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1) 'Although, scientific evidence supporting #facemasks’ efficacy is lacking, adverse physiological, psychological & health effects are established. Been hypothesized facemasks have compromised safety and efficacy profile and should be avoided from use.'…
2) 'The current article comprehensively summarizes scientific evidences with respect to wearing facemasks in the #COVID19 era, providing proper information for public health and decisions making.'
3) 'As of October 1, 2020, w/wide 34,166,633 cases reported and 1,018,876 died with virus diagnosis. Interestingly, 99% of detected cases with #SARSCoV2 are asymptomatic or have mild condition, which contradicts with virus name (severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2'
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UK’s First #COVID19 #facemask #discrimination Claimant Wins £7,000
Refusing Access To People Unable To Wear Face Coverings Due To Disability Is Direct Discrimination – No Different To Denying Access To A Black, Gay or Jewish Person For Example.…
@Politie 😉
Supermarkets ‘at risk of discriminating against disabled people’ over #facemasks
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has written to supermarket CEOs warning they could be breaking the law. #COVID19
@cblnieuws @Politie…
Kester Disability Rights, what a fantastic organisation!
I live with hidden disabilities. In these trying times I am living in fear of the population wearing #facemasks. It is distressing for me and in turn I am unable to wear one myself.
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#Lockdowns Could Reshape American Politics for a Generation, or Several

Never before has such a globalized and comprehensive regime of closures, #curfews, quarantines, travel restrictions, and #surveillance been deployed for any excuse [...]…
Experts staan voor raadsel: besmettingscijfers in #ZuidAfrika spectaculair gedaald zonder strenge #lockdown…
“The International evidence and American evidence is clear. The lockdowns have not stopped the spread of the disease in any measurable way” Roundtable discussion today with @GovRonDeSantis . #lockdownharms #focusedprotection
March 2021
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Lockdowns don’t save lives and #Sweden is all the proof you need

History will record Covid-induced #lockdowns as the product of #pseudoscientific ideology, manifestations of an unprecedented #masshysteria and drummed-up #fear.…
#Coronavirus #Lockdown

The lack of #evidence #lockdowns actually worked is a world scandal

There is still not a shred of real proof that the planet's reckless stay-at-home experiment made any difference…
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⚠️#Ocular #MRI Findings in Patients with Severe #COVID19: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study
All patients had nodules in the macular region, 8/9 (89%) had bilateral nodules, 2/9 (22%) had nodules outside the macular region. Screening needed. Image
⚠️🔝New-Onset #IgG #Autoantibodies in Hospitalized Patients with #COVID19
An international team of researchers studying COVID-19 has made a startling and pivotal discovery: The virus appears to cause the body to make weapons to attack its own tissues. Image
⚠️🔝Patterns of myocardial injury in recovered troponin-positive COVID-19 patients assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Damage to the heart found in more than half of #COVID19 patients discharged from hospital who show raised levels of troponin. Image
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Tesco, Asda and Waitrose join competitors to ban maskless customers from stores
- Five of the UK’s biggest supermarkets have now banned shoppers who refuse to wear face harmful #masks.…
Comprehensive analysis of 50 states shows greater spread with #mask mandates
- Masks are “sterilized” with Ethylene Oxide - a known carcinogen'
- The IARC classifies ethylene oxide into group 1, meaning it is a proven carcinogen.… ImageImageImageImage
1. Florida with no statewide mask mandate after the state said counties could no longer enforce mask mandates.
2. California’s had mask mandates for 6-8 months and it hasn’t mattered. - The people 'getting together thing' is disproven nonsense.… ImageImage
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WWII-Jodenvervolging - Als joden en anti-fascisten wisten ze wat er op het spel stond. Waarom waren zij niet beter voorbereid? Mensen kunnen nu eenmaal de toekomst niet voorzien. #Covid19 (Note: alle in het artikel genoemde politici zijn zionisten 😉)…
Voor uitsluiting en vervolging (en mogelijk massamoord) heb je demonisering nodig waarbij de te isoleren groep gezien wordt als gevaar voor de samenleving. (Covid19-)ANGST-Propaganda zorgt voor stapsgewijs indoctrineren van de massa waardoor geweld wordt genormaliseerd.
Government #facemask rules lead to violent protests
(Note: population got divided into wearers and non-wearers, later on it became mandatory. Fear forced people to act violently bc of a paper mask🙈)

