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Major leak!! 🚨

Microsoft integrates ChatGPT in Bing.

This looks crazy!

See all the SCREENSHOTS in this thread 🧵👇

#chatgpt #ai #bing #microsoft #leak
The current way we search is coming to an end…

Soon you will be able to ask Bing questions naturally and get a search experience tailored to you - just like we expect from ChatGPT.

The leak shows that the search bar will be a chatbox 👇

1000 characters are the limit.
The ChatGPT integration is an evolution of Bing and will be powered by GPT-4, the next evolution of #ChatGPT / #GPT-3.

It is “the new Bing.”

Microsoft is positioning Bing as your research assistant, personal planner, or creative partner.

…more screenshots below 👇
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Ich wurde gerade von Chris Jacobsen
@LesengegenNazis blockiert

Weil ich mich negativ über den Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz geäussert habe

Wortwörtlich war meine Aussage, dass es viele Gründe gibt, Olaf Scholz ans Bein zu pissen!

Screenshot dazu im Folgetweet
0⃣2⃣ #Screenshot Image

Das ganze war eine Antwort auf diesen Tweet bezüglich der WM in Katar Image
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Heh @KariLake, what island is that ?

And who is your friend Barbra. I only know one Barbra.

She seems to be a Trump hater:…
Never mind my second question. Figured it out.

#BarbraSeville taught Kari Lake everything she knows about make-up. Image
Barbra Seville: Arizona's #1 Drag Queen…
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(1/3) #Attenzione a questa tecnica per rubarci l'account di #Instagram.

Ecco come funziona: ci contatta in privato un nostro amico e con la scusa di aiutarlo a vincere un concorso online ci chiede di inviargli uno #screenshot del link che riceveremo...
(2/3) #Attenzione, perché a scriverci non è veramente il nostro amico ma un #truffatore che gli ha rubato il #profilo.
(3/3) Mi raccomando, non rispondiamo e blocchiamolo subito, perché sarà proprio questo screenshot a permettere al malfattore di entrare nel nostro profilo e sottrarcelo.

Occhi aperti amici e diciamolo a tutti.

#antifregature #antitruffa #mcc #truffa #furtoaccount #Instagram
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Here’s an interesting problem regarding the #aesthetics in reproduction of #digital #image|s. (Interesting to me, at least, and also, maybe, to people like @_menkman, @jbirken, @Sierra_Offline, @kevindriscoll and @GIFmodel). 1/38
What I’ll say is true for all digital images, in a way. (And more generally, for all works of art.) But I want to focus on one type of images and on one set of aesthetic qualities in particular here. 2/38
The problem that’s bothering me is this: What is the proper way to show an early digital #screen image in #print? (Reproduced as a figure in an academic monograph, for example.) 3/38
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Well, this is definitely the most common question asked in relation to non-fungible #TokenSale , which became especially relevant after, in March 2021, Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet ever as an NFT for a staggering $2,9M! Naturally, you can #screenshot an item you like but you… won’t be able to use it, for instance, to integrate into an online slot – that’s why Red Tiger’s parent Evolution Group paid a hefty sum for the digital artworks created by Larva Labs.… By the way, the process of creating an NFT is called minting and involves a kind of smart contract that comprises all the important info about the item, including the name of the author and details on eventual transactions and change of ownership.
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#NoCode #buildinpublic

Many people think that free #OpenSource software is only for #Linux.

But I use a lot of #FOSS software on my @Microsoft #Windows desktop that I'd be lost without!

These are some of my faves!

25+ FOSS Tools to Improve Your Windows Experience 🧵 👇
7-Zip (@7zip)

Great archiver supporting


Unpacking only:
Audacity (@getaudacity)

If you need to perform some audio editing, Audacity is a huge help. I often use it when fixing audio for a video or converting a recording for use in a phone system menu.

Tons of features & useful tools!
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#1756 - John Abramson · The Joe Rogan Experience

Listening today. John Abramson is interacting intelligently and objectively with Joe.

I like that Joe is taking more time to express himself. before asking his questions. And, then he listens.…
An important question answered is how a drug company owns the information related to the drug trial.

Only the drug company holds the data.
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Q&A 157

Q-> How to filter stocks so that PE is below median line and EPS is going up as shown in graph ?

