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.@SavantaComRes on BYOBgate:

- 66% say Boris Johnson should resign following latest revelations - +12 since their last poll at Christmas

- That includes 42% of 2019 Conservative voters


@lbc #bbcpm
A large majority in every age cohort say #BorisJohnsonMustGo

@LBC #bbcpm #OneRuleForThem
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Sheesus, Priti Patel doesn't have a clue, does she?

And if she says "the rules are clear" or "we are in a pandemic" one more fkn time, I'm gonna blow my own head off.


@LBC #bbcpm
Press: are the rules tough enough

PP: "the rules are clear"

Press: the virus is more transmissible & more have died than March yet the rules are weaker

PP: "the rules are clear"

Press: what is the definition of "stay local" for exercise?

PP: "the rules are clear"
@LBC #bbcpm
The rules are clear, as mud.


@LBC #bbcpm
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"Secret papers on trade negotiations between the UK and US were stolen by Russian hackers from the email account of former trade minister Liam Fox, according to Reuters"


@LBC #bbcpm…
Turns out Russian hackers stole the entire contents of Liam Fox's personal email account (which contained secret govt documents).

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Let's look at Johnson's record since he has been PM:

- illegally porogued parliament
- only appears to announce good news otherwise hides from public scrutiny
- took 2 week holiday during a deadly pandemic
- tried to force herd immunity & untold deaths on us

@LBC #r4today
- lied about 'following the science' & as a result over 30,000 people died unnecessarily so far
- tried to blame scientists, medical staff and care homes for the deaths he caused


@LBC #r4today #c4news #newsnight #bbcpm #bbcaq
- apparently got away with funneling trips & public ££ to a woman he was having sex with while married & in public office
- enabled Cummings to break lockdown law & helped to cover up for him
- enabled Jenrick to break lockdown law & helped to cover up for him
@LBC #r4today
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"There has however been speculation that this report was going to reveal either that Russia had interfered in or sought to influence the referendum, but this committee's view it's worse than that..."



@lbc @mrjamesob #bbcpm #C4News
"the report reveals that no one in govt knew if Russia interfered in or sought to influence the EU ref because they did not want to know. The UK govt has actively avoided looking for evidence that Russia interfered...


@lbc @mrjamesob
"..we are told that they have not seen any evidence, but that is irrelevant if they haven't actually looked for it"


@lbc @mrjamesob #c4news #bbcpm
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Boris Johnson's #Covid19 response is a study in "dither and delay".

"Britain was given a head start to tackle the coronavirus as it spread through other countries.

Much of that time has been wasted"

@LBC #c4news #bbcaq #Newsnight

All 'journalists' who repeatedly told us Boris Johnson was "following the science", even tho' his actions contradicted those of almost every other nation, & criticism of him was biased & insincere:

You were wrong, & 1000s will now likely die because of it
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Just interviewed @MaryLouMcDonald.

Lots to say:

-She should become Taoiseach as she won.
-if she does she will start preparing for a border poll straight away and ask @BorisJohnson to do same.
-says she wants EU to shift policy to favour Irish unification (a la Germany/Cyprus).
Mary Lou McDonald tells me she sees the election result as an endorsement of their message on public services but about “an end to partition” too. #ge2020
McDonald also told me she hasn’t had any contact from FF or FG. Confirms she still wants a govt without either in it. Says it’s “the utmost hypocrisy” that their position has been they won’t work with SF, given they insist on others doing so in NI. #ge2020
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Sajid Javid says prorogation of parliament would be "trashing democracy"

@lbc #c4news #newsnight #r4today

In June 2019 Amber Rudd said Boris Johnson proroguing parliament would be outrageous and ridiculous

@lbc #c4news #Newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PoliticsLive #bbcaq

And here's secretary of state for health and Johnson lickspittle, Matt Hancock, saying prorogation would go against "everything that those men who waded onto those beaches fought and died for"

@lbc #c4news
#wato #Newsnight #r4today #bbcaq #politicslive
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More Old Bailey Sophistry from Codpiece Cox admitting that in order that today's vote is NOT an attempt to repeat #MV2 (to comply with Speaker Bercow's re-iteration of 1604 convention) it is also NOT a #MV in sense of #EUWA18 Section 13.1.b

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Attempt by Codpiece Cox to scare House into voting in a #MeaninglessVote for #WA (only) solely to secure the offered (actually only technical) extension of #BrexitDay from Apr 12 to May 22 sans guarantee of any other extension. Sophistry.

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Of course, if the House falls for Codpiece Cox's scare tactics, none of this will figure in future utterances by #TheresaMay's #Brexihadis - the headlines will scream 'Parliament approves #Brexit arrangements' (sans qualification or caveat).

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate
#VictoriaLIVE #LBC
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Please to hear the indefatigable late Robin Cook's resignation speech was chosen to start speech week on @BBCPM today.
Well worth listening to if you missed it.
#bbcpm #iraq #robincook #blair #UKlabour #UKpolitics
The speech is still remarkably prescient on so many levels:
Of the need for unilateralism and how Britain can't go it alone.
Of how this wasn't an objection to any and all military intervention.
Of how the problems although bit fully crystallised could be foreseen in advance.
Of how those who disagreed should not be seen as traitors.
Of the need to listen to the reports from experts.
The idea that an enemy can simultaneously be seen as well and on the verge of collapse, but still seem as a clear and present danger.
The list goes on.
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