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Inside: How Amazon makes everything you buy more expensive, no matter where you buy it; and more!

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Tonight (Apr 25) I'll be in #SanDiego for the launch of my new novel, *Red Team Blues*, at @MystGalaxyBooks, hosted by @_SarahGailey. Please come and say hi!…

Tomorrow (Apr 26), you can catch me in #Burbank at @DarkDel at 6PM:…

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How Amazon makes everything you buy more expensive, no matter where you buy it: Most Favored Nation is my least favorite scam.

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This “sex assigned at birth” BS is the most INSANE thing yet. When I was 11 weeks pregnant with my oldest, I was able to find out his sex via blood test. How? They test for the presence of a Y chromosome in the mother’s blood. If it’s positive, the baby is a boy. Even in the 1st
trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s DNA is detectable in the mothers blood. Isn’t that incredible in and of itself? This is the earliest and most reliable way to determine sex, and it doesn’t require an ultrasound or a doctor to “assign” it based on genitalia, just genetics. The
assertion that a doctor “assigns” a sex like an arbitrary assigned seat in a classroom is beyond absurd. It’s an affront to science and reality itself. You can raise your children without forcing gender stereotypes and still teach them accurate and anatomically correct facts
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there's something I'd like to point out about @NateSilver538's recent behavior. it's important when trying to understand these awful people just how they *disguise* themselves. the excuses they utter, and in _what order_, matters a lot in understanding them.

nothing @NateSilver538 *ever says* in public ought to be taken at face value. he's a bigot; he tells whatever lies are necessary to protect that. but there's a _pattern_ to the lies. there's a kind of boom-and-bust pattern to bigoted behavior. I'll try to explain.

the general behavior of a bigot is compelled to *oscillate* between two poles. it's a bit like being addicted to a drug, or to gambling, or some other similarly addictive activity—for wallowing in bigotry is, for people like @MattWalshBlog and @mtaibbi, *addictive*.

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argh! I forgot the most important bit! because it's about Baldr and Hoðr and Loki—and a very *particular* version of their story, the one that most people know, which comes from Snorri Sturluson and the "Prose Edda" and which then got picked up by English poets.

#CSLewis cites Matthew Arnold's "Balder Dead", a retelling of the story of Baldr's death from the "Prose Edda", as one of his early influences in his semi-autobiographical work "Surprised by Joy".

now I speculate: Jack Lewis probably had Baldr in mind when he converted.

for it's been *noted* that the narrative about Baldr's death from Sturluson's "Prose Edda" is *almost* like the Christian narrative. Baldr is impossibly beautiful and impossibly pure, with amazing powers, then treachery lays him low—but he'll be coming back after Ragnarok!

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I'm going to talk about something very painful now, but it must be discussed. it's a specific antisemitic trope. let these words serve as a content warning for the material I'm about to discuss:

the Jewish Problem™. @mtaibbi and @elonmusk and @joerogan know what I mean.

I won't discuss this painful subject in too much detail—if you want to learn about the origins of the antisemitic trope of the Jewish Problem™ in Western culture, read up on the NSDAP and the Third Reich—but take care that you read *good* books about the Third Reich.

that's the problem, isn't it? people like @NateSilver538 and @mtaibbi don't read the *good* books about the Third Reich, but you can be pretty certain they've read a lot of bad ones. that's especially likely if they're the sort of people who think "history" means battles.

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let's talk about the wacko racist crap a little bit. it's not just @NateSilver538 farting out tales of Chinese evil scientists creating all the world's diseases. the whole @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @MrAndyNgo / QAnon-ish set is super into whackadoo nonsense about "cabals".

the "gender critics" of the @bindelj / @Docstockk camp are super into conspiracy theories of their own; @HJoyceGender copied antisemitic fantasies from Jennifer Bilek into her own work, blaming the existence of "TRAs" on some murky Jewish doctors' plot or other.

@HogwartsLegacy is an *entire game* pitching antisemitic blood-libel trash to the fascıst #JKRowling / #HarryPotter / @RGalbraith fandom—bigots are Rowling's chief base of support, and the Rowling fanbase no doubt overlaps heavily with the @mtaibbi / @NateSilver538 fandom.

