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1/ Why #RahulGandhi, #CONgress ecosystem, Lutiyens & Libtards are against Indian Brands but endorse all foreign brands & their #toolkits to build opinion, from #ShaheenBagh to #FarmersAgitation to #BBC to #Adani?
2/Do you know #CocaCola entered India in the 1980s, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, while #Pepsi took over others.
#Amazon hasn't left out any city nor BlueDart, DHL & FedEx.
3/ #Chinese & #Korean mobiles dominate India.
#Nestlé, #Maggi, #ITC, #HUL, #Pepsi etc entered the #FarmSector!
In 4-wheeler industry, #Suzuki, #MG, #Hyundai etc. #Honda dominates the two-wheeler industry,
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For once, stop singing praises, posting selfies, counting followers please!
For once, scream on top of your voice to get justice for #PakHinduRefugees who belong nowhere,neither Bharat nor pakistan!
For once, try to know where they slept last night after their homes were raized!
This is how their women & children slept last night, no food, no shelter for around 80 homes! 🥲
What a shame, shame on us!!

Kisko tag karoon jo sune?? ImageImageImageImage
जिन दुष्ट पापियों ने इनके घर तोड़े,
उन्हें कैसे नींद आई, कैसे ख़ाना हज़म हुआ?

What is the immediate solution & the permanent solution & WHO will address it @PMOIndia @narendramodi @HMOIndia @ashokgehlot51 ⁉️ ImageImageImageImage
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I've long been tweeting about @ericgarcetti & especially his militant woke wife @WakelandAmy's intention of turning their Shanti Path residence into a #ShaheenBagh party. Be warned, @DrSJaishankar @PMOIndia @narendramodi @MEAIndia
And lo and behold, this is precisely what @EricGarcetti and "First Lady" @WakelandAmy intend to do!

@ChuckGrassley @naomiseligman
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Supreme Court to hear petitions filed against the demolition in Jahangirpuri, which has been accused of targeting one community and being carried out in violation of the law. #SupremeCourt had halted the demolition till further orders
#JahagirpuriViolence #jahagirpuri Image
Petitioners had argued the people whose structures were being demolished had not been notified in advance, and questioned a demolition drive that began after a letter from the BJP's Delhi unit chief demanding action against 'rioters'
#SupremeCourt #JahagirpuriViolence
Counsel seeks to mention the demolition to be carried out in Shaheen Bagh

Justice LN Rao: please mention it when we take up the case.

SG Tushar Mehta: please have this next Monday
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A #DelhiCourt to continue hearing prosecution's arguments over the bail plea of #UmarKhalid, who is currently in jail in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) case connected to #DelhiRiots Image
Previously, it was argued by the Special Public Prosecutor that the "issue was not CAA, NRC but to embarrass government in foreign media". #CAA #NRC #DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid

SPP Amit Prasad begins arguments.
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Are we seeing a massive turbulence in political landscape with PM announcing on #GuruPurab #KartikPurnima d repeal of three #FarmLaws ???
Do we see a big impact on d political fortunes of many a politicians ??
Imagine d fate of many a sponsors of #FarmersProtests !
Yes many a raised eyebrows and many a questions will be posed.
The Government will need to articulate well the climb down at this time. But rest assured Government will have a refurbished image as of now.
Many a doors will open up, many a windows will be closed. Fate of many politicians will be sealed, while many politicians will find hurdles and humps removed in their onward political journey. At the same time, it will ring alarm bells for many a politicians.
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Adv Tanveer Ahmed Mir rebuts Prosecution's arguments against #SharjeelImam who has sought bail in a case connected to #DelhiRiots before Delhi Court. "Sole indictment on the speech. Incumbent duty upon all of us to look at the speech... If it incident violence"
Mir argues in a case of #Sedition against Imam. On #NRC, Mir argues ultimately his client's speech talks about advocating of a policy like... "In a university if we don't debate public policies, where do we debate?" #sharjeel_imam #CAA_NRC #DelhiRiots
Mir: This is a criminal court. We don't go by inferences. I am not denying my speech. For the speech to fall under #Sedition... My friend can't have discretion to add his own thoughts and inferences. #sharjeel_imam #DelhiRiots
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A grim reminder to what we face as a nation ! #ShaheenBagh was initiated just before the first wave hit . Just as the world was hit by a wave of cases we had half of New Delhi blocked by protestors protesting a legitimately passed bill by a democratically elected parliament . 1/n
Global media and their lap dogs in India ensured that it was a celebrated event . Remember the “ Shaheenbhag Dadi “ ?What was forgotten was that the protests were orchestrated and organized with full support of the ruling government in Delhi . This was followed by the violent 2/n
#DelhiRiots2020 . Entire opposition again played with the lives of citizens of Delhi and once again the ruling government MLAs and leaders were found complicit and has been convicted by the courts . No global media highlighted this nor pinned blame . The only person they 3/n
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Modi Knows ...
Folks a Long Thread; Trust me it'll be worth ur while.

'Modi was right. We were wrong. Protesting farmers are checkmated!'
Ashish Shukla
9th Feb

I sense #FarmersProtests has lost its steam & this round goes to Modi, that is if there's still 2.0 waiting.

