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1. Over the past several weeks the January 6 committee has been exposing the length to which then President Donald Trump and his allies tried to maintain power which culminated in a violent insurrection, fomented my trump, and the Capitol. #Jan6Hearings…
2. I think most of us were pretty attuned to what was goin on that January 6, 2021 and Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in order to stop the certification of the presidential election lost by Trump which was immediately claimed by him and his allies to be fraudulent.
3. But while most people were focused on what was happening in DC itself, I was looking at the reaction of Canadian Trump supporters and considering the implications for Canadian political discourse.
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New 🔥🔥: Jericho March organizers quickly pivoted to promote the #Jan6th Trump rally at the Capitol within days after a late night impromptu meeting where Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, and Patrick Byrne were snuck into the White House to meet President Trump. #Jan6Hearings
On Dec 12th, 2020 a Trump rally to protest Stop the Steal of the 2020 election (in their minds) was held in Washington DC called the Jericho March... also sometimes referred to as the 2nd Million MAGA March. General Michael Flynn was the keynote speaker at the event.
The Jericho March was also co-promoted by #1LoudVoice & included other speakers that have since gained notoriety 4 their involvement at the Jan6th Capitol Insurrection such as Stewart Rhodes, Ali Alexander & Alex Jones. Over 800+ people have since been arrested for Jan6th crimes.
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Dear @POTUS @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse,

1/ I've been an admirer since the 1980s when I would've identified as @GOP. Joe Biden always seemed like one of our smartest and most decent public servants. You were my 1st choice in 2008 & I was very happy when you were chosen as VP.
2/ Obv I supported you in 2020 & was able to help advance that campaign in small ways. Having a good person for the nominee was a happy bonus. But overall it was a crisis that called all-hands-on-deck. I would've helped anybody.

That crisis still is here. It hasn't gone away.
3/ Now as we near the halfway mark of the #BidenAdministration & #Midterms2022 the crisis actually has worsened. Things have gotten worse, not better in #Biden years. Now is an urgent, maybe last chance to muster the nation to meet the crisis.

I'm worried you're not doing that.
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Seems that @RepScottPerry previously worked w/ members of Roger Stone’s innermost network—Alex Jones, Jack Posobiec, Laura Loomer, & Tucker Carlson—to spread a lie re the LV shooting. Gives an idea of who he may have worked w/ re: stealing the election. 1/…
2/ Image
3/ Image
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Cheney outlining Hutchinson's "position to know a great deal" about what was happening in the Trump WH.

Today we will hear "new information" about Meadows and WH counsel and what they did/said on Jan. 6, about what they knew about prospect for violence beforehand. #Jan6Hearings
Thompson now establishing Hutchinson's bona fides w/ Rs on Capitol Hill and in Trump WH; she worked for Steve Scalise, Ted Cruz, then Trump WH. He shows photos of her w/ various Republicans.
When she moved to WH COS w/ Meadows, in March 2020, she was his liaison to the Hill. She was in contact w/ Meadows consistently throughout the day in this job.
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Jan 6 Updates today #January6thHearings in thread.
Testifying today is Cassidy Hutchinson, former aid to White house chief of staff for the then president Trump, Mark Meadows.
The line of questioning is setting up the fact that Ms. Hutchinson was intimately involved in the daily needs of President Trump as well as Mark Meadows. She was not a "low level assistant".
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Today’s #Jan6Hearings are the last until July—so it’s worth highlighting today that Wisconsin’s role in the attempt to overturn our democracy wasn’t limited to Ron Johnson. It was a project that consumed most of the state’s GOP… and still does. THREAD…
After Biden won in Wisconsin and Trump lost, the GOP refused to concede. Trump forced a recount—but just in Wisconsin’s two biggest and most diverse counties: Milwaukee and Dane. In the recount, they kept trying to toss out ballots. They failed.…
Some local Republican leaders called out the Trump campaign’s attempt to disenfranchise Wisconsinites (for example, this QT). But most of the state’s GOP establishment went right along with it—and with the court challenges that followed.
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LIVE BLOG: The fifth public hearing of the House Jan. 6 committee begins at 3pm ET. Follow along as we break down key moments.
Here's why today's hearings is one of the most highly-anticipated so far…
.@LevinsonJessica: Trump’s post-election motto seems to be, if at first you don't succeed in subverting an election, try, try again.…
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🔴 #Jan6Hearings – live: Trump seen in trailer for documentary that shocked aides as panel’s DoJ session looms

