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#Pylos. What to say that hasn't been said +25,000 times before. That won't play a role similar to the feeling the culprits express for the poor fates of their victims.
We know the truth. We know that we are being lied to for years. They know we know. They also know victims and journalists will reveal their lies at some point. They know they can't detain the survivors forever.
But they don't care. They know it will take few days to get the facts straight. In the meantime some other news will be produced, perhaps another shipwreck, and we will move on and start over: the false press releases of Frontex et al., the concern of the Commission et al., ...
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@MikkoVapa @ECHR_CEDH @osce_odihr @anticorruption @RSF_inter @oikeusasiamies @oikeusmin @anna_maja @STM_Uutiset @MFredman #UnitedNations #Convention Against #Torture
- The text of the convention was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1984[1] and, following #ratification by the 20th state party,[3] it came into #Force on 26 June 1987…
@MikkoVapa @ECHR_CEDH @osce_odihr @anticorruption @RSF_inter @oikeusasiamies @oikeusmin @anna_maja @STM_Uutiset @MFredman #Finland again reprimanded by the committee against #torture | 20/08/2015
- there is much room for improvement in the #conditions of #Finnish #policeprisons.
- previous recommendations have still NOT been #implemented, even made 20+ years ago.… Image
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Commentng on the UK Govt's desire for #ECHR reforms, the President of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly has said Britain could end up like Russia & face exclusion if it chooses to ignore obligations to abide by the Strasbourg-based court.
Sunak, who is in Iceland for the first Council of Europe Summit in 15 years, is to call for a reform of the #ECHR’s rule 39, which was used to issue last-minute injunctions to ground the flights of migrants to #Rwanda last year.
The Govt has said it is amending the draconian illegal immigration bill, currently going through parliament, to include a provision allowing the home secretary to ignore rule 39 injunctions.

The President of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly lowered expectations.
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1/ The UK is descending into fascism. Our democratic freedoms are being threatened. Everyone living in the UK right now should be deeply concerned. Here’s why… 🧵
2/ Drumming up hate between the population and controlling the media to influence how people think (media propaganda), was a tactic employed by nazi Germany.
3/ To persuade Germans to support the Nazi dictatorship and believe in Nazi ideas, the Nazi Party tried to control forms of communication through censorship and media propaganda.

This included control of newspapers, magazines, books, art, theater, music, movies, and radio.
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How were you sold on the idea of Brexit. Did you get told to ignore warnings?
Did you get told any reasonable cautions were not worth worrying about?
Did the scare stories come true, same for all the benefits promised?
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George Soros and Bill Gates are influencing Judges, International Human Rights and The International criminal court. They have a stranglehold on the system.
Corruption & Influence, hidden financing. Global #HumanRightsViolations being trampled on. The #ECHR is compromised. ImageImage
The aim pursued by NGOs in the Soros galaxy is fundamentally anti-democratic, in that it seeks to replace national laws, drafted by elected representatives, with rules of law, drafted by judges and experts who are unaccountable to those on whom they impose rules.
"You describe the role of NGOs within the ECHR, but you focus mainly on NGOs from the Soros galaxy. These NGOs linked to George Soros have a very specific ideological goal: the creation of an"open society",
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🔴 Yesterday's @Channel4News Dispatches shows how MI5 refused to investigate Russian donations even when Sergei Cristo asked them to…

We have the whole story. Help us tell it & contribute to our new investigative podcast here:…
@Channel4News As @C4Dispatches makes clear, the Kremlin managed to infiltrate the Tory Party at its highest levels via the creation of the Conservative Friends of Russia, a lobbying group engineered to act against the Uk national interests. No one stopped them. Why?
In 2018, Russian officers attacked former double agent Colonel Skripal and his daughter, on British territory, using a nerve agent manufactured in Russia.

They knew they could count on a weak reaction from a Tory gov compromised by its Russian links.

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Coffey was always averse to assessing impact in DWP too
This is the devastation she has decided does not need more scrutiny. A flagship freeport
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1) Our chum @RishiSunak has made the 5 pledges in this photo. And at first glance it appears a reasonable plan... but if you look a little deeper...
2) Halving inflation - well according to the OBR and other financial think tanks that's going to happen anyway (even when @trussliz was PM) and without Gov't Intervention so thanks for nothing Rishi!
3) Grow the economy - The CBI and OBR both forecast the economy returning to growth next year without Gov't Intervention

(because let's face it when you've crashed it already it can only grow): only the Bank of England doesn't agree
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[thread] for both those wish to leave the
#ECHR AND remain in #ECHR

I dedicate this thread to @JackieDP

Now on the "willy waving" of @10DowningSt @RishiSunak

Why you wave it
How you wave it
When you wave it
Where you wave it
What you are waving

All matter
So the reason I say that is you go to the Rishi Sunak words of :

Rishi Sunak is prepared to take Britain out of the ECHR

Rishi Sunak might even consider leaving the ECHR

and this below from the Liasion Committee on 20/12/2022
there's also video from that committee session

