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India is bidding for non permanent member for UNSC seat on June 17th during the 74th session at @UNGA. India does not deserve UNSC seat as it has illegally revoked article 370,35A, violated Article 19,27,32 ,49 of 4th Geneva Convention and various @UNSCN resolution
India should be held accountable for its grave breaches of intl humanitarian law and warcrimes in Kashmir & to take steps to settle the decades old dispute. Keep tweeting abt Indian atrocities & tag international media outlets & activists. Raise your voices at international level
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CAA is a benign piece of legislation, narrowly tailored to address a specific issue: Centre to Supreme Court #CitizenshipAmendmentAct #CAA_NRC_Protests #CAA
Centre's affidavit starts by quoting the Passports Act of 1920 and a host of other legislations. It also refers to the Nehru Liaqat Agreement was signed by Heads of Governments of India & Pakistan to protect religious minorities. #CAA_NPR_NRC
Due to theft of holy relic in Hazratbal Shrine in J &K on 27/12/1963, there were large scale communal disturbances in East Pakistan from 03/01/1964 in which there was widespread lawlessness, arson and huge loss of life and property of the minority community. (Pic: Kashmirlife)
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Breaking: Allahabad High Court has directs the UP Government to remove all posters naming anti-citizenship law protesters allegedly involved violence
The Bench headed by Chief Justice also directed the District Magistrate and Police Commissioner submit compliance report with Registrar General of High Court by 16th March
From the Order of the #Allahabad HC

So far as legality part is concerned, suffice to state that no law is in existence permitting the State to place the banners with personal data of the accused from whom compensation is to be charged
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#economiccrisis , #socialinstability #autocraticgovt #utterdenialofModimadeeconomicblunders #Delhigenocide #kashmirissuffering #CAA_NRC_NPR all of these & much more have taken a toll on most of us peace-loving Indians who reject hate/bigotry & 1/n
believe strongly in our Constitution.

I am at loss of words.

Many instances of Hindus helping Muslims & vice versa give a ray of hope. But it is equally disturbing that we get impressed by & HAVE to share such acts of brotherhood even after 75 yrs of independence. 2/n
Sharing a lengthy post by Anant Iyer (dont know who he is..but he has voiced the exact thoughts of thousands of us)
#DelhiRiots2020 #Delhigenocide #CAA #CAA_NRC_Protests #Resistance 3/n
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Prompted action is required asap
News is that tractors filled with stones are arriving and the gathering is swelling by every passing moment.
Flag march in #Maujpur & adjacent area should be done before things go beyond control.

#SOSMaujpur #DelhiPolice

The gathering shouting #JaiShriRam is swelling by every passing moment.
Flag march in #Maujpur #Jaffarabad & adjacent areas is the only way for #Army before things go beyond control.

@AJENews @CNN @BBC @aajtak @ndtv
‘Get #Jaffrabad #Chandbagh road cleared or.......’ : #KapilMishra

He is the one who lead pro #CAA_NRC_NPR protesters and now the situation in #Delhi is tensed just because he threatened right in front of the nose of #DelhiPolice

Was that not instigation?
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CAA Protests: Court bound to see that people have a right to agitate, says Bombay High Court

#CAA_NRC_Protests #CAA_NRC_NPR #CAAProtests #CAA…
The Bombay High Court on Thursday held that persons peacefully protesting against any particular law cannot be called as traitors or anti-nationals.

As stated in the order passed by Justices MG Sewlikar and TV Nalaawade,

"Court is expected to consider the right of such persons to start agitation in a peaceful way.Persons cannot be called traitors, anti-nationals only because they want to oppose one law."

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'Persons Can't Be Called Traitors Or Anti-Nationals For Opposing CAA' : Bombay HC Quashes Sec 144 Order [Read Judgment]…
The judges recalled that Indian Independence was won by protests against the British rule.
The Court said "It can be said that it is unfortunate but the people are required to agitate against their own Government now but only on that ground the agitation cannot be suppressed".
"This Court wants to express that such persons cannot be called as traitors, anti-nationals only because they want to oppose one law. It will be act of protest and only against the Government for the reason of CAA", Bombay HC while quashing Section 144 order against #CAAProtest
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A right-wing extremist shot as peaceful protestors today near a major university in Delhi.

The police stood by and watched it happen.

There's so much to say about echoes and invocations of history in this event. A few thoughts...… #Jamia #JamiaShooting
Is it the 72nd anniversary of when Godse shot Gandhi. Godse was another right-wing extremist who threatened those who fought for an inclusive, democratic India.

