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THREAD : Conspiracy or Facts ?

▪️#NewWorldOrder #TheGreatReset #Agenda2030 #Event201
▪️Globalization vs. Nationalism
▪️UN, Depopulation
▪️#GlobalWarming , Environment
▪️Biowar, Vaccines, Conditions
▪️Depopulation, Vaccines, Impotancy
▪️Western Vaccine vs #PeoplesVaccine Image
I'll not be commenting on any, all articles/videoes are self explanatory.

I'll not pass judgements, it's up to you to know Facts.

All articles are available online.

I WILL ask questions.
What is #TheGreatReset

▪️Klaus Schwash
▪️Dismantling Traditional Society and imposing Socialism, Capitalism. ImageImage
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Sachin's word isn't outcome determinative and he doesn't have to say a single word until he knows what's happened. All this misdirected anger is because people assume that Sachin has the obligation to fight their battles. He doesn't. BTW your Messiah, Dravid, does the same.
Ordinarily fucking endless paeans will be written on Dravid's greatness but when suddenly it is time to take a stand, his unwillingness to do so is immediately forgiven and forgotten and suddenly we're reminded he isn't the legend that Sachin is. Make up your fickle minds.
Cricketers don't speak up because they are castigated when they do. They speak up in support of their nation against foreign interference seeking to ignite a bogus protest on an issue that there was national consensus on until the unfettered right to baseless protest arrived.
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Yesterday while addressing the House, PM said that the Opposition is talking about the agitation but not about the content and intent of Farm Laws. I thought I should make him happy today and speak on the content and intent of the laws: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha Image
The content of the first law is that one can have unlimited purchase of foodgrains, fruits & vegetables anywhere in the country. If the purchase is unlimited anywhere in the country, then who would go to Mandis? The content of the first law is to finish the mandis: Rahul Gandhi
The content of the second law is that big businessmen can store as much food grains, fruits & vegetables as they want. They can hoard as much as they want. Content of the second law is to end the Essential Commodities Act. It is, to start unlimited hoarding in India: Rahul Gandhi
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Let there be a new dawn for #PopulationControlLaw in India to facilitate strengthening our pillars which keep the nation secure and safe from enemies and hunger.
Let us all support all such measures and moves the Government deems it fit to secure the lives of our #Jawans and #Kisans. #PopulationControlLaw . It is pertinent to see the land for farming for farmers does not shrink due to #PopulationExplosion. :
I am sure all sane minds will delve deep & urge d Government of d day to take necessary initiatives for a #PopulationControlLaw which will give incentives to small families & give no government subsidies, tuition fees, LTC, medical facilities, etc to units with more than 2 kids.
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THREAD: Zill-e-Ilahi ka daur kahatam ho chuka hai, Modi ki aankhon mein aankhein daal kar unki ghaltiyon ko bayaan kiya jayega

Spoke in #LokSabha in response to President's Address

@PMOIndia is hesitant & afraid of even uttering CHINA's name? [1/n]
After 45 years China killed 20 of our soldiers & govt has insulted their supreme sacrifice. India cannot even patrol at the place where they were killed. China has occupied our territory in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim and @PMOIndia is afraid of even raising the issue 2/n
#मैं_आंदोलनजीवी_हूँ & I'm proud of it. Instead of constructing defensive border infrastructure in Arunachal, Sikkim & Ladakh, the govt has built it in #Singhu, #Ghazipur & #Tikri. Treatment ideally meant for Chinese soldiers is being meted out on protesting Indian farmers 3/n
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@Gen_VKSingh Dear Honorable Minister @Gen_VKSingh Ji
Here is my thread in-line with your tweets🙏
as an #AndolanJeevi #IStandWithFarmers on #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP Guarantee
@Gen_VKSingh Now, it is clear that the Govt is adamant on #suspended #farmlaws and is misusing even #parliament to tell Lies on #MSP
refusing MSP Guarantee act to prevent below MSP purchase by anyone in India.
We Step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation for #Annadata
@Gen_VKSingh When do #Sellibrities become active to tweet on agriculture subject? When they get hints or advice, being a celebrity is a sensitive expectation from the powers and they are close to the heart of every Indian. #AndolanJeevi #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP
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If you aren't listening to @PMOIndia @narendramodi right now, please do listen. He is laying out a compelling case for the Farm loans. Irrfutable. Just listen. Brilliant!
Started off by quoting former PM Charan Singhji that in 1970 nearly 51% of farmers had < 1 hectare of land. Now that has increased to 68%. upto 2 hectares, that's 84% of all Indian farmers. These farmers don't even have bank accounts. Can't take loans. So loan writeoffs - no use
Spoke about Fasal Bima Yojana. Then Gram Sadak Yojana. All these are in aid of the "small farmer". PM keeps repeating that. #FarmLaws
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President's address to joint sitting of Parliament was of hope, way forward during these challenging times: PM @narendramodi in Rajya Sabha

