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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #metoo #memoir #truecrime

My book 'The Billionaire's Woman: A Memoir' now on sale.

I have been writing and re-writing this book for over 20 years. Each time it's like releasing deadly toxins from my body, from my soul.…
Has paying been an issue for anyone? One of my friends tried 2 buy a copy and she said it gave her the runaround. However I do have other orders. Any feedback appreciated, as always.

Re: translations in other languages. At this time I only have the book in English. French next.

Christina is the CEO/Founder of Prevent Human Trafficking. She was raised in a cult where she encountered child trafficking on a daily basis. She has contributed 2 policy + legislative change, including passage of the original Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA).
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #childabuse #pedo #truecrime #memoir

This hit the nerve spot for a lot of other women who contacted me. Am really sorry to hear of your experience with your stepfather crossing that boundary and the ramifications it had on your life.
As I said in my thread, this event at age 11, pierced through something in my soul, ripped through my pores and was probably visible in my composure. Imo, and in hindsight, I became a neon light visible to all the other predators I encountered in my life. My mother and older
sister, 14 years my senior, looked at me suspiciously. They would say I was "the pretty one." And it somehow never felt like a compliment. It felt like a death sentence. Because it put me in a position where any predatory actions that came in my direction where my fault.
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The year was 2019, @osita_chidoka was pushed by a masquerade who scolded him to pen down his memoirs of failure ahead of time.
In his ROBUST response, he ended up saying "Wait for my memoirs to read ringside narrative"🤣
@osita_chidoka It was just his usual style of making everything a game of tribe & religion, so @osita_chidoka played his card again on that day to ridicule Buhari & to show his card of TRIBALISM again.
A usual visit that groups USUALLY make in Aso Rock, Osita saw TRIBE!

@osita_chidoka This game of hypocrisy didn't go well with their new masquerade on twitter who chose to call himself @ChiefOjukwu.
So the guy came after him with enough receipt for @osita_chidoka.
I won't say Ossy bit more than he could chew on that day.🤣🤣

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Home is where the heart is. I remember when my home was a person and a handful of desperately clenched ideas. I had lost everything that felt like me, except for art, adventure, and a stranger who convinced me to stay atop a bridge. Art became my reason to live, but to be... (1)
...alive, you need a home. My home was transient. I was a freshman at #PNCA when I survived sexual assault. After months of secrecy and unhealthy self coping, I told my mum how I had been raped. I had been a virgin by firm choice, with truly zero inclination to have sex... (2)
...yet my mum's response was to say that maybe I had deserved it. Then she told me to get out. I no longer had a dorm room. I no longer had any room. I was a college sophomore and homeless. I slept in bushes, trees, parks, elevators, atop buildings, on docks, under bridges... (3)
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