Godse hung for his crimes. Will anybody pay a price for the violence we're seeing unleashed on patriotic Indians now?
The shooter, Gopal Sharma, allegedly shouted that all who want to live in Hindustan will have to chant "Jai Shri Ram."

I bet he doesn't know that Hindustan is a Perso-Arabic word. Indian histories and languages are multicultural. That's a banal fact. It also can be a strength.
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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At this time, India has over 50 Sit-In protests like the one at Shaheen Bagh. Plus a bunch of meetings/conferences about Caa/NRC/NPR. I have not found visuals for most of these. And so, I mostly focus on marches/processions.
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Public discussion on CAA, 2019-NRC-NPR to begin shortly at the Music Academy, Chennai.

Justice (Retd) AP Shah, N Ram, Chairman of The Hindu Publishing Group, Legal Scholar, Usha Ramanathan and Rohini Mohan, Journalist to speak at the event.
@nramind : I don't think we need to exaggerate this movement (referring to Anti-CAA demonstrations).... against this unjust and indeed an outrageous piece of legislation...

There is no question that the students have come to the fore in this movement, says @nramind

#CAA_NRC_NPR #CAA_NRCProtests #CAA_NRC_Protests
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Majeed Ullah Khan (@MBTparty President) Statement on #SupremeCourt Refusing Interim Stay on #CAA; Challenges @AmitShah to Visit Ongoing #ShaheenBaghProtests to Face Public Instead of TV Debates. #CAA_NRC_Protests Read Full: /1
He contended that #ConstitutionofIndia is “Common Sense” codified. It's clear that #CitizenshipAmendmentAct goes against numerous Articles. It's appalling that Court deferred hearings in refusal to put interim stay on draconian #CAA and modified #NationalPopulationRegister /2
People’s trust in a truly secular, non-partisan #SupremeCourt is wavering. Moreover, refusal on interim #CAA stay has common public concerned regarding growing, free reign of a bigoted, right-wing #RSS-#BJP specter looming over nation that we continue to battle on all fronts. /3
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People across Indian cities are protesting, students are standing up against universities and colleges, many in Bollywood have spoken up against #CAA_NRC_NPR, the nation is in turmoil. In such chaos and turmoil, why aren't the Modi-Shah duo repealing this? (1/n)
There are perhaps many explanations to this, but increasingly at the level where it matters: numerically and electorally, there is widespread support and if you put it to test, the results of that will be majorly in favour. Good or bad, depends on where you are (2/n)
On an average, I take at least 100 cab rides a month, club that with the conversations I have with others on ground. Have spoken to cabbies in #Delhi NCR and Mumbai. There are drivers today who cancel cabs if they see a passenger from the minority community. (3/n)
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Right. So #CAA is listed before the Supreme Court tomorrow.
And so, another thread. To see what the mood was like across the country the last 24 hours.
Sit-In protests, first. 1. Bihar. Gaya.
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The irony of kashmiri hindus is that they are stereotyped very easily..... Nehru is a great example..... But be informed we are the ones who did not allow our conscience to repeat hindustan murdabad as they did in streets in kashmir...
We left for upholding Indian flag....i
To retain our homes and property in these thirty years we only had to say allah ho akbar and pakistan zindabad and we would have been welcomed in kashmir like the heroes of freedom movement.... So please refrain from calling us alien to mainland india... 2/n
And those who still do have doubt in my being indian and that I accepted death than pakistan..... Please try and be in a tent for 30 days not 30 years for the sake of country.... @rainarajesh @deepkbudki @lal_shiban @AnupamPKher @rajeev_mp @NAN_DINI_
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Thread. Close to two weeks ago, I did a thread on #caa_nrc_protests, trying to see how deep they had percolated in the motherland. . That was on the 4th of Jan. (1)
On the 11th of Jan, @nithya_sub of @scroll_in came up with this audit. (2)
Now, another five days later, how are we doing? A thread based on my patented 'quick and dirty' twitter search-based methodology. It misses a lot but sets a lower number re the protests India has seen in the last 24 hours. Please add the ones I missed. (3)
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Here is a classmate of mine who has answered back to my article in Indian Express. Here is my response in a thread. 1/15…

