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PSYCHOSOMATIK bedeutet nicht, dass ihr aufhören sollt, eure Arbeit zu machen. Es bedeutet vielmehr, dass es bei komplexen Erkrankungen, Komorbiditäten oder sekundären psychischen Belastungen hilfreich sein kann, multiprofessionell zu arbeiten.
Seele „macht“ nicht einfach eine körperliche Erkrankung. Langanhaltende (oder akute Schwerst-)Belastung führt höchstens zu Fehlaktivierung, die sich in Symptomen zeigen kann (Schmerzen, Atementgleisung, starker Verdauungsaktivierung, Herzrasen uvm..)
Es ist KEINE psychosomatische Erkrankung, wenn eine Patientin mit tauben Stellen im Gesicht nach 3 MRTs immer noch Angst vor MS hat, weil der xte Arzt wieder keine Migräneaura erkennt und alle genervt auf sie reagieren (wende das BPS-Modell hier mal an, aber richtig!)
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💡New research from our group @ESC_Journals indicates that #MCS might improve outcomes in patients with #heartfailure related #cardiogenicshock Let me walk you through it!
Actually, #cardiogenicshock has, for many years, been seen as predominantly caused by #myocardialinfarction However, recent evidence suggests that non-ischemic causes match it in frequency and impact on outcomes ‼️…
This is concerning 🧐, as most RCTs on use of #MCS in #cardiogenicshock focus on patients with #myocardialinfarction and exclude those with #heartfailure related #cardiogenicshock resulting in an overall low level of evidence for this patient population
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A major part of the stories of #iamthefaceofMAID is that some health conditions are NOT recognized and/or treated in Canada (like MCS and hEDS). BUT!!! They are recognized by #MAID. This is THE disconnect Canada! This is why we need to talk about #IamthefaceofMAID 1/n
If #MAID will recognize conditions, like #MCS and #hEDS, and there are not even specialists in Canada that treat those conditions. Well, we have a problem.
The #hEDS community struggles every day, thousands of us, for treatment that we know is available but it is not offered in Canada. Often we travel to the US for diagnosis because there are so few specialists in Canada. The surgeries needed are not offered in Canada. 3/n
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Very happy to see our #UNLOADECMO trial started in 12/22 with 4 patients already included.
#MCS therapy in cardiogenic shock still very challenging.
#ECLS-SHOCK (#ECMO)and #DanGer-Shock (#Impella) running already and will be finished soon.

What are we investigating?🧵1/6 below:
🧵2/6 @BenediktSchrage showed earlier that "LV Unloading Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Patients With CS Treated With VA-ECMO"…

Large study (686 patients), but obviously not prospective and randomized. But that's needed in CS (and everywhere)
🧵3/6 Others @benhibbertMDPhD showed this as well in a meta-analysis @jaccjournals…
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NEXT Speaker : VA ecmo for which patients?

Severe cardiogenic shock has different phenotypes
1. medical cardiogenic shock(AMI, end stage dilated CM, myocarditis, septic shock)
2. Post cardiotomy refractory CS (post CABG)
@ESICM #ecmo #resuscitation #ALS
@ESICM 2022 what do the guidelines say
- ESC recommends short term MCS should be considred in cardiogenic shock.
IABP may be considered but not routinely recommended in post MI
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Après différentes analyses et vérifications, l’épisode orageux qui a notamment endeuillé la #Corse ce 18/08/2022, peut être qualifié de "derecho". Il figure d’ores et déjà comme l’un des événements météorologique les plus marquants qu’ait connu l’Europe dans l’histoire moderne 🧵 Image
Ce phénomène météorologique est plutôt rare en 🇪🇺. Il se classe dans la catégorie des systèmes convectifs de méso-échelle. Les critères qui définissent un #derecho sont précis et très restrictifs. C’est pourquoi seuls quelques derechos sont enregistrés chaque année dans le monde.
Le MCS répond à ces critères :
- Rafales convectives ≥ à 90 km/h
- Au moins 3 rafales ≥ à 120 km/h mesurées ou expertisées sur la base de dégâts au sein de la zone couverte par l'épisode (ces 3 rafales doivent être séparées d'au moins 64 km les unes des autres)[…]
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🔥Review on optimal targets in #CardiogenicShock in @JACCJournals #Advances by @benhibbertMDPhD & team 👏
Clinical, biochemical & hemodynamic targets to guide therapy & escalation of therapy.
@Sadeer_AlKindi @baileyannRN #ACCEarlyCareer #ACCFIT
Current guidelines focus on the t/t of inciting event & restore end-organ perfusion; inotropes/pressors to target MAP ≥65 mm Hg.
🏷 Asses serial markers of systemic perfusion- lactate, ScVO2, UOP, Cr, LFTs, mentation, temp, and invasive hemodynamics & target accordingly
🏷Difference in #SCAI classes A-B & C-E is presence of hypoperfusion- clinical signs like cool mottled skin, poor UOP, confusion, & biochemical abnormalities like ⬆️ lactate, renal insufficiency, and ⬆️ LFTs.
🏷 RAP, ⬆️ shock stage over time, and late deterioration ⬆️ mortality
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How would you tackle this heavily calcified LAD with calcified #nodule that was appropriately identified by intravascular imaging? #OCT…

