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This is a threaded version of Chapter 23, titled,

“Prenatal Politics, Generationally Speaking”

of the book, *Psychology of Apocalypse:

*Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema

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Chapter 23 is subtitled...

“Panicky Electorate, Biting the Feeding Hand,

“Perinatally Oblivious Right-Wing “Hate Groups,” the Tea Party, & the Fifties Generation...

“Perinatal Access of Millennials”

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“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Can anyone at this point still maintain that the politics of the last few decades had anything at all to do with ideology or issues?” []

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The wife of the special counsel #JackSmith donated to Joe Biden’s campaign & was one of the producers of Michelle Obama’s documentary for #Netflix.…
#JackSmith, recruited by Merrick Garkand from the ICC to prosecute President Trump, was complicit in IRS targeting conservative non-profits, together with notorious Lois Lerner.…
According to a witness testimony, #JackSmith initiated a meeting with Lois Lerner to discuss "enforcement" against conservative groups engaging in politics in the aftermath of #CitizensUnited SCOTUS decision.…
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Wg. @a_nnaschneider: Für alle die denken, libertär ist so was wie liberal. Ist es nicht. Libertär ist in den USA die Basis der #TeaParty. Libertär sind die Koch-Brüder, die Desinformationen der Ölindustrie finanzierten. Libertär ist Grover Norquist, der den Staat so klein...(1/3)
halten will, "dass man ihn in der Badewanne ertränken kann". Der ideologische Bezugspunkt all der Libertären ist der Roman "Atlas Shrugged" von Ayn Rand. Gefeiert wird hier ein rücksichtsloser Egoismus. Christliches Mitleid und Religion gelten aus Ausdruck von Schwäche. ... (2/3)
Schon daran erkennt man, dass es wenig mit Konservatismus zu tun hat. Auch Liberalismus braucht einen Staat, der Rahmenbedingungen schafft, die Freiheit erst ermöglichen. PS: Im Übrigen sollte Frau Schneider jederzeit sagen können, was sie denkt (3/3)…
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You'll notice how careful the Yale AND Harvard grad is to parse his language, but he was ABSOLUTELY involved in the conspiracy to overturn the election results, using his position as governor on television to help promote and encourage an idea that was patently illegal.
Small wonder he doesn't want the "feds" investigating things in Florida. I'm not a lawyer but it would appear to me that he is obstructing justice here by telling the public, essentially, that if you talk to federal investigators they may try to "ruin" your life.
The idea of using electors who select a presidential candidate AGAINST the popular vote in a state isn't a new one. Back in 2000 John Eastman was promoting the idea as a back up plan if the courts didn't rule in George Bush's favor.

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In April '09, in a similarly desperate political climate, I was among several who promised our #TeaParty movement would take back the nation.

A mere 19 months later:

The historic Tea Party revolution with a 63 seat GOP gain in the House, the largest political shift since 1894.
Understanding the #TeaParty revolution of '10 is vital because it demonstrates what we can do together.

In five months, in 435 House races, some featuring candidates I have known for years, I believe we are poised again for historic gains, possibly even exceeding those of '10.
I believe most Americans see this, but it seems less appreciated abroad:

As in '10, a historic American comeback is underway.

In a mere five months, Biden's ability to unilaterally shape U.S. policy is over--and we will bring an end to his suicidal policies at home and abroad.
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Die Affäre #ElonMusk ist übrigens längst nicht mehr harmlos. Habe schon Februar (vor der #Twitter-Kaperung) vor dem antidemokrat. #Dualismus des Rechtslibertären gewarnt. Damals verhöhnte er Kanada 🇨🇦 & #Trudeau durch eine Gleichsetzung mit #Hitler. (1/4)…
Im digitalen #Libertarismus werden Demokrat:innen & Republiken mit dem #Nationalsozialismus gleichgesetzt, im Deutschen z.B. durch #RolandBaader. Plus #Verschwörungsmythen breitet sich derzeit „Extremismus der Mitte“, libertärer #Antisemitismus aus! (2/4)…
In den USA 🇺🇸 begann der Niedergang der Republikaner (GOP) mit d. rechtslibertären #TeaParty-Bewegung, Vorläufer von #QAnon. Genau dorthin driftet nun auch #ElonMusk, wirft US-Demokraten Verschwörung vor, zahlte „Schweigegeld“, um Recht zu biegen. (3/4)…
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If you followed #FreedomConvoy, even supported it, did you really understand danger it poses to Canada? Maybe you waved away extremist elements, saying just a few "bad apples". You'd be deluding yourself. It's time to scratch below the surface, start here:
Those various flags seen throughout the protest. They weren't one-offs or bad apples, they were embedded in the protest from the start. You saw them:
#Trump flags, Confederate flags, 3% flags, &, yes, Swastika flags (if you have one Nazi in a crowd, you've got a crowd of Nazis).
Think this is an exaggeration? Maybe start to examine what's actually driving these groups. Organizers of #TruckConvoy have a history of extremist views, from #Wexit to disgusting racist bigotry and hatred. It wasn't hidden, you just ignored it.
Start with #CanadaUnity
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GOP Lawmakers Intensify Effort to Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools via @pewtrusts The Center for Renewing America created model #CriticalRaceTheory legislation for lawmakers to introduce
The Center for Renewing America is a right-leaning nonprofit organization created by Russel Vaught, director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Donald Trump.… Image
There is no evidence that #CriticalRaceTheory, as defined by its originators, has been taught in any public school. Nor has a school board in any state cited critical race theory as an element of its curriculum.
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La cuenta oficial de Twitter del partido Republicano (G.O.P. Grand Old Party) de Texas ha adoptado el lema de #QAnon; la gente que, como el asaltante al Capitolio con el gorro con cuernos, cree que el alma de los políticos en Washington ha sido poseída por satanás y tienen como👇 Image
patriotas, la sacrosanta misión de liberar la capital del país del mal) Colocar la cabeza del el elefante republicano en el lugar de la O del lema conspirativo, WE ARE THE STORM / NOSOTROS SOMOS LA TORMENTA supone cuando menos una inconsciencia pues da alas a un movimiento que 👇
ya ha provocado varios muertos. La desafortunada iniciativa no es sino muestra de la profunda división interna que sufre el partido conservador de Estados Unidos. Actualmente, el G.O.P. en realidad son tres. 1: El partido de Trump (posiblemente un 80%) que anhela su regreso.👇 Image
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In 35 years in government, public policy, and industry, I've been bold but dedicated to truth.

