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#Budget2023 #CAPEX growth of 30% Year over Year is just a game of #Smoke & #Mirrors (the hallmark of #Modinomics) .... if you recall, I mentioned that "Devil Lies in the Detail"
Entire Story in 1 Chart. Combines Central Govt & PSU Capex excluding dirty tricks. Image
@nsitharaman budget numbers for CAPEX includes items below
1) 50yr Loans to the States (much of this is consumption by state & double counted)
2) Loans to Food Corp India (Rations & MSP)
3) Capital Infusion is Loss making PSUs to pay Salaries & O/p Losses (BSNL, Air India) Image
These 3 items are NOT Capex .... so when does an Apples to Apples comparison, these adjustments needs to be made...

In short Central Govt & Off-balance sheet or PSU Capex is ONLY 3.8% of GDP (Lower than pre-covid) vs say 4.5% of GDP in FY10 Image
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The #MCC opens today’s proceedings with a report from Australia 🇦🇺, points to the #PortArthur mass casualty event, rapid policy reaction.

Here’s the report:…
It should be noted that the perp of the NS mass casualty event was unlicensed and his guns were illegal, rendering the gun control regime in Canada useless. 🇨🇦
The research shows that even though gun suicide and homicide rates continue to decline, the number of registered, legal guns has steadily increased 🤔

More guns = less death? 🇦🇺

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🚨#SHOCKER: Olympic athlete from #Russia busted for doping.

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva tested positive for #Trimetazidine—a banned stimulant—before arriving at the #Beijing Olympics, jeopardizing her team gold medal won this week.

Valieva’s bust for doping is ZERO surprise, as Russian athletes in Beijing are competing as the “Russian Olympic Committee” (#ROC) **after #Russia was banned because of a massive state-sponsored doping scheme** at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Cheaters gonna cheat.🤬

#Trimetazidine is used to treat angina (chest pain due to reduced blood flow to the heart) and is banned by @wada_ama as a stimulant.

The Russian bobsled team at the 2018 Olympics was previously #busted for **doping with the SAME drug** resulting in an 8-month ban.🙄
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The @UofDenver prestigious Korbel School is co-sponsoring a 5-day conference in Turkey alongside terror-linked NGOs & a host of sketchy guest speakers (one of whom meets regularly w/Hamas officials & was selected last year to serve as a member of its “leadership abroad”)😮😮
The conference is being hosted by CIGA, founded by ex-USF prof Sami Al-Arian (who pled guilty in 2006 to providing material support to the US-designated terror org PIJ and was deported to Turkey). Al Arian will also speak at the conference — along w/quite a few 🇺🇸-based faculty
Another co-sponsor is GCQP whose Sec. General is a former leader of the Al-Quds International Institution (designated & sanctioned by the @USTreasury in 2012 as “acting for/on behalf of Hamas”). Seriously, @UofDenver do you really want your logo next to it?
Such a bad look 😩😩
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#SHOCKER (not): before Trump announced that Bill Barr would step down as AG, Trump began pressuring Barr’s eventual replacement to have the @TheJusticeDept take up his FALSE claims of election “fraud.”

Trump’s emails (via his assistant) to incoming AG Jeffrey Rosen show how Trump corruptly pressured Rosen to put DOJ’s power behind bogus lawsuits that had *already failed* to try to prove his false claims that extensive voter fraud had affected the election results.🤬
Time and time again, Trump flouted an established anticorruption norm that DOJ acts independently of the WH on criminal investigations or law enforcement actions.

Instead, Trump used and abused DOJ for his own gain, whether politically or to protect him and his cronies.🤬
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BOJ's focus on inflation targeting and management of the FX market both have a context, and that context, as we have explained before, is the ongoing economic reform programme supported by both political parties and built on the sacrifice of the Jamaican people: 🧵
2. It is the existence of that economic reform programme - fiscal discipline, a flexible exchange rate, inflation targeting, and all - that provides the economic resilience to ensure that the pain of 1 year of COVID-19 and counting is not a hundred times worse.
3. The first and most important thing on the list was a radical shift away from debt-dependence and fiscal dominance towards fiscal responsibility and returning to a private-sector fuelled economy. Without this step first, nothing else on the list would have been possible.
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B O M B A ! ! !
Según el insider Roger Wardell habría en breve un nuevo acuerdo entre #Disney y #Sony por #SpiderMan…
El nuevo acuerdo pondría muy felíz a los fanáticos del #MCU ya que permitiría la continuidad de #SpiderMan en el #UCM, como así también la participación de #Venom, #Morbius, #Shocker entre otros!
Y eso no es todo!!
Los #Avengers podrían hacer cameos en las películas de #Sony!!!