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- The first episode of a new podcast featuring JK Rowling has aired where she addresses her controversial remarks on transgender rights


- In a forthcoming seven-episode podcast titled The Witch Trials of JK Rowling, the Harry Potter author sits down with US writer Megan Phelps-Roper at her home in Edinburgh


- JK Rowling said she agreed to the interview as she hoped it would be ‘constructive'

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Western culture does not regard children as human beings. the values of "the West"—the values instilled by authoritarian #Christianity—do not permit children to be respected as human beings who deserve to have their feelings and wishes respected, like any other person.

no better example of the general Western *contempt* for children can be imagined than the "gender critical" cult—the @bindelj / @Docstock / #JKRowling brigade—which functions almost entirely as a kind of support group for abusive parents who loathe their LGBTQ+ children.

they cling to the faded celebrity of @jk_rowling as a shield against the charge that they despise children—after all, #JKRowling is the Best Fantasy Writer in the Universe, according to the @HJoyceGender / @AbigailShrier gender theorists. she's the friend to all children!

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I am a #unicorn! you may believe that, or not.

my sense of self isn't dependent upon outsiders' scorn; in any case, I'm quite content to be regarded as a mere figment of a crazy person's imagination. that's little impediment to my life and purpose in the Pnictogen Wing.

I daresay that I'm unusually *practical* for a unicorn. my interests are mundane ones; I like science and engineering and working in shops and keeping things running as smoothly as possible, and while I'm no atheist or positivist, I leave magic and religion to others.

all the same—it's a painful thing, being a unicorn in a world that has attempted to *wipe out* creativity and mysticism and magic—a world that embraces cruelty and casual sneers at suffering and death. I may have been ethereal once; I am not, now.

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Chara, at @KrisAtLarge, has been talking about @mtaibbi's #marketing and #branding; I'd like to talk about a *specific* aspect of Western society's obsession with "personal brands".

it's simply this: in marketing, _censorship is the norm_.

censorship is *expected*.

it's fully expected; #capitalism depends upon #marketing to censor the truth.

they've normalized the practice: corporations (and @elonmusk and @mtaibbi) never tell the truth about themselves, nor do they feel the slightest need for it—they need to maintain the *brand*.

the trivial nature of #marketing culture dictates that people like @elonmusk and @mtaibbi (and @pmarca and @ID_AA_Carmack and literally everyone else who has *marinated* in this culture) think of their own crimes and sins as trivial. "bad publicity", at worst.

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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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I'm going to tweet a little about #HarryPotter and the rule of law, so hold onto your butts, everyone...
Isn't it interesting that Rowling chooses to let Harry, her star protagonist, commit two out of the three #UnforgivableCurses during the course of the story, while still a teenager, and face no punishment?
Wasn't one of the huge red flags about #Voldemort that he tortured others with no remorse, just to satisfy his own curiosity or emotional desires?
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#JKRowling I am not into sci-fi, magic realism or any other related genre that I don’t know the names of. I know lots of wonderful people who are but I just never got it. I like my culture nitty gritty. I’m a realist nerd.
But my son was prime Harry Potter generation. He was around 6 years old when the whole releasing books at midnight thing happened and of course he loved the hype, the dressing up, the release parties. He loved getting the very big books really loved to walk around with them
He also loved having them read to him and I shared that. They were often funny and scary and unusual. And he learnt loads of new words and was very quickly reading them himself. Remember the length of them? That was good on holiday!
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Hey #terfleaks, guess who now has ANDREA DWORKIN’S takedown of Janice Raymond’s 1979 #TERF bible, TS Empire?

This is the long-hidden letter Dworkin wrote to Raymond, repudiating Raymond’s brand of BS “#feminism” & asserting her unequivocal support of #trans people.

Andrea Dworkin, speaking about trans women, in her letter rejecting the sex essentialism of Janice Raymond:

"They were driven by their ostracization to prostitution, drugs, and suicide, conjuring up for me the deepest reaches of female experience." - Andrea Dworkin
Here's an excerpt from Andrea Dworkin's refutation of the source for practically ALL modern anti-trans arguments: Janice Raymond’s 1979 book, Transsexual Empire.

#Feminism #RadFem #trans #JKRowling #TERF #TERFlogic #TERFleaks Image
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Well, #JKRowling has gone on another Twitter rant about trans people, so I guess it’s time for another breakdown thread:
Porn tweeted at children?

Naw, she’ll ignore that.

Being called out on mental health issues because she criticized healthcare professionals for providing medication to people who need it?

Yup, that’s where she draws the line.
HRT is mental health medication. My depression was at critical levels before HRT and now I’m thriving. Wanting to deny medication to trans people and working to see our rights stripped away is not “admiration and solidarity.”
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As a trans non-binary femme using HRT (estradiol) and as a person with two advanced degrees and 20 years of practice in study design, I feel the need to share a few words about this study. (1/n)
First of all, after you look at the link that JK Rowling shared, please go look at the original study, "Occurrence of Acute Cardiovascular Events in Transgender Individuals Receiving Hormone Therapy," here…
The study authors retrospectively compared the rates of acute cardiovascular events between 2517 trans women, 1358 trans men, and "reference" rates among women and men in the general population. And (surprise surprise), they found...
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And we were doing so well...what happened?