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#COVID19 is GEEN complot maar voor de zekerheid worden alle critici ontslagen, belachelijk gemaakt en/of opgesloten!😂 #RutteSchenko
Accomplished pharma prof thrown in psych hospital after questioning official COVID narrative

#COVID19  #Fascism  #France…
My Long Time Friend and ‘Learn The Risk’ Founder #brandyvaughan Found Dead
Posted by Erin Elizabeth | Dec 8, 2020 incl video 🤓
(Note: Did #BigPharma had a deathwish contract on her? #COVID19 #vaccines)

Sanford Health CEO is fired for not wearing #facemask
Kelby Krabbenhoft is no longer president and CEO of Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Sanford Health.
"Kelby's impact on the organization and the communities it serves will be felt for generations to come".…
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Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality
A hallucination = uncontrolled perception, a perception = controlled hallucination. If we agree on our perceptions and hallucinations we call it reality. #COVID19 mindf#ck #facemask
(Anil Seth – TedTalk 2017)
Why Do People Believe #propaganda? Creating Submissively “Obedient Individuals”
(Note: ignore the censorship warning “dangerous”, just click on the file 🤓)…

The (UK-)Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), also known unofficially as the "Nudge Unit", is a social purpose organisation that generates and applies behavioural insights, officially to inform policy and improve public services.
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@PDP00000001 Sanford Health CEO is out for not wearing #facemask
Kelby Krabbenhoft is no longer president and CEO of Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Sanford Health.
"Kelby's impact on the organization and the communities it serves will be felt for generations to come".🤔…
@PDP00000001 S.D.-based Sanford Health
"We want you to know unequivocally that our health system's position has not changed. We will continue to let #Science guide the work that we do every day to keep our communities healthy and safe. The science is clear, #facemasks work."🤔
@PDP00000001 Doctor Horwitz gave solid reasons "Why Masks Won’t Protect You From Coronavirus" on March 4, 2020. Why didn't we listen to her?🤔
(Note: a saved #facemask thread) #mondkapjesplicht #fascisme…
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BJP leader and MLA from Rajasthan's Rajsamand, Kiran Maheshwari passes away at Medanta Hospital in Haryana's Gurugram. She was undergoing treatment after testing positive for #COVID19.

Follow #COVID19 updates here👇…
Tamil Nadu government extends #COVID19 related restrictions till December 30 and Chennai's Marina Beach is set to reopen after December 14.

Follow #COVID19 updates here👇…
" #COVID19 Positivity rate is down to 7.24% from 15.26%. It has become less than half since November 7, which is a sign of relief as it means that the outbreak is on the perpetual decline," said Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain.
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I find this quite interesting; the estimates for the association between wearing a #mask and some coronavirus infection in non-hc setting (0.56, 95% CI: 0.40-0.79) is roughly the same magnitude as the association for #bicyclehelmet and head injury (0.49, 95% CI: 0.42-0.57) 1/9
Are they both confounded? You bet. But they're also both mechanistically plausible. And there's some major issues with conducting RCTs for both. Ethical reasons for helmets, and for masks, statistical power issues (adherence, sample size, disease prevalence) seem pretty bad 2/9
With helmets, the people wearing them probably have some different characteristics than non-users, that causes confounding. Probably they're more cautious and take less risks in traffic. It's also possible that for some individuals, helmet causes risk compensation... 3/9
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Well where do I start with this one!

#Article from #TheLiverpoolVermin who are just as #bad as the #TheScum

🤬#Police #drag man off #Merseyrail #train in #handcuffs after he '#refuses to #wear #mask'🤬…
I've #watched the #video many times in #shock & #horror at the #actions from the #police #FORCE & I've read both #articles #TheLiverpoolVermin & #BritishTransportPoliceFederations #Statement

Something not quite right none of it adds up, the video shows the #Police ARE #Lying🤬
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“There’s been a sharp rise in the number of people not eligible for a test coming forward for testing”

@MattHancock blames people without #COVID symptoms getting tested inappropriately for current testing fiasco

That’s right folks. It’s our fault again!
This pattern of blaming the public for not following govt guidelines has been used throughout