Not just ears, I've kept my eyes & nose too on the grnd. I sense the squatting farmers are more like deadwt on Delhi borders than a heaving humanity.

It’s not my instinct alone. There were dots connecting this farmers’ protest and one-by-one each have begun to disappear.
It’s just not @_YogendraYadav missing, or @rihanna and @GretaThunberg fading so quickly, or various kind of “Diwas” and “chakka-jams” being reduced to length of a matinee-show.

The biggest dots were politicians and press and those big guns have fallen silent.

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Key takeaways from the #GretaToolKitLeaks and #ShaheenBagh #KathuaCase #FarmerProtests for Pro-India and Pro-Sanatan Samskriti adherents: (1/n)

1) Our lot severely lacks a bona fide PR and Communications Agency which can be leveraged.
2) Those against us clearly leverage professional PR and Communications agencies and have deals with news syndicates. Their reach is much broader than ours

3) They are very organized and very disciplined whereas we are highly disorganized and highly undisciplined. Each person is running their own "fight the wrong narrative" battle alone.

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THEY for 6yrs 1) Tried to engineer riots & failed 2) Hoped that the Pak provocation would go unchallenged, didn't happen 3) Hoped the response will trigger a massive counter response, didn't happen 4) Hoped the Chinese incursion in #Doklam would give a bloody nose, didn't happen
5) Hoped that #COVID19 would result in mass deaths, didn't happen 6) Hoped that #shaheenbagh would trigger violence & bad press, didn't happen 7) Hoped that a #Covid19vaccine in India would not be created or available, not happening 8) Hoped for terrorist attacks, didn't happen
9) Hoped the Chinese incursion in #Ladakh would make India blink, didn't happen 10) Now at their wits end, desperate, THEY are hoping that the #FarmerBill2020 #FarmersProtest would trigger violence, didn't happen 11) THEY are now hoping to trigger violence by entering #Delhi city
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A review of #Islamophobia in 2020:

The #COVID19 pandemic exacerbated Islamophobia around the globe. From #India to the U.K., #Muslims were accused of spreading the virus & evading lockdown orders.
For #Muslims, the environment meant not only being disproportionately impacted by a deadly virus but also facing targeted discrimination from those in power:…
Islamophobia in #India in 2020:
Politicians & right-wing media continued to promote anti-Muslim rhetoric & tropes, while Indian Muslims & rights activists protested against discriminatory legislation (#CAA), which rendered Indian Muslims 2nd-class citizens.
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A thread.
After the #PunjabFarmers protesting at the #ModiGovt's AgriMarket bills complained that the mainstream media TV were either ignoring them or mischievously showing them in a bad light, lets look at how the World's press is reporting it.
Londo's @guardian first. On 30 Nov they carried this big story:
The story reported:
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India test-fires 10 missiles in 35 days. It is not a coincidence - india news - Hindustan Times

India is finally Speaking the Language China understands Most

Why Indian Americans must ensure #JoeBiden is defeated in #USElection2020

He was the Senator who sabotaged India's efforts to procure and develop Cryogenic Engines.

Read this thread
Back in 1992, Joe Biden made sure that India does not get access to cryogenic tech for its space programme
#JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020… #America #JoeBiden via @tfipost
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#ShaheenBagh #ModiSurrendersToChina
With a clear cut agenda to sell the country, Modi always knew that the promise of 2,00,00,000 jobs every year was never going to get fulfilled. He lied about job creation right from 2013 onward.
The youth waited. Then they started to see the sale of national assets taking place and the clever decimation of PSU's which were providing bulk of the jobs. That is when they woke up and the tipping point was the Corona outbreak which rendered the economy defunct.
Probably the last straw came when Modi literally abandoned the country by asking it to become self sufficient. That signaled a total failure of the government and exposed it as having no policy or plan to take the country out of the mess of sudden and brutal lock
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Now wait for a flurry of articles on how courts have been compromised, democracy is being throttled, minorities are oppressed....leading the charge will be Wire, then Scroll and their foreign cousins WaPo & NYT. And more Faiz and Rahat Indori quotes.
- On a serious note, #ShaheenBagh was the 'democratic' version of chakka-jam which Sharjeel Imam was advocating, especially in strategically sensitive zones like Siliguri corridor.
- #ShaheenBagh was a pretty clever and well thought out strategy.
- With women and children as +
+ supposedly the face of this 'protest', any government action to forcibly evict them would've been a massive PR disaster.
- But on the other hand, if you allowed it to be replicated across the country, you'll have serious undermining of state & central authority.
- Like +
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Supreme Court will pronounce its judgement today on the question of balance between right to protest and other public rights like right to movement.

This larger question was posed before the Court in the backdrop of the Anti CAA protests at Delhi's #ShaheenBagh.

Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul pronounces the order.

"Public spaces and public places cannot be occupied indefinitely."

"Dissent and democracy go hand in hand"

#SupremeCourt #ShaheenBagh
SC observes that it is the duty of the administration to remove such blockades of roads.

SC observes, administration's inaction to do so warranted Court's intervention.

