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I started with 3k/month and now I earn more than 3L/month and I'm still in college getting done with my masters. Here's a thread of the learning i had in the 3 years.

#developer #lifeadvice #android #growth #learning #engineering #internship #money #work
1. Stick onto things that you like, don't start chasing around stuff because of the FOMO. I started with android and i still do android. I never learned DSA. I never made an account on CodeChef, leetcode or any other platform. I can still work on backend, frontend, DevOps, and
other sorts of things but i invested 6 months learning all of the above and invested 3 years and still counting learning android. I hope you get the idea.
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We take a deep dive into creating a successful internship program for software engineers with Tom Sommer, Engineering Director @redbubble. 🤿

Check out the interview:…

Powered by @codingsans, hosted by @FancyKarolina. 🎤
Here are some key takeaways:
Set clear goals for everyone
Including the program and the interns. Do you want to provide industry insight to your interns, or are you scouting the next Elon Musk? What do they have to do to get hired? Find these answers before moving forward.
Set the bar going in
Most companies can support interns who are fresh out of college, bootcamp, or have real coding experience. Many companies can’t support interns who have never seen code. There’s a wide range in-between, make sure to find the sweet spot for your company.
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This month marks a decade since I completed medical #internship. I thought then that I had achieved my goal, that I would find joy in my work. Little did I know where life would lead me. My #reminisces & #reflections - too long for a tweet & too short for a blog - hence, a 🧵
As the first & only #medical student in the extended family, I was in #unfamiliar waters. Moving to uncle's house in another city was a not-too-comfortable but not-wholly-unpleasant change. I'm privileged to be part of a family who did all they could to keep me happy
The pedagogy was #authoritative & #oppressive; seemed to be designed to #humiliate, not teach. I couldn't learn by rote, didn't know of any better ways (pre- ubiquitous smartphone era) Expected to address #seniors using honorifics, I felt they were as unapproachable as teachers
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tech opportunity thread pt 2
Full time roles at First American. (Some are Sr level but there are some that are mid to entry level, dont see any internships)

Software roles:…

Project management roles:…

Program management roles:…
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70+ Websites to Get Work and Jobs in Any Field

A Mega Thread👇

#100DaysOfCode #JobSearch #internship #freelancing
Website for Full-Time, Part-Time and Remote Work
1. Indeed :-
2. Craigslist :-
3. Simply Hired :-
4. Authentic Jobs :-
5. Robert Half :-
6. Krop :-
7. Career Builder :-
8. Linkedin Profunder :-
9. Mashable:-
10. Smashing Magazine :-
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KUMPULAN #KUJobs bulan Juli 2021!

1. Informasi lowongan magang
2. Informasi part time jobs/freelance

Thread ini akan MinKU update secara berkala.

Jangan lupa likes, agar kalian tidak ketinggalan infonya!
Hi, Updaters!

LatihID sedang membuka internship program dengan periode 17 Juli - 17 September 2021.

Deskripsi masing-masing job role dapat dilihat pada…

Batas pendaftaran 1 Juli 2021 Pukul 23.59 WIB

Daftar dirimu melalui…

#KUJobs ImageImageImageImage
Hi, Updaters!

IELTSKU membuka kesempatan internship online (WFH) selama 2 bulan.

Posisi :
1. Business Development
2. Content Creator
3. Program Director

Kirim CV, Motivation Letter, Bukti Follow dan Portofolio ke

#KUJobs ImageImage
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📣 Do you dream to work at the United Nations? 🇺🇳

In this thread, I will explain everything about the recruitment process and share my tips and advice! 🧵👇
2/30. The recruitment process at the @UN is unique. In this thread I will describe:
✔️Specificities of the @UN (3-11)
✔️Where can you find vacancies? (12-13)
✔️ How can you apply? (14-20)
✔️How to prepare the written exam? (21-22)
✔️How to prepare the interview? (23-29).
3/30. Unlike other public services, there are hardly any permanent jobs at the @UN. This means that you will need to apply regularly during your career.

This creates a level of insecurity. In addition, field missions are sometimes difficult to deal with for your personal life.
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All students will participate in a 10-day bagless period sometime during Grades 6-8 where they intern with local #vocational experts such as carpenters, gardeners, potters, artists, etc.
Similar #internship opportunities to learn #vocational subjects may be made available to students throughout Grades 6-12. Vocational courses through #online mode will also be made available.
Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs) will cover teachers across all SE stages for quality improvement. Teachers will be expected to participate in at least 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year for their professional development, driven by their interests. #NEPTransformingIndia
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ఫ్లిప్కార్ట్ వాళ్ళు సప్లై చైన్ మేనేజ్మెంట్ లో ఇంటర్న్షిప్ ఇస్తున్నారు.

నేను ఇంతకుముందు చెప్పినట్టు మన ఇండియాలో రాబోయే రోజుల్లో బిజినెస్ అంతా సప్లై చైన్, లాజిస్టిక్స్ మీదే ఆధారపడిఉంటుంది. కాబట్టి ఇలాంటి ఇంటర్న్షిప్స్ కెరీర్ కి చాలా ఉపయోగం. Image
Check it out. ఇప్పుడు పిల్లలకి ఇంకా కాలేజీలు తెరవడానికి టైముంది కాబట్టి, ఈ ఇంటర్న్షిప్ చేస్తే బాగుంటుంది.

