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Widespread #Iran poverty will lead to regime’s downfall…
Iranian officials have acknowledge that more than 1.5 million Iranians cannot afford food.
The purchasing power of workers has decreased from 50 to80% and this issue has led to numerous problems for the families of the workingclass,

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#Iran’s Air Corridor To Hezbollah: Background And Briefing On Latest Claims:
A Fars Air Qeshm flight Boeing 747 touched down in Beirut at 2:04 pm on October 16.…
Fars Air Qeshm’s Boeing 747 has been implicated before in suspicious activity. In September FoxNews also reported that the same plane had departed from an air force base in Tehran on July 9 and also stopped in Damascus before continuing on to Beirut.
#Iran using Beirut international airport to traffic weapons to Hezbollah. The Iranians are looking for new smuggling routes they think will be immune to air…
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Marzieh Ebrahimi #AcidAttack victim #Iran .
This is a tiny example for you to know why I am trying to overthrow the mullahs.
Is not that enough for #IranRegimeChange
Marzieh Ebrahimi #AcidAttack victim #Iran .
You can be an echo of the Iranian people، help spread the word 2 know what happens in Iran.please.
#Iran: As long as the mullahs' are in power #humanrights and #womensrights are not going to be upheld in Iran.
As the Iranian regime suffers from instability and is beset by social protests and discontent, it is essential that we support the Iranian pp & #Iranprotesters!
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Members of the #Iran Diaspora in New York, supporters of the main Iranian opposition #MEK, rallying & protesting regime President Hassan Rouhani's presence in New York for #UNGA
More footage from New York where supporters of the main Iranian opposition #MEK are protesting the regime President Hassan Rouhani's presence in New York for #UNGA
Sep 24 - New York
Supporters of the main Iranian opposition #MEK continuing to protest the regime President Hassan Rouhani's presence in New York for #UNGA.

They're planning a rally on Tuesday at 4:30 pm EST
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
(2nd Ave & 47th St.)
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Today's currency price surge in #Iran

U.S. dollar = 148,500 rials
Euro = 173,300 rials

My take:
Iranians know the regime will be in deep waters this week at the #UNGA & especially when @realDonaldTrump chairs a UNSC session focusing on the Iranian regime.
On August 6th, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed the country's currency would stabilize.
The U.S. dollar traded at 107,000 that day.

Today, the U.S. dollar is trading at 150,800 rials.

#Iran's economy is being ruined by the mullahs' regime.
Update from #Iran's falling currency value:

U.S. dollar is reportedly selling at 151,000 rials

The Iranian people are realizing the future of this regime is shaky & the mullahs' days are numbered.
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Sanctions paralyzing Iran’s economy or else?
If a country’s economy is defective, sanctions can be strangulating for it.
Iran’s economy relies on oil exports, on the one hand, and imports, on the other hand.…
To #Iran, imports act like airways for their economy and sanctions are blocking it. When you can’t breathe, you start to choke. So this is why sanctions have a vital role.
Water crisis
Environmental crisis
Addiction and social corruption caused by poverty
Iran’s leaders name these ‘the super-challenges’ with dozens more of social problems. It’s these crises that have brought the society to an explosive point.
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Sep 17 - Tehran, #Iran
Clients of the IRGC-associated Caspian credit firm rallying outside the mullah's Central Bank, demanding their stolen savings returned.
These protesters also blocked the capital's Mirdamad Avenue.
Network #MEK
Sep 17 - Rasht, northern #Iran
Clients of the IRGC-associated Caspian credit firm are demanding their stolen savings returned.
They are chanting: "death to oppressor" and "death to plunderer"
Network #MEK
Sep 17 - Tehran, #Iran
Brave & high-spirited women chanting:
"They've stolen our money & lie about returning it"

