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Yesterday I opened a letter from SSA: the judge denied my disability claim. This letter inspired me to share info, & hope that a signal comes back, so here is the longest thread twitter will allow abt my #toxicinjury.
I brought a number of diagnoses to the table. I can demonstrate allergic reactions to a number of chemicals+ ADHD, ASD. I must demonstrate that even if I worked in such a place, I would be too sick to work from exposure on the commute or even at home.
Beyond appealing this claim, I feel backed into a corner. I live depending on a man who’s cared for me but is ready to go back to his fam home in Armenia. My fam is scattered & none of them comprehend chemical safety to guard health. Staying with them would bring worse illness.
I show many major symptoms of mercury poisoning. I received mercury amalgam fillings periodically to treat cavities from elem to hs. Over time, these symptoms worsened. #HealthIsWealth & mine has been stolen. screen grabs from doctorscotthealth.com/the-bad/amalga…
My babies’ dads want nothing to do with me & don’t think for themselves about this stuff - preferring to believe I’m “just nuts.” I might be able to reclaim my life if I have them removed and heal my own teeth.
And here is the empirical proof that mercury amalgam fillings off gas mercury. If you experience multiple symptoms and you carry a mouthful of mercury with you, you probably also suffer from #mercurypoisoning
Additionally, I received the normal vaccine schedule for kids in the 80s.
Quotes abt adjuvants, toxicity in vax from multiple drs:
1k peer reviewed studies:
Article w/link to CDC:
So now that you know the base level of exposure, now let me tell you about the chemical injuries. I worked with the Utah Conservation Corps instead of reenlistment w/the Army post USNG discharge (another story).
I worked in crews that sprayed Garlon 4 on tamerisk stumps in riperian zones.
FS staff told us, it’s safe, water soluble. Gov’t officials are good at looking away when it comes to #chemwarfare.
I found out: conservationists are behind this! Parks spray weed killer on non native plants to “protect” the ecosystem! #LiberalLogic
By the time I finished the 10 hour work day, I felt too exhausted to climb the trail to Delicate Arch.
Here’s the MSDS sheet for Garlon 4 if you want to see it. It doesn’t say much besides wash your eyes out and cover your hands, try not to breathe it in bc it can cause short term irritation. No info available for long term exposure.
I had not yet adjusted my diet to tap into energy reserves. I retained weight even while doing heavy labor trail construction, felt sluggish, got bad headaches. Over time, symptoms worsened until by 2011 I had 2 week long migraines. I began ruling out & avoiding triggers.
sutroforest.com/2010/04/17/gar… ellaborates how these long term health effects may have been caused in part by Garlon 4 exposure over the work season.
After UCC I still had to pay for school. I worked PT as a janitor w/USU FM. I moved to FT graves, almost got fired my first week for leaving work to visit hospital for a kidney stone, but managed 11-13 credit hours/semester for 3 semesters during the day.
Much of it blurs to memory, spending up to 18 hrs/day on campus.
The custodial staff couldn’t stand me. I missed trash cans, left streaks on the windows, all issues to do with my ASD which was just diagnosed in 2017. They complained to staff until I gave up altogether.
I took out a student loan #bigmistake after quitting FT and losing my PT job.
ASD+ other mercury related side effects interfered with my work & my education. I have excellent recall, keen observation skills, but impaired strategic ability & social skills. +the hatter madness
I feel very angry when I think about the lost potential of my life that cheated me of success. I’ve worked hard, slipped up, failed.
The 3M industrial cleaning chemicals did not help, worsening lymphatic swelling and chemical sensitivities. Burning eyes, burning throat.
Lawsuits show that 3M chems are dangerous to human health, but nothing is being done to assess risk of level exposure by ppl with MCS (more every day)
Can we file suit against these companies for #MCS?
A typical day: I stay inside to avoid exposure. When I go out, it could be dryer vents, air freshener, perfume, solvents, herbicides: any trigger swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion, migraine. I am not alone. Make no mistake, the elite have been waging covert war on children.
Even inside, I have no air filter, so I can still get sick. I sometimes push myself to go out anyway & end up withdrawing again bc I just get sick:
Migraine, exhaustion/fatigue, depression, anxiety, ASD, mood swings, swollen lymph nodes, swollen ankles, candida overgrowth, pain.
I worked after college, FT in an office. Poor judgment & naivety led me to marry a man unwilling to support me when I became too sick to work any more. He divorced me, assumed full custody of our daughter, gaslighting me abt my illness the whole way.
I’m not the easiest person to live with. I wonder how deeply he’s affected by his own #amalgamfillings & vaccine history.
Same w/my second daughter’s dad. He told me he wouldn’t be responsible for my feelings when I got upset with him for not being home when he said he’d be home.
I became transient in '16 when state assistance ended, have bn appealing disability ever since, moved in w/my fren winter 2016. I have to learn how to not let him trigger me, and my circumstances need to change a lot to even exercise my parent time, in Utah & now Arizona.
I did manage to protect my daughters from most of the infant shots (they got me on vit K the first time but not the 2nd) and from industrial cleaners, at least at my house.

I want to do anything I can to make sure perps are held accountable & that we set some precedents to protect our health. Meanwhile I appeal the decision, work with my dr to document more, I write, I post. I might be a drop of rain, but I know with others we can make a storm.
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