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"I'm struggling to understand <topic>.
No matter how much I try, I can't get it"

As I've been getting to know the #Pythonverse on Twitter better in recent weeks, I've seen this common theme recur often from beginners

If this is you, read on…

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It's not just you.

This is the norm, not the exception

There are a number of reasons why this happens.

Here are some of them…
You may be learning a topic a bit too early.

Some topics need a good understanding of other concepts before you can fully grasp them.

#ObjectOrientedProgramming is one such area. Many beginners try to learn this topic before they've fully mastered the basics…
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There are many ways to practise using different data structures in #Python

…not many are as fun as this one!

Here's the step-by-step tutorial to work your way towards writing this animation:…

#100daysofcode #coding #learnPython

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In this project, you'll get to use lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets to set up the grid, colours, and get the balls to bounce and speed across the tiles.

It's fun to write, and fun to watch, too!

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If you don't have the time for this but know someone who does, please do share…

#python #coding

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Anyone wants a step-by-step tutorial on creating this lunar landing game using #Python's turtle module?

#coding #programming #100daysodcode #learnPython #LearnToCode
This is not a rhetorical question. I haven't written the article yet, so whether I do or not depends on your responses…
Ok, Ok, Ok, you've all convinced me. Now I just need to stop playing the game, and start writing the article.

Easier said than done…

#python #turtle #game #tutorial
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A quick introduction: I used to be a physicist, which is where I learnt coding.

As a university academic, coding and teaching were both things I enjoyed.

#coding #python
I always felt that explaining abstract and complex concepts in an accessible way was something I'm good at.

My undergrad students agreed…

And now, so do my coding students, young and, er, not so young…

#teaching #learning
Now I spend my time:
—> running @codetoday_
—> teaching coding to kids & adults
—> writing articles and books on #coding and #Python
—> creating and running Python courses and workshops (coming soon…)

You can read my articles on:
º @realpython
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Who's Monty & what's a White Room got to do with *truly* understanding concepts in #Python #coding?

What’s more challenging in the early days when you learn coding is to join the dots between various topics you learn, viewing them as a coherent set of tools

#100daysofcode Image
Here's The White Room analogy in brief:

I call the computer program Monty.

Monty is the one who’s busy doing things, performing all the actions required in your computer program.
But Monty/the computer program needs some infrastructure to be able to operate.

This infrastructure is the White Room: an empty room with white walls and white ceilings–a blank canvas.
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In Python, you can visualize images with the Plotly IMshow function.


#Python #pythonlearning #datascience #datavisualization

You can use Plotly IMshow for a few uses.

You can use it to plot heatmaps ...

But you can also use it to plot images.

The syntax for Plotly IMshow is pretty simple.

You call the function as px.imshow and then provide the name of the image file you want to visualize.

(This assumes you've imported Plotly express as px)

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5 Reasons to Learn Python:

1. Easy to Learn.😀

2. Versatility:

▪ You can use it for, 🌐Web Developement, 📊Data Science, 💻Machine Learning, Computer 🔎Vision, 📈Data Analysis and Visualization, Scripting, 💻Gaming and in Robotics.

3. High Salaary.💰

4. Scalability:
▪ It is extremely 👊powerful that you can build real-world🌐 applications.

5. Job Market:

▪ High📈 Demand and 📉Low Supply of Python🐍 Developer.💻

▪ Python is number 1 Programming language for ML and AI.

▪ By Learning Python you are actually investing💰 in your future.
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