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Das Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) fühlt sich pudelwohl bei der #CPAC-Konferenz in Budapest mit Orbán, Babiš, Kickl und Maaßen. Jenes #MCC, das offizieller Partner des Auslandsbüros Ungarn der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung @KASonline ist. Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt…
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I am at the supply committee meeting for the department of Justice at One Government Place.

Enjoy my live tweets related to all of the departments “priorities”. 1/
The department is committed to keeping people of Nova Scotia safe!

Good to know.
The highest priority is the #MCC Commission Report according to Minister Johns.

You’ll note that the report focused on how cover up and bias around gender based violence needs to be addressed.

Let’s hear how they plan to do that 3/
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Good morning. Today, I'm sitting in (virtually) on the testimony of RCMP Deputy Commissioner Brian Brennan before the Mass Casualty Commission. These threads can be quite long; you can avoid this by muting the hashtag #MCC
Brennan will be asked about:
• after-action reviews
• the H Division Issues Management Team
• communications within the RCMP and with the public
• H Division leadership challenges including the wellness review and summary report.
Here's Brennan
#MCC Image
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Cst. Greg Wiley's testimony before the Mass Casualty Commission will NOT be broadcast, and only those registered can watch the webcast. However, I WILL be live-tweeting his testimony, which is scheduled to begin in 10 minutes. You can avoid this threat by muting the hashtag #MCC
Both @skimber and I wrote about the #MCC's decision to grant Wiley special accommodations. Here's Kimber:…
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The #MCC opens today’s proceedings with a report from Australia 🇦🇺, points to the #PortArthur mass casualty event, rapid policy reaction.

Here’s the report:…
It should be noted that the perp of the NS mass casualty event was unlicensed and his guns were illegal, rendering the gun control regime in Canada useless. 🇨🇦
The research shows that even though gun suicide and homicide rates continue to decline, the number of registered, legal guns has steadily increased 🤔

More guns = less death? 🇦🇺

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#CLRJames' deceptively benign question: “what do they know of cricket, who only cricket know?”, was a challenge to the public to re-consider the game in England’s elitist orthodoxy.
Given James failed in this task, what is the story of #cricket from a people’s perspective? 1/14
Although no #history is ever ‘definitive’, cricket has always been particular about whose voices are heard.
Like James, the game has had other maverick historians of course. But the likes of Bowen, Birley and #Marqusee all suffered at the hands of the game’s establishment. 2/14
Given Birley recognised “cricket lovers do not like to be told new things”, #cricket in England is still defined by 'gentlemanly amateurism'.
But rather than a handful of gentlemen associated with the #MCC, the game’s growth owes everything to the efforts of ordinary people. 3/14
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Good afternoon. I'm at the proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission; today, Halifax Police Chief Dan Kinsella will testify. You can avoid this coverage by muting the hashtag #MCC
ICYMI, based on her (uninformed) testimony before the #MCC, this morning I called for Brenda Lucki to be removed as Commissioner of the RCMP:…
Here's Kinsella #MCC
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Good morning. I'm at today's proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. Brenda Lucki is continuing her testimony. You can avoid this thread by muting the hashtag #MCC
My takeaway from yesterday's testimony: It became apparent to me that Lucki rose to her position because she masterfully uses the lingo and distracting babble of bureaucracy to navigate through difficult waters without being drowned by the reality of, well, fact. #MCC
Lucki talks fast and broadly, owning success and placing the blame for failure on a stagnant institution — what are you going to do? #MCC
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Good morning. I'm at the today's proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. This morning, Lee Bergerman is being asked a few final questions by the commissioners, and after a break, Brenda Lucki will begin testifying. #MCC
I'm purposefully late this morning, because I found yesterday's testimony from Bergerman underwhelming. As I wrote for this morning's Morning File (not yet published)... #MCC
Bergerman's testimony wasn't hugely revealing. At one point she said she had not been following the proceedings of the commission because she was out of the country with spotty internet.... #MCC
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I’m at today’s proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. You can avoid this coverage by muting the hashtag #MCC
Today, Lee Bergerman is testifying. I expect this will last all day and possibly into tomorrow #MCC
Because I am a dummy, I forgot my computer. It’s being delivered to me, but until then my tweeting will be somewhat challenged #MCC
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Good morning. I'm at the Mass Casualty Commission; RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather will testify today. This will be a long thread; you can avoid it by muting the hashtag #MCC
I've been trying to process Darren Campbell's 2-day testimony but I am both tired and feeling like I need more time to contemplate it before writing a coherent article about it. But some comments... #MCC
There's a lot of anger out there, which is both understandable and warranted. But I think we need a bit of nuance: a lot of things can be true at the same time. #MCC
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Good morning. I'm at the proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. Today, Darren Campbell will be cross-examined by 8 lawyers representing participants, mostly victims' families. You can avoid this likely long testimony by muting the hashtag #MCC
The first lawyer is Rob Pineo, with Patterson Law, who has about 2 hours worth of questioning. #MCC
Discussion is about Campbell not having a "scribe," which is the person who writes down everything going on to make sure nothing gets lost. Incident Commander Jeff West had one on April 18/19, but Campbell never had one #MCC
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Good morning. I'm at the proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. Today, Chief Supt. Darren Campbell is testifying. You can avoid this thread by muting the hashtag #MCC
Here's Campbell. #MCC
Also this morning, Stephen Kimber @skimber takes a somewhat more optimistic view of the #MCC than I did last week: Will the mass casualty commission report even matter?…
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Good morning. The next tweet will have a gentle reminder about how to avoid this thread. If this Triggers you, you may not want to read the next tweet.
I'm at the proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. If you want to avoid this coverage, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
Today, the #MCC is looking at the "psychological autopsy" of the killer. I was skeptical of it, and when I read it yesterday, I found my skepticism was entirely warranted.
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Good morning. Today, Lisa Banfield is testifying at the Mass Casualty Commission. Her testimony will likely last all day, and will involve detail discussion of violence against her and others. If you want to avoid this, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
We have a full room today, and it looks like all or nearly all of the victims' families are here. Security is very tight. Banfield's testimony starts at 9:30 #MCC
Yesterday, the commissioners released a ruling on Patterson Law's request for directly questioning Banfield and other issues. You can read the ruling here:…
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I'm at today's proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. Today's discussion WILL include graphic details involving intimate partner violence. To avoid this, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
We're starting early today because we're hearing from 2 Australian academic, Judy McCulloch and JaneMaree Maher, who will discuss their report, "Understanding the Links between Gender-Based Violence and Mass Casualty Attacks: Private Violence and Misogyny as a Public Risk" #MCC
It's 10:30pm in Melbourne, and the drains cycle counter-clockwise you flush giant toads #MCC
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I'm at the proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. Today's discussion WILL include quite graphic descriptions of violence. If you want to avoid that, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
We have 4 detailed and inter-connected articles ready to go when the documents are tabled, which I think will be in about 10 minutes. Today, Brenda Forbes is testifying. #MCC
We've also just received an embargoed copy of the "Perpetrator's Violence Towards His Common Law Spouse" document that will be tabled tomorrow. I'm reading it now. #MCC
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I'm at the proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission. This entire week is devoted to familial violence, including violence against children, and the pre-murders violence of the perpetrator. It WILL BE extremely graphic. If you want to avoid this, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
Commissioner Leanne Fitch again explains that Lisa Banfield has already given five long interviews with #MCC investigators, and has provided other new evidence. Banfield will testify Friday. I wrote about her here:…
We first have a witness panel of Tristan Bridges and Tara Leigh Tober, who are in California. They will discuss their report, "Mass Shootings and Masculinity," which was commissioned by the #MCC
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(1/3) #Attenzione a questa tecnica per rubarci l'account di #Instagram.

