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MICHIGAN: is shrinking from 14 to 13 seats, and w/ a new citizens' commission, few incumbents are safe. Somewhat ironically, *Dems* might have more to lose switching from the current GOP gerrymander (left) to a more compact plan (example, right). Here's why...
In 2018, the GOP gerrymander crumbled and Ds picked up two suburban Detroit seats, #MI08 and #MI11. But now, every seat needs to expand. And w/ two Black majority seats to preserve (#MI13 and #MI14 below), there may not be enough blue turf left to protect all four suburban Ds.
For example, it's possible #MI09 Rep. Andy Levin (D) & #MI11 Rep. Haley Stevens (D) get thrown together (below), and #MI08 Rep. Elissa Slotkin is forced to run in a swingy, much more Lansing-centric seat. In the words of one House Dem, "I'm worried we've outkicked our coverage."
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Cori Bush defied the odds and defeated a political dynasty.

Jamaal Bowman won with 55.4%

We’ve had so many historic progressive wins, but it doesn’t end here! Let’s get progressives like those listed below in office!
Screw “Blue Wave”, lets make a #ProgressiveFlood!
1. @EdMarkey
Running for Senate: #Massachusetts

Supports: the Green New Deal and Medicare For All

His primary Election Day is September 1st


For more info go to:
2. @AlexBMorse
District: #MA01

Supports: Medicare For All, Universal Basic Income, $15 Minimum Wage, Cancel Student Debt, and Free College Tuition.

His primary Election Day is September 1st.


For more info go to:
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House members will vote by proxy for the 1st time in chamber's 231-yr history beginning Wed. House clerk posted letters from mbrs who will not be physically present on House floor for votes due to COVID-19 pandemic & have given their proxies to other mbrs.…
1st term #CA39 Democratic @RepGilCisneros has designated his voting proxy to 1st term #PA06 Democratic @RepHoulahan. Image
3rd term #VA08 Democratic @RepDonBeyer, who represents one of the closest House districts to Capitol Hill, will vote by proxy for 7th term Democratic #TN09 @RepCohen, chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. Image
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We must remember down-ballot candidates.

This is a list of progressive/leftist congressional candidates endorsed by at least one of these groups:


Please remember:


Double check your registration at least 1 MONTH 🗓 before any election you plant to vote in.

Also, endorsements are an ongoing process
Some races have 2 different candidates endorsed by different groups, so they’re both listed.

📖➡️ platform/issues link
💵➡️ donation link

If the pinned tweet is related to their campaign, I included it.

Now, onto the (long) list.
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Every day representing #MI09 and much of the Clinton River Watershed, I am fighting to protect our water—our rivers and sewers leading into Lake St. Clair and coming out of our taps. That’s why I led water conversations in New Hampshire on why I support @ewarren for president. Image
As President, @ewarren will work to reinstitute the Clean Water Rule to protect our lakes, rivers, and streams, and the drinking water they provide.
.@ewarren will do all that she can to ensure bills like #PFASActionAct​ that we passed in the House do not languish under @senatemajldr McConnell's watch. It was awesome to be in Rep. @ChrisPappasNH’s district, who joined us in our press conference to demand swift Senate action.
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Here's a quick illustration of why striking down MI's GOP gerrymander might not necessarily boost House Dems. Take this pretty compact map for example 1/ Image
The problem for Dems is: once you draw two AA-majority Detroit districts, there are four suburban Dem incumbents vying for the limited blue turf in the suburbs: #MI08 Slotkin, #MI09 Levin, #MI11 Stevens, #MI12 Dingell. 2/
In this hypothetical remedial map, Stevens gets a safe Dem #MI11 in Oakland County and #MI12 Dingell keeps a safe Dem #MI12 in Ann Arbor/suburban Wayne Co. 3/
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#116th New Congress convenes soon!
43 HOUSE SEATS FLIPPED BLUE! 🌊🌊🌊 #BlueWave2018
(*Net of 40) 64 New Democratic Members in the HOUSE!
with @TeamPelosi leading the way
What do they stand for?
⤵️THREAD of ALL New Blue Congressfolk⤵️
w/ graphic, campaign website links & Twitter
Arizona #AZ02 #116thCongress
Representative Ann Kirkpatrick

"Proud lifelong Arizonan, former prosecutor & congresswoman, independent voice for working Arizona families."