You can use this #thread of mine to learn how to use EPS formula quarterly YoY ->

For Historical EPS parameters like how we have for Profit Growth, I would request @screener_in team @ayushmitt @faltoo to consider adding it.

Possible workaround - Use Profit Growth instead of EPS.

For PE below 5yrs Median PE you can write following query at @screener_in ->

Price to Earning < Historical PE 5Years

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𝗨𝗣𝗗𝗔𝗧𝗘 @Accenture @Accentureitalia
7° giorno D. ADC
Se avete seguito la vicenda, conoscerete la storia dello scoop mondiale a firma @arturodicorinto per #ItalianTech (@GEDIspa)
Sintesi in due screenshot:
Negli ultimi 3 giorni ho chiesto, prima ad @arturodicorinto e successivamente a @RiccardoLuna di spiegare CHI e DOVE avrebbe pubblicato 63 TB di dati di #Accenture, perché la notizia non trova riscontro su nessun altro organo d'informazione del pianeta

Ieri, sia @RiccardoLuna (Direttore Responsabile di #ItalianTech) che @arturodicorinto (firmatario dello scoop mondiale) annunciavano "un comunicato da parte dell'Azienda" (devo presumere @Accenture).
Comunicato di cui non c'è traccia (saranno in ferie).
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Q&A 134

Q-> If some stock comes in #personalized #screener you have created for me ->
How should I interpret it ?
Should I just buy it ?
What are my options ?
Can you explain !

1 ImageImage
Steps to be taken !

2 ImageImage
Here is how R Systems stands on my various #screeners.

An example how one can interpret just by glancing at them !

Similarly you can interpret from your #screeners I have built for you !

Here is the link for the #screenshot

3 ImageImage
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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We too can join the NIA in national service

Each of you can assist in the work of the NIA. (1),
Individuals and organizations that may experience abnormal growth in the community around us, if any, pass on the information to the NIA team in the respective districts, including the full address, including the mobile number. The giver's address will remain confidential.
#India_Anti_posts, #Army_Anti_postsPost all anti-paramilitary posts #screenshot.If you come across such IDs,you can report it to#NIA.
Call For Inform + 91-8585931100, +91-9654447345
NIA PRO:Sh.Alok Mittal IPS,
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CHECK THIS OUT! New research from @knightfdn finds nearly 100 million eligible Americans did not cast a vote for president, representing 43% of the eligible voting-age population.
@knightfdn #SCREENSHOT Here's a visual of the 2016 election results when you factor in non-voters: Image
@knightfdn The study also found the emerging electorate (18-24 y/o eligible voters) is even LESS interested and informed than non-voters PLUS fewer are interested in voting in 2020 than non-voters, principally because they don’t care about politics. Wow.
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Need a high-resolution #screenshot of a whole web page? @ShayNehmad taught me how to take one, and I think you're going to like it [1/3]
The main idea is rendering the web page on a device with higher resolution. How?
#Devtools >> Toggle device mode >> Choose a 4K device >> Capture Full Size Screenshot.
Done. [2/3]
Here are the resulted images, zoomed-in. On the left, obviously, is the one taken using dev-tools. Looks much more professional in presentations and slide decks :) [3/3]
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Die Ereignisse rund um die #Kurzmails:

Sommer 2017 | Informant bekommt Auftrag zur Prüfung der WLAN Anlage in Ibiza. Anlage wird geprüft & stellt sich als sehr unsicher heraus. Das #Ibizavideo wird Tage später aufgenommen. Wochen später Anruf des Rechtsanwaltes Dr. Mirfakhrai.
Herbst 2017 | Informant bekommt anonymen Anruf mit einem „Folgeauftrag“. Er solle sich #Sicherheit und alle Netzwerkverbindungen in einem Objekt in der Wiener Innenstadt – von der Straße aus – vornehmen und gegebenenfalls #Daten checken.
Herbst 2017 & 2018 | Informant hat weitere Besuche in der Renngasse 6 – 8, Abgeholte Daten: Zw. 1.500 & 2.000 Mails aus der Führungsriege der ÖVP, nahestehenden Vereinen, sowie Korrespondenz zw. #FPÖ & #ÖVP. Mehrstündiges #Ibizavideo & acht kürzere Videos von #Gudenus & #Strache.
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