They're referring to the ongoing crisis of millions of Iranians being robbed of their savings by state-linked credit firms.
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Sep 12 - Marivan, NW #Iran
Locals have launched a general strike, protesting the recent execution of three Kurdish political prisoners & an attack on Iraq-based Iranian Kurdish dissident groups.
Sep 12 - Bukan, NW #Iran
Locals launching a general strike, protesting the recent execution of three Kurdish political prisoners & an attack on Iraq-based Iranian Kurdish dissident groups.
Sep 12 - Sanandaj, W #Iran
Locals launching a coordinated general strike in several cities, protesting the recent execution of three Kurdish political prisoners & an attack on Iraq-based Iranian Kurdish dissident groups.
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۱- طرح سؤال از #روحانی در جلسه مجلس نظام / نمایندگان از پاسخ به ۴سؤال از ۵سؤال قانع نشدند.
بر اساس قانع نشدن نمایندگان نسبت به پاسخ‌های رییس‌جمهوری به ۴ سوال، سوالات مطرح شده به قوه‌قضاییه ارجاع خواهد شد ⬇️
۲- و پس از آن نتایج بررسی قوه‌قضاییه بار دیگر به مجلس ارجاع می‌شود و مجلس در این باره تصمیم‌گیری می‌کند
بیش از هشتاد عضو مجلس نظام با طرح سؤالات مختلف از آخوند روحانی وی را به مجلس کشانده بودند.⬇️
۳- عدم موفقیت دولت در کنترل قاچاق کالا و ارز، استمرار تحریمهای بانکی، عدم اقدام شایسته دولت در کاهش نرخ بیکاری، رکود اقتصادی شدید چند ساله، افزایش شتابان نرخ ارزهای خارجی و کاهش شدید ارزش پول ملی پنج محور سؤال از آخوند روحانی است.⬇️
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Remminded one of mullahs crimes against Iranian people
On this day, August 20, 1979, Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini ordered a ruthless crackdown of the Iranian #Kurdish community.
Khomeini deployed Iran's classic army & units of the recently established Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), accompanied with a number of so-called judges to the #Kurdistan region to carry out the attack & launch summary executions.
Khomeini raised preposterous accusations against Iran's #Kurdish community, saying “opponents of Islam seek to spread atheism in the country,” giving a green light for his forces to bomb Kurdish cities & villages.
Many innocent people were executed in such scenes...
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Let’s talk about the newly launched “Iran Action Group” of the U.S. State Department.…
To begin with, let’s listen to @SecPompeo's remarks.
Important excerpt:

“Since the President’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal in May, Brian has played an important role in shaping our strategy of maximum diplomatic and economic pressure.”
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Brian Hook special envoy for Iran- Protests sweep Iran…
#IranProtests #Iran
The action came as @realDonaldTrump administration prepared to increase economic pressure on #Iran by restoring sanctions to force Tehran to end its nuclear weapons program & support for militant groups in the Middle East,
@StateDept The protests that swept all over #Iran in the last days of 2017 & continuing in 2018 shook the mullahs’ regime to its core & shifted the political scene of Iran forever.
question: Is this a continuous process that will go on, or a temporary and static phenomenon?
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Let's talk about #FakeNews @CNN's latest manipulative piece about #Iran.…
This is enough for me to realize the entire piece is full of lies.
If Iranian President @HassanRouhani is a "moderate" as @CNN claims, why did the world witness the enormous crackdown of the Dec/Jan uprising spread across over 140 cities throughout #Iran?

If he is a "moderate," how would CNN explain this?…
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Let’s talk about Paul R. Pillar’s recent Atlantic Council piece on #Iran:
“Sixty-Five Years On: Iran Regime Change Advocates Haven’t Learned from Coup”…
His very first sentence is a lie:

“The Trump administration’s policy toward Iran aims for regime change.”

A simple Google search tells us so.…
Yet the fact that Pillar launches his article with such a sentence makes me, as a reader, very suspicious of his entire objective.