#SupremeCourt #ShaheenBagh
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#Hathras my views on it are based on a lot of inputs. The preparators thought and assumed that another #ShaheenBagh like situation, what they failed to note was , the government had stored on its memory the issue and here they were prepared. #PFI , the #Bheemagency and it's
2. agents were unprepared for this. As it emerges it's clear that there was no rape involved and the victims kin were equally involved in the gruesome murder which was an as they term it - an honour killing - I fail to understand any honour in killing unless it's one against
3. Colonial rule; now let's get the larger picture - @AIIndia , was informed of their violations of law and they chose to close Indian operations - now their own head had tweeted about how they brought down kings (eek), and the money flowing in from overseas has been traced, add
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Anti-CAA protests, conspiracy to uproot elected government, chakka-jaam: Dissecting Delhi Police's 2,600+ page chargesheet on Delhi riots

#DelhiRiots2020 #DelhiRiotsUntoldStory #delhiriots #CAA @DelhiPolice…
The charge sheet has been filed by ACP Alok Kumar & DCP PS Kushwah on September 16, 2020. A total of 751 FIRs were registered in the #DelhiRiots.

Filed before ASJ Amitabh Rawat at Karkardooma Court, @CPDelhi has named 15 people as accused. #DelhiRiots2020 #DelhiRiotsUntoldStory
On December 7, 2019, an agitation was called by another group, United Against Hate, at Jantar Mantar. Here, Sharjeel Imam, Yogender Yadav and Umar Khalid decided and agreed to use social media...

Aditi Singh disects 2,698 pages - Read Story…

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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul takes up for hearing petition which had sought clearance of the protest site in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh where sit in protest against CAA was being staged.

#SupremeCourt #ShaheenBagh #antiCAAProtest
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta says that the matter may not survive now.

SC asks what the petitioners and intervenors have to say about it.

#SupremeCourt #ShaheenBagh
Advocate Shashank Deo Sudhi declines to withdraw his petition.

Petitioner in person Amit Sahni: I have only thing to say that such kind of protests should not take place in future. Even yesterday there was a chakka jam in Haryana
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#Shocking Long Thread- How n Why #Church #HRLN Peacefuls ganged up to destroy @NCPCR_ CP Priyank Kanungo @KanoongoPriyank? N why lawyer Colin Gonsalves personally leading the assault against Priyank Kanungo? Indians/ Hindus must read this in ToTo to know their enemies. Cont....
Colin Gonsalves appeared before Delhi HC to secure bail for POCSO accused man, to quash FIR lodged by @DelhiPolice, complaint was forwarded by NCPCR to police. Surprisingly hearing ended up making Mr Kanungo personally party with Rs 50 lakh compensation claims against him (Cont.)
For d order order passed by NCPCR, its CP mischievously made party as a person by Delhi HC even after Commn lawyer stressed that it is unconstitutional! At d same time court order DPol nt 2 take coercive action against accused! #HRLN investment in judiciary thus paid off! (Cont.)
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#DelhiRiots- Lawyer Colin Gonsalves' HRLN received Rs 50 Cr from 4 European Churches; money used to legally defend anti #CAA rioters, #ShaheenBagh n #CAA_NRC_NPR campaign; #LRO wrote @HMOIndia @AmitShah to cancel #FCRA n arrest, prosecute Colin for fueling riots/unrest (Contin) Image
On HRLN website it openly claimed that its lawyers defended stone pelters, rioters, arsonist n criminal elements involved in anti #CAA riots across the country including riot accused Safoora Zargar which is direct violation of FCRA Section 12A(4)(V)(VI) and 12(4B) 1,2,3,6 (Contn) Image
The Church denominations which funded crores to HRLN's patron "Socio-Legal Information Center" are Bread for the World Germany (Protestant) DKA Austria (Catholic) MISEREOR (German Catholic), Karuna TrustUK (Dalit- Buddhist) INCLO (13 NGOs) n Belgium HQ European Commission ImageImageImageImage
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#ShaheenBagh was a roaring success and the brave women there showed us how it's done.

I have said this multiple times, saying it again. The NEXT big agitation should be against media houses, starting with Noida film city.

It should be a peaceful sit in protest...
And there should be so many people there in film city, protesting against channels there, and the employees - no matter what they do in these organisations - should face us while going in and coming out, just sitting there, voicing our protest.

We call for accountability.
If they publish crap, they should know there are people right outside to question the shit they published. Vulture editors should know there are people outside, and a lot of them, who could just barge in if they run propaganda. Guests attending bullshit debates should know.
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No one is afraid @KapilMishra_IND
You used hatespeech to incite violence & it’s been widely documented.
Used Twitter to gather people & “prevent another #ShaheenBagh” protest from taking place. The tweet was taken down by for violating its policies. Linking reports below
Manufacturing Evidence: How the Police is framing and arresting constitutional rights defenders in India - The Polis Project, Inc… via @project_polis
An Account of Fear & Impunity - A Preliminary Fact Finding Report on Communally-Targeted Violence in NE Delhi, February 2020 - The Polis Project, Inc… via @project_polis
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