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1/10 🧵🔮 #CryptoNews: Gemini's latest update states that Digital Currency Group (#DCG) missed a $630M payment due to Genesis last week 💔

🤔 As complex as it sounds, let's break it down in #crypto language


2/10 Gemini is now working alongside #Genesis, #DCG, and their creditors to provide some leeway to DCG to prevent a default. This could be a game-changing move in the crypto lending space. 🎲
3/10 Both Genesis and #CoinDesk are owned by DCG. This is significant because it means there's a lot of interconnection within the crypto industry, and one misstep can cause a domino effect. 🌐
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Lately, I've been studying the early days of 3D polygons on home consoles for a new course.

We often think 3D on the #PS1 or #Saturn, but there was a bracket of time where special chips were added to both #SNES & #Genesis to help them render fast polygons.

Here's a review...🧵
It's probably not news to anyone here that retro consoles added special power to games by adding special chips *inside* the game cartridges!

Therefore, newer and fancier games were more expensive because manufacturing the cartridge with extra chips cost more for the developers. The Nintendo SA-1 chip
If you took our course on #NES programming, you know that this was also true for 3rd gen. consoles.

For example, the NES console is always the same (CPU speed, RAM size, etc.), but NES games got better with time by adding these special chips *per* cartridge! Different chips added insid...
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This thread is

Chapter 52, titled,

“The Womb—The Holy Grail”

of *Dance of the Seven Veils II*:

*Prenatal/Perinatal Psychology, Mythology, & Your Divine Self*

*Infant to Prenate, Veils Four-Six*

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #myth #psychology

D7V2 52/1
[D7V2] Which is Volume 3 in The Path of Ecstasy Series*


Chapter 52 is subtitled,

“Immortality & the Feminine...

“Our Prenatal & Perinatal Experiences Separate Us from Divinity & Predispose Our Motivations, Quests, & Prejudices” #myth

D7V2 52/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “In the womb there was a knowledge of one’s immortality, in the sense of past lives. We already live forever, are immortal; but healing the prenatal trauma makes us aware that we are.” []

READ/DWL CH…… #myth #psychology

D7V2 52/3
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👏 @WhatBitcoinDid calling out @Sonnenshein, #Grayscale, @DCGco, and #EmperorShillbertine for the frauds they are. Recall they used #GeminiEarn customer money to pay themselves and prop up their fraudcoins like $GBTC...

Remember the prophecy folks... Image
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“Which is that in feeling through our prenatal & perinatal pain & re-establishing our foundation within the joy grids of the early womb experience, we find ourselves, not just aware of our immortality,..”

THREAD #birth #psychology #myth #womb

D7V2 51/104
“…but also smack up against a fount that seems to emanate all wisdom, all knowledge. That is the Tree of Life, of which it is said we would live forever.”

READ/DWL CH…… #birth #psychology #womb #consciousness #perinatal #mythology #prenatal

D7V2 51/105
“A succinct way of defining the Tree of Life, then, is to say that it is the contents of the Unapproved & Hidden, which is our species unconscious...& beyond that All Knowledge.”

THREAD… #birth #psychology #myth #womb #consciousness #perinatal

D7V2 51/106
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This thread is

Ch 51: “Birth—Genesis, the Fall:

of *Dance of the 7 Veils II:

*Prenatal/Perinatal Psychology, Mythology, & Your Divine Self*

*Infant to Prenate, Veils 4-6*

by Michael Adzema

Which is Vol 3 in The Path of Ecstasy Series*…

D7V2 51/1
Chapter 51 is subtitled,

“The Meanings of the Serpent, the Tree of Life & of Knowledge of Good & Evil…

“Our Prenatal & Perinatal Experiences Predispose Our Beliefs & Disguise Our Revelations”

THREAD #birth #psyche #myth #womb #consciousness

D7V2 51/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “The Garden is the womb, God is the mother, the serpent is birth pain, the apple is meat, & the Tree of Life is the placenta.” []

READ/DWL CH… #birth #psychology #myth #womb #consciousness #perinatal #mythology #prenatal