With my knowledge of #Iran’s regime, "regime change" is EXACTLY what they’re terrified of.
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August 14 - #Rasht N #Iran
Looted depositors of a state affiliated development financial institution protested in front of governor's office.
The brave women chanting:
"Our scream is our dignity" & " Our silence is our surrender"
August 14 - #Rasht N #Iran
Looted creditors of the Caspian gathered in front of governor's office.
They chanting: " Death to embezzlement and corruption"
#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange
August 14 - #Rasht N #Iran
Protesters angry chanting:
" #Iran cannot be free with insidious thieves in Iran"
((in reference to the Iranian regime's supreme leader #Khamenei)
Salute to this brave women 👏👏👏
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IRAN'S regime has vowed to ramp up its military power and share its defence capabilities with "friendly and brotherly countries".
#Tehran's Defence Minister Amir Hatami boasted that the new version of the missile was "100 percent domestically made"."We will certainly increase our missile power every day.
Iran's missile capabilities have been a major source of tensions between the regime and the West, particularly the US.
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August 13- #Mashhad NE #Iran
The shoemakers Bazar is the scene of strikes and protests today. The shop owners gathered in protest chanting anti-government slogans such as "Death to dictator."
#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange #MEK
August 13 - #Mashhad, NE #Iran
Shoe market store owners on strike protesting the high cost and lack of goods for the production of shoes.
August 13 - #Mashhad, NE #Iran
More videos of today's protests as the city's shoe market goes on strike.
Protesters chanting:
"Cowards have remained home"
#IranProtests #IranRegimeChange
#IranProtests #MEK Network
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Iranians are sharing this map of Iran to show how much of the Caspian Sea (in the north) the mullahs' are forfeiting at the 5th #CaspianSummit.
To the #world: Iranians do not recognize any such disgraceful deals signed by the mullahs' regime.
#ABC #NBC #FoxNews #CBS #BV
What the hell are you doing?!
Selling our #CaspianSea to Russia?!
You #Khamenei are doing any kinds of betrayal to save your regime but it's To the #world: Iranians do not recognize any such disgraceful deals signed by the mullahs' regime.
#AP #AFP #UPI #WashTimes #WashingtonPost
An updated map of the #CaspianSeaSellOut by Mullahs' regime.
Kazakhstan: around 30%
Turkmenistan: 21%
Russia: around 19%
Azerbaijan: around 19%
Iran: 11%
This goes to show how desperate the Iranian regime has become in the face of ongoing Iran Protests & U.S. sanctions.
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It doesn't matter that EU oppose Us sanction against #Iran.Politicians work on "the continuation of Iran’s exports of oil" but it’s companies, not governments, that buy Iran’s oil. #IranRegimeChange
The threat of exclusion from the U.S. market and banking system is enough to stop them buying it, international shipping companies from moving it and insurers from covering that trade.#IranRegimeChange
Royal Dutch Shell & Total have stopped buying. Other European refiners will surely follow. By July, EU crude imports from Iran were down by 41%. Don’t be surprised to see them drop to zero by November.
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Since August 2, ppl of #Iran have taken to the streets chanting “Death to the Dictator” in angry against the tyrannical government.
On Sunday, demonstrators clashed with government forces across the city while chanting: “High prices and inflation, misery of the people.
Plumes of smoke fill the city's streets as disgruntled #Iranians hope for a revolution
The continuation and the frequency of the protests throughout 2018, despite the imposition of pervasive suppression and daily arrests and executions designed to intimidate the public, vividly reflects one reality.
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August 11- Tehran, #Iran
Source says first groups of protesters are gathering to launch their protest rally.
Bazaar merchants on strike, joining the nationwide general strike.
August 11- Tehran, #Iran
In protest of the rising raw material prices
Shoemaking Market Merchants the start their protest and strikes.
They encouraging others to join this latest campaign.
August 11- Tehran, #Iran
Strike in #Tehran bazaar, shoe markets are protesting and chanting:
"Proud Iranians, support, support"
#Iranprotests #IranStrike
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@jabdi & @SinaToossi of the #Iran apologist/lobbyist group @NIACouncil published a piece in @LobeLog criticizing U.S. President Donald Trump sanctioning #Iran.…
Their main argument hinges on the Iranian people suffering from sanctions.

Of course, these #Iran apologist won't bother mentioning how the Iranian people have been crushed under the mullahs' rule for nearly 40 years now, with public hangings, floggings, limp amputations...
Their main objective is revealed here:

"...Pompeo and Bolton have flattered fringe and extremist Iranian opposition groups."

They're worried about #IranRegimeChange.
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