In the mid-80s, I told you that our Reagan Doctrine initiatives in #Afghanistan, #Angola, #Cambodia, #Nicaragua, etc. would ultimately bring down the entire Soviet Union, and they did.
In the Bush 41 @WhiteHouse, I warned that betraying or deviating from the #Reagan #conservative legacy would lead to our defeat in 1992, which it sadly did.
In '09, as I played a leading and instrumental role in launching our national #TeaParty movement, I said that we were not seeking to merely tweak policies here and there. Our goal, I said, was to take back our entire government.

Cynics snickered, but we did exactly that.
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Yesterday I ran the primary in my neighborhood as an election judge. It's staggering how many people have difficulty understanding how voting works, and what a primary is. 1/
First of all, all of the people who dragged themselves out in 95🌡 weather were enthusiastic as hell. There wasn't any enthusiasm gap on the Republican side.

And they were eager to vote in person, as @less_tx noted. 2/
But in many cases, enthusiasm was met with disappointment, as many people who wanted to vote in races they'd heard about and seen advertised realized they were not eligible. They saw a high profile race and assumed they could vote in it. 3/
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What has happened to #BLM is the same thing that happened to #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty

Genuine complaints and real grassroots movements get swallowed up by parasitical and opportunistic agent provocateurs seeking to destabilize our Republic
These people are not anarchists. They are totalitarians. Their goal is control of the means, the systems, the machines and morality. Its socialistic, communistic and fascistic in the worst ways and they're not bound by the rules the rest of us choose to play by
It's not a "left" vs "right" paradigm either.

This is control vs freedom.

The nazi white nationalists are every bit as interested in controlling everything as the so called democratic socialist Bernie bros.

This is about Statism.
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The #KochNetwork, avatar of the tea party, rejects #shutdown protests via @politico AFP board member states “I think there's been a lesson...We saw what we wanted in the #teaparty. It didn’t work out like we’d like. And now we’re much more practical.”
Multiple conservative groups that have been longtime allies of the #KochNetwork network, such as FreedomWorks and #TeaParty Patriots, have led the #shutdown protests. Even the CEO of #ALEC has signed on.
Art Pope, owner of #NorthCarolina politicians, is a co-founder of AFP-NC with David Koch, and often called "Koch Jr". When asked about the #KochNetwork’s position on the current wave of #protests, Pope said “I’ll let them speak for themselves". #NCleg
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The Council for National Policy #CNP, "The Secret Society"…
"the heart of a great conservative movement that helped to make America strong and prosperous in the 20th century – now helping to ensure she remains free and secure in the 21st century,"
Some CNP members - Mike Pence comes quickly to mind - in the context of bolstering their conservative credentials, have proudly revealed their CNP membership, even though CNP's policy is to keep membership a secret. Here is it's 2014 Membership, the latest…
#CNP's tentacles include well-connected activists who advocate for the imposition of fundamentalist Christian ideology in public life and have succeeded in forcing their agenda in republican administrations. A list of organizations working with CNP…
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These people who are saying #BoycottHomeDepot should do some research.
1. The co-founders (Bernie, Arthur, & Ken) have generally split between political parties. Arthur gives more to Dems.
2. Bernie Marcus is retired and no longer the CEO.
(See thread below.)
3. Both Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank have been amazing to the city of Atlanta.
4. They created hundreds of thousands of jobs for people around the entire country....

(Don’t #BoycottHomeDepot)
5. Hundreds, if not thousands, of employees & stockholders became millionaires. 3,000 became MULTImillionaires. Those people were able to pursue the American Dream...…
(Don’t #BoycottHomeDepot)
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Among members of the White House Cabinet, no agency head has done more to follow the president’s lead in draining the swamp than Scott Pruitt. Make no mistake, that’s why the left & its allies are working overtime to smear him.… #DrainTheSwamp #TeaParty
After 8 years under Obama, Americans were fed up with being ordered around by liberal elites in a distant capital city, and by bureaucrats who put in place job-killing regulations. #DrainTheSwamp #TeaParty
.@POTUS has reversed that. He has led the way on draining the swamp, with a WH directive to agencies to cut 2 regs for every new reg proposed, with tax reforms, and by removing the US from the unfair and ineffective Paris climate accord. #DrainTheSwamp
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