every day on their courageous battle against Daesh. My YouTube channel
2.every Pentagon briefing from 2016 to #Daesh's surrender. IMO Trump's betrayal was a greater blunder than killing #QassemSoleimani.

We need a place to go. The #SDC and #SDF can administer a save civil society based on self governance and the Golden Rule.
3. Free, secular and Democratic. It may not be too late. But we have to act fast. Ask your members of Congress to support the SDC and SDF and demand Turkey withdraw from North and East Syria. Turkey is booting us. Now Iraq. We need trusted friends. @SenatorRisch @senatemajldr
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#Soleimani #IranWar Plan was to use Gulftainer.
A shipping country that Obama gave a 35 yr lease of Florida's Port Canaveral.
Owners brother is Saddam Hussein's Nuclear Scientist Dr.Jaftar.
Gulftainer was going to use
K club missile system disguised as shipping container.
Gulftainer is now merged with ROSTEC.
Russian State owned CO that produces the K Club Missile system.
Port Canaveral is next a strategic U.S. Naval Base
Gulftainer’s Iraqi co-owner Hamid Dhia Jafar
is the brother and business partner of Saddam Hussein’s rogue nuclear physicist
Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar

Dr. Jafar created Saddam’s “Arab Bomb,” a miniaturized nuclear warhead known as the Iraqi “Beach Ball.”
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Such an important & insightful story by @MazMHussain, using internal Iranian documents.

“Secret Iranian spy cables show how Qassim Suleimani wielded his enormous power in Iraq”

(I’ll post about 5 extracts I think are super interesting)
“While the Iranian-led war against the Islamic State was raging, Iranian spies privately expressed concern that the brutal tactics favored by Suleimani and his Iraqi proxies were laying the groundwork for major blowback against the Iranian presence Iraq.”…
This is key, esp. for regime insiders to say it:

“In some documents, intelligence officers criticize Suleimani for alienating Sunni Arab communities and helping to create the circumstances that justified a renewed American military presence in Iraq.”…
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In his speech today #Nasrallah said that there is no American official who carries the same weight as #QassemSoleimani & #AbuMahdialMuhandis. Then he adds that Solaimani's shoe is worth more than Trump & all the US leadership put together. #Iran #Iraq
#Nasrallah today: "The response to the blood of #QassemSoleimani & #AbuMahdialMuhandis has to be the expulsion of the American forces from the whole region" #Iran #Iraq
#Nasrallah stresses that American citizens and civilians in the region or anywhere else cannot be harmed. Harming them would only serve #Trump's agenda. #Iran #Iraq #QassemSoleimani
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170 Iraqi MPs sign a resolution to expel #US troops from #Iraq… Image
Iraq deputies chanting Free Iraq - American soldiers out.
Resolution text:
Point 2. Oblige govt cease presence of any foreign forces in Iraq, prevent their use of Iraq soil & airspace,
Point 3. Oblige govt to apply to UN w/ a complaint over Iraq sovereignty violation,
Point 4. Investigate US air strikes Image
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1- Nasrallah speaking on #QasemSoleimani killing:

The date of his death is the beginning of a new era, not only for Iraq & Iran, but for the entire region. We are in a new phase. What came before, unlike what will come after
2- Nasrallah: When #QassemSoleimani would visit me (via Damascus airport) he would often cry when recalling the fallen martyrs, hoping he would die like them, and not of all age/sickness. His hope in Martyrdom has been achieved.
3- Nasrallah: Same with Al Muhandis. He came to see me in Beirut southern suburbs 3 months ago and told me, “war with ISIS is over and I survived without achieving martyrdom.”

We believers never lose. When we win we win, when we are martyred we win. Congrats to our martyrs.
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#Hezbollah leader Nasrallah begins speech on the killings of #Qassem_Suleimani and #AbuMahdialMuhandis.

Says Jan 2nd 2020 (day of the assasination) is the beginning of a new phase in the entire region.
Nasrallah says Soleimani got what he sought on that night: Martyrdom.
#Nasrallah says both Soleimani and Abu Mahdi confided in him that they wanted to be martyred.

Abu Mahdi did so at a meeting in #Beirut’s southern suburbs 2 months ago when they “spoke for hours.”

Nasrallah congratulates then both.
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#BREAKING: Oman’s ruler Sultan Qaboos has called on the US and Iran to resolve their issues diplomatically and asked the international community to intensify efforts for peace in the region
#BREAKING: #UK Foreign Minister Raab says war in #MiddleEast is in no one’s interests
#BREAKING: #UK Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab says route is open to #Iran to engage in meaningful diplomacy
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When the Air Force (Helicopters) of a country, #Iraq, carry the coffins of those assassinated by a guest country, #US. Do you @realDonaldTrump believe your troop will be safe in Iraq after your violation of the agreement with the Iraqi government?

@realDonaldTrump The 1st of 3 expected Funerals in three cities of #Iran today and tomorrow of the most famous and loved #Qassemsoleimani General assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack . The US and neocon sitting in tanks all day, pretending & trying hard to think, believe he is hated
@realDonaldTrump The will of the most famous General in #Iran Sardar Haj #QassemSuleimani assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack:
A دثقغ simple grave with the name of "the soldier Qassem Soleimani, without any Flowery phrases (praising compliments)"
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