El Universo de #Marvel se completa!!!
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1. I'm generally a @NicolleDWallace fan but she, like many of the media, especially those who lived the lie during the time they were participants in a white supremacist org aka the GOP, seems as though each day is their first day reporting on Trump. One thing that being an
2. investigator and annalist has over being a media reporter is the need to follow the threads. To make an assumption based on the facts and then see if the following days' data supports it. If notm adjust & continue to explain what's likely next.

Okay here's my best analysis:
3. First, I'm a 29 year Bankruptcy litigator who chases criminal frauds for a living. Before that I was a line hotel manager. My sister creamed Trump in 1989 in his AMR hostile take over. I've represented a Bankr. Trustee in a law suit against a Trump development based on claims
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I have a theory that any woman who has:

* raised kids 👩‍👧‍👦
* managed to get them to school mostly on time 🏫
* given them a good enough breakfast and dinner most days 🍳
* kept them alive ⛑
* kept them safe 🥽

...would be just as good a CEO as any man
The skills that I see in the women who raise kids around me are astonishing sometimes, and the grace and emotional intelligence are often significantly greater than most of what I see in business. The business elements and domain knowledge are actually relatively easy #shocker
Wondering what @swardley would think. Not sure how you'd test it.
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#SHOCKER: Facebook used disinformation, aggressive lobbying, and a PR firm to shield itself from being exposed for their role in #TrumpRussia🇷🇺. The rest of this story seems to throw Sheryl Sandberg under the bus to save her brother, Mark Zuckerberg.🙄…
In case you didn’t think they could sink any lower, #Facebook hired @GOP PR to blame Soros for any criticism, while simultaneously smearing other critics for being anti-Semitic.🙄
And if Mark Zuckerberg was SO clueless and “didn’t know anything” about Facebook being used as a propaganda tool, then WHY IS HE THE CEO AND CHAIRMAN of this massive, international company⁉️🤨
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#Russian🇷🇺diplomats held secret talks in London last year and plotted to smuggle Julian Assange out of #Ecuador’s London embassy in a diplomatic vehicle and transport him to #Russia.

But WikiLeaks isn’t a cutout for Russian intelligence or anything.🙄…
Fidel Narváez (close Assange confidant) recently was Ecuador’s London consul & served as a point of contact w/#Russia🇷🇺.

Narváez previously tried to help Edward Snowden👉🏼travelled to Moscow & gave Snowden a “safe-conduct“ document.🙄

Four separate sources said the Kremlin was willing to offer support for Assange’s escape plot – including allowing Assange to travel to #Russia🇷🇺and live there.

So NOT shocking.🙄

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THREAD: Michael Cohen says @realDonaldTrump *knew in advance* of the #Russian🇷🇺lawyer meeting & the offer of Clinton dirt.

Cohen was present when Trump was informed of the Russians' offer by Don Jr & approved of the meeting‼️1/

Cohen did NOT tape the meeting, but “has expressed hope that this claim about the Trump Tower meeting will help him reach out to Mueller and possibly lessen his legal troubles.”

As I’ve said for a LONG time👉🏼Cohen is dealing!😎 2/

Even Steven Bannon called the #RussianLawyer🇷🇺meeting “treasonous.”😳

And #SHOCKER, as we’ve known all along, there was NO WAY that Don Jr handled this meeting without Daddy Trump knowing EVERY detail.🙄 3/

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Maybe it’s time we got @SpeakerRyan up to speed then, shall we? (THREAD)
First, there’s the $43,000 soundproof phone booth Pruitt had installed in his office – which btw violates federal spending laws. Maybe @EPAScottPruitt is trying to hide something?
Then we learned that Pruitt was renting DC condo owned by an energy lobbyist with dealings at the EPA - for $50 a night. What does $50 a night in DC usually get you? 👇
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THREAD: Mueller is asking about flows of money into the #Cyprus bank account of PSY Group, an Israeli company specializing in social-media manipulation. Founder Joel Zamel met w/Trump Jr in Aug'16‼️

Cyprus specializes in #MoneyLaundering.🤨1/…
More specifically, Mueller is probing #Treason Meeting #2 at Trump Tower, arranged by Erik Prince👉🏼George Nader (assoc w/#SaudiArabia & UAE) & Zamel (Israeli social media expert) offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION*‼️ 2/