Ecco come funziona: ci contatta in privato un nostro amico e con la scusa di aiutarlo a vincere un concorso online ci chiede di inviargli uno #screenshot del link che riceveremo...
(2/3) #Attenzione, perché a scriverci non è veramente il nostro amico ma un #truffatore che gli ha rubato il #profilo.
(3/3) Mi raccomando, non rispondiamo e blocchiamolo subito, perché sarà proprio questo screenshot a permettere al malfattore di entrare nel nostro profilo e sottrarcelo.

Occhi aperti amici e diciamolo a tutti.

#antifregature #antitruffa #mcc #truffa #furtoaccount #Instagram
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The Mass Casualty Commission #MCC has provided a detailed schedule of proceedings for the next 2 weeks...
I'm told that *each* of Lisa Banfield's five interviews with #MCC investigators is "multi-hours." I asked for as early access as is possible to the transcripts of those interviews in preparation for her oral testimony on Friday, July 15.
The schedule is as follows:
July 11 — Foundational document: Violence in the Perpetrator’s Family of Origin
July 12 — Foundational document: Perpetrator’s Violence Towards Others
Witness: Brenda Forbes
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Good morning. I'm at today's proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission, the public inquiry into the mass murders of April 18/19, 2020. To avoid this thread, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
There are no new documents released by the #MCC, and no witnesses today. Instead, there is a roundtable discussion of "Needs of Family and Community After Mass Casualty Incidents"
Panelists are:
• Facilitator: Emma Cunliffe
• Grete Dyb, U of Oslo;
• Jaclyn Schildkraut, SUNY/ Oswego
• Mary Fetchet, Voices Center for Resilience
• Serena Lewis, Grief Consultant
• Megan McElheran, Wayfound Mental Health
• Terry Mitchell, Psychologist
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I'm at proceedings of the Mass Casualty Commission, the inquiry into the mass murders of April 18/19, 2020. If you want to avoid this thread, you can mute the hashtag #MCC
Today, we're back in Truro. There are 2 "foundational" documents to be released — "Support Services for
Survivors, Families and Communities," which is being discussed first, then "Public Communications from
the RCMP and Government after the Mass Casualty," later. #MCC
We will publish an article about the latter, as soon as it's tabled. #MCC
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I'm at the Mass Casualty Commission proceedings in Truro. You can avoid this thread by muting the hashtag #MCC
#MCC lawyer Emily Hill is relating next-of-kin death notifications, starting with those killed on Cobequid Court
Cst. Nick Dorrington patrolled Portapique, and even stopped outside the Bond home for about 30 seconds, but did not see any deceased #MCC
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Thread: Rechtsextremes Vernetzungstreffen von #Rassisten aus der ganzen Welt in #Ungarn bei der #CPACHungary2022 (Conservative Political Action Conference). Wir richten einen kritischen Blick auf die Veranstaltung, die erstmals in #Europa stattfand. #CPAC #CPACHungary 1/x CPAC Hungary 2022
In äAmerika werden die Veranstaltungen der #CPAC überwiegend von US-RepublikanerInnen #GOP, #Trump-UnterstützerInnen, christlich Fundamentalisten und #Rassisten besucht. 2/x
#Orban, der Hauptredner der Veranstaltung, stellte seinen 12 Punkte Plan bei seiner Eröffnungsrede vor: „Hungary first, America first“, so der Slogan des nationalistischen ungarischen Ministerpräsidenten. 3/x
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