D7V2 51/3
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1. Teddy Bear Thread - A mural in Sydney Australia went up for World Pride festival featuring BDSM and a Teddy Bear... #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
2. Why you might ask? Perhaps Pride should be questioned on that. #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
3. Overnight the mural was added to, and "Leave Our Kids Alone" written over the improvements. #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
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So today quickie is #genesis top 10 creditor #Donut
Self proclaimed #web3 pioneer who's competitive advantage is the use of Decision Tree Risk Modelling Tools....awesome web3 word salad.
even though their product is on pause due to #genesis their principal lending partner blowing up.
They still proudly claiming that their #proofofreserves liquidity ration is still 100%+
As a #web3 pioneer with next gen decision modelling tools and a industry leading #defi platform just how well did mitigate their exposure to #genesis?
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OG: @pandanaiksapi:
#Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world with a daily volume of over $15 billion, 10x bigger than the second. It's considered the safest for trading and storing #crypto assets, but is it truly #SAFU? #crypto #trading
A 🧵from a stupid trader (1/?)
Binance, founded by @cz_binance in 2017, has its origins in China. Due to the government's ban on #crypto, it had to move its headquarters to Japan. However, as Japan also started to implement stricter regulations for #crypto, Binance had to move again, this time to Malta. (2/?)
On Feb 21, 2020, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced that @binance does not have an operating license. Binance has also been investigated multiple times by the IRS and the US Department of Justice on charges of money laundering.

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Imagine having enough spare change lying around to invest $25m into #genesis and not bothering to file your annual reports and allowing your company to be administratively dissolved. Then having to make a claim for $25m as a creditor while your entity isn't in good standing. Image
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🐂 #bitcoin sfonda i 23k nonostante il #chapter11 di #genesis ⛅️

In onore della "bull flag" dell'impeccabile @MMCrypto mi libererò di inutili manuali per urlare un bel:

Bull Market is back! 🎉🍾

2/📈 Chapter 11 #Genesis.

Dopo i timori per #Bitzlato, finalmente una news bullish:

Bancarotta del crypto lender che lo scorso anno ha erogato $ 130,6B di prestiti e scambiato $ 116,5B di asset.

$MANA non dovrebbe volare ma, fa come il calabrone: non lo sa e vola in alto🔥
3/⛏️ Miners in profitto🤑

Sinceramente preoccupato per loro, mi fa piacere sapere che le finanze tornano in 🟢 in casa miners.

Adesso che sono tornati in profitto non saranno tanto infami da dumparci in faccia i loro profitti, no? 😅

Fonte: @ChartMind

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@Cryptadamist @GenesisTrading This is one that I would love to spend more time on and rip it to shreds...but alas I'm out of time.
Here's a couple of observations...
@Cryptadamist @GenesisTrading Don't look for Jon Collins-Black look for"Jon Comer"
Why? 3 direct connections - email, phone number and medium page.
@Cryptadamist @GenesisTrading Who is "Jon Comer" most likely the CMO of Game Credits which is owned by NFT Platform Ltd (Antigua)
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I'll tell you the whole #Gemini & #Genesis story & what the #SEC did to protect people in short bullet points to save you time.

Here's what every #crypto trader/investor should know!

A thread 🧵
• Cameron Winklevoss a founder of Gemini, an American regulated exchange send a public letter to Barry Silbert the CEO of DCG one of the biggest crypto investment companies, it owns Grayscale, Genesis, coindesk & more
•Gemini lent to Genesis over $900 million in funds as a part of its earning program.

•Genesis lost billions in the FTX collapse, so they didn't return the money to Gemini.
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1/13 The bussin LSD Narrative: Will Lido's share of ETH stake skyrocket after the Shanghai upgrade?

What will happen to the withdrawn ETH? 🧵
A quick mention to @ViktorDefi for pointing out this narrative! 💪

Give it a read if you haven't yet 👇
ETH's staking ratio isn't too great compared to other chains and a few reasons include:

- High risk associated with the inability to withdraw stake
- Capital inefficiency of having >32ETH.
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To find a glimmer of hope in the bear market, you need to follow stablecoin trends.

Following this trend will lead you to Y2K Finance (@y2kfinance)

The Ultimate Guide to Y2K Finance🧵 Image
Before I dive in, a quick mention to @BanklessHQ since I wouldn't have found @y2kfinance and written this thread without them.

Here's what I'll cover:
- Stablecoin trends
- Overview of Y2K
- Thesis
2022 saw a significant rise in stablecoin hodlers

When the total crypto market cap dropped, the stablecoin market cap is bound to drop. But stablecoin dominance paints a different story: Image
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🚨.@GenesisTrading laid off 30% of its employees and is "considering" filing for bankruptcy according to @WSJ.…

1. How did genesis end up here?
2. How does this gonna affect the market and why should you care?

A explain thread.
Now, Who is #Genesis?

Genesis "was" a leading CeFi platform that provides mainly lending services for institutions.

A lending platform usually borrows money from one side and lends the borrowed money to the other side to profit from the interest gap.

That's what CeFi does.
But #Genesis is not independent, it is under the control of @DCGco and @BarrySilbert.