PSY Group (Israeli social-media firm) pitched its services to super PAC s & other entities👉🏼infiltrating target audiences w/elaborately crafted social-media FAKE personas & spreading DISINFORMATION via websites meant to mimic news portals.🤨 3/
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THREAD: Elliott Broidy flooded the @GOP Congress & WH w/political cash to **buy access & influence** that he & George Nader allegedly **sold ILLEGALLY** to the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & UAE‼️🤬1/

Broidy & Nader pitched themselves to the crown princes as being able to pass the princes' MESSAGING straight to Trump’s ears.🤨

With NO lobbyist or #FARA registration‼️2/

Of course, convicted FELONS Broidy & Nader expected a BIGLY payoff for their treachery👉🏼>$1 billion in shady “consulting” contracts from #SaudiArabia & UAE in return for pushing anti-#Qatar policies to Trump & @GOP leaders in Congress.🤬 3/

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THREAD: In summer 2016, George Nader (representing Saudi Arabia & UAE) and an Israeli specialist in "social media manipulation" offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION** in a meeting w/Trump Jr arranged by Erik Prince‼️ 1/…
At the Aug'16 #treason meet, Nader told Jr the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & #UAE were "eager to help his father win." The Israeli social media expert's (Joel Zamel) firm had already drawn up a multimillion $ proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help Trump.🤨 2/
Zamel's social media company #Wikistrat, which employed several Israeli former intelligence officers, specialized in "collecting information & shaping opinion through social media."🤨

Gee, that sounds familiar‼️🤬 3/

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THREAD: George Nader, the Lebanese-American who arranged the #Seychelles meeting, has been granted IMMUNITY by Mueller in exchange for his cooperation w/Mueller‼️

Buh-bye, Erik Prince & the rest of Team🇷🇺Treason‼️😎 1/

Nader ARRANGED the #Seychelles meeting *in advance* btwn Erik Prince & #Russian🇷🇺oligarch Kirill Dmitriev to arrange the secret backchannel btwn Trump & Putin.🤨

Nader also ATTENDED.🤗

So much for Prince’s “chance meeting in the bar” LIE‼️🙄 2/

Nader worked for worked for *more than a year* to turn Elliott BROIDY (a top #RNC & Trump fundraiser) into “an instrument of influence” on TRUMP for the rulers of Saudi Arabia & the UAE‼️ 3/

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THREAD: Michael COHEN is in the treasonweasel barrell‼️

Mueller is probing Cohen’s dealings for Trump Tower🇷🇺Moscow and the Ukraine “peace deal” that he & Felix SATER “negotiated.”😎 1/

Mueller Ihas requested documents & interviewed witnesses about “incidents” involving Cohen.🤔

Cohen basically knows EVERYTHING on Trump’s “business,” campaign and political activities.🤨

If Mueller is investigating Cohen, he’s investigating TRUMP‼️😎 2/

Cohen played a role in *at least two* “episodes” involving Russian-related issues that Mueller is probing‼️

Of course, one is Cohen’s dealings *during the campaign* to help Trump Org build Trump Tower Moscow🇷🇺. 3/
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THREAD: Mueller probing attempts by the UAE to " buy political influence" by directing money to support Trump *during the campaign*‼️ 1/


h/t @PatriotLouUSA…
Mueller probing George Nader (Lebanese-American businessman)👉🏼adviser to the ruler of the UAE, and was frequent visitor to Trump’s WH.🤔

Mueller is probing Nader’s role in WH policymaking & whether UAE had influence on Trump's decision-making.🤨 2/
Mueller's focus on Nader could also prompt an examination of how money from MULTIPLE countries has flowed through and influenced DC during the Trump era.🤨

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Mueller is asking witnesses "pointed questions" on whether Trump was aware that Democratic emails had been HACKED before it was publicly known & whether he was involved in their strategic release‼️ 1/


h/t @traciemac_Bmore…
Specifically, Team🇺🇸Mueller is probing whether Trump was aware of plans for #WikiLeaks to publish the STOLEN emails.🤔

OF COURSE, Trump *knew*, because PapaD told the campaign about the stolen emails‼️

And PapaD is squealing.😎 2/
PapaD got drunk and spilled his guts to an Aussie "diplomat" in London about #Russia's🇷🇺plan to "anonymously release" Democratic emails.

And how? That's right. WIKILEAKS w/whom Trump Jr and Roger Stone were corresponding DURING the campaign‼️ 3/


cc @911CORLEBRA777
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