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Tick tock. ⏰ @Reddit NFTs Gen 3 is coming TODAY 🔥

Is your vault ready to welcome some new Collectible Avatars?

Here’s a quick catchup about these #RedditNFTs 🧵👇 Image
For starters, Reddit is a giant social network and marked a major milestone for the #NFT space last year with its first collection launch 🌕🚩

Check the stats for their Collectibles so far
💎10 million unique Avatars
👫7 million holders
💰$74 million Total Market Cap
One thing is having a successful NFT project, but another is to do it without even mentioning crypto jargon 🤯

Reddit took these @0xPolygon NFTs to their audience, many of who were anti-crypto

Now this is what we call #MassAdoption 🚀
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Wallets Can Drive Mass Adoption

We might be underestimating the role of crypto wallets, but they hold the key to unlocking Crypto Mass Adoption.

Dive into my thread to explore this further 👇🧵 1/18
#MassAdoption #DeFi Image
Crypto wallets are the gateway to digital currencies and are always with you throughout your journey. As such, wallets can be more than just a tool for holding tokens.
Wallets are a powerful tool for developing the entire crypto industry.

Here are 5 ways wallets can help bring Crypto to Mass Adoption

1. Onboarding
2. Accessibility
3. Aggregation
4. Optimization
5. Digital Identity
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Index Investing is Key to Mass Adoption

Crypto index investing should play an important role in the development of DeFi and will also be crucial for Mass Adoption.

Why crypto indices are vital, read in my thread 👇🧵 1/17
#DeFi #MassAdoption Image
This thread covers the following:

1. Fiat Index investing
2. DeFi Index investing
3. Challenges
4. Mass Adoption
1. Fiat Index investing

In traditional finance, index investing is popular, controlling a significant market share with trillions of dollars across numerous indices and ETFs, becoming a standard financial instrument.
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🐂 #bitcoin sfonda i 23k nonostante il #chapter11 di #genesis ⛅️

In onore della "bull flag" dell'impeccabile @MMCrypto mi libererò di inutili manuali per urlare un bel:

Bull Market is back! 🎉🍾

2/📈 Chapter 11 #Genesis.

Dopo i timori per #Bitzlato, finalmente una news bullish:

Bancarotta del crypto lender che lo scorso anno ha erogato $ 130,6B di prestiti e scambiato $ 116,5B di asset.

$MANA non dovrebbe volare ma, fa come il calabrone: non lo sa e vola in alto🔥
3/⛏️ Miners in profitto🤑

Sinceramente preoccupato per loro, mi fa piacere sapere che le finanze tornano in 🟢 in casa miners.

Adesso che sono tornati in profitto non saranno tanto infami da dumparci in faccia i loro profitti, no? 😅

Fonte: @ChartMind

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[1\16]A Psychological walk down #NFT lane. A personal perspective on #NFTs for the sake of #MassAdoption intelligent people should start to pay attention. With new concepts we tend to fragment them outside our context & understanding of human behavior &

[2\16]preference. Why? It’s because we struggle in the beginning to fully understand how this new conceptual technology fits into the paradigm and conceptual framework of human behavior. When something as abstract as an #NFT people have a difficult time comprehending how it
[3\16]might impact human behavior. Many have argued with #NFTs , “you are just owning a JPEG”. The truth is #NFTs don’t allow you to own the content but what they give you is ownership to a Token that is tied to the Artist/Brand and Specific Artwork. This is powerful. I will
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(1\27) Let’s discuss further about the #MaiarExchange as it nears its Official Launch $MEX $eGLD. The ability earn passive income is due to U the people getting to replace the greedy middleman.Powerful. Traditional Market Exchanges (CEX) have numerous problems #BTC #DeFi #Yield
(2\27)Groundbreaking elements of #DeFi has allowed new income streams to everyday individuals, leveraging #Blockchain.Tech Enthusiasts have experienced it. Thanks to #MaiarExchange & @getMaiar for the first time it will be accessible to the everyday person
(3\27)The ability to make money while U sleep is amplified, many have earned passive income by helping to secure @ElrondNetwork by #Staking The #MaiarExchange $MEX allows U to earn earn money normally reserved for #MarketMakers of Exchanges #PassiveIncome
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1/ I produce a lot of content. It's difficult for some to keep up with at times. Below, a list of some of my threads & important tweets for $EGLD & $CEL The Crypto Industry & Banking/Federal Reserve & Investing. Education is Freedom & Crypto is Financial Freedom. #cryptocurrency
3/ “Is @ElrondNetwork The Future Smart Contract Blockchain Market Leader?” (44 Page Research & Investment Thesis) $EGLD ⚡️
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@quidd is the largest digital collectible marketplace with 7 million collectors holdings assets in over 325 world famous brands including #Marvel , #rickAndMorty and #Naruto and today has unlocked real monetary value and #playtoearn to all its users!
Quidd was visionary in that @mbram and the team believed that digital collectibles would be the future of collecting 6 years ago and is how it amassed this incredible collection of 325 brands.…
.@nbatopshot took the market by storm and proved that digital collectibles has incredible potential once real value is delivered and we are proud to be early supporters and investors @rohamg @Mik_Naayem… #NFTs
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Find out more about the development of the greatest project

💥💥💥 $XDB @DigitalBitsOrg 💥💥💥

#Digitalbits1Dollar #massadoption #DeFi #x100 #XDBarmy $BTC
$XDB is a protocol layer blockchain focused on supporting consumer digital assets, specifically branded currencies. This is inclusive of assets such as loyalty and rewards points, gift cards, and notably, the growing asset category of branded stablecoins.

Awesome report about $XDB by @blockfyre

Actually its currently a 300bn$+ industry🚀

$XDB disrupting this huge market w/ its groundbreaking infrastructure as

✅the 1st mover
✅without competition

Just imagine $XDB only captures even 1% of this value👀
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