#ShahinBaghProtest #CAA_NRC_Protests #IndiaSupportsCAA
1. I haven’t publicly bashed or given out names of my fellow alums out of respect- even though I easily could have on a national platform. You didn’t return the favour- bashing my name and platform- like your ‘anguished’ liberal colleagues. #ShahinBaghProtest #CAA_NRC_Protests
2. Speaking of anguished....Calling me a ‘disgrace’ on my Facebook wall for voicing my opinion....well, I hardly call that ‘anguished.’ Rude and un-objective.
#ShahinBaghProtest #CAA_NRC_Protests #IndiaSupportsCAA
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Sharing because this poster -- seen at the ongoing #CAA_NRC_Protests in India -- is really upsetting some Hindu right-wingers. While others rail and scream, we analyze. So a few observations about the poster, those inspired by it, and those upset by it:
I see two posters -- one with women and words and a second with a shattered Nazi swastika. Let's start with the top one.
Three women, wearing bindis & hijab, symbols of Hinduism & Islam, respectively; w/ varying skin tones. In that, I see unity as people who differ in religion, ethnicity, region stand together.

The haters see dominance. There's little room in their worldview for unity in diversity
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. @KTRTRS talking about CAA protests. He goes on to say, something is wrong hence there are protests. Why are Muslims subjected to secular tests?
For people who do not understand telugu, I'll tweet the translation done by @SayeedMA
KTR Talks - Why do you think we have this protests? Do you think people are protesting for no reason? Why are people doubting only CAA Act? In the past, Modi government had passed controversial bills such as #TripleTalaq, #370 etc and there was no protest? Why only this?
We asked the Modi govt in Parliament that u are willing to grant Indian citizenship to minorities from other countries, why singling out Muslims? What's wrong in what we asked? We never got an answer to this. I heard a BJP leader from WB talking about shooting the protestors?
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For those of you not alerted to what’s happening in India, every day the news gets progressively worse. The only heartening moments are to see how strongly so many Indians are standing together in protest, across any divide, to uphold the values of its secular constitution.
There are so many images of the protests and solidarity as Indians of every persuasion stand together to uphold the idea of India, and the ideals of India. This one, in front of the Jama Masjid in Delhi, singing the national anthem. #CAA_NRC_NPR

Many lawyers are protesting in various ways at the vandalism on display towards India’s constitution.
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Even as #CAA_NRC_Protests rage across India, today’s Hindu has a report on how the law is already changing administrative behaviour – and a glimpse of its future costs.… (1)
Iqbal Mullah has mouth cancer. He left Bangaladesh seeking medical treatment along with his wife Thaslima, their two infant girls, and a friend of Thaslima. (2)
According to the police, he reached Krishnagiri, TN, on the say-so of his friend Imran, a resident of Kolkata. Imran promised to send him money for his treatment and until then, the family was asked to stay in Krishnagiri. (3)
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Last evening, over a conversation with brother SanjayHegde, we concluded, #ModiSarkar is simply not interested in talking to the anti #CAA_NRC_NPR protesters & would prefer to wear them down .
In the meanwhile, affiliates will go full steam ahead with disinformation campaigns.
Hence, it is important to be clear about what the #CAA_NRC_Protests are about.
The #CAA_NRCProtests aren't against granting citizenship to oppressed minorities of neighbouring countries.
Granting citizenship to those seeking refuge, is a welcome move.
Had #CAA2019 been religion neutral, there would have been no reason to oppose it.
But the intrusive nature of the planned #NPR & the stated plans of a nationwide #NRC with #CAA2019 in place as a enabling legislation, make the whole exercise suspect.
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Thread on UP: Photos of women in Lucknow beaten in police crackdown which spared "nothing and no one." Top official in the state said there was a process for public grievances& if anyone complained to the police, the law would be followed. #CAAProtests…
Watch: A video shot by a Lucknow resident on Dec. 19 after policemen went on a "rampage," a charge denied by the police. Nearly 10 homes in that neighbourhood reported vandalism. #CAA_NRC_Protests…
A prominent actor-activist went out to protest India's citizenship law in Lucknow. She never made it back.
Our report on how police in UP are targeting Muslims and activists in the state…
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Thread on chief of defence staff

Wilkinson , an American professor wrote a book named "Army and Nation ". The book basically deals with the question , why india didn't become a military state like other south east Asian countries.

The book compares india and pakistan to list out the reasons which saved india from becoming a military state.
1. Indian army doesn't have any rights to comment on civil issues. Nehru was very clear on this and he even warned field Marshall cariyappa when he commented about indian economy

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