The weekend, that's what! Here is news update for 25-26 June.

TW, as always for transphobia, homophobia and general hatred of minorities.

CWs in individual tweets
At last, the #JKRowling factor is beginning to diminish! Though still a few reaction pieces.

"Why I quit my literary agency over JK Rowling’s ‘anti-trans’ comments"…
The trans couple that left their literary agency over the J K Rowling row: 'We have had lots of support'…
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Let’s dissect #JKRowling’s recent transphobic rant for anyone who thinks she might gave valid points (a thread):
No one should have to deal with sexual assault & domestic violence. That said, her experience does not justify transphobia. Her abuser was a cis man, not a trans person and abusers exist among every group of people. That’s not a reason to paint minorities with the same brush. Image
Let’s be clear, Russell-Moyle appologize about his comments regarding her sexual assault & domestic violence. He maintains that #JKRowling’s comments regarding trans people are wrong, because they are. Image
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As a writer who left the industry b/c I experienced so much sexual harassment & assault in meetings/etc by execs/producers/directors and had 0 support from my representation... I can't tell you how privileged I find leaving an agency over #JKRowling to be. 1
If I could articulate it, perhaps I would be a better writer... My experiences were in Hollywood, not the literary world. But I know I'm not the only female writer, writing about the female experience, who experienced misogyny & worse on a near constant basis. 2
#MeToo didn't even really change anything. #misogyny is still everywhere. #BelieveWomen is seemingly only acceptable if we're "taking down" straight men, which is absurd. We can't even be believed in our own experience. 3
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The defamatory article about @jk_rowling from @thedaytweets, recommended by @educationgovuk, is essentially a piece of political propaganda that condones and joins in with the bullying of a woman for speaking up for women's rights. Training girls not to speak about their rights.
"Rowling implied that we used to call people who have periods “women”."

"Readers are keenly aware of the power of words to cause harm"

"Some of the greatest artistic achievements have been created by deeply unpleasant people"

Full article here:
"Daniel Radcliffe would like us to follow Barthes and enjoy Harry Potter, without worrying too much about its problematic author. But it isn’t as simple as that. We cannot forget the things we know about Dickens or Rowling, and we will read their books differently."
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I don't usually do threads but hey, here's a thread about Madeleine McCann, Princess Diana, the Daily Express, JK Rowling and Pink News. And even a bit of Winston Churchill.
For many years I worked for the Daily Express. I was a feature writer and also, on and off, theatre critic, TV critic and obits editor. Like my colleagues, many of whom remain friends, I tried to uphold my own standards even as the paper's owner turned it into a laughing stock.
The laughing-stock status was deserved. Most people didn't buy or read the paper but they did see the front page on news stands. As @haveigotnews never tired of pointing out, there really was a rotation of stories about Princess Diana, Madeleine McCann and the weather.
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Since I was asked: Yes, reclaiming things can be cool, & certainly I personally still love things that have problematic creators & are problematic themselves (see: Firefly).

We've done acts in @RaksGeek where we fixed the casting & reclaimed problematic shows like Iron Fist.
Everyone's lines are different though.
A personal thing: I still love Ender's Game & Speaker for the Dead. But I haven't read newer work from Orson Scott Card in over a decade.

His homophobia was too much - it went beyond just not wanting to support him as a creator and into poisoning his work for me.
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Rowling's TERF manifesto is now out there, complete with disabling comments. She's not interested in discourse, only in furthering the backwards logic of TERFs who don't understand what it means to be transgender.

#rant #terf #JKRowling

She calls Maya's position a "philosophical belief." She doesn't acknowledge that it's a "belief" against medical science. That doctors and researchers agree in the spectrum of sex in addition to the spectrum of gender.
She talks about how her research into trans and gender issues lead her to her TERF-y conclusions. She says she talked to actual trans people. Only to think us disturbed? Clearly she wasn't listening to us due to her own pre-conceived notions.
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Anybody whose eyes have been opened by the abuse levelled at #JKRowling and is wondering about the "terrible transphobe" she defended

Here are the things I tweeted back in 2018 which led to me losing my job.

First there was this on the GRA consultation
Then there was this

Which led to a whole series of branching conversations with fellow development researchers on the nature of sex & gender
In which I expressed such opinions as male people are not women
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