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Regarding this thread. Going to append those from others who have shared vital context for all 🧵
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Today a thread of threads on the European Convention on Human Rights. It is worth understanding what the PM wants to get rid of. I will be building it during the day 1/? 🧵
It has always been a target and it depends on stirring up more fury about lawyers and the EU. It is about freedom from liability for much broader rights erosion

Narrow focus on deportations is intentional and also misleading 2/?
Cummings signposted this very early doors. No point getting rid of the Human Rights Act if folk can lean on the #ECHR when the selective impacts on local workers and consumers mount 3/?
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It would be remiss to share this without explaining more on the #ECHR and Raab's Bill of Rights
A barrister quoting an excellent article by another on Bill of Rights
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This is the effect that @ruthbenghiat warns us about in the article in replies
Governments erode household resilience against global shocks

2008, bailouts, austerity, Brexit, Covid, Ukraine war, inflation, now austerity and service erosion

Then police inevitable dissent and have to blame others for it
More perspective from @ft while noting the attacks on unions are fundamentally undemocratic and partner the attempts to repeal our Human Rights Act, withdraw from the #ECHR and further curb our worker protections with the #REUL
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What are our leaders doing. We have to push back on this. All should be writing to their MP's and supporting the unions now
We are selling our kids' futures for more corporate power and profit
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We need to talk about women being pressured into abortions.

The European Court of Human Rights will rule today on a case where three women in a psychiatric institution were forced to have abortions against their will.

#ECHR #abortion #humanrights
Last month, the court ruled in a case where a 20-year-old had been forced to have an abortion by her parents, also against her will. The court strongly condemned this as a breach of human rights:
Forced abortion, they said, is
"an egregious form of inhuman and degrading treatment which had not only resulted in a serious immediate damage to her health – that is the loss of her unborn child – but had also entailed long-lasting negative physical and psychological effects."
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Thanks @JoshuaRozenberg for sharing.Others already commented on Sir Peter Goss's views on the futility/counter-intuitiveness of Raab's BoR, and lack of evidence basis (which followed on not listening to expert evidence).I want to focus on Sir Peter's points on judicial dialogue🧵
2. His Review Panel (IHRAR) "was struck by the high regard in which the UK Courts and Judiciary are held by the ECtHR and the beneficial influence this has, both domestically and for the ECtHR".
3. The ECtHR has welcomed the “mature equilibrium” reached with UK Courts, which "neither means nor requires that UK Courts and the Strasbourg Court always agree", and which entails "mutual respect bringing mutual benefit".
Not quite @DailyMailUK's narrative, one would argue.
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1/12 Ten #TradeUnions are taking legal action against the government’s new regulations that allow agency workers to fill in for workers on strike.…
2/12 The unions, coordinated by the @The_TUC, are challenging the government, which they say has undermined the right to engage in a strike.…
3/12 A primary school in Romford became the first workplace to use the legislation to hire agency workers to cover for staff on strike over pay and conditions on Tuesday.…
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1/ A word of warning. It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you sit - left or right - everyone living in the UK should be concerned right now. Current government have already removed our right to peacefully protest. Now they want to remove our #HumanRights 🧵
2/ The European Convention on Human Rights (#ECHR) are international laws which protect us all.

They protect our right to freedom; our right to marry; our right not to be tortured, and more..
3/ Do not be fooled. The European Convention on Human Rights has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with being a part, or not a part, of Europe. Do not let this government convince you otherwise. Image
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1/13: 🚨BREAKING NEWS: #LizTruss is the next #PrimeMinister. What could Truss's #HumanRights record mean for the future of the UK?…
2/13: "Truss has a track record of voting against human rights progression in the UK and as prime minister will make policy decisions that will radically change rights protections. The first targets? A new #BillOfRights and the European Convention on Human Rights (#ECHR)."
3/13: "One of Truss's most controversial votes has been against retaining the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as part of UK law following #Brexit. She remains a member of the Conservative government which proposes to repeal the #HumanRightsAct (#HRA)."
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I did a tour of the small business units on my estate this pm, & held a TRA

10 of 27 are closing next month as their bills have all increased by 400% to 700%

50 jobs lost

11 have contracts to next April, & the other 6 for 18 months

corner shop cafe closing too, 11 staff going
#EnoughlsEnough #energy #EnergyCrisis

is anyone else in my circle able to check with mixed use housing estates in their area, on how their small business units are doing please?

I *honestly* do feel as though I'm the only account here highlighting these issues

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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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REMEMBER THIS 👇 in upcoming debates, if YOUR representative says words to the effect of: "Oh no, we're not trying to destroy #HumanRights. We agree Human Rights are important - honest, guv! - we just don't like the UK #HumanRightsAct and/or the #EuropeanConvention (#ECHR)"...
Such claims are DEMONSTRABLY BULLSHIT if they come from the mouth of *anyone* who supports the position @CPhilpOfficial has espoused, which the @Telegraph has splashed on its front page...
To be clear, #Article4 of #UDHR 👇 (also #ECHR and #HRA) is explicit and unambiguous:

"NO ONE shall be held in #slavery or #servitude; slavery and the #slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms."

Not "British citizens"; not "lawful residents", or "people we like"... Article 1 All human beings are born free & equal in dignity
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