@narendramodi India is truly a land of opportunities; country cannot let go opportunities that have come during challenging times: PM @narendramodi in Rajya Sabha

@narendramodi Criticism is fine but don't indulge in acts that can break confidence of the country; #coronawarriors should be respected: PM @narendramodi

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[वास्तविक तीनों कृषि कानूनों को आसान भाषा में समझिए]👇👇👇
{1st Act} आवश्यक वस्तु ( संशोधन ) अधिनियम , 2020 मुख्य प्रावधान अब जबकि भारत में ECA , 1955 में उल्लिखित वस्तुओं की उपलब्धता आवश्यकता से बहुत अधिक है,...1/n
#KisanAndolan #kisanprotest #KisanAandolan #FarmLaws #Modi
... तो इसलिए 1955 में लगाये गये सभी प्रतिबंध (निर्यात पर रोक लगाना तथा एक तय सीमा से अधिक स्टोरेज करने पर रोक लगाना) हटाए जाएंगे। उन वस्तुओं को केवल असाधारण परिस्थितियों में ही प्रतिबंधित किया जाएगा।
असाधारण परिस्थितियाँ :
( 1 ) युद्ध
( 2 ) अकाल
( 3 ) प्राकृतिक आपदा...2/n
... (4) असामान्य मूल्य वृद्धिः (खुदरा मूल्य)
(ए) सब्जियों , फलों आदि जैसे वस्तुओं के लिए 1 वर्ष में 100 % मूल्य वृद्धि
(बी) अनाज , तिलहन आदि जैसे वस्तुओं के लिए 1 वर्ष में 50 % मूल्य वृद्धि {1st Act Ended} 3/n
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Have been watching the evolution of @DilipGhoshBJP with admiration. Over the last four years he has really come of age and emerged as a leader to reckon with in #WestBengal vindicating his selection as @BJP4Bengal President. #ModiInBengal #Haldia #WestBengalElection2021
2/n PM #NarendraModi takes stage - referring to the #UttarakhandAvalanche drawing a link between the source of the Ganga in #Uttarakhand and its meeting with the sea near #Haldia. #ModiInBengal #WestBengalElection2021
3/n As per @DilipGhoshBJP the gathering is around 3 lakhs from the 3 districts of erstwhile undivided #Medinipur. Impressive mobilisation. Certainly @SuvenduWB's entry would have made a big difference. #ModiInBengal #Haldia #WestBengalElection2021
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{Agri Reformist Act's Explanation}
1. Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020.
Main Provisions :-
Now that the availability of the goods mentioned in the ECA,1955 is much more than the requirement in India, 1/n
Farm Laws #AtmaNirbharBharat #FarmBills2020 #farminglaws
Continue.., all the restrictions imposed in 1955 (prohibiting exports and prohibiting storage beyond a set limit) will be removed. Those items will be banned only in exceptional circumstances.
Farm Laws #AtmaNirbharBharat #FarmBills2020 #farminglaws #AgriculturalLaws 2/n...
Exceptional Circumstances👇
(1) War
(2) Famine
(3) Natural disaster
(4) Unusual price rise:- (Retail price) (A) 100% price increase in 1 year for commodities like vegetables, fruits etc.
(B) 50% price increase in 1 year for commodities like cereals, oilseeds etc.(1st Act)3/n
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A thread on prominent people 'supporting' Farm Laws & Celebrities who 'oppose' Farm Laws and instigate people.

