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More Old Bailey Sophistry from Codpiece Cox admitting that in order that today's vote is NOT an attempt to repeat #MV2 (to comply with Speaker Bercow's re-iteration of 1604 convention) it is also NOT a #MV in sense of #EUWA18 Section 13.1.b

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Attempt by Codpiece Cox to scare House into voting in a #MeaninglessVote for #WA (only) solely to secure the offered (actually only technical) extension of #BrexitDay from Apr 12 to May 22 sans guarantee of any other extension. Sophistry.

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Of course, if the House falls for Codpiece Cox's scare tactics, none of this will figure in future utterances by #TheresaMay's #Brexihadis - the headlines will scream 'Parliament approves #Brexit arrangements' (sans qualification or caveat).

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate
#VictoriaLIVE #LBC
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So what does Bercow ruling out a 3rd #MeaningfulVote on an unchanged proposition mean?

I *presume* he would permit a vote if it were to include the Kyle-Wilson idea for a confirmatory referendum...

...and I have re-worked my #Brexit diagram based on that
This results in the following numbers (and trend since diagram V18 end of last week)

No Deal 13% ↔️
General Election (needs delay) 36% ⬆️
May's Deal* 0% ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#PeoplesVote (needs delay) 28% ⬆️⬆️
Rescind 3% ↔️
UK stays until 2020 19% ↔️

* no way now w/o referendum or GE
As ever high res versions, XML, and probability calculations available on my blog!…
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We all know there's uncertainty over how MPs will vote on #Brexit this week. Thought it might be handy just to flag why there's also uncertainty over exactly what & when they're voting on (nerdy procedure thread....) 1/
First, a reminder of the position in law: unless something happens in the A50 process (that is, Withdrawal Agreement [WA] is ratified or A50 period is extended), the UK by law leaves the EU on 29/3 without a Withdrawal Agreement in force. 2/
For WA to be ratified, by UK law HoC must approve it (& Political Declaration) in a motion moved by a minister under section 13 of EU (Withdrawal) Act (the #meaningfulvote due Tues 12/3); UK Parliament must also pass Withdrawal Agreement Bill (not yet introduced to Parl); ... 3/
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3 things to look out for today:


1) Rabbits from the hat.

There's little time left for these, but will gvt try to produce some more last minute concessions to soften the blow?

2) abstentions.

This got a bit lost in analysis of late, but 'not supporting' the WA =/= voting against.

Lots of abstentions will both flatter May's support and keep open lines for subsequent action

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It’s going to be a busy week here at UK Parliament. The @UKHouseofLords have held their final EU Withdrawal debates and the results of the #MeaningfulVote in the @HouseofCommons will be announced.
Catch up on the #Brexit debates so far:

📰 Read the latest news:…

📕📗 Read online with Hansard:

💻 Watch online:
Did you know that the @commonslibrary experts publish research and analysis on topical issues and legislation that the public can read? You can browse their latest #Brexit research here:
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Govt is expected to lose the #meaningfulvote tomorrow – but what are MPs' objections to the actual deal? A few thoughts below on four main criticisms of the deal – which show MPs still don't understand (willfully or otherwise) what #Brexit really means

1: “The backstop cedes part of the UK”. No, it doesn’t. NI’s status will only change under the terms agreed in the 1998 Belfast Agreement – no possibility of an accidental unification of Ireland. Both sides reiterated this in letters today…

1 cont’d: And the UK-wide customs territory is a *win* for the UK – UK asked for it and EU clearly unhappy with it. Ensures no need for customs checks between GB and NI

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In case it's useful (& with apologies to those of you who don't need it), a quick Sat lunchtime reminder of the absolute basics ahead of the #meaningfulvote on Tues ('cos it may be handy to cling onto them amid what's about to go down) 1/
In terms of UK's #Brexit process, the only Q at issue on Tues is whether HoC approves Withdrawal Agreement & Pol. Dec. *By law* (EU [Withdrawal] Act 2018 s13(1)(b)), UK may not ratify the WA unless & until (among other things) HoC has approved the WA+PD in a s13(1)(b) motion. 2/
If the UK does not ratify a WA and leaves the EU anyway, it is a no-deal Brexit. 3/
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There is no left-wing justification for Brexit. This is a project about neoliberal deregulation. It is Thatcherism on steroids.

My full #MeaningfulVote speech to the Commons here:…
This country’s greatest moments came when we showed courage, not when we appeased.

Friends and colleagues tell me to appease Brexit voters. I say we must not patronise them with cowardice. Let’s tell them the truth. "You were sold a lie." #MeaningfulVote #BrexitVote
This is the fundamental dishonesty at the heart of the Brexit debate. Most MPs now recognise it in private, but do not say it in public:

Brexit is a con. A trick. A swindle. A fraud.

A deception that will hurt most those people it promised to help.
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Quick thread on what yesterday's Grieve am. to #meaningfulvote business motion could mean for immediate #Brexit steps, to inject note of caution re: some apparent assumptions. TLDR: spirit of the am. is clearly to move things along, but letter of it seems to leave loopholes. 1/
Might be handy to have text of section 13 of EU (Withdrawal) Act (but you're also carrying your copy around with you, right? 🙄) 2/…
Key bits of yesterday's am.: assuming HoC does not approve Withdrawal Agreement+Pol Dec in #meaningfulvote Tues 15/1, gov must *table* a *motion* *under section 13* of EU(W)A. This must be within 3 sitting days. And motion must *consider* the A50 Brexit process. 3/
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While UK spirals down & out of control, gripped by self-inflicted Brexit-fixated inward-looking dirty-selfish politics, Major Parties talk to themselves with NO results, so far. Yet, every passing day brings new reasons to put Brexit to a #PeoplesVote with the option to #Remain.
#TriggerIsComing to force a #PeoplesVote on #Brexit, with an option to #endthechaos and #Remain. Many MPs are daily more restive over the lack of a truly #MeaningfulVote - another #May mistake that will come back to haunt #Blukip, after ALL their Lies & wastage of time AND money.
The wheels are falling off 'any Brexit' with each passing revelation of FACTUAL REALITY. Anyone who can't see that (regardless of how they voted) is not keeping up! The doubters in Parliament will be swelling in numbers, by the minute.
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Quick check:
▪️Only 11% UK think Brexit negotiations are going well ✔️
▪️ Government's experts say any Brexit would be harmful✔️
▪️ Vast majority of Parliament's MPs agree✔️
▪️ Our Sovereign Parliament can't make contingency plans until November✔️
I remember once when I was 6, the family visited Lundy Island. My mum could see me walking towards the edge of the cliff. My dad assured my mum that I knew the cliff was there. But for 4 seconds I kept moving towards it, until my mum finally cried out.
With everything pointing to this being a sovereignty-stealing, poverty-pushing, health-service-hampering Brexit, do we really need to get close enough to see over the edge?
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