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Since #JNUtapes show that the Left was involved in shutting down the internet server on Jan 4, it did not delve into the violence at ABVP members indulged in over the internet that day.

Here's Aditya Chaudhary (ABVP) attacking other students with a rod. BA 1st year, German.
Here's what kept ABVP's Vikram Singh Rajput (stick in hand) busy on Jan 4. JNU ABVP president Durgesh can be seen walking by (blue shirt).

#JNUtapes #JNUviolence
Here's Raj Pandey from the ABVP (hoodie) preparing for violence on Jan 4. #JNUviolence #JNUtapes
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From the comedy pages of History today in the Habsburg-Ottoman War - The battle of Karensabes (I am not sure about the spelling)

Codename - 'Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka' (1/n)
Habsburg-Ottoman War went on from 16th-18th Century but this particular battle was in the late 18th century. Austrian Army was a strong 100,000 men army but consisted of soldiers from every ethnicity from the empire, including Czechia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, etc (2/n)
So language was a problem... Anyway, a troop was doing some patrolling near Karensabas (again, not sure about the spelling) but it's in modern-day Romania. The army decided to camp near a river and the Vanguard continued their scout for Ottomans and crossed the river (3/n)
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BJP representative Amitabh Sinha refuses to say that he opposes Hitler, Mussolini and Godse while the ABVP terrorists in the front rows start chanting "Godse Zindabad".

Now there is no need for the Hindutva terrorists to hide their extremism.

#JNUUnderAttack #JNUBleeds
Later he threatens to get Kanhaiya killed in encounter. When @sardesairajdeep asks whether he is openly threatening Kanhaiya, Amitabh goes Savarkar mode and says that "thokna" means punish according to law.
#JNUUnderAttack #JNUViolence
Kanhaiya - He studied in JNU at cheap fees, got rich and sends his kids to private institutions, and now he wants the poor to pay high fees in JNU.

Amitabh - Don't sell poverty here.

Kanhaiya - Don't insult our Prime Minister who keeps on selling poverty.

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Thread on #JNUViolence.

1. So it all started with winter registration which were opposed by left wing student organisations.

They tried to stop other students from registration but many students still went for the registration.
2. As per @timesofindia on 3rd January masked students went inside Information centre of #JNU and made servers dysfunctional.

The JNU registrar said
"The act affected ongoing registration process" (see the 3rd picture taken from TOI)

[Keep in my who was opposing registration]
3. But many #ABVP students still went for registration.
[Note : ABVP is opposition to Left wing orgs in students' politics in JNU]
on 5th Jan Left wing students attacked ABVP students in Periyar hostel.
[confirmed👇by @NDTV,a left wing news outlet]
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The series of event in JNU yesterday leading to #JNUViolence

1. Leftist students have been trying to stop the registration process in JNU

2. They were rattled by the fact that students were registering online.
3. On 3rd January few leftist goons led by Gita Kumari ex JNUSU president entered the server room of JNU and switched off and the server and vandalised the server room.FIR has been registered against her for this by JNU admin in Vasant Vihar Police station.
4. On 4th January the server was repaired by JNU admin.

5a : On 5th January *around 3 PM 200 to 300 mask covered leftist goons led by JNUSU President Aisha Ghosh ran Behind ABVP karyakartas to lynch them publicaly.
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THREAD: One of the few reporters to manage to enter #JNU last night around 9:00 pm-there till 1:00 pm.
Saw first hand how streetlights in parts of JNU, away from the main gate, were working brilliantly. But as one got closer to the main gate/various exit gates, they didn't work.
Around 9:00| On the 3 km walk towards Sabarmati, met students who were scared of policemen or were stepping out only to drop their families to a relatives place to ensure safety. One told me, "I am going to drop my 3-year-old child and wife to my friend's place in Tughlaqabad."
Around 9:30| Met many many students who were hiding in the forests after the violence they ran away from around 6:30 pm. They had taken temporary refuge in the dark forests in JNU as they were scared of being picked up/detained/arrested.
#JNUViolence #JNUattack
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A detailed report on #JNUViolence by @sighyush and @veenanmnair14 who were on the spot till about 3 am.…
@sighyush @veenanmnair14 “I was returning from Munirka with groceries at around 8.15 pm when the police refused to allow me to enter the campus from the main gate,” said Jyoti, a student.
@sighyush @veenanmnair14 “So I walked ahead to the Saraswatipuram gate. There, men shouting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ slogans were allowed to enter by the police. But when I tried to enter on my scooter, I was let in only after furnishing identification.”
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#Thread | Goons on campus: Unprecedented mayhem inside #JNU as masked men run riot inside campus for 3 hours; 23 people admitted to AIIMS.

Here's our coverage of the #JNUViolence
Masked men wielding sticks, rods and sledgehammers terrorised #JNU for close to three hours on Sunday evening, attacking students and teachers, @AnyaShankar and @BaruahSukrita report
@AnyaShankar @BaruahSukrita #JNUViolence | The #Delhi Police watch as ambulances were smashed and leaders heckled, reports @journoshivs and @BaruahSukrita. The violence happened in darkness as all streetlights in front of the gates were switched off.
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Eyewitnesses said the 50-odd goons entered #JNUCampus and beat up students and teachers. #JNUSU #JNU

Updates |…
#Update | Secretary, HRD Ministry has called the Registrar, Proctor and Rector of #JNU to his office, today: news agency ANI. #JNU #JNUSU

More here…
"The violence and brutality faced by students, while protesting, is worrisome": Shiv Sena's Aaditya Thackeray on mob attack on #JNU students, teachers.