Support: Dr. Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist at IMF
"Farm bills are in the right direction"

Oppose: Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Singer
Received 18 Crores for a paid tweet.
Support: Prof Shamika Ravi, Prominent Economist
Agriculture reforms in India: a ‘Right’ perspective

Oppose: Amanda Cerny, American Vlogger, Actress
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A tweet thread.
Re: #FarmersProtest There is a great deal of ignorance and misinformation about the freedoms currently available to Indian farmers and big business houses., even before the #farmLaws were dreamt up by the #ModiGovt that is causing so much turmoil in India.
Take one example. When McDonald's (NYSE: MCD; Market Cap USD 158 Bn) opened in India, they found the Indian potato was not the right kind for their french fries. The Govt did not allow the import of American or European potatoes. What did they do?
Read on:
McDonald India went to the enterprising Indian farmer and did a deal "Grow this variety of potato, to these specs and we'll guarantee to pay this price and what's more we'll pick up your crop come what may". No #mandis no #APMC. #ContractFarming with guarantees.
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A litany of lies is one of the many tools of misinformation being used to discredit the #FarmLaws & derail the negotiations by vested interest groups. 

That these laws were not debated & 'rushed through' top the list of such canards.

Here are the facts. Economic Survey 2021 mentions that 15 committees formed between 2001-2020 by different govts deliberated the farm reforms. Unlike the fake narrative the laws were clearly not 'rushed.' Many of those now vitiating the narrative have supported these for decades.
Then again, if those who are now egging on the farmers were as serious about their opposition to the laws 36 opposition members should not have been absent when RS debated these laws for more than 4 hours on 20 Sept 2020.
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Hi all, if you are interested in social justice and the seemingly unending onslaught of events seems to do your head in. Here are some resources, hashtags and processes I've found helpful in keeping track of what is happening around us.
1. @Article14live has tracked #sedition cases between 2010-2010 in #India. @kunalpurohit provides an in-depth overview of the use of colonial laws to suppress dissent and active requests for rights in the country. #memoryproject
2. The #freespeechcollective has tracked arrests and detentions of #journalists in India between 2010-20. @geetaseshu's work has demonstrated that 40% of these took place in 2020. #memoryproject
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Delhi High Court begins hearing PIL seeking immediate release of all persons illegally arrested and detained on/after January 26 from areas in and around Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur borders.


#FarmersProtest #SinghuBorder #Ghazipurborder #Farmers
Hearing is before Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh.

#FarmersProtest #FarmLaws
Adv Ashima Mandla : Delhi police has issued a clarification that it has arrested122 people in 44 FIRs.

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Delhi High Court begins hearing PIL seeking investigation into the incidents which happened during the #TractorRally held on January 26.

#FarmersProtest #FarmLaws

Petitoner seeks arrest of those who "disrespected the National Flag" and vandalised property.

Probe is also sought into how such a serious security lapse could take place.


Hearing is before Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh.
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Our 5-minute idiot's guide to the #FarmLaws explains who is behind the #FarmersProtests & what their motives really are. Rare historical insights included. Thread - 1/5:

#FarmersProtestHijacked #FarmersProstest #hindusikhunity… Section 1 of 5.
2/5 Image
3/5 Image
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CEA KV Subramanian has said that the government must use its fiscal policy to support growth till pre-Covid levels are reached.

Follow this thread for everything on the #EconomicSurvey ⬇️
The government may need to continue with an expansionary fiscal stance in order to sustain the recovery in aggregate demand, said the #EconomicSurvey.
The #EconomicSurvey 2021 has called for a fresh review of asset quality of banks after the #Covid19-related regulatory forbearances are removed.
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#WATCH | Delhi: Group of people claiming to be locals gather at Singhu border (Delhi-Haryana border) demanding that the area be vacated.
Delhi: Alipur SHO has been injured after a scuffle broke out at Singhu border where farmers are protesting against farm laws.
Delhi: Alipur SHO Pradeep Paliwal injured in a clash that broke out at Singhu border where farmers are protesting against #FarmLaws

(Pic source: Delhi Police) Image
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Supreme Court bench led by CJI SA Bobde to hear a batch of petitions regarding the #FarmersProtests issue. #SupremeCourt had appointed a 4 member committee to resolve stalemate over the #FarmActs. One out 4 has recused.
Attorney General KK Venugopal: We had moved an application in the last hearing.

Solicitor-General: Please consider having this hearing on January 25
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(Farmers Protest)

CJI SA Bobde led bench to shortly assemble & deliver orders in the #FarmersProtests case. #SupremeCourt had indicated that it may stay the implementation of the #FarmActs
However, in a latest update, Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave told @barandbench that farmer unions have declined to present themselves before a #SupremeCourt appointed committee
To know all about the hearing before CJI led bench, do watch this 2 minute video by @DebayanDictum

#FarmersProtests #FarmLaws

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