Are you a student who is passionate about #SupplyChain? #Flipkart brings to you #Launchpad, a power packed 45-day #internship program
where you get to explore one of the largest and most complex Supply Chain #operations in India. Not just that, an exciting opportunity for you to skill up and make your mark in India’s mega online sale - The Big Billion Days!
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1/ #Empathy tweetorial: I overheard an awesome narrative building, empathic conversation enroute to the hospital today. Two #interns merged behind me (both wearing masks, btw):
Him: “How has your week been so far?”
Her: “It’s been pretty good but sorta overwhelming”
2/It could have ended there with him saying, “That sucks,” or “Me too."
Instead, he said, “Why was it overwhelming? What did you have to do?”
Her: “I went to meetings that reminded me of how many things I have forgotten. (insert details about what she had forgotten)”
3/He could have said, "Yuck, I hate meetings."
Instead he said, “Yeah, that can be scary. What else did you have to do?”
Her: “I took care of some patients with illnesses that I have never taken care of before like COVID. (insert details about patients and illnesses)”
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Thread on #JobOpenings in media during #Covid_19:
With layoffs becoming common, I'm starting a thread on openings in media sector. Will post info in this thread as & when I hear something. We need to back each other. Share info. It may help someone. Ping/add if u hear anything.
Positions at InShorts (Hindi) #MediaJobs #job
Check out this job at Inshorts:…
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Following up on @EADHistory's thread we want to share our work in Marketing the History Major from #AHA20 #s279. From 2013 to 2016 we had a 27% decline in major numbers; since 2016 we are up 12% for majors and up 20% when you include minors with majors. 1/19
We currently have the most juniors we've had since 2013. From 2013 to 2016 there were 39% fewer HIST majors reaching junior standing @UofOklahoma. Since 2016, there are 42% more HIST majors reaching junior standing. We're adding (avg) 2+ HIST grads, 9 majors every spring 2/19
Our work in reversing this decline has 3 aspects: curricular changes; supporting professional advising; and targeted data outreach.
Curricular: in 2009 we added 2 majors-only courses to help create community among our students + bolster their skills. 3/19
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Hello Guys !
Nous sommes à la recherche de deux profils de stage académique conventionné :
- Digital & Marketing
- Creative & Design

📍 Yaoundé
3-6 mois
Bac +2 minimum
Bon modeux(se)
Débrouillard et autonome
Anglais apprécié 😊
CV / portfolio à : contact @

- Radicalement orienté client et innovant
- Marketing et pas communication !!!
- E-commerce
- Chance d'impressionner
- Équipe jeune, dynamique et ambitieuse
- Apprendre, s'adapter et innover !
- Digital et design graphique (photoshop, inDesign, Canva 😊)
- Design de produits
- Photographie (mettre en avant nos produits)
- Superbes collections
- Produits de grande qualité
#Internship #Cameroon
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Stoked to announce @ZooKeys_Journal published our @BatumiRaptors data paper! It explains how our #citizenscience project monitors the autumn #migration of >1.000.000 #raptors in the Eastern Black Sea Flyway, and how to use our #openaccess data @GBIF/@NLBIF! - 1/n

Many #raptors migrate primarily by thermal #soaring. To do so they travel by day and avoid high mtns and open sea. This leads to spectacular raptor aggregations in overland #flyways. One of the world´s largest raptor flyways occurs along the eastern Black Sea coast in SW Georgia.
The Eastern Black Sea Flyway has its narrowest point just north of #Batumi, where the coast and Lesser Caucasus form a clear "bottleneck". The mtns are not extremely high but present a significant barrier for #raptors on #migration due to low and dense cloud cover. @BatumiRaptors
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What do #interns do in the Directorate of Science & Technology? How can #STEM #students drive innovation that affects the national security of our nation? We spoke with an undergraduate scholarship intern, “Alice,” about her experience. #NationalSTEMDay Woman typing on laptop
Alice: "This is a great #internship because you’re treated like an employee...They want to enable you and challenge you, so they put you on teams and give you work that impacts the #mission."

Learn more about our student opportunities:
Alice: "I previously didn’t know that CIA recruited #engineers. My #STEM background has laid a foundation for all positions I’ve held within CIA, and many of my project leads have been happy to expand my knowledge further."

Read about our STEM careers:
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You’ve been waiting…Now is the time!

Click here to apply to the Directorate of Operations 2019/2020 clandestine #internship program. Image
Getting ready to graduate with an undergraduate or graduate degree in Dec 2018…or sooner?

Apply now to the Directorate of Operations.
US citizen students, check out ALL of our student internship opportunities.

Many are open year round!
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Want to use your cyber background to protect the nation?
Hear from a current Cyber Threat Analyst #Intern: Image
“I knew CIA was the best pick. I can use my knowledge of international affairs & cyber security to fulfill a greater mission.”
“CIA reminds me of a university. There are clubs/groups, training classes, & different offices if you ‘change your major.’”
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