And it’s not just the public who are blamed by @BorisJohnson’s govt

NHS staff were blamed for the shortage of PPE because Hancock said they were using too much.
The most obscene attempt to shift blame has been @BorisJohnson on #CareHomeScandal. He claimed:

- “clinicians made the final decision” to discharge from hospitals

- care homes didn't "follow procedures"

- scientists didn’t know about asymptomatic spread
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I’ve decided to do a thread on masks to show how harmful they can be, I fully expect to get mocked/attacked for my beliefs, that’s fine, just know all you trolls I won’t be entertaining you, you’ll just get muted.
I’m posting research, not arguing with brain dead idiots.
#NoMasks Image
One thing to understand is that this is a satanic ritual...even if you don’t believe in God & the devil etc, those in power do & do their utmost to serve it, their ‘god’ & they are truly evil.…
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Love them or loathe them, face coverings have been used to protect us from all sorts of harmful material in the air for a very long time. [Thread] #facecoverings #facemask Face covering with scissors. © Lizzie Enfield.
Face coverings as a way of protecting respiratory health go back at least 2,000 years. The Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder used animal-bladder skins as masks to filter dust from toxic minerals used at the time for pigmentation in decorations. #facecoverings Caius Plinius Secundus. Lithograph by Dumont.
In his travelogue, Italian explorer Marco Polo (1254–1324) described the servants attending to the Chinese emperor and his entourage wearing silk scarves to cover their mouths and noses to prevent their breath from contaminating the food they prepared. #facecoverings The book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian : concerning the ki
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Late every night -- as I finish sorting my photos at #Flickr -- a darkness comes over me. Often it comes without subject. This mood is impossible to visualize in a photograph because outsiders expect a cause for every #depression. There is none.
"Cautious" is the title I gave to the last photo. It's the proper state of mind for the times. We need to be cautious. I have been inside since the 7th of July due to #COVID19, avoiding my fellow human beings who walk around without masks, merrily spreading infection.
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There's a group on #Flickr whose title always gives me a laugh: "Narcissism in Color". When I make selfies, I have to admit that I am very much like Narcissus of mythology: the person who looks at them the most is me. This audience leans over the edge of the pool and dreams.
There's a strong association between #narcissism and dreams in #mythology. Many of us dream of that face in the pool, giving it fame that we think we deserve. The Instagrams of young people attract many likes. But this is no country for old men.
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I take my #selfies for the purpose of building my #selfesteem. I know I am not more beautiful than other people. I know I am not more popular. The number of friends who view the my #photography is very small. But they are survival of sorts.
#photography #photograph #mask #facemask #WearADamnMask
#mummy Joel Sax shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Check it out: Image
Yes, I am a wreck sometimes. I don't believe in taking the pains to look like a person who I am not. If my hair is a mess, then it is a mess. That is how I am. Many people cannot afford to be like I am. They cannot afford to let their #depression show.
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It's nice to see the locals are following the advice on wearing a mask.
GIF: The Wicker Man (1973)
#WearADamnMask #facemask
It's nice to see the local children being sensible and wearing their masks.
GIF: The Wicker Man (1973)
#WearADamnMask #facemask
It's nice to see the local ladies sensibly wearing their masks as they frolic through the fields. Bravo!
GIF: The Wicker Man (1973)
#WearADamnMask #facemask
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I get why the Big Brexiteers are against making #facemasks mandatory...
Binding yourself to rules made collectively for the common good at the expense of selfish exceptionalism is so off-brand for them.
I mean, these are the same people who think the visual appearance of a PassPort is more important than the ports it lets you pass.
So OF COURSE they think seeing someone's smile (visual well-being) is more important than them actually being healthy.
These are the same people who made up things the EU was supposedly about to force us to do despite clear evidence they were lying.
So OF COURSE they would say a #facemask is the first step toward permanent facial sneeze catchers.🙄
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Dear RN,
one important thing you need is an environment that fosters growth.

A company that inspires you to think forward and advance.

A Thread! Image
Whether directly or indirectly, the company or hospital you choose to work for must possess qualities that can lead to your personal and career advancement.

Directly here means there are opportunities for structured trainings that adds to your technical skills and CV.
Indirectly here means, there is a structure of growth that causes you to assume positions of responsibility.
This way, you utilize your critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, soft skills amongst others, this adds to your personal growth.
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