#GrayScale is also part of the group.

That's why you see @cameron battling Barry on CT with an open letter.
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1/27 This top 10 TVL chain has been secretly BUIDLing since 2017🐱‍👤

NOBODY on CT is talking about the Mixin Network

So here's CT's very first DEEP DIVE into @Mixin_Network

Mixin has been working on exactly what Telegram is trying to achieve - Superapp status.

A quick primer on super apps:
If I had to take a stand on the super-app race situation:

Mixin is FARRR.. far.. behind

A key metric for chat apps is user adoption.

Telegram has 700M+ users, Mixin has barely 0.015% of that.
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25 Macro & Crypto Predictions For 2023. 🧵👇
Table of Contents:

1. Macro
2. Crypto
3. Rapid Fire
1. Fed Pivot and Printer go BRR

The Federal Reserve will loosen up it‘s policies and shift focus...

- Interest Rates Down
- Quantitative Easing
- Disinflation
- possibly fighting Deflation

Picture: @rektdiomedes Image
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Apparently 4 months ago #DCG and #Grayscale / $GBTC were suddenly "actively searching" for a Security Architect specifically for "cloud security standards" and "risk assessment"...

curiously tagged with #CISSP (computer security designer) and not, for instance, #compliance.

👆 maybe I'm projecting but that looks to me like the job listing I might post at the moment I was scrambling to recover from a security breach #DCG #Grayscale $GBTC
Here's some reasons about the wording used, the timing, and a couple other things made me at least raise my eyebrows:…
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1/6 Digital Currency Group #DCG and its subsidiaries are facing liquidity issues stemming from the #FTX collapse. This has led Gemini to halt its Earn Program. But why? Let's find out. 👇

🧵A thread by @esatoshiclub
2/6 #Genesis, a crypto lending company and a subsidiary of #DCG, suspended redemptions and new loan originations on November 16 due to the market turmoil caused by #FTX.
3/6 This has led to Gemini, founded by Cameron Winklevoss, halting its Earn Program which relied on Genesis for lending services. Winklevoss has accused DCG founder Barry Silbert of “bad faith stall tactics” claiming that Genesis owes Gemini customers approximately $900 million.
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🚨.@Gemini is moving the $100M+ (95.8K) $ETH collected from @GenesisTrading.

Between late 2020 and mid-2021, two #Genesis addresses moved a total of 95.8K ETH to a contract deployed by Gemini.

2022/11/21, the contract transferred $ETH to an EOA that gas provided by Gemini.
That ETH was later moved to the newly created EOA address again, and finally, 2 hours ago, the ETH ended up in the following address:…

We will monitor the later movement closely:
Check out the above money-flow chart to access the flow and addresses👇:…
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1/ Loved Delphi's DeFi report 📖💰

It's the most comprehensive report I've read on DeFi 👀

Kudos to @ashwathbk, @yeak_ and editors by @Kevin_Kelly_II, Brian M h/t @Delphi_Digital

Sharing my take on their themes + projects I want (and don't) to fund in 2023

1/41 🧵
2/ Setting the stage, Decentralized Finance has gotten crushed in the bear market

Most blue chip DeFi tokens down 80-90% and the longer tail of tokens down more

What's hard to see in the price charts are the teams that just gave up or disbanded. This will take time to show up
3/ The authors call out DeFi's growth headwinds

- DeFi products are speculation based
- Onboarding is difficult
- Retaining users is hard
- Overall UX of the space is far from ideal
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1/20 EMURGO's $USDA could be Cardano's very FIRST live stablecoin.

And how the XRP Lawsuit could affect Cardano and $USDA. 👇👇

A New Year Deep Dive🧵
EMURGO is the commercial arm of Cardano formed in 2017

EMURGO builds partnerships and business ventures with organizations globally to educate people about Cardano and support dApp development.

Overall, the goal of EMURGO is to promote the growth and widespread adoption Image
EMURGO recently introduced $USDA, the first USD-backed stablecoin for the Cardano ecosystem in Nov 2022.

It is backed by cash & govt. debt.
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1/34 The Ardana and Orbis catastrophe.

Was it a rug or poor strategy & planning?

The 2 Cardano projects swept under the rug while CT was focused on the FTX saga 👇

Cardano is a public blockchain focused on providing a secure and scalable platform for developing and executing smart contracts and dApps.

Being in development since 2015, Cardano has one of the most diverse ecosystems with over 1,000 active dApps.
Cardano's decentralized team is spread across 3 entities:
1. EMURGO - commercial arm
2. IOHK - tech & engineering
3. Cardano Foundation - oversees Cardano
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