In this #EHJCaseReports #tweetorial we take a deep dive into the Rx of #calcified coronary lesions.
Calcified lesions are top of the totem pole of complex PCI
Main armamentaria are balloon-based #IVL & ablation-based (rotational/orbital) techniques, while ancillary tools eg guide extension catheters are useful too.…

#EHJCaseReports #tweetorial
What do you see with this non-compliant balloon in this calcified RCA?
What would you do next? Poll in next tweet!…
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Buy Vs. Sell-Side Risk Information: Time to Differentiate between “Your Risk” and “My Risk” Reports
@CFAinstitute @GARP_Risk
Report Sample of Asset Allocation Analytics
Well, we all are accustomed to reading “Buy” and “Sell-Side” Investment Evaluation Reports prepared by Financial Research Analysts at various FIs such as Investment Companies operating in the Financial Markets.
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AGIKplenum: Unverzichtbar im Katheterlabor!?
(Raum 12 @kardiologie_org)

❤️Zweiter Vortrag:
Hämodynamische Unterstützungssysteme (Alexander Ghanem | Hamburg)

#DGKJahrestagung 2021
@HolgerNef @kaschenke @MarcVorpahl @thiele_holger
#Agenda des Vortrages

#DGKJahrestagung 2021
#MCS Systeme

#DGKJahrestagung 2021
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Zweiter Vortrag:

➡️ACS: Wie ist der aktuelle Therapiestandard?
by Holger Thiele (@thiele_holger | Leipzig)

@HolgerNef @DrThomasSchmitz
#DGKJahrestagung 2021 #ACS #NSTEMI

@MarcVorpahl @kaschenke @AGIKinterv Image

I/A in NSTEMI Guidelines 2025 😉

#DGKJahrestagung 2021 Image
Early vs. Late Approach for PCI in NSTEMI

#DGKJahrestagung 2021 Image
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I don’t know how to get the word out about this. I am concerned about #MECFS patients who are a) having craniocervical fusions b) in Europe and c) are not actively engaged in patient groups on Facebook. [1]
My primary concern is that a significant proportion of patients who have fusions experience an initial improvement, but then have worsening symptoms roughly 5-7 months after surgery.[2]
In many cases, this is due to the “unmasking” of tethered cord syndrome, a condition many patients with craniocervical instability have. [3]…
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Junto a balcones y azoteas, convertidos en solidarios y emocionantes símbolos de la vida confinada, medios clásicos y digitales son ahora las únicas ventanas de acceso al exterior: ¿cómo los consumimos? Datos en @eldebatedehoy y fuentes en este HILO 👇

🔗 Image
La #TV es el medio que mejor ilustra cambio de hábitos por #COVID19: recupera capacidad de convocatoria colectiva en situaciones excepcionales y multiplica su audiencia en España ¡justo cuando más baja era su penetración!

🔗 Image
Además de intensiva, la atención a #TV se mantiene constante: audiencia media y acumulada acercan cuotas y algunas emisiones son históricas. ¡El mensaje de @CasaReal sumó más espectadores que el @FCBarcelona_es vs @realmadrid más visto!

🔗 (vía @Vertele) Image
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1PANACHE: Safety:Efficacy of Neladenoson Bialanate, Partial Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonist, in CHF & Preserved EF: PANACHE RCT

2PIONEER-HF: Initiation of Angiotensin-Neprilysin Inhibition after Acute Decomp CHF: Open-Label Extension of
3 Hopeful Heart Trial: Blended Collaborative Care for Treating ❤️Failure & Comorbid Depression: 12-Month Outcomes

4 CODIACS-QoL: Randomized Trial of Depression Screening After ACS: Comparison of Depression Identification After ACS-QOL & Cost Effectiveness
5 PARTNER 3: #TAVR or SAVR in Low-Risk Patients: Results of the PARTNER 3 Trial

6 Self-Expanding #TAVR or SAVR in Patients at Low Risk of Surgical Mortality

7 Outcomes of #TAVR with Balloon-Expandable Sapien3 Valve in Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis: An Analysis of STS/TVT Registry
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Yesterday I opened a letter from SSA: the judge denied my disability claim. This letter inspired me to share info, & hope that a signal comes back, so here is the longest thread twitter will allow abt my #toxicinjury.
I brought a number of diagnoses to the table. I can demonstrate allergic reactions to a number of chemicals+ ADHD, ASD. I must demonstrate that even if I worked in such a place, I would be too sick to work from exposure on the commute or even at home.
Beyond appealing this claim, I feel backed into a corner. I live depending on a man who’s cared for me but is ready to go back to his fam home in Armenia. My fam is scattered & none of them comprehend chemical safety to guard health. Staying with them would bring worse illness.
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1/I've said many times that I am poor because I am unemployed (except for my writing) and I am unemployed because I am disabled.

I am now officially rejecting that shit.

I am still disabled. I still am not employed.

#Disability #ChronicIllness #poverty
2/But the reason I am unemployed is because society has deemed me disposable. This isn't on me.

#disabled #DisabledPeopleMatter #PplWDisabilitiesMATTER
3/It's because society has decided the WANTS of the abled (specifically in my case, to use fragrance and decorate with balloons) are more important than my survival. This isn't on me.

#BanBalloonsInstead #fragrance #MCS #MCAS #allergy #asthma
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