Follow for updates ⤵️…
A new report says that Donald #Trump is not only watching the 6 January hearings closely, but that he is furious that there are no Republicans on the panel to fight his corner…
According to the Washington Post, the former president is “about to scream at the TV” during the sessions…
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Whoa: At the #Jan6Hearings today, we learned that Ron Johnson’s Chief of Staff tried to set up a hand delivery by Johnson himself to Mike Pence of fake electors from WI and MI. Read this thread re what else he did—and chip in to help oust Johnson this Nov:…
This revelation is striking. But Ron Johnson’s team’s attempt to arrange a handoff of the fake electors on January 6 was far from Johnson’s only involvement in undermining the 2020 election.
That same day, Johnson appeared on NewsMax and claimed “there's so many allegations that need a full investigation,” pushing for a “10-day emergency investigation”…
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PA GOP House Speaker Bryan Cutler was pressured by Giuliani and Ellis to change slate of electors; Bannon then called on podcast listeners to go to his house to protest; like other officials, both D & R, he was subject to threats and doxxing and intimidation. #Jan6Hearings
Egged on also by extremist groups; committee plays also a clip from Nick Fuentes program. #Jan6Hearings
As Cheney said at the outset today, we don't want to become a nation of conspiracy theorists and violent thugs. These videos of Trump-incited mobs outside of public officials' homes are terrifying, and should show all of us how close we are to that. #Jan6Hearings
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🔴 #Jan6Hearings : What have we learned from the committee so far? 🧵…
After nearly a year-long investigation, the House of Representatives select committee charged with investigating the circumstances that led to the worst attack on the US Capitol since 1814 is presenting its preliminary findings to the public.…
The panel of seven Democrats, along with Republican representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, began revealing what it has learned in a prime-time, televised hearing on 9 June.…
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@January6thCmte "the world will not see an American vice president fleeing the Capitol"—Greg Jacob recounting Pence's thinking #Jan6Hearings
@January6thCmte tfg didn't check on Pence's wellbeing because he's a f-ing sociopath and 1/6 attack was his doing #Jan6thCommitteeHearing
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🔥🔥Reading Luttig's statement & I'm so grateful he doesn't tiptoe around the crisis. The conservative judge says #Jan6 was a battle in Trump & GOP's ongoing war on democracy & America. He uses "war" 21x on just p1 ! He says they lied knowingly, to cling to power. #Jan6thHearings Image
Luttig: A stake was driven through the heart of American democracy on January 6, 2021, & our democracy today is on a knife’s edge.

America was at war on that fateful day, but not against a foreign power. She was at war against herself. We Americans were at war with each other…
Luttig: "January 6 was…a war for America’s democracy, a war irresponsibly instigated and prosecuted by the former president, his political party allies, and his supporters…
only the party that instigated this war over our democracy can bring an end to that war."
#Jan6thHearings Image
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Day 3 of the #Jan6Hearings begins today at 10 a.m. (PST)

This hearing is expected to focus on Trump pressuring Vice President Mike Pence and conservative California lawyer John Eastman to reject votes from certain states.…
When the House committee investigating Jan. 6, 2021, meets Thursday, the highest-ranking member of House leadership serving on the panel will be in an unusual position: praising a leader of the opposing party.…
“Mike Pence did his job,” House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Pete Aguilar (D-Redlands) said. “He did his job throughout. He didn’t waver in his reading of the Constitution.”…
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First, here is an earlier thread about a letter previously sent to Loudermilk--this May 19 letter is referenced in the newest one.

TLDR: GOP said they didn't give tours of the Capitol bf Jan 6, but the Comm heard they did and wanted to talk to Loudermilk
Like the #Jan6Hearings, you could call this letter a multimedia presentation.

In it, the Committee shares what they say are photos of Loudermilk giving a tour on January 5, when the Capitol was closed to the public.… screenshot of the letter. text reads: Surveillance footage s
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Starting in a few minutes, the Lawfare team discusses today's #January6thCommitteeHearing…
Hosted by @benjaminwittes, our panel today includes executive editor @nkorpett, senior editor @qjurecic, and associate editor @rohini_kurup
.@qjurecic sums up today's hearing: the Committee went into the weeds to show that 1. Trump lost the election and 2. Trump knew he lost the election.
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LIVE BLOG: Day Two of the House Jan. 6 committee's public hearings begins at 10am ET. Follow along for live updates and expert analysis.
What to expect in Monday's hearing: Two panels of witnesses to connect the dots on Trump's election lies.
Donald Trump pushes back on daughter Ivanka's testimony to the Jan. 6 committee: "She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr."
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings started on 6/9/22 evening with witness testimony & video footage surrounding the riot on the Capitol on #J6. The televised hearing is the 1st in a series that is expected to last through July.
I will ask the questions not being asked & quote many. Image
In all of the video shown on Prime TV by the #January6thCommitteeHearings, I didn't see a single frame w/ Ray Epps as he is seen in multiple videos on Jan 5 & #J6.

Why was Ray Epps encouraging people to go "into" the Capitol building?

Did the FBI hire Ray Epps?
Who is #RayEpps? Image
@BennieGThompson @RepLizCheney & @RepKinzinger
Does the FBI now, or has it ever, maintained a formal or informal relationship or point of contact w/ Ray Epps, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?
Who is #RayEpps
#January6thCommitteeHearings Image
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It’s accountability time. #Jan6Hearings beginning now. More PA context below.

My 🧵 setting the scene for how @PAGOP engaged in this anti-American conspiracy to overturn Trump’s loss, void millions of PA votes and have kept the MAGA lies and election sabotage alive ⬇️
Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr says what PA Republicans like Doug Mastriano have said about the election being stolen is bullshit.

He’s right (but still terrible)
Here’s a tour-de-force of reporting on the nearly limitless 2020 election lies by PA Republicans.

via @Wrschgn then of @CaucusPA…
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I) It really doesn't matter what kind of show the Jan 6 committee puts on for the public. They could show diagrams of bombs, audiotapes of plotting by all the top level conspirators, photos of creeps taking a dump on the Senate floor, slow motion videos of assaults etc The MAGA
2) crowd is never going to reject the Orange Canker Fascist. Exactly like the German people stuck by Hitler NO MATTER WHAT HE DID. #Jan6Hearings
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