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Embarking on the PhD Journey? ✨
Congratulations & here are my top tips for beginners - a 🧵

As a 4th year PhD student, I am sharing the top tips, which I received as a beginner, to help you navigate this rewarding yet demanding experience.

#PhDBeginnerTips #academicchatter Image
1️⃣Keep a #ResearchJournal

A PhD is a whirlwind of ideas, experiments, and discoveries. A dedicated journal to document everything will be an invaluable resource throughout your journey.

➡️Check out my upcoming tweets on how to maintain a research journal Image
2️⃣Have an Unofficial Board of Mentors:

In addition to your guide or doctoral committee, cultivate a network of trusted individuals who can advpice & support you.

➡️This amazing advice is from my mentor & friend @Maddie_Chera, & I have 6 people on my "board" now!😁

#mentoring Image
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All the horrible things I have thought and done during my #PhD that I was absolutely sure nobody else was thinking or doing

(but which, actually, they all absolutely were)

#phdlife #phdchat #phdtips #academicchatter #academictwitter @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie
🗯️ They're going to figure out that I'm not actually capable of doing this work

🗯️ I have no idea what I'm doing

🗯️ I don't think I'm ever going to figure out how to plan and structure this thesis
🗯️ I don't even get the most basic theories in my field that everyone else seems to be quoting off the top of their heads

🗯️ I've honestly never heard of Foucault / Bourdieu / Irigaray / Donna Haraway until right now (theories we 'should' all know in feminist/gender studies)
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PhD and #planning are inseparable. But more often than not, it NEVER works!
Either we procrastinate till we fall into anxiety or overwork to the point of burnout.

Here's a little🧵for procrastination-proof planning!

#PhDlife #PhDchat #phdtips #AcademicTwitter
Why planning has always been a tricky thing for me:

❌My plans are either too big & I get overwhelmed or too short & I lose the big picture.

❌they have no space for changes. One interruption can cause a domino effect & I'd feel like the whole plan is sabotaged.
In my journey to build a routine, I realised these mistakes in my planning and found little ways to improve them.

📝Here's what I've learnt:

(more detailed explanations below⬇️)
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Do you feel confused over how to write a #LiteratureReview, clueless about why we write this or where to start? A lot of us started there!

Here's my idea to
Write a #LitRev in 5 definitive steps🧵

#LiteratureReview #AcWri #PhDtips #AcademicTwitter #ScienceTwitter #PhDlife
1️⃣ Start by identifying the 𝗴𝗼𝗮𝗹. These questions will guide your literature collection and writing of the review:
— Why this problem?
— What has been done before and where's the research gap?
— What other methods exist, and why could the chosen method fill the gap? 1. Identify the goal of the review Why am I solving this par
2️⃣𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁 relevant literature to answer the above questions by starting from a root paper, branch out and then narrowing down to your theme.
I'd suggest @rsrchrabbit for this step. (I've already made a reel about this and you can find it in my recent story/highlights.) 2. Collect relevant articles to answer the above 4 questions
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Writing apps for PhD! - a 🧵

Looking for the perfect #notetaking system? Or writing #workflow?

After trying to integrate all my writing into one app, I couldn't choose one.
As researchers our writing needs are diverse & so here's my #writing system for anyone who needs! Image
#academicchatter #writingtools #researchtools #phdlife #AcademicTwitter #PhDtips

Our systems can be as simple or as complex as our needs are. So the best system is the one that works for you!

Here are all the apps I use for my writing & why I chose them:
People in my field and lab mostly use LaTeX for most documents. Especially ones that need impeccable formatting/ with lots of in-text citations. Online app for

@overleaf @TeXstudio #LaTeX #acwri
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1/ first: don't sit there forcing yourself to get the motivation back. Nobody in the history of ever got motivated by telling themselves to feel motivated.

Instead, acknowledge you're not feeling it & shift focus instead. Read on... 👇🏼
2/ Try reading something that usually gives you the academic equivalent of fanny flutters (!). Your favourite journo article, your fave writer, a section of your research journal, an interesting joy-giving bit of data.

That might spark some ideas to bring back into your writing
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Dear #PhD #perfectionist, some thoughts on facing, ddressing + working past #perfectionism/fear of failure in #research.

A messy imperfect 🧵

#phdlife #phdtips #phdchat @PhDgenie @PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @PhDspeaks @AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #researchlife #phdwriting
@PhDgenie @PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @PhDspeaks @AcademicChatter 1/ Research is MEANT to be imperfect+messy. Things going wrong in research are more likely than things going ‘perfectly’.

If everything went EXACTLY as we planned/controlled +was already known, there’d be no need to do the research in the first place, right?!
2/ Instead of fearing imperfection, maybe take a beat to reflect/journal:

* What would perfection be or look like in your research?
* What does 'perfect' work + research mean?
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EVERYONE I knew who completed their #PhD before me had a miserable time in the last stages of writing up. I dreaded having to struggle too but those last 6 months ended up being the most fulfilling, happy time of my PhD

#phdlife #phdtips #phdchat @PhDVoice #academictwitter
I voiced my dread/fears to my supervisor. She shared that she loved writing up; that it was a wonderful time of seeing her research come together + gain confidence in her own voice/findings. She was the first person to suggest there was another way to write/wrap up the PhD...
... that wasn't characterised by only misery, struggle, overwork, pain.

I took that vision/possibility into my writing up year and I too loved it.

I loved seeing disparate threads come together, new ideas emerge, my own voice+perspectives get stronger

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How I planned for + wrote 6 #thesis chapters in my last year while keeping all my mornings, evenings + weekends free.

A 🧵

@OpenAcademics @PhDspeaks @PhDSurvival @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdlife #phdtips #phdchat #phdwriting #postgradresearch
First, a note: I fucked about a LOT the first 2-3 yrs of the PhD. Then, had 2 bereavements + 6 straight months of health issues which put me out of action. So I ended up writing most of the thesis only in my last writing up year.

I cut it close but I got it done.

1. I looked at everything I had to do + planned backwards: How many chapters over how many months. I broke the writing plan down into months, and then into weeks.

I had an idea of how I work and how much I'm able to do within a week, so I kept it realistic.

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Ok #AcademicTwitter. This month, I'm entering my 3rd year of PhD! yayy🎉

I was looking through my 1st research journal and found these "tips" I had written for myself. I thought I'll share them here.

So, here's a 🧵of #PhDtips for those starting their PhD!

#PhDlife #PhDchat Image
1. Maintain a #PhDjournal📒
Experiments, results, failures, meetings w/ guide, seminars, weekly plans, proposal brainstorming, talk prep - everything related to your PhD in one notebook.

(coursework & journal notes can be separate, but I used the same note. 1 note/year for me)
2. Read a lot of journal articles. A lot.
It is the best way to take your research forward!

(I wanted to try the #365papersChallenge, but couldn't keep up. I read way fewer papers than I want myself to. This could be my sign from the universe to step up!)
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Have you ever searched for "How to do a #LiteratureReview quickly/in 1 day/3 hours"?
And then spend the entire time getting lost in searching/ wallowing in tangential directions?

Here is a🧵on Quick #LitRev technique...

#AcWri #AcademicTwitter #PhDtips #phdlife #ScienceTwitter Image
From my fair share of struggle with literature reviews, I devised a technique that helped me do *quick* literature surveys, especially when I needed to
- write a #grant #proposal
- improve a half-written #manuscript
- learn a new method/theory

So, here you go...
1️⃣Collecting literature: Research Rabbit App

My go-to tool for literature discovery+visualize connection b/w them. (very essential for writing your LitRev, as you will need to draw connections between different works.) Image
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