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@iltalehti_fi @heljasalonen '#Terveystoimittaja': Toisen rokotteen voimaa.
#Hus:in diagnostiikkajohtaja #LasseLehtonen rohkeni lähteä #Venäjä-Pietariin katsomaan jalkapallon EM-ottelua.
Lehtosella oli jo se toinen ja hän katsoi, että hänellä oli lupa lähteä.… Image
@iltalehti_fi @heljasalonen #Mediapooli. Tuottamukselliset terveyden ja hengen vaarantamiset, #rokotekuolemat.
#Korruptio -rahaa vastaan, 2 vuotta valehdelleen "#toimittaja'n" asema #Nuremberg'n lavalla, kun #SpandauBallet -biisi alkaa.
- #Tuonela noutaa... ikuiseen tanssiin...… ImageImage
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THREAD: #Prescribers, how do YOU respond to Conflicts of Interest (COI)? 👀

1/8 This thread looks at the issues highlighted in our TI Therapeutics Letter on COI

👉🏼Full Letter:

#ConflictofInterest #MedEd #MedicalEthics
2/8 Kirsten is a clinical pharmacist attending a primary care conference👩🏽‍⚕️

When a keynote speaker reports financial relationships💰with several drug companies, Kirsten takes note🤨

Find out why she prefers #MedEd free of commercial sponsorship:
3/8 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

It's common practice to cultivate “expert” KOLs who are crucial to market success💵of a new drug

Payments to KOLs are reported in USA but similar disclosure does NOT exist in Canada

#FinancialInterests #ConflictofInterest
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This month marks a decade since I completed medical #internship. I thought then that I had achieved my goal, that I would find joy in my work. Little did I know where life would lead me. My #reminisces & #reflections - too long for a tweet & too short for a blog - hence, a 🧵
As the first & only #medical student in the extended family, I was in #unfamiliar waters. Moving to uncle's house in another city was a not-too-comfortable but not-wholly-unpleasant change. I'm privileged to be part of a family who did all they could to keep me happy
The pedagogy was #authoritative & #oppressive; seemed to be designed to #humiliate, not teach. I couldn't learn by rote, didn't know of any better ways (pre- ubiquitous smartphone era) Expected to address #seniors using honorifics, I felt they were as unapproachable as teachers
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Intensive care is a scarce resource demand for which has almost exceeded supply.

But the Gov + NHS have no national guidance on resource allocation/prioritisation.

Should they?

NO, says Swift J, who, this pm refused an oral application for permission to bring a JR.
3 grounds of challenge argued by Covid affected families:

i) the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 s2(1) + 2A impose a mandatory statutory obligation to have such an ethical decision making tool (NHSE says "rationing policy") under the duty to "maintain plans"
so a body can continue its functions in an emergency;

ii) Art 8 - locally made rationing decisions made w/out national guidance are a systemic breach of Art 8 and not in accordance with the law;

iii) Rationality - it is irrational not to have a national guideline.
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@NHSEngland @OUHospitals @OxfordVacGroup @AstraZeneca Are you informing people that they have a very real risk of worse disease or death when they have the vaccine and are then exposed to the live virus before administration through ADE, or are you conveniently skipping over that info?
@NHSEngland @OUHospitals @OxfordVacGroup @AstraZeneca If clinical trial participants weren't generally being told about the possibility of increased risk of more severe disease post-vaccination, then is informed consent likely to be disastrously overlooked when delivering the vaccine rapidly to the populace?...
@NHSEngland @OUHospitals @OxfordVacGroup @AstraZeneca As far as I can determine through looking at the studies, a 'challenge' (introduction of the wild virus to trial participants to see if the vaccines were indeed effective) test was not used.

Inform yourself, because they won't inform you....
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Just out & open access, my new paper “Self-Defeating Codes of Medical Ethics and How to Fix Them: Failures in COVID-19 Response and Beyond.” From @bioethics_net #medicalEthics #bioethics #MedTwitter #epitwitter #researchEthics… Image
Chuffed to have comments from @johnlantos @riekevdgraaf Wouter van Dijk, Sara J. M. Laurijssen, Ewoud Schuit, Diederick E. Grobbe & Martine C. de Vries, Carla Saenz,
@mmcdadden @wrwveit Rebecca Brown @briandavidearp Hugh Desmond, Jerry Menikoff, Sabine Salloch, Ryan Essex
Should be @MMccradden ☝️
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You might think this is only stating the obvious. It isn't; the whole court-case revolves around the fact that the obvious was not stated, and that the obvious needed stating. Consent is only valid if informed consent.
#Ethics, #MedicalEthics, #KieraBell
2/n These were the next issues. Should children be allowed to consent to procedures whose consequences they didn't understand? Should children be allowed to give consent. & those procedures carried out, without parental consent, against parental choice?
3/n Everyone has to wait till the full court judgement is available online. But from the court ruling speech:

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"Older People in Lockdown"

(to the tune of "Alexander Hamilton")

With thanks to this article which inspired me:…

With apologies for lyrical shortcomings - improvements gladly accepted!
#hiphop #medicalethics #Covid_19 #lockdown
How does an ageist journal article go
Say “selective lockdown of the elderly” is ethical
In a prestigious journal printed unchallenged?
A shocker! We should all give a zero to this scholar.
Older people, our (great) grandmothers and grandfathers
Are a lot greater, stayed working a lot harder
Than us so-called smarter
Us so-called self-starters
But I mean, they gave us all we need, and all that matters
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A brief #tweetorial for those curious as to why I spend countless hours on a non-specialty medical organization. The basic premise of the @AmerMedicalAssn House of Delegates is actually simple. #healthpolicy #publichealth #MembersMoveMedicine 1/
It’s a representative democratic body consisting of members of societies from the US states and subspecialties of medicine, convening twice a year as the @AmerMedicalAssn House of Delegates (HoD). The majority of each meeting is spent deliberating policy proposals. #AMAmtg 2/
Any member or organization can bring resolutions with various policy goals to the HoD to be debated and voted on. These go through a multistep vetting process where everyone has the opportunity to speak on and amend these policies under the rules of parliamentary procedure. 3/
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More than meets the eye. By removing itself from World Medical Assoc (@medwma), Canadian Medical Assoc (@CMA_Docs) appears to be attempting to remove itself &🇨🇦’s MDs from International Code of #MedicalEthics. Why?…

#ethics #cdnpoli #onpoli
Some MDs in international medical community stating that it was @medwma’s criticism of CMA re below & #CMA not accepting its International Code of #MedicalEthics that led to CMA resignation


#hippocraticoath #consciencerights #ethics #cdnpoli #cdnhealth
World Medical Association @medwma developed modernized #HippocraticOath w/ #DeclarationOfGeneva in 1948 after WW2 atrocities & has had highest standard of International Code of #MedicalEthics for ~10M MDs globally... EXCEPT for 🇨🇦’s MDs since @CMA_Docs’ exit
#cdnpoli #cdnhealth🆘
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I am appalled by how Prof Adeeba is treated on social media. The comments itself speak volume on how ignorant, disrespectful and self-righteous people could be. I don’t even know if they even understand what you wrote.
That’s ok Prof, continue your effort with increasing awareness and helping patients without discrimination.
Sometimes, people just don’t understand our battle everyday, how treating some patients may go against our values, but we still do it and we don’t promote hate publicly and we don’t attach stigma to it. Just do it with compassion and love. #MedicalEthics
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