Arizona #AZ09 #AZ9 #116thCongress
Representative Greg Stanton
Former Phoenix Mayor, Former Phoenix City Councilman & Attorney

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I support @NancyPelosi to be Speaker of the 116th Congress. She is the strongest leader to unite our caucus and help us accomplish the twin tasks of providing strong and fair Congressional oversight and passing positive legislation that shows the way towards a more just America.
I appreciate her historic role as a breaker of glass ceilings. I remember clearly what an effective Speaker she was in the past. I am grateful to her for coming to #MI09 and indeed crisscrossing the nation to help raise the funds needed to take back the majority.
However, my vote is about the future, not the past. In my judgment, Nancy Pelosi is the steely, patient and strategic leader we need to take maximum advantage of our precious opportunity to turn our great nation in a healthier and more inspiring direction.
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Hey #Michigan!
Time to get behind your Democratic Candidates for #Midterms2018!
THREAD of ALL of them with photos, Twitter & Websites.
AND Voter Info links to Registration, Absentee, ID, Poll Worker
#MI01 #MI02 #MI03 #MI04 #MI06 #MI07 #MI08 #MI09 #MI10 #MI11 #MI12 #MI13 #MI14
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1/ Our campaign was just endorsed by @BoldProgressive (#PCCC), a grassroots, #progressive organization that’s committed to activating millions of progressive voters and working people around the country, including here in #Michigan!… #MI09 #mipol Image
2/ We’re joining together with their more than 1,000,000 members in our fight for #MedicareForAll, debt-free college for poor and working-class kids, and to fight for our #climate and #environment before it’s too late.
3) With just 13 days until the August 7th primary, this endorsement is another reminder of how -- together -- we can build a new politics of solidarity that will help working class people vote in their economic interests, and...
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You are up for #PrimaryElections on AUGUST 7th
Register by July 9th here:
Below is a THREAD of ALL your Democratic Candidates with photos & websites.
Also VOTER INFO with Links!
Full 2018 August Primary Candidate Listing…
Voter Registration in #MICHIGAN
Verify your Voter Registration here:
Find Polling Place here:…
Register to Vote here:…

#MI01 #MI02 #MI03 #MI04 #MI05 #MI06 #MI07 #MI08 #MI09 #MI10 #MI11 #MI12 #MI13 #MI14
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What is happening on our southern border is an absolute disgrace and a violation of the most basic principles upon which our ancestors built our nation. We’ve got an admin. in the business of tearing families apart, then lying to the American people.… #MI09
The images and audio reaching us are difficult to watch and hear. Let’s be clear: There is no law forcing this Administration to separate children from their families. The extreme actions by this Admin., and the inaction from the majority in Congress, shows us some true colors.
It shows a lack of empathy, a lack of morals, and a true and serious disdain for immigrants who are coming to this country much like many of our ancestors did. As a father of four, I can’t help but look at the children in the detention centers and begin to imagine what..
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Hi all, it's Saul Levin -- Andy's son. This Father's Day I’ll be spending my Sunday shooting hoops and frying eggs with my dad, Andy, to say thank you for all the ways he supports me outside of the political spotlight.… #MI09 Image
For more than five years, my dad helped me administer at-home injections of Humira, a medication that helped control my Crohn’s disease. He relished spending this time with me, even if it meant counting doses and injecting needles. When I went to college, we spent...
...countless hours on the phone securing sufficient care and fighting surprise bills, including the injections that would have cost $3,000 weekly without insurance. These conversations frequently ended on the same note: our shared frustration with our country’s complicated...
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#PrideMonth is about so much in our #LGBTQ community, celebrating historic accomplishments, being out, and being proud. For us who are allies it’s about remembering the sacrifices of so many, especially trans folks and LGBTQ people of color who led the fight at Stonewall. #MI09 Image
A lot has been accomplished in the fight for equal rights for the #LGBTQ community, and so much more has to be done. In Congress, I’ll stand to fight extremism and discrimination, to pass the #EqualityAct
...and to support and expand the rights of our #LGBTQ family, friends, and neighbors. It’s the absolute right thing to do. Happy #PrideMonth, and let’s keep fighting.
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