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In the next few days, you will be told few things by those who want to discredit the impact of #SOSJNU
1) The left wing students did it, it's their agenda: simply ask why will they sabotage their protest against free hike by unleashing violence? They don't benefit from it (1/7)
2) You will be told this is a paid propaganda by other parties. Tell them that other parties can't even make a good opposition. Do not give them undue credit for organised terorrism on university campuses. (2/7)
3) Photos of women being hurt from the other side will come out. The oppressor knows how to use the body of the woman for its convenience. Corroborate this with sources. These ppl have got Thai women to pose as north Eastern people. Their ingeniousness knows no bounds.(3/7)
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Don't know who began this violence, who gains from it; all I know is that we spent the last three harrowing hours getting two terrified girl students out from the lab they had locked themselves in because goons were roaming outside with acid, safe back home.

Reality of JNU.
My views on the latest JNU fracas, on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar. #JNUHiddenTruth
The full #DeepikaBoycottDebate and discussion on #JNUViolence, with @prakashraaj and @RShivshankar on @TimesNow.
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Groups of people abusing the protestors outside the #JNU main gate. Streets lights, inside and outside campus switched off.
Police arrives in riot gear. Standing in the middle of the protesting crowds. #JNUViolence
Students locked inside. No one allowed to enter or exit campus. Several injured. Waiting for medical aid. #JNUViolence
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Thread | A doctoral research scholar at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, who lives in the varsity's Sabarmati hostel told The Caravan she first heard ruckus outside the room between 6.30 pm–7.00 pm today. When she looked out, she saw a mob running directly towards the hostel.
She said that people in the mob were carrying rods and lathis and all had their faces covered. The scholar could not identify who they were and said that the mob was not of people from #JNU.

According to the scholar, the mob first entered the common area of the hostel, located on the ground floor. They started breaking the furniture and glass there. She and other girls then saw the mob move the boys wing of the hostel and enter inside.

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Among those injured are two professors, Ameet Parmeshwar and Sucharita Sen #JnuViolence
Aishi is JNUSU president who got a two inch deep wound on the head, Nikhil Mathew is another student who was hit with a hammer on the arm and has broken his arm, received fractures. Some students were hit on the legs. Nature of injuries are head injuries and limb fractures.
Absolute chaos outside #AIIMSTraumaCentre the hospital has been surrounded by goons. They are disrupting peace and heckling security that is guarding the gates where #JnuViolence patients are being treated.
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Manhandled outside JNU, Yogendra Yadav asks cops to "take off uniforms"…

#NDTVFromJNU #JNUattack
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra arrives at AIIMS where JNU students have been admitted following violence at university.

(Image: ANI)

#NDTVFromJNU #JNUattack
"We strongly condemn the violence on JNU campus," tweets BJP

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Reposting the chats from 2 ABVP & RSS groups am part of. Hiding number, since Twitter India is blocking accounts.
#JNUViolence #JNUattack #jnusos
@DelhiPolice Isn't this proof of an organised terrorist attack?
Also some of you liberals on the group, don't be stupid. When you get in the group and bash them, they get suspicious and remove you. We lose access to information.
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Two students at Periyar hostel met @TheWire_in on their way out of campus. "We have heard things could get worse at night. Too many right-wing goons have gathered on campus. We don't want to spend the night here." They did not want to be named.…
A tweet from journalist Manak Gupta notes what is reportedly Delhi Police's first reaction to #JNUViolence by goons: "We have entered JNU on request of administration. We have carried out a flag march. Situation is under control," joint CP Anand Mohan was quoted saying.
A car on the JNU campus with windows smashed
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If you're confused about the possible identity of the masked attacked in #JNUviolence, a question to ask:
Has there been a single tweet yet from @narendramodi @AmitShah or HRD minister @DrRPNishank? What about @CPDelhi @DelhiPolice? Ans: none
@narendramodi @AmitShah @DrRPNishank @CPDelhi @DelhiPolice (2) I received word about #JNUViolence at 18.15 – three and a half hours ago. Since then the Home Minister has tweeted four times; the HRD minister eight times – none of them about JNU.
BJP Delhi MP @M_Lekhi tweeted 18 mins ago – about inaugurating a pedestrian bridge.
@narendramodi @AmitShah @DrRPNishank @CPDelhi @DelhiPolice @M_Lekhi (3) The only tweets from Union ministers are from #JNU alumni, Finance Minister @nsitharaman and Minister of External Affairs @DrSJaishankar. These two tweets speak volumes.
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Route to #JNU has been closed by @DelhiPolice . Having to go from an alternative route.

Traffic policeman asks why we are going, when I say it's because there are students being attacked there, he dismisses us, claims no such thing has ever happened.A
A regular cop who is here at the barricade says the DCP is inside with police forces to deal with the trouble.
Neither was able to give any reason for why there is a barricade.
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This is how it started in JNU.
Hundreds of students have taken registration even after the boycot by JNUSU led by Leftwingers.
Leftwingers stopped the wifi service in #JNU on 3rd January as the administration gave the option of online registration.
On the early morning of 4th January, #JNU adminstration tried to reactivate WiFi in JNU where security staff and Leftwingers were involved in a scuffling and JNUSU President was slapped.
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#JNUviolence | students to gather outside JNU main gate at 9pm tonight
Violence breaks out at #JNU, masked mob leaves students’ union president injured…
Just saw half a dozen people with bats and sticks 100 mts from jnu